Friday, May 6, 2016

Obama's UNIsex Culture

Be A bully all you want to...we won't be swayed...You threatened Palatine, Illinois threatening to take away funds for education from all kids, who are "supposedly" our future, because you want biologically born males to be able to enter a female's restrooms and locker-rooms. SHAME ON YOU and all them that try to equate that type of silly perversion with a civil right!

People, good people, died for REAL CIVIL one is dying to go to a woman's bathroom except someone who is either a pervert or someone PRETENDING to be a woman. 

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Blessed! (BECAUSE I AM!!!)

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Do The HRC & Gay Rights Advocates Hate The Female Gender?

The President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Everett Piper. recently stood strong against the forced intrusion of the government as it seeks to enforce LBGT rights. 

What makes Dr. Piper's position unique, is that as President of a well renown University he has taken a definitive and unambiguous stand on issues of right now importance, pointing directly at the hidden agenda behind the "news cycle fluff" and the bullying and name calling of gay rights organizations and liberal media organizations. The issue, at heart, as he has outlined, and to which we at the Dunamis Word concur, is discrimination and even hatred against women.

The HRC (Human Rights Campaign), the supposed champion of gay rights, suckered our extreme, liberal left, led government into supporting policies that would make colleges and institutions of higher learning, become more "transparent" (in their language) as it pertains to LGBT rights and transgenderism under Title IX, even calling for sanctions against universities that do not facilitate cross gender men, seeking to portray themselves as women, suggesting that failure to recognize these men as women, and provide opportunities to them under Title IX, is not something that religious organizations and Universities should be able to be exempt from, and should cause penalties and sanctions against Universities who's statements and missions did not accommodate actions of transgendered men. 

What this does in actually is equivocates over the gender of a woman. It diminishes the gender of a woman to something that is negotiable, changing and non-static. This is the ultimate insult to a woman. To tell a woman that all one needs to do is "feel like" a woman, and HE is entitled to and can have a woman's rights...or that a man, is not only able to receive his rights as a man, but also the rights of a woman if he so presents himself as a woman, is a ridiculous and silly notion.

What kind of message is it to say to a woman, that now, men will be exalted to the status of being able to share in activities specifically cut out for you under Title IX and, if he so desires, also able to compete in the men's sports curriculum? Yet, you are equal...  

This is Dr. Piper's retorts as found on the Oklahoma Wesleyan University web site:
Dr. Everett Piper
President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
On December 21, 2015 The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), one of the nation’s largest LGBT activist groups, issued a letter to the United States Department of Education (DOE) calling for “greater transparency” from Christian colleges and universities. The reason given for this demand includes what the HRC calls a “disturbing trend” of religious schools citing religious reasons for seeking certain exemptions from Title IX. 
Title IX, as you likely know, is the federal law enacted in 1972 primarily for the purpose of giving women equal access to intercollegiate sports. Since its passage, athletic programs and facilities have been made available to women in direct proportion to men at our colleges and universities. As the result, women have enjoyed nearly a 500 percent increase in athletic participation nationwide over the past forty plus years. 
In 2014, however, the DOE issued new guidelines requiring the accommodation of transgendered students.  With this ruling, it became law that, among other outcomes, any biological male who feels that he is female can avail himself of women’s athletic teams, locker rooms, showers, and/or restrooms, and live in a women’s dorm if he wishes. Oklahoma Wesleyan University and several other Christian colleges therefore sought relief under the existing religious exemption provided in Title IX. Thus, the demand from the HRC that the DOE now require Christian schools to “publish comprehensive information about the scope of the exemption they [requested and] received.” 
My response in short – I gladly comply and here’s my report: 
Yes, Oklahoma Wesleyan University requested an exemption. We recognize the ontological and biological dignity of the female. We believe in science and we believe in facts. Being a female is an objective reality and there is little more empirically obvious than one’s sex.  At OKWU we refuse to participate in the misogynistic insult of women by ignoring such self-evident truths. 
Yes, Oklahoma Wesleyan believes women should be granted the dignity of having equal access to athletics, and other programs, as well as their own facilities. Women attending this university will not only have their own basketball and soccer teams, but they, likewise, will have their own restrooms, showers and dorms. 
Yes, Oklahoma Wesleyan reserves the right to discriminate between those who are male and those who are female. To do otherwise would seem to contradict the very premise of Title IX which calls upon us to differentiate female students from male students and to thereby give women the same access to programs as men. If we didn’t “discriminate” in such a way, how in the world would it be possible to comply with Title IX? 
So there’s your report. How much more transparent would you like me to be? At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we believe that sexual identity is a scientific fact and we refuse to degrade men and women by suggesting otherwise. Yes, we were granted an exemption.  We are pro-women and proud of it!

KUDOS Dr. Piper and Oklahoma Wesleyan University! Thank you for once again taking a stand and placing the issue in perspective. 

Only under the current extreme left liberal leadership is a woman's place in society questioned. Even "Dumb Donald", who would allow a male (BRUCE Jenner)  into a woman's bathroom, and who encourages North Carolina to reverse its stand in favor of public decency...CONTINUE TO STAND NC! adding to the thoughts that being a woman and rights specific to woman are mythical, changeable and subject to the whims of a man's feelings and emotions. 

