Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Queer In The 21st Century" ~ When Gay Marriage Arrives

As the argument over gay marriage has progressed, there are many individuals who simply don't know how to reconcile the issue. The devil has done an adequate job of confusing the church over the issue of moral sexual sin. Others are confused over how the church should govern secular life and affairs as it pertains to homosexual "rights". Then there are others who are, as I have stated, confused over whether gay marriage is an issue of equality or equal access. 

With all of those considerations what we can do is look and see what gay advocacy has done and continues to do to get an idea of what to expect and what to stand against as we move forward in effort to reclaim the moral base and values that has afforded us the freedoms that we experience. 

"Past Performance Is The Best Indicator Of Future Results"

You will see a phrase similar to that above in most investment prospectuses and brochures. However many of them say that past performance IS NOT an indicator of future results to safeguard the provider of the investment against the risk of misrepresentation and fraud. 

On the contrary, within the homosexual marriage arena, one can expect that what has happened in the past is an indicator of what one should expect in the future. For example, what NO ONE should be confused or caught off guard regarding is the fact that when gay marriage is the law that a public re-engineering of social morality will occur, and ALL CHILDREN, especially those within the public school system, will be the target of the re-engineering. 

Anyone that has read this blog knows about what happened to Dr. David Parker in 2004 when he tried to stop the public school from redefining sexual morality for his kindergartner. He got arrested and was told by the state (Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage) they THEY knew better how to teach his child than he did, because homosexual marriage was the law and his child had a legal obligation to simply accept gay moral standards.

Boston, A Kind Of Queer Place To Be

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