Monday, July 6, 2009

When The King Of Kings Calls

They Called Him "The King Of Pop"

On Tuesday July 7th 2009 the world gathers to say goodbye to what one could consider the most controversial and renowned entertainer and person in modern history. Michael Jackson (August 25th 1958 ~ June 25th 2009) is celebrated by many as the greatest performer that ever lived. The facts are that no one in history has sold more albums than Michael in his lifetime (estimated over 750 million) or has been so widely accepted all over the world for both his entertainment acumen, dedication to perfection in performance and his humanitarian efforts. In 1985 those humanitarian efforts brought together more entertainers and singers in one singular event "We Are The World", than any other effort in modern times raising over $50 Million in economic Aid to Africa.

Although there are many things that could be said about Michael, our intent in this article by addressing the issue of his life and death, is not to adore, worship or admire him as most of the world and even many Christians have done during this time. Neither is our intent to bash his character or his works as they speak for themselves both good and bad. Michael's works have gone before him as he has stood before his maker to give an account of himself and his deeds, whether they were for Christ and to HIS glory, or to the glory of self and humanity. One thing is for sure, eternity's stage will not be shared by Michael or anyone else; Jesus alone is the epitome of all worship and all eternity.

I thought to initiate conversation on at least 3 issues and addressing those issues to the church in general, hoping to ask the church, especially them that are hailing Michael's entertainment successes as God's gifts, to examine its position in light of what was obviously seen by all during this man's lifetime.

Evolution To Effeminence

Having been a child of the Michael Jackson era, I admired him since my early youth. "Rockin' Robin" and "Got To Be There" (early 70's){I was 7 to 8 years old} were songs fit for me and my understanding and were among the first hits that caught my attention. At that time Michael was clearly a black youth like me: brown, smiley, lots of potential and seemingly loving life to the fullest. I had no idea that some 36 to 37 years later, that that brown complexion would be nearly white, that smile would become strained, that expression would be exhausted, and all that potential would be restricted to a stage presence and performances. Aside from all those changes, I find that one of the most disturbing things about Michael was his development into what appears to be a feminine character.

The theories on this evolution from male to female appearance range from Michael's trying to avoid looking like his father, to Michael trying to appeal to the greatest range of audience possible to radical plastic surgery gone bad. Now, whatever the reason, that was Michael's choice to make. However, I cannot fathom any religious leader exhibiting praise for Michael without also noting and reaffirming that if at all medically possible, a man should look like and remain a man all of his life and not only for a portion of it.

Now, the word effeminate {Gk. malakov}as used in 1 Cor. 6:9 {Discussed HERE}comes into effect IF Michael was trying to appeal to those who either were trying to take advantage of him sexually or those whom he wished to appeal to that preferred men with feminine looks. It's hard to imagine that a man would prefer to look like a woman without some motivating factor. That leads into our next observation:

Extensive Verbal & Psychological Abuse
Does The End Justify The Means?

As we have both seen and read, Mr. Joseph Jackson, the head of the family, was an intense and shrewed business man when it came to music. According to available records and statements some that even Michael made himself, Mr. Jackson was not only a disciplinarian, but he also, at times, crossed into the area of verbal and borderline physical abuse. I think Michael made his thoughts known regarding his father over the years by wresting management of his brand away from Mr. Jackson almost as soon as he possibly could, and also placing what many thought was damaging information in the screen production mini-series "The Jacksons, The American Dream", Some say that a strong indicator of how Michael thought about his father is found in his father's exclusion from his will. To be fair, noone has any idea of who controls trust assets and by law those records cannot be made to become public. So Mr. Jackson could very well be included in much that we don't know.

Nevertheless, stories have been told that Michael's father consistently criticized his son saying that his nose was "too big" or that he was deficient in some other way. In fact as a sign of an obvious disconnect, when Mr. Jackson was asked at the June 28th 2009 BET Awards for his feelings and comments regarding his son's death, he responded by saying, "We've just lost the biggest superstar in the world" then he went on to introduce his new music production joint venture. During that interview he never referred to Michael as his son, only a "star" and "superstar". This came across to me as being self-centerd.