If the church would make such a clear and clarion call, maybe they would think twice before asking for political endorsements, or better yet, they would actually use the bible to determine whether believers should endorse anyone before they come to us seeking endorsement giving reasons to embrace and promote the sin that we preach against.

If gay advocates don't hate women, one can't tell it by the silly notions they are raising. To encourage a man, born by gender, to use a woman's restroom is SICKENING and SILLY!!!! Their demand displays that they believe a woman's rights are to be compromised and that being a woman is simply a MYTH...

How many woman are willing to agree with them on that? Are you a myth? Or are you a real woman deserving your rights? I would be willing to believe that most, if not all of my readers, like most, if not all of America (with the exclusion of gay advocates) would agree with the latter.


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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Taking a STAND For Religious Freedom...Then There's Tyler & Magic!

Although GA Governor Nathan Deal was a no less than a coward in declining to sign the religious protection act into law known as "The Free Exercise Protection Act", we are glad to see that there are other government officials and state legislatures that have answered the call to protect religious freedoms. 

On Tuesday April 5th, 2016 Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed the "Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act" into law. The Law, formerly known as HB757, seeks to protect religious freedoms and stop the adverse actions of discriminating against the religious and religious freedoms when it comes to marriage and other socially acceptable norms as it pertains to religious values.

The Message: 


Neither our religion nor our values are FOR SALE or Compromise!!!!

All of this is in light of the fact that the business community and entertainment industry, led by homosexual advocacy, are seeking to shame all of them that wish to stand FOR religious freedoms and protection of religious rights and values. 

So I need to at least say a word about business and entertainment and more specifically Tyler Perry...

As stated, the so called business lobby led by Soulforce and the news media is FULL of garbage on the issue. Just this evening the talking point hailed by our local news media, NBC TV 25 Peoria (which also owns ABC TV 19 Peoria ~ talk about a monopoly on news information) led with direct misinformation straight (no pun intended) from the HRC and homosexual lobby camp on the issue, claiming that Mississippi is now "refusing service" to homosexuals and those that embrace homosexual marriage. 

NOTHING is further from the truth! Mississippi has moved to PROTECT religious institutions and citizens with closely held religious beliefs and values from having their rights stripped by the state or government. In other words, the homosexual lobby will NOT be allowed to use the state and or the law to DISCRIMINATE against the religious in matters of beliefs and values by making them set aside their beliefs in order to serve institutions which are diametrically opposed to religious values. 

The law PROTECTS businesses who serve individuals who believe in traditional family values. The law PROTECTS religious institutions by not allowing the government or any other entity to make them second class citizens because they believe in fundamental and traditional values. The law PROTECTS citizens and businesses against government penalties, fines and retaliation because of religious values and freedoms. 

Sad that in America such a law even needed to be passed, but the ridiculousness of the homosexual lobby is deafening and so severely obtuse that it is impossible to believe how far we have FALLEN...not the last 8 to 10 years!

Slapping The CHURCH In The Face:    

Then, there is "Gospel rich" Tyler Perry, who was in union with the entertainment industry in GA against Governor Deal and religious protections threatening to move his studios if GA signed religious freedoms protections into law...


Tyler Perry, who's claim to fame is that he cross-dresses to play a woman named "Mudea", owes nearly ALL of his success to the church and the church world. His fame was centered and targeted within the church and church people who carry a bible that teaches that homosexuality and homosexual marriage IS a sin! The only reason they are able to do this and support him and his ventures is because of RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS!

Erroneously claiming that protecting religious freedoms was tantamount to "discrimination", the new buzzword of the homosexual BULLY lobby, and urging Gov. Deal to act in favor of the homosexual lobby against religious and pastoral freedoms that were set forth by the bill, Perry's spokesperson said:
“At Tyler Perry Studios, we believe in inclusion and equality for all people,”...“We do not tolerate bigotry, division and discrimination,”
For Tyler, through his spokespersons, to stand up against the protection of Christian and biblically centered vales and beliefs, and labeling Christian freedoms as "discrimination" is more than enough for me to NEVER purchase another Perry inspired product or see another Perry inspired show or movie again. His stand against Christian moral values is more than enough for me to tell EVERYONE that I know to DISCONTINUE watching Perry films, movies and TV series and stop supporting Perry productions!


Yes, I am serious and we should be serious. There was comedy before Tyler and there will be comedy afterward! Anyone who stands against Christian liberty and freedom is certainly not a yoke-fellow either in the service of the Lord or in Christ's mission to the community.

Magic vs Tyler:

Unfortunately, due to recent controversy, I must say this...While I do not hold Earvin "Magic" Johnson in the same light as Tyler Perry, I would yet hold the same sentiments for Magic as mentioned above. Magic, who is a member of West Angeles COGIC, did not "juice" the church for his success. He is simply a businessman and a person that attends church and has opinions favoring homosexual rights even against his teachings on the issue. Magic has a right to his opinions as long as he knows that his views have no basis in biblical teaching. Everyone is entitled to either agree with the truth or disagree and align themselves with error...

