Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WE Are Americans

We are Americans and We DO NOT want liberal left policies that drive a liberal left agenda
We want our freedom and our freedom to live UNDER GOD! We REJECT your liberal leanings to remove God from us and to rationalize your material belief system as "progress". Just in case you didn't know, We are Black Americans, we are White Americans, we are Latin Americans, We are Asian Americans, We are Christians, We are Jews, We are Muslim, We are Hindus, We are Buddhists, and a host of other religious beliefs, but WE ARE AMERICANS!!!!

We are Republicans, We are Democrats, We are Independents, We are business owners, We are homemakers, We are traditional and non traditional families, We are single moms and dads, We are Grandparents raising our grandchildren, We are CITIZENS...

We are AMERICANS who want and value our freedom  and right to live out the values of our faith without fear and intimidation and public shame. We desire to live out our freedoms above your rhetoric of "tolerance", that uses the courts to beat down individuals and business who stand for religious values and freedom, all the while claiming that you believe in "legal reform".

You've told those of us who struggled through hell, by nothing more than FAITH and the God of the bible, that we are the ones "discriminating" and "unpatriotic"???

We REJECT your assessments as the garbage it was when the very thought came from the embers of hell!!!! WE are patriots, no less than you and true to the values that has made us strong!

You allowed a foriegner, someone who pays NO TAXES, George Soros,  to try to reshape us, and create us in his image. But George Soros your money cannot buy the good, common and everyday people of America! We KNOW who we are and what we believe!

Your propaganda machines, called "news organizations", so blind in their hate and so against traditional moral values, only want blood and WE see it and turn their talking heads off the air. Today, you sit around tables flabbergasted, and shocked and yet still YOU can't even discern that not only did White & Rural America back this President elect, but Inner City and Suburbian Black America, religious America, men, women and  foreign nationals backed the IDEA that AMERICA can be great again and DOES NOT wish to be the social dumping pot of the world, embracing any and every moral value proposition because it makes us "feel" good!

It is RIDICULOUS to question the safety of our women and daughters in public restrooms, yet you made it so important to place OUR families in compromising situations!!!! Our ladies sports and athletics should be reserved for WOMEN born biologically as women. Yet you allow boys to compete against them calling it a requirement of Title IX, when ALL of us know better!!! RESPECT our women and girls!!! You elitists protect yours, do the same and protect ours!

You Allowed George Soros to fund anarchy and unrest, to promote feminism, racism, and hatred all the while claiming that it was "progress:"...
SHAME on you, SHAME on you!!!!

President Obama, you and Hillary under your leadership, planted homosexual rights all over the globe. You redefined citizenship, you redefined marriage and TOOK AWAY, our American freedom in the process. Our freedom to educate our children in values that we believe in...our freedom to serve causes we believe in publicly and openly without being shamed or publicly denigrated.  Our freedom to protect the rights of innocent, unborn babies who a blind Supreme Court said are not "people with rights" while they are in the womb.

YOU did all of this, without doing a thing to help Chicago, Ohio, Michigan or any of the cities in which we BLACK people had high rates of poverty and suffering. YOU CAUSED THE DEMOCRAT TO LOSE THIS ELECTION CYCLE!

You told Planned Parenthood, to stay with you as you "handled" us religious people, coming to our churches "pretending" that you would stand for our morals and values. You DIDN'T You failed the religious, even making laws against us and not defending our values. You stabbed us in the back, appointing some of our leaders who loved their position in your White House atmosphere, more than calling for you to repent and reform. 

News, tell parents to tell their children THE TRUTH!!! Tell them that their government and many of its officials shunned them and their needs and wanted to create something that the Constitution of the United States did not create...That America was and is a place where freedom and personal achievement is valued.  

It was your choice to denigrate our rights and religious freedom, rights paid for by the shedding of blood, which is the highest covenant, that caused your PARTY TO LOSE TO THE REPUBLICANS!!!!

I HOPE you can understand. Black America wants safe streets and we know better than believing if all the police were Black that things would be better, we KNOW that is not true!!!We need a morals and values revolution, because WE ARE AMERICANS, and no matter what that meant when this country was founded, it means that much more for me, a BLACK man, my children, and all fellow citizens regardless of race, creed, color or nationality. 

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