These type of sentiments can cause an individual to lose or never come to their own identity. It was already problematic enough that Michael didn't have a true childhood. It would seem that the abuse of Joseph Jackson set the stage that no matter what was achieved by Michael, wouldn't be satisfactory or appeasing to his own conscience in any manner because his father had never taken the time to affirm him or his manhood.

Do the results of stardom justify the means of abuse? It seems that now is an opportune time for the church to set forth the difference between verbal abuse and biblical discipline. Wholesome discipline is essential in the life of growing children but abuse is an unacceptable reality that many of our children face daily and struggle to overcome. Being told that one is: too short, too fat, too stupid, ugly, too dark, incapable of learning, slow, mentally challenged etc. are all labels that tend to hurt and when combined with memory over a long period of time, create prisons within the mind that people sometimes grow and live in for a lifetime. Mr. Jackson seemed to have forged an inescapable prison for Michael by which death would be his only liberator.

Amazingly, this type of abuse occurs and many of us sit silently as we did with the Jackson family, while it happens. Sometimes it's from a coach, who crosses the line with personal attacks toward a student athlete. Sometimes it's from a teacher who mocks and criticizes the efforts of a student in front of the whole class. Other times it's from family member such as Joseph Jackson, who drives others to fulfill their vision of what they weren't able to achieve. Still other times it's from a Pastor or church member who excludes certain individuals from activities because they aren't the favored "family" or named individual within the church. The message should be that abuse of all kinds is not an acceptable standard and is not worthy to be praised. Some argue that the "abuse" made Michael rich. I would only say that "riches" aren't worth the value of a soul and that I am sorry that Michael had to endure such hardship in this life at any cost.

Issues Of Pedophilia

The worst time in the life of Michael was his 10 count indictment that was levied against him in Santa Barbara County, California in 2004. Going back to Mr. Joseph Jackson again, it must be said that Mr. Jackson was front and center with Michael every day during the worst time of his Michael's life.

Many continue to say that Michael was guilty of the charges of sexual molestation and abuse against the children at his Neverland Ranch. In addition to the jury finding and pronouncing him innocent, I find that there are additional very compelling reasons to believe that Michael was innocent of the charges against him in that indictment.

On his radio segment the week of June 30th 2009, talk show host Rush Limbaugh, when responding to the accusations of one of his callers against Michael, said that he had read the full indictment against Michael Jackson and heard the resulting testimony and concluded that the complete case was a waste of the courts time and was only brought about as an effort to simply extort money from Michael. He acknowledged, as most do, that Michael had a terrible disconnect of what was appropriate in adults sharing sentiments with children, but assured his audience, that there was never a case against Jackson, and what case that did exist was only driven by a frenzied media fishing for the worst and most sensational type of situation. (Similar to the current Debra Rowe encouragements to file for custody even against Michael's expressed wishes for the children within his will)

What makes Mr. Limbaugh's statements especially interesting and certainly worth considering is that Rev. Al Sharpton on his daily radio show, as late as Friday July 3rd, said the same thing. All week long Rev. Sharpton has stated his support for the remaining Jackson family and plainly noted that he was also at the Jackson trial in support of Michael daily, hearing the testimony for himself and finding that the case was a complete sham from the start. If anyone knows these two personalities, there has not been a lot historically over which they have agreed, and on Michael Jackson and the issue of pedophilia, especially as it pertains to a case that seemingly broke Michael's spirit, both of these men agree 100% that Michael was rightfully exonerated of all charges.