Whereas Tyler has used the church for success and now continues to slap it in the face...

I once appealed to Tyler for help on issues of healing those suffering as a result of sexual abuse...he didn't respond to our requests then and if he should read this now, he should know that he can keep his "help" to himself or for alternate purposes...GOD is greater than money and certainly greater than fame. Especially the money and fame of those opposed to HIS cause and purpose. He can be of no true help to the church taking positions on social issues against it!

It is my prayer that States and legislatures would continue to stand against discrimination against religion and religious values and stand in favor of rights and protections of women and children by protecting them from intrusions in public restrooms and locker rooms and other gender confused tactics such as the ability to change, modify and or alter a birth certificate which should not EVER be done! Can you hear me Illinois?  


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

COGIC Charges. Procedures, Rules & Regulations

It has been some time since Elder Earl Carter has taken COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake to task on the internet for what he (Carter) claims is immoral behavior, an abuse of power and a host of other issues. Carter has continued to air his grievances in spite of recommendations to seek an alternate route or path to make his concerns known. 
There are many sad parts to all of this. Carter, who repeatedly challenged Bishop Blake to take him to court, had his wish granted and is now beating the same internet seeking contributors to help fund his defense. In addition, people, who know either very little or nothing about COGIC process in these matters, are lining up in their feelings, emotion, and righteous indignation, some spouting off some of the most ridiculous things and those encouraging the continued discord, are, in effect, supporting and propping up more CONFUSION!

FACT: Every Organization Has Rules & Guidelines 

ANY group of people that come together for a particular purpose is an organization to some degree. They may or may not have a formal or written code, but bring centered around a purpose or cause makes them an organization. Within that there are certain norms and values that are either accepted or rejected among members of the group. 

Although many say, and I agree, that that the church is an "organism", meaning that the church has a living and breathing right now purpose and is filled with people who's lives have been changed for the better by its head, Jesus Christ, the fact is that there is yet a "natural" side of operation and functions that exist within even an "organism" that causes the sum of its parts (the people) to operate and be recognized as an "organization". No matter how independent church is or claims to be, it is still an organization and has rules, guidelines and procedures, whether those procedures are spoken about openly or not. All entities have rules and regulations. If they don't they will not amount to anything and will lead to more of an identity of a "cult" following and cult leadership. Why? Because no limitations or restrictions are placed on anything therefore anything is subject to happen or occur. That is not freedom, that is bondage. 

Rules and regulations refrain cult like actions and activities from taking place and therefore serve to protect the group for unwarranted and unwelcome dangers. 

Just a word to the "hyper" spiritual:
I know that some individuals wish to claim that all of their activities are "rooted within scripture" or governed by specific revelation from scripture. "We do this by the word" so they say. However, at the end of the day, that saying and the literal interpretation and application of sayings such as these are only something to satisfy the need for relevance.

ALL bible believers should do things according to the word, however, that does not mean there is chapter and verse for each and everything we do...In short, all things should be done according to the bible, even if what is done is not in the bible or a procedure that the bible does not cover to the nth degree.

FYI: COGIC Is An Organization With Rules, Regulations, Processes & Procedures

COGIC is an organization reincorporated in 1968. It has various branches of internal governance that perform various functions. It has a General Assembly, consisting of it's members and various representatives. It has an Executive Branch consisting of elected General Board members led by an executive leader currently called the Presiding Bishop. It also has a Judiciary that oversees technical issues and interprets rules of the church. There are also a Council of Pastors and Elders and a Board Of Bishops. I will not go into the various limitations of each branch of operation at this time, but I will state that these parts of the church are functional and meet at least annually. (if not more according to Church Constitutional rules) 

The church is Episcopal in nature. Meaning that as opposed to being led by rank and file members of the church, leaders of these various Branches of governance are preachers or Elders of the church and in most cases Bishops. Do these branches of governance come up short at times? SURELY they do. I have often held the position that 3rd party oversight over many of the outlined functions and "checks and balances" are essential to make the process work in favor of the rank and file member of the church.  That is an issue that should be addressed until there is significant change in this area.

My point is that often, we only address the spiritual side of service to Christ. However, as I have noted, there is a natural side that must be addressed as well. Jesus was aware that the imperfection among men made it necessary to have organization and an organized process of operation. during his earthly ministry, there were individuals even among those he called, fighting to be "closer" to him than others even during his time (Mt. 20:21, Mk. 10:37). When Jesus ascended he left the church in an organized fashion (Ephes. 4:11) and it was the church's mission to continue in this world in a manner that both honored God and served the needs of humanity by offering salvation to the multitudes. (Mt. 28:18-20)

Mini Synopsis

Like Carter, I had issues with Bishop Blake's initial response after Carter's message during the Holy Convocation. To me, dissent was in order, but more importantly, a clarification was necessary. None of us, who have called for and worked for reform within our church, actually knew what Bishop was distancing himself from in his initial commentary. Then the circumstantial evidence suggesting that Bishop was repudiating holiness was overwhelming when the late Peter Gomes and endorsement of the UDHR and other issues were considered. However, Bishop Blake heard the call and indeed clarified the issues that he had with Carter's message. Whether one agrees with his assessments or not, his answer clarified the issues and set the record straight that he was concerned about the language that Carter had used during his message, and the resultant impact that the language had on the church's impact and relationships. whether reluctantly or not, Bishop Blake did not repudiate the content of the message. 

