Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bishop EW Jackson To Open Letter Pastors: "You Answer To God Not Hillary Clinton"

In a short, but very hard hitting open letter to the pastors who recently sent an Open Letter to Hillary Clinton, Bishop EW Jackson and the group Ministers Taking A Stand, stand to take aim at some of the inconsistencies of the letter sent from the pastors to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Bishop EW Jackson has long been an outspoken proponent of traditional and biblical moral values preservation, even calling for Black people to leave the Democratic Party based on how the party has consistently failed to deliver on its promises to Blacks and how it has driven God and biblically based moral values off of its platform adopting a secular humanist approach to morals, morality and inclusion. 

Signed by 21 pastors and ministerial leaders and AMEN-DED BY SUPT. PASTOR HARVEY BURNETT of the NEW BETHEL COGIC and THE DUNAMIS WORD, the letter, which can be found HERE gets right to the heart of the matter and issues and makes no bones about the shortcomings of the letter that the pastors delivered to the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

On the tone and tenor of the Open Letter to Mrs. Clinton:
In the first paragraph you say, “we, clergy and intellectuals who serve the poor, Democrats and independents, appeal to you.” Do I understand that you have no Republicans in your churches? I can assure you that you do. They may be in the closet because of the hatred they are likely to feel from their “fellow Christians” and the accusations leveled at them as “traitors” and “sellouts sell-outs.” By refusing to acknowledge them you are perpetuating an unGodly attitude toward black Americans who identify as Republicans. How can you allow that when they are the very people who cannot reconcile themselves to the wrongs of the Democrat Party that you yourselves point out – e.g., disregarding the lives of unborn children and arrogantly redefining marriage in direct defiance of God. Your silence implies that God blesses membership in the Democrat Party in spite of its utter moral bankruptcy.
More on the pro-Democrat tone:
"Your silence implies that God blesses membership in the Democrat Party in spite of its utter moral bankruptcy. Or perhaps you mean to convey your own approval of the Democrat Party and disapproval of the Republican Party. Either way, God will not bless sin and you should not bless it either."
The continued endorsement of the Democratic party:
"First, you assume she will be elected, but take no stand one way or the other. You never mention Republicans or Donald Trump so there is implicit endorsement. You imply that for black people there is only the Democrat Party, but you don’t say it explicitly."
On police brutality
"Secondly, it is encouraging that while you raise the issue of police brutality, you do not make the fatal error of many black leaders. You do not ignore the scourge of black on black crime which is killing thousands every year at disproportionate numbers from any other intra-ethnic violence. The reality is that the number of black people killed in police confrontations pales in significance to the number who die on our streets – including innocent women and children – at the hands of black criminals. I congratulate you because many who claim to be the intellectual elite of our community refuse to discuss this. They are so captivated by the racism paradigm, that they cannot see the bodies piling up right in front of them.
In short, I TOTALLY AGREE with the sentiments and statements of Bishop Jackson. As I said in the Previous article on the subject, the pastors and bishops in the open letter, seem to have been silent for at least 8 years while President Obama was seeking to entrench the nation in many of the immoral positions that have been adopted through our courts and within our communities. They enjoyed the attention and association of the Obama presidency even using it to their advantage... For instance, COGIC claim to fame has been the recent "bringing in" of Bobby Rush...Bobby Rush however ENDORSES abortion and abortion rights...He has a 0% rating from the NRLC (National Right To Life Committee) and believes that children should have unfettered access to abortions and abortion services.
Then there is Bishop Talbert Swan, also an endorser of the Clinton Open Letter. We are in receipt of certain electronically generated information directed from Talbert Swan to certain other clergy that does not place Bishop Swan (COGIC Assistant General Secretary) in the most positive light. So much so until COGIC recently released a communique to clergy members directing them to avoid electronic and phone correspondence from persons "investigating" the church or calling on behalf of individuals within the church because their identity may have been hijacked. In this case however, there is no possibility that identity of Swan has been hijacked as IP addresses (the computer fingerprint) has been both identified and confirmed. This, if true, and we believe that it is, is not only shameful, but is proof that the Bishop has not acted in accordance with his credentials and could be sanctioned when and if charges are accepted by the COGIC Board Of Bishops....

What am I saying...I am saying that it seems that Bishop Jackson's concerns are on point...the open letter to Clinton appears to be a play for relevance and an appeal to be a gatekeeper rather than a demand and direction to change the moral climate and temperament of this country and as such is unworthy and well beneath the intent of the power of God in the earth. Many of the people who support discord are speaking against the SAME discord they endorse and make the letter inconsistent if nothing else. 

Although I would love to agree with Bishop Charles E Blake, because I respect him as a leader, once again the company he keeps disallows me from endorsing the full  message of the Open Letter to Clinton, but it does allow me to endorse and to continue to endorse the messages that both this blog and others have consistently called for even through an Obama Presidency.  

One thing is for sure, JESUS IS COMING BACK and when he does....


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