When The King Of Kings Calls

The ultra fundamentalist will read this post and think that it has nothing to do with the church. Quite the contrary is true. Michael was fed the false doctrine of a non Christian cult since his youth. The Jehova's Witness group as formulated by Charles Tays Russell was built on rejecting the biblical Christ and creating their own version of Christ who wasn't God and that didn't raise bodily from the grave. No doubt these false teachings were among the first religious concepts that began to shape Michael's mind and life as they were given by his mother whome he valued and honored greatly. Then there were others such as the Nation Of Islam, who entrapped Jermaine and are certainly not focused on Jesus as Lord and savior. In the end, it seemed that Michael was a universalist/humanist/pantheist seeking advice from mystics and non biblically centered teachers such as Deepak Chopra who holds to the pantheistic view of hinduism and the New Enlightenment. There was certainly no help for Michael in any of these teachings.

Even though Marvin Winan and The Winans sung with Michael on the song, "Man In The Mirror" which may have been an excellent opportunity to reach his soul, it seems that the true church was either too busy or too disconnected to really help Michael overcome the terrible hand that he was dealt in life. I don't assume that the Winans didn't try, but I simply believe that many more also had the opportunity. I simply wonder did they take it? Or did they only like the recognition of the worlds "superstar"?

Every King of this earth will be subject to the call of the King of Kings and will be without excuse as to thei spiritual position and place. As noted, I don't join the chorus of praisers as it pertains to Michael Jackson and his work, but neither do I join the crowd of cynics that seem to be happy that a soul has been lost. God certainly didn't make a mistake in the process so we can only praise HIM for HIS wisdom. I only stop to remember Michael for what he meant to me as I was growing up and respect and pray for his family that they will find the peace necessary to live a truly abundant life for Jesus, and turn from sin embracing truth and righteousness.

At the end of the day, we can travel the whole world and everyone everyplace can adore us, but there is none greater than God and ONLY what's done for Jesus Christ will last. All the material benefits and popularity amassed in this life cannot replace meeting God in peace.

Mark 8:34-38 ~"34-And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 35-For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. 36-For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 37-Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 38-Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."

If I wish anything, I only wish that there could have been a better end to the life of Michael Jackson. As a church we should be challenged to do even more to win souls and not be enamoured with names, titles, recognition and money. There is a world that is lost and suffering no matter how much money fame and accolades that they have, they yet need the Gospel of Jesus Christ to set them free from their sins and their sometimes terrible past. Church we have a great mission and a great responsibility.



  1. Pastor Burnett,

    Great article, however; I have one question. How do you think the church should handle the death of Michael Jackson?

    I was at six flags and they were having praise in the park. CeCe Winans was there. It was sponsered by a christian radio station prasie 104.1. Outside of the stadium (and in between singing acts) they were playing Michael Jackson songs. I found this inappropriate as none of Michael Jackson's work was holy, however when I brought it up to a friend she saw nothing wrong with it.

    Is it ok for the church to honor the death of a celebrity by playing their music? I personally saw this as a merging of the church and the world.

    The death of Michael Jackson particularly bothers me because I am now seeing "delivered" saints going back into their "old music" pile and playing his stuff. Only to invite the same demons it took them so long to be free from back into their homes.

    I too loved Michael Jackson as I believe he was magnificent at what he did, however; talent comes without repentance. What I've noticed is that the church pays more attention to talent than souls. This is very scary as people such as Michael Jackson are dying and going to hell because people paid more attention to his talent than his soul.

  2. Ashley,

    That was exactly why I said I wasn't praising, worshiping or adoring him. What christans are doing over this fella is nothing short of idolatry.

    His music should not be played in honor of his death by saved folk in any you said what did he sing for Christ?

    I look at his expereince sadly knowing that every tree is known by its fruit and michael didn't leave any fruit with jesus name on it. he left fruit with the name of humanity, social conscience and everything else but what was done for Christ? I see nothing.

    Now some are saying that the works of Christ don't have to be stated as such that true Christian just do the an extent I'd agree, BUT if we love Christ we are commanded to tell the world why we do what we do and unto who's glory that we do it. Michael left many good things to think on, but he left nothing to glorify the God that we serve.

    That's tough but it is what it is. That's why I focus on all those thing sthat the church was seemingly silent on and remains silent on today. If there's another Michael in the mix, I hope that maybe we can help give his/her life meaning before they get caught up like this.