After Bishop Blake's initial statements, Carter continued to question Bishop Blake because he felt that he was "thrown under the bus" and specifically called out. Come to find out, Carter had apparently been promised an audience with Blake, but was not granted the opportunity to personally meet him to discuss matters. After negative comments began to surface regarding Carter, and various preachers made open calls to distance themselves from Carter, Carter began allegations not only about Bishop Blake's seeming rejection of his message, but took it much further making direct accusations against the character and moral turpitude of Bishop Blake claiming that Bishop Blake represented less than he should represent as a leader of the grand ole Church Of God In Christ and that Blake himself violated the tenets of holiness, the bible and the church itself by embracing a homosexual lifestyle, specifically calling Bishop Blake not only a homosexual, but also a pedophile. He has since gone on to suggest that most COGIC leaders are syndicate bosses who place hits on individuals and who have henchmen to do their dirty deeds. All of which has further not been evidenced.  

What Is The Proper Procedure?  

While we don't believe that ANY of Carter's accusations are true or hold a place in reality, we acknowledge that Carter has a right to believe what he wishes. The problem is that if what Carter says is true, is true, he has done a disservice to not only himself, but to all the church, by his improper and sensationalistic handling of what he purports to be facts. 

Although there have been a few that have outlined this, what I hope to point to is that, there is/was a process that has been set in place since 1972 within COGIC that allows persons such as Carter to address the issues that he has elucidated. In fact, BEFORE the internet and YouTube was created, there was a process and a path within church rules and processes to address, make known and resolve the issues that Carter has set forth...

Elder Carter claims to have served the church for nearly 40 years or so. Well for over 44 years the process known as the "Trial OF All Bishops" has existed within the church as a method to hear and resolve grievances based on certain criteria. Here are the rules, please read them carefully:

Now, it should be noted that IF Carter had a grievance or thought that Bishop Blake was immoral, by church rule, there is a process whereby that can be made known and he can be addressed as well as have the opportunity to address. 

Ranting and raving over an issue does not solve the issue. In fact that only makes the ranter look moronic and eccentric. Neither of those qualities are qualities that I believe that any of the individuals involved worked to present to the world. 

According to the RULE, Carter should have filed a certified letter outlining the charges first with the Board of Bishops. Secondly, retained "in house" counsel in preparation for the matter to be set over for trial. 

If the accused Bishop is found guilty he can appeal to the General Assembly and their ruling is binding. If the accused Bishop is a General Board member (which Bishop Blake is) it would appear that he also has the right to appeal to the Judiciary Board as well.

At either rate, there is an organized process and a path that could have been taken to both address and resolve the issues. Some say that Blake is the one who instituted the courts...Well, first, he had a right to do so. Carter repeatedly asked him to take him to court! Secondly Carter still yet makes character accusations that could potentially damage Bishop Blake's reputation. The allegations are serious and demand legal redress.

So What Am I Saying?

I am saying that Elder Carter, should have known these procedures and should have used them. He knew all the Department leaders and how to make process work within this church. As previously stated, Carter did all of us a disservice if his allegations are true because he has not only failed to provide adequate and reasonable evidence, he has completely done away with any due process or respect for church regulations which is the process whereby discovery would and or could have been made. 

Further, for our Presiding Bishop to now be embroiled in a disagreement of this magnitude simply because of his right to set things in order and make clear the position of the church on such matters is utterly ridiculous!

The critics have strayed far off path. Blake is criticized for not only his position on Carter's message, but for the people who attend his church VOLUNTARILY! According to the critic, the Pastor of the church can't even remove a musician from duty any more without being accused of some moral flaw! Well, I guess that removal of persons can be done in any other church, just not West Angeles!

So far as membership and attendance, I have often said that if many of these same critics had just one of the "famous" members of West Angeles in attendance at their church to any degree, there would be no problems at all...Jealously is more cruel than the grave!

I have disagreed with certain procedures and operations within this church. We certainly need victim's advocacy and a change in rules that favor the members more than the ministerial leaders. I yet contend that Bishop Brown should be completely removed from office, or at the very least thoroughly investigated by this church. I certainly contend that Bishop Gilkey was wrong in his actions in Kansas and abused his privilege in the transition of a church to another jurisdiction. I agree that certain others who, were whores and whoremongers and left the church when it was convenient for them to leave, should not be allowed to come back. I also agree that funds raised for reports and credentials should not be used to pay secret settlements of abuse and scandal no matter how little or how much. 

However, I don't believe that any of those things started or exist because Bishop Blake is immoral. I don't believe it is wise or biblical to connect that actions and choices of men to the morality of our leaders or leadership until such time as there is evidence to support such allegations. Then, until as such time that Carter can both handle his allegations with credulity and responsibly, and furthermore, provide REAL evidence of his claims (that currently are tantamount to church GOSSIP!) I'll continue to do what I have been doing and that is fighting for change within our church for the benefit of ALL the members of the church and the community which is something that finds support within our church at the highest levels. 

I think everyone deserves to ask Carter why he has chosen not to follow church procedure, but yet claims to love the church...

We all make mistakes, I only hope that was simply a "mistake" and not an intended misdirection. Why? Because misdirections change nothing. They are only designed to draw attention by preying on those less sophisticated and less knowledgeable. Personally I HOPE I am not staring at the answer to my own questions!


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Monday, March 28, 2016

Running Scared: Gov. Nathan Deals Away Religious Protections In GA

"I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia of which my family and I are a part of for all of our lives,"..."Our actions ... are not just about protecting the faith-based community or providing a business-friendly climate for job growth in Georgia. This is about the character of our State and the character of its people."

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has backed down from a position of protecting religious freedoms vetoing a House Bill known as "The Free Exercise Protection Act", due to significant pressure from gay advocacy, media and the entertainment industry who have all converged to threaten all persons who believe that religious freedoms, and freedoms of corporate entities such as churches and church backed organizations, should be protected at all costs. 

>>Read Georgia's HB 757 As Proposed<<

Led by a group known as "Georgia Prospers" corporations from Comcast/NBC Universal, The NFL, Disney, Intel and Home depot to name a few, have arisen to to say that bolstering religious freedoms and protections are not in line with their values or their corporate missions. Rather than say this openly, they say that "discrimination is not in line with their values" or corporate missions and that the loss of the business that they generate for the state with result in approximately a $3 to 6$ billion loss of revenue for the State. 

Diversionary Tactics

As presented by corporations it would seem that religious values which exclude individuals due to their sins, are a matter of "discrimination" and not a matter of Constitutionally protected human freedoms and rights. Fact is that these corporations, taking a page from the book of the bully and diversionary tactics of gay advocacy, are doing no more than simply threatening and throwing their weight around any way they can. 

False Issues

For example, Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, who also threatened Indiana prior to their passage and later revision of religious freedoms protection, promised to create "a rolling thunder of economic sanctions against the State" if the Governor of Georgia approved the law. Led by efforts similar to this corporations have been seduced to believe that they are fighting for the freedoms and protection of their employees some of whom who are of the LGBT community. Noting that these same companies have never campaigned for the protection of traditional marriage and religious values in any way, their message is one of bias and filled with hypocrisy. 

Though appearing to advocate for a "just cause", in reality, by virtue of their advocacy and uniting to pronounce terror and doom upon a State for protecting and preserving the rights of its citizens, especially the religious and religious leaders, the corporations have set forth ideals that religious values are not static, nor are they essential and that they are subject to compromise. 

The Real Issue?

There are multiple laws proposed to address and provide religious freedom and protection in Georgia. 7 of them listed below as follows:
  • House Bill 837 – “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” 
  • House Bill 218 – “Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression Act” 
  • House Bill 756 – the “Discrimination Protection Act” 
  • Senate Bill 284 – “First Amendment Defense Act of Georgia” 
  • House Bill 816 – “Student Religious Freedom Act” 
  • House Bill 870 and Senate Bill 309 – Student Athletic Uniforms and Play 
  • Senate Resolution 388 – Georgia State Constitutional Amendment to Fund Religious Organizations

Out of the 8 laws that have been proposed to provide protections to various of Georgia's citizens based on religious liberty, which have been rolled back in the country since the ratification of gay marriage by the United States Supreme Court, there is only 1 law that is of particular interest to gay advocacy in the State of Georgia. It is known as House Bill 757 - the “Pastor Protection Act”Sponsor: Rep. Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville.

>>Read Georgia's HB 757 As Proposed<<

According to a CNN Money Report the critics, many of whom threatened to "boycott GA., said this:
-- The Weinstein Company said it will move production of its biopic of Richard Pryor out of Georgia "if this unlawful bill is enacted."
-- AMC Networks (AMCX), whose TV hit "The Walking Dead" is filmed in Georgia, said "discrimination of any kind is reprehensible" and called on the governor to reject the bill.
-- Time Warner, (TWX) which owns Turner and CNN, pressed Deal to "exercise his veto" of a bill it called "a contradiction to ... the type of workplace we guarantee to our employees." Thousands of Time Warner workers are based at Turner's Atlanta headquarters.
-- Live Nation (LYV) CEO Michael Rapino also asked Deal to veto: GovernorDeal do the right thing and Veto House Bill 757. Proud to be an #LGBTQAlly."

I believe that maybe it is time for the religious right and Christian Conservative movement and simply put, those that wish to LIVE biblical values within society and community to stand up and show these corporations who has made them wealthy. 

I call for the Christian community to BOYCOTT THESE VOCAL by one and company by company in an organized manner and fashion NATIONWIDE!

SHOW THESE BUSINESS THE POWER OF A DOLLAR EVEN IF BUT FOR A DAY! Allow these businesses to experience the monetary impact of their actions.  What would happen if in certain states and at certain times, noone in the Christian community patronized a particular business? how about if Coke sales were down in a State for just one week? What financial impact would that place upon the company? What if Christians boycotted the movie theater one weekend? 