    I agree also...many of these people are simply resurrecting old spirits.

    So very good observations and comments. What Sx-Flags were you at? CeCe was there huh?

  3. Don't wait until tomorrow. CNN is beginning their coverage of his funeral at 6AM EST.

    Have you ever heard of that before? Michael is not the head of state or even an elected official, but they hold up everything for him as if he's a world leader. I mean I'm not complaining about it,news does what it does, but that is really something.

  4. pastor bethel, good analysis, and it was said with a lot of care and concern...I really appreciate your take on it. In response to some of the comments...The black church praises a lot of things it shouldn't even the preachers and bishops and treat them like they are God and Jesus...For me, I am the same age as Michael and remember the wonderful songs from the day I saw him on the Ed Sullivan show "I want you back", "ABC", Whose Loving You, Stop the Love you Save, Remember the Time When we fell in Love, Man in the Mirror, I'll Be There, Never Can Say Goodbye. Basically words and feelings put to music; nothing holy or unholy about a lot of his music. People identify a time or place when they heard it and situations they were in and it brings back good memories...We grew up loving the "Jackson 5" as handsome african american men, especially as young black females who heard positive songs about us and what love could be. We had someone to look up to that weren't the "osmonds". We saw an American Dream of success who were basically from our same backgrounds and what could be possible. I still have a tear and cry in my heart when I hear "little michael" sing... The most sad thing to me about Michael is that he didn't love his self enough to want to procreate his "own" seed and leave a "jackson" legacy in the earth of talent.I just think it is sad that a black male, created an image of hisself of what he wanted to be "white" used a white male's seed and a white woman's egg to create "designer" children to pass off as his own...Really really sad...Quincy Jones said something that stuck with me about a book called "old too soon, smart to late " and that the statute of limitations on childhood traumas has run out and that we need to move on...He said that Michael focused on this negative about he might die like Elvis and if you think those negative thoughts enough it comes true.
    As you said the Jehovah's Witness cult didn't help, and then being exposed to the world, power and money to do what his heart and insecurities desired and having yes people around him to do his bidding...As you said the Christian Church has let him down...I was thinking about the scripture for the last week or so "Am I my brother's Keeper" because a lot of his friends have been quoted as saying "it wasn't my place to say anything" Really...

  5. Oregonsistah,

    You're on point my friend...on point.

    There is noone that can tell me that songs in the early 70's were like songs just 10 years later, early 80's. There was a different message and the evil was certainly more pronounced.

    It's like this...stealin' is stealin' and both are sins...but stealin' a biscuit is different than robbing a bank. One may say, one leads to another, but that's not necessarily so.

    All I know is that our judgement must sometimes be tempered by reason.

    OK the critic says, talk like this is soft...OK, murder is wrong right? We know the penalty for murder was death right? But what about the murder committed during an act of self defense or violence in the Old Testament? You know what God did? Provided a City Of Refuge for the killer that had killed by force or unintentionally to reside in for a time until he was free and the penalty for his sin past.

    What am I saying, I strongly say don't worship Michael...ONLY God deserves our worship. But I also say don't dogmatically condemn him either. This once young man, though having responsibility for his own actions, was placed into some aweful situations and dealt a hand that many of us couldn't have do I know, some of us can't handle what we're doing now...(LOL)

    So I feel ya. I certainly don't miss the sin and what came with it by any means, but I have compassion for the people and situations involved. When I look at that picture with Michael and his dad entering the courtroom, I cry, because I see the weight and the yoke of the devil on him and like you said none of these "so called" friends would dare to go out of their way to take it off of him.

    Sistah, I feel that because I KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE. I know what it's like to be abandoned by friends when friends are needed. I've often spoke on other's behalf or to squash arguments...but I've been the victim of arguments raged against me while spinless friends who KNOW the real, stand quietly 'cause they don't want to "look bad" to their friends...