Furthermore, these business and organizations who have been duped into these causes need to get real! For example, if anyone should be compassionate to Christian values and causes, and should get the story straight, it should be Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It is the Christian and religious movements that have helped to make value centered movies and values centered children's entertainment popular and respected within society. It was the Christian family that demanded that value centered movies reflect our entertainment values. The resurgence of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in modern times was a direct result of modern day Christian influence on the entertainment industry. It certainly wasn't gay advocacy nor secularism that made the difference monetarily for Hollywood.

In addition, the sports industry and venues such as those they use, are dependent upon family and family values to prosper in multiple ways including attendance at sports arenas and complexes. The sports industry, including the NFL should thank all them that have and hold traditional Christian and religious values, both for the majority of the athletes that compete in their sports, and the bulk of their supporters who stand by these organizations financially. 

These companies and others should know that it is the investment dollars of individuals who adhere to Christian moral values that invest in their firms through stock and bonds and other investments that have made them successful. 

For these same companies to simply "band-wagon" on the issues without taking time to research the issues is simply a fantastic, overly dramatic, and highly unwarranted social and political position to take. 

The law in GA as it was proposed did nothing more than PROTECT the same customers who made all of these businesses wealthy. As stated above...READ THE ACT...The Bill simply kept individuals and entities from doing what is tantamount to a leveraged takeover of the acts and operations of religious organizations, not "Christian businesses". This is a distinction with a difference. The bill protected "Pastors" and "ordained ministers" in particular and "faith based organizations" Faith based organizations are defined as:
"(1) 'Faith based organization' means a church, a religious school, an association or 81 convention of churches, a convention mission agency, or an integrated auxiliary of a 82 church or convention or association of churches, when such entity is qualified as an 83 exempt religious organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 84 1986, as amended. 85 (2) 'Government' means the state" 
The Bill also protected faith based organizations from being compelled to hire individuals who live lives and observe moral practices contrary to their teachings and beliefs. Why should a church be compelled to hire a satanist? 

>>Click  HERE To View The Hypocrisy Of Secular Corporations<<

If these corporations believe the smoke and mirrors, where are their offender to work hiring standards? Where are their pedophile hiring standards? Where are their hiring standards to equalize pay and numbers of individuals hired from other sexual minority groups?

It is clear, this is not about equalization and the rights of their employees. It is about making the church and the religious subject to secular values and ideals. This is the place where mammon is god and is worshiped or God is God and is worshiped. This is the place where a decision is made to either believe God and honor him or believe man and the systems of man and honor them...

For me, I'll,be drinking LESS COKES and certainly won't be attending some of the movies I planned to see. I also won't be buying the DVD's when they come out either...I will also advocate to break up monopolies such as Comcast, and help bring true cable competition back to communities, and when I do get a little money, I'll be careful as not to invest in companies who bandwagon issues and seek to rid society of Christian values...

Ooh, one more thing...about those NFL tickets....NOT!!!!


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What's Behind It All?" A Debate About God, Science & The Universe

Many Things I could say about this debate and I will save them for commentary for those who desire to comment...I will say that Meyer sick is worth more than Krauss and his views well! 


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Signs Of A Cult

While there are many different types of cults such as religious cults, new age cults, and even political cults interestingly enough, even in a day when knowledge and information is at an all time high, cults and cult leaders seem to flourish. 
What I would like to point out is that many of the things that occur within cults are similar. The question is why do cults and cult leaders continue to thrive and how do we identify cults? 

As it pertains specifically to religious cults, here are a few answers to those questions. Please feel free to respond with more: 

I - Cults Lead With Hate
One of the primary ways to identify a cult and cult leaders is that they nearly always implore or promote a message of "hate" and hatred. Unlike Christianity, who's message is rooted in love, the message of the cult leader is rooted in self-righteous zeal and operates off of a baseline of hatred. The target of cult leaders are hated not only because of who they are, but often because of what they have gained and by who others are around them. So in essence, the object of hatred is not only the target, but the persons associated with the target. The cult leader spends excessive time attempting to seduce those closest to their target to hate and despise the target. 

II - Cults & Cult Leaders Overtly Appeal To Emotion And Emotionalism:
In modern times the ground is fertile for cults to thrive because people are given to emotionalism. Look at trends, multiple marriages and relationships, excuses for behavior based on "perceptions", protests that are emotionally charged instead of cognitively centered. Use of emotionally charged language. This sort of language is used to inspire action based on emotion rather than rationalism. The cult leader and those who have been seduced by cults, tend to follow trending emotional highs and lows, even loving to an extreme one minute and hating fiercely the next. 

III - Cult Leaders & Adherents Often Have Lambastic Personalities:
Lambast, means to whip or punish. Cults THRIVE in this sort of environment. Within the church it is those centered around a perceived "righteous cause" In fact, in the mind these cult leaders and adherents who have been seduced into cultism, the more "lambastic" that one is, the more "right" that one is. In fact, under this method of seduction, everyone else is wrong for one reason or another, and the cult leader and his/her followers are nearly always right. 