    It's in those things I really empathize(sp) with Michael's family and all...anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Super,
    I agree with the implication that Michael's songs are reintroducing demons and his death is invoking idolatry worship. I used to be a huge fan of MJ. I was hurt by his death because I do not believe that he died in Christ. This hurts my soul because all the money and the people surrounding him they failed to impart a word of salvation to him. That's what hurts the most.
    My favorite song was Human Nature but I give honorable mention to the song Man in the Mirror. As I recalled the lyrics, I thought about how the words emphasized individual power. As a woman of God I definitely noticed how I slowed down on turning the channel when his songs were played. I knew it was wrong but my soul wanted to hear the music. I ask the Lord to forgive me for singing the songs and desiring to hear unholy music. We have to be careful to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. Satan is not without schemes but the POWER of God is stronger. The Holy Spirit quickened me and I had no choice but to leave al the MJ coverage alone because I noticed the weakness there and what the enemy wanted to accomplish.
    We must remain sober and vigilant... we must not partake in the plan of satan to reintroduce us (saints) into sin. I would walk out of any church that decides to honor a humanistic, unholy man even if it's the late, great Michael Jackson.
    Thanks for your boldness. I won’t bash MJ either but what we need to be reminder of is that we need to continue witnessing to the lost. MJ told his crowd that he would see them in July. That did not happen. Folks, everyone needs Jesus. Every time one person dies without Christ, we all should be devastated and desire to speak to someone in hope that they will accept Jesus today because tomorrow is NOT promised.

  7. I agree Supt. My only concern was if he had christ...which has produced more questions than answers

    I just returned from a revival in Texas. The evangelist there told me that when she lived in California she fasted and prayed for weeks after seeing Michael on TV in the eighties for an opportunity to witness to him. And the Lord granted her request. Through a meeting with Andrae Crouch she spent three days in the studio with Michael jackson talking to him about Jesus. She said he was very nice but did not accept or reject he has had opportunites to know about Christ which is encouraging.

    But still given his recent visits with Andrae Crouch days before his death asking him about how to get the crowd to feel 'the spirit' seems very disturbing through this encounter he had with christian artists Crouch and his sister; that he just didn't get it...a sad, sad life...see the news report below

  8. Meka,

    Amen. That's almost exactly how I feel. God was dealing with me and saving me in 82 and 83 (took a little bit for me to bake-LOL) I believe that was right when "Thriller" was coming out...he sold over 140 Million copies of that one record. As I look back on it and the sales I am convinced that was the height of the enemy upon his music and that set the stage for the rest of his life and the idolatry that America fell into over him.

    When you really look at "Thriller" it's really a demonic song and short story with zombies and the whole nine yards of "creep" promoting death. Yet that was his greatest sold album...That's why I am convinced that was the tone of the rest of his life from that point on.

    So yea, if it doesn't glorify God, it's glorifying something and that something is usually either flesh or the devil himself. So I don't blame you for turning the channel, I have done the same, and I have thankfully used this as a teaching point for my they will identify this type of spirit if they are confronted with it later.

  9. In Christ,

    Believe me I would like to believe that Michael got it all together and that all is well. I certainly don't doubt or call into question God's ability, but this story morphed from meeting with Andre and Sandra to a full blown repentance and confession back to Sandra saying, "I don't know where that came from"...

    This reminds me of Hannaniah the prophet and Jeremiah. (Jer. 28) Hannaniah broke the wooden yoke and foged a yoke of Iron upon God's people. I'm afraid that's what some are trying to do here.

    Then besides that Ps. 118:17 is still in the bible and I believe Michael would have "lived" to declare the works of God if he had got saved...So as much as I'd like to believe, too many of our "stars" are given to sensational claims.

    Besides that...what is Andre Crouch advising a secular singer for and how does he prepare him for a secular concert tour??? Jackson, trying to learn "crowd manipulation techniques? How to "raise the spirit"??? What was he gonna do send the crowd straight to hell???

    That's another post my friend...Can you believe that they (The Crouch's) were actually proud of that??? That's another reason we need to question the whole gospel music industry.