IV- Shaming By Name Calling & The Use Of Derogatory Terms:
Unlike telling the truth whether popular or not, (as we are called to do if we are saved) cult leaders engage heavily in controlling and shaming their adherents by derogatory terms and name calling. Cult leaders also define their "enemy" or the enemy of their group or cause, and begin to teach their adherents how to label them as wsell. They even justify the use of cussing, slurs, whether racial or otherwise, and derogatory terms. They seek to justify their negative appellations based on either a micromanagement of their subject or redefining the actions of their target to absurd extremes.

V - Overtly High Appellations For Self:
The cult leader must always hold themselves out as high and above reproach especially as it pertains to comparisons with those who oppose his/her seduction. Language such as "I" and language such as "only" are not used to point toward or affirm certain truths, it is used to compare or contrast the cult and cult leaders position in relationship to others. One sign could be when teachings become centered around why "we are the only ones" who believe such and such, or "I am the only one" standing for such and such. Remember, God has an encompassing and great cloud of witnesses. No one is in the position to be the only one!

VI - Readiness, Willingness & Even A Directive To Expose Others:
Even when what is supposedly "exposed" is a figment of the imagination, a cult leader seeks to reveal the faulted character of others and teachers their followers to be of their character as opposed to their target's character. Why? Because in doing so, they attempt to undermine the person they seek to expose by contrast. Notably, the contrast is never the bible. In other words, very seldom, if at any time, does the cult leader use an objective standard as an example. The standard and contrast is always them or their person as they must take on a "star" or "clandestine" air or appearance among peers. 

VII- Redefinition Of What Is True & How Truth Is Assessed:
One of the greatest seductions perpetrated by the cult leader is the elimination of any objective standards for truth and right. The bible or biblical operation is minimized. There is no "high view" of the word. There is a redefinition to "what I say" as opposed to what the word says. This sort of seduction does not begin overtly, it begins minimally. Little by little the standard of right and what is true is changed from an objective, biblical standard, to a subjective personal standard that cannot be readily corrected. 

VIII - Occult Spiritualism:
Occult leaders and adherents seduced by cult leaders often "feel led" by a spirit to do what they do and entertain the negative thoughts they entertain. Admiration, veneration and adoration of the cult leader often takes place of biblical reading and inspiration. Witnesses to truth are only found within the saying and writings of the cult personality or those approved by the cult leaders. Some even "feel the spirit" when they see their cult leader as if the presence of God is with or upon the person more greatly than another. 

IX - Personal Attachment Or Over Commitment To Cult Leaders Or Position
The cult leaders desires that their subjects tap into their personality and emotions. They will often do this by dispensing and distributing "positions" and "titles" to their subject to create a sense of importance and loyalty. In the minds of adherents, the emotion of the cult leader is what either motivates or discourages personal actions and attitudes. There is no independence of pursuit, without the enthusiastic approval of the cult leader. In addition, when one is seduced, to even tell them that they are seduced and not behaving rationally is like threatening or challenging one to a fight. The reason is that cult leaders spend an inordinate amount of time grooming their subjects into their way of thinking and rationalization of the world. Finally, the faults, and even sins of the cult leader are often overlooked and in many cases minimized or redefined to be "right" in spite of what is obviously wrong. When this is pointed out, the world created by the cult leader is threatened and the standards of the cult followers are overturned. In short, this is idolatry. Those that follow these cult leaders are idolaters.


1 Cor..15:33 ~ Be not seduced: Evil communications corrupt good manners. 
Douay-Rheims Bible

Those leaving cults and the seduction of cult leaders often need years of intensive therapy to overcome the seductions that they have experienced. Dealing with cult adherents should not be done improperly or by means of cliches. When a person has come to believe that their truth proposition is unique, only to find that it is not true, there will be great personal and emotional upheaval. So one should be careful to minister to those leaving cults as they frequently seek to commit suicide as a result of their allegiance to the cult. 

The WORD of truth is the only thing that can deliver one that has been seduced by modern cults and cultist dogmas. Jesus said that we shall know the truth and that the truth would make us free! (John 8:32)

See TRUTH and settle for nothing less, no matter the personality, the smile, or the promises of acceptance and grandeur. See HIM, while HE may be found!


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Monday, March 21, 2016



In my article, "What God Through TRUE Repentance Can Do" I noted the following:
"Prior to 1988 Pastor/Evangelist Jimmy Lee Swaggart, known by millions simply as "Brother Swaggart" was preaching all over the country and traveling overseas conducting what we now call mega conferences. He was pastoring over 7,000 members at his church, Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA. (then a part of the Assemblies Of God), bursting at the seams with a thriving Christian bible college, and receiving donations, from an estimated 8 million weekly American TV audience, (over 500 million viewers world wide) Donations were estimated to be in excess of $150,000,000 annually (that's over $500,000 per day). He was achieving all of this while preaching against sin in all forms from the White House to skid row."
What I did not mention in the article was that when Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart stated that Jim Bakker was a "cancer" in the Body Of Christ that needed to be "cut out", it wasn't long before Swaggart himself was caught with prostitutes not just once, but twice. This exposure led to a scene of repentance on a national TV broadcast that was so heavily broadcast that stations interrupted their regularly scheduled programs to televise Swaggart's repentance live.

Though Bakker went to jail for atrocities centering around financial mismanagement, he lived to repent and wrote a book called "I Was Wrong" and explained the sinful details of his own life. Currently, Bakker is thriving with a completely different ministry and approach, and still repairing the damage of his sins. 

Swaggart, having repented, is still moving on strong as well. His TV and radio networks are expanding and he has a new message singularly focused on redemption through the cross which is a good thing. He certainly preaches against sin and sinful activities and behaviors, but there is no vitriol in his messages.   

The point is, that Swaggart at one time was a "fire-breather" full of vitriol, calling down damnation upon all those which he had a disagreement with and those whom he saw as not fit to serve in the Kingdom Of Christ, had no or very little compassion in his willingness to call names and demand righteousness. He took it upon himself to be the gatekeeper of the church, and implored a standard based on his thoughts and not the thoughts of the word of God. 

"Fire-Breathers" Existed In Jesus Day  
When Jesus was not received by the Samaritans because of their prejudice and apparent disdain against them who worshiped in Jerusalem, James and John, the disciples of Jesus, became so righteously indignant that they asked Jesus to allow them to "command fire to come down from heaven" to destroy those who did not want Jesus. Luke records this incident as follows:
Luke 9:51-56 ~ 51-And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem, 52-And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him. 53-And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem. 54-And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55-But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.  56-For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.
The problem was clear, even though James and John loved Jesus without a doubt, their method was about destroying first and seeking to save second. In other words, the thought was about killing, destroying and uprooting, with no sort of redemptive intent. In fact what they thought was the right spirit, because in their minds they felt that they were fighting for a good cause, was actually the wrong one! No matter the cause, their intent was WRONG and Jesus did not pretend that it was right under any circumstance.  

Telling The Truth & Desiring Evil. There Is A Difference

Now, I want those who read this blog to know that there is a difference between telling the truth and desiring evil to befall upon someone. There is a difference between searching for information, looking for dirt, wanting to expose someone when something is found and telling the truth seeking for those to change from a life of sin, evil and wrong acts and or actions. Although some get it confused, the latter has everything to do with warning the Body Of Christ and creating opportunities to call people to repentance and improve systems such as church systems and functions, while the former only seeks to bring people down and make them like other sinners in the world.   

We should WARN people of false doctrine. 
We should CALL OUT those that embrace sin and seek to subvert the gospel.
We should THROW DOWN the doctrines that seduce believers into cult like activities 
We should FIGHT for TRUTH and solid moral and sound biblical values.
We should CRY LOUD and SHOW the people their transgressions

However, those of us who are saved, must also be careful to know that we are dealing with souls and situations in which we must be responsible with and for what is presented. 

The Doctrine Of The Carterites

The doctrine of the Carterites deals in what is "commonly reported". The problem is that what is "commonly reported" does NOT necessarily have any basis in truth. Common reports normally don't have a solid basis unless the report is founded in truth that is readily stood up for by those making the claim. 

A second part of this "doctrine" is the especially vitriolic nature by which adherents to this sort of approach claim to "benefit" the Body Of Christ. It is through a lens of hatred, disdain and desire for attention that this sort of doctrine and its chief promoters thrive. What is especially sad is that this sort of doctrine is filled with gossip, error, mis-directions and what are claimed to be take-downs of leaders, especially preachers, based on half- truths, whole lies and innuendos.

What is even worse, is that many of the people calling for "right" and "righteousness" among those they target are wrong themselves and need serious attention. 

In this generation there are homosexuals calling men to "accountability". Men, who have been party to what they readily admit is wrong, who denigrate others and character bash as if they had no part in supporting the wrong that they claim existed and even helped to create if they are to be believed...We have men and women, who embraced more than their fair share of immorality, formerly engaging multiple lovers, and other immoral acts over time, but are now now breathing fire, hatred and condemnation upon everyone else, when they are still trying to figure out if they can be saved from day to day. Then there are others who cuss, smoke and drink, claiming that God placed them on a "wall" to see the truth blaming everyone else for the ills and faults of the church...

Now, let me get this right...Like Jesus said, you've had 5 husbands and the one you have isn't yours? I mean all kinds of beams, logs, trees, and forests, even jungles in your eye, but yet you can see clearly to remove a "mote"?  While I readily admit that some of the situations that see are more than "motes", the fact is that some just got out of the bed of immorality, still smell like their last lover, claiming and blaming all of their problems on others, have no thought about repenting, but yet see evil in others and call the objects of their disdain every ungodly and immoral name under heaven...

The message to those who hold this Carterite doctrine (as Earl Carter has consistently done this and promoted such acts as a right approach) is that One need not denigrate another to tell the truth! Preaching against sin IS telling the truth. That is enough!

Some believe that the method which Earl Carter has used in smearing Bishop Charles E. Blake is the method whereby the church and leaders are to be corrected and they have created and built a whole theology and theological system around it, at least until they are caught in the snare of the method themselves. This "doctrine" hinges, not so much on truth, but on