    In short thanks for your post that was some valuable info. I never would have known what some of the claims are out there. Please let me know if you hear anything else.

  10. Supertindent--

    I totally agree. the gospel music industry is something else.

    It is my understanding that Crouch has known Micheal for about thirty years since the time Crouch wrote some song for Madonna and Micheal...which I think gospel artists writing for secular people is a little crossing the line (another issue altogether).

    And yet gospel artists go on and on about how they are reaching people and how they are making these compromises to minister...

    I hate to judge the Crouches sincerity/perserverance in helping Micheal get to Jesus (because I really don't know all the facts)--but that recent encounter with his concern about how to have the holy spirit not to know Jesus but to only please the crowd is disturbing.
    I mean where is the fruit of all these gospel folks claims that they are helping somebody...Micheal is a sad case of too little, too late

    where is the fruit?

  11. In Christ,


    I wonder why do the gospel musicians feel that they can prostitute the gift of God without penalty???

    Well I guess the obvious answere is that they are blinded by the love of money but it's really something else.

    I'm watching the ceremony and praying for the family. A loss of a family member is a loss plain and simple and that's hurtful to all.

    These news reporters are a total TRIP. They have their agendas and some of them seem to be mad because they are covering the funeral. Especially FOX...they are a mess.

    One of the reporters on CNN acted like she was mad she had to talk about this. I see what the "prince of the power of the air" looks like 4 real.

    God bless and we'll do a little more research in coming days on what develops out of this. I have noticed that people are asking questions of where were his friends and associates I imagine we'll hear all kinds of excuses for inactions upcoming along with over the top stories too.


  12. To everyone reading and commenting,

    By the way, I'm really glad to share this will those who have read and especially the respondents to the blog, you've been a blessing and encouragement to me, just reading the responses and having a good conversation without feeling condemned...that's Christlike to me. I appreciate it very much!

  13. michael had a Christ centered service...Only the Lord knows...His brother Marlon really spoke from the heart and it was Christ centered focus....Michael's death "the greatest entertainer of all time" should temper a lot of entertainers/performers qwest for fame and fortune and that only what you do for Christ will last...I can say that Micheal did clothed the naked, fed the hungrey, visited the sick, cared for the widows (Coretta Scott King)...If you have done to the least of these, you have done it unto to me...God is a just God and it is in his hands....

  14. Oregonsistah,

    I'll tell you what...ALL of these "I want my money, I need special water, and I don't fly that airlines" Preachers OUGHT to be TOTALLY ASHAMED of themselves after seeing this man's accomplishments and the sacrifice he went through to HELP people.

    We've got people only interested in themselves, the spotlight and their DVD sales and like the song said, "people are dying"...

    I've got a book coming out talking about many of these issues. I'll let you know when it's out. Don't worry either, it's not about gettin rich, it's about HELPING people and i am proud to be one of the one's who'll do that to serve Christ and bless souls.

    Thanks for your comments, they are very welcome and insightful.

  15. thanks heal the world..people dying if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and me...He is in the guiness book of world records for entertainer that gave the most to humanitarian causes...They said UNCF was his top charity....I saw online that the black community gave $420B to the black church in the last 10 years and all we have to show are churches and rich preachers...To enter the kingdom we have to become like a child...That is what Michael was to me and when I hear Little Michael sing, that is what makes me cry...Marlon said the Lord has a purpose and we may not understand it but will understand it better.when we get to heaven..All I can say is that you can tell this family loved each other. Someone knew Jesus or Michael did, it started soon and very soon, we are going to see the King... I thought it would be Jehovah Witness or Muslim...May the Lord continue to lead guide and direct you Pastor Burnett...There really is a famine in the land of the word of God...thanks!

  16. Thanks Oregonsistah,

    I know the ultra-religious crowd can only see "confession of faith" issues and some will be critical of our assessments and mine in particular.

    Yes, I am against sin and evil of all forms, but I am not against people. People need help, even sinners...(what a surprise!) we have become so driven until we've driven past the purpose of Jesus in the first place...

    I wonder, when Jesus ate with sinners, how he intreated them? I'm sure he told the straight and direct truth, but obviously he said it in such a way and so profoundly that minds were changed as a result and common people only wanted more of him. It was the ultra-religious that rejected him...not the sinners...

    I'll do a post on that shortly.

    I was reading another post today, and I'm sad that religious teachers can't decipher that Jesus came in the volume of the book, to do the will of God but MAN still made a choice and a whole nation rejected him because he didn't do what they wanted him to do...

    I'm just overwhelmed, and thank God for a sense of purpose and place. Thank God for what he's doing in our church. We're getting a lot of these type of "common folk" those who aren't religiously bound and they're learning what God says is a priority as opposed to human priorities and restrictions.

    Keep us in prayer my sista and we'll do the same.

  17. I also said this earlier:

    "Michael is not the head of state or even an elected official, but they hold up everything for him as if he's a world leader."

    And after watching much of the ceremony and looking at the remaining family I'm glad they did. CNN was gracious, but FOX was dirty. We needed to see them (the family) during this time and his daughter (Paris) put the icing on the cake and all I could say was "I hope my kids can say that about me when I leave this earth"

    I've preached sinner's funerals many times, and regardless of Michael's spiritual condition the ONLY ministry is to them that remain. That's what my interest was and is. Hopefully the church will be better after this and realize their fisrt call to reach lost souls.

    One thing is for sure, those who've been counted out, God can raise up to change communities, cities, states and nations...That's my prayer for the Jackson family...Lord use these folk to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ! It's not beyond God's capacity and ability to do.

  18. i believe something has been broken and set free in the Spirit realm of that jehovah witness bondage...i have a friend that is jehovah witness and went to her husband's was nothing like i saw today...i am not sure that people know how hard it is to break from that religion...Marlon was able to and I see him emerging as a Spiritual leader of their family for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    The Lord gave him strength and I look forward to hearing him preaching and spreading the Gospel and the truth of who they really are is now open to be told...The kids weren't covered up anymore, they were on display for the world to see...I just see a freeing of the family to be themselves now....Jesus said weep with those that weep, comfort those with the same comfort God has comforted us with...Jesus was acquainted with grief and sorrow and as Michael said "I am only human"...Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost....We that name the name of Christ are his voice and hands in the earth and we tend to forget that...Jesus has already come and done the work, it is now up to us. As it is said, we are the only Jesus that some people will see...Not sure of the scripture right now, but I know you know it Pastor Burnettit and can expound on it..."the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life"...All I can say is give my own testimony...It was the goodness of the Lord that lead me to repentance...and this is the scripture I will take to my grave..."he came unto his own and his own received him not, but to many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God..even to them that BELIEVED on his name (that meant me, and I have never been the same since). I am pressing for the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus...not there yet, but pressing my way...I love the Lod because he heard my cry....May the Lord hear their cry...This family has the ability to be a voice in the earth for Jesus and people will listen...

  19. Pastor Burnett thanks for a wonderful post. It was well stated and written out. I really enjoyed reading your take on the subject.

  20. Thank you sister JJ Brock, I appreciate your comments.

    Y'u-know, it's a subject that I notice that many Christians are kinda reluctant to undertake or that is just viewed in simply a black and white manner.

    We extend more mercy sometimes to people who live next door to us, why should we be less merciful to Michael, his memory and his family especially during this time?

    I'll tell you what, we can get so caught up looking at the trees until we forget there's a forrest there.

  21. Just trying to catch up on some of you threads. Michael's life were people outside see a hero or superstar. I too grew up with his music. As we look at his life changing; I hope he found Christ.

    To me it is sad to see him change from who he was as a young kid to what he become years later. Truly Christ was missing from his life.


  22. Beckrl,

    Thanks for commenting good to hear from you again.

    It's a sad thing to gain the whole world and yet loose your soul.

    God bless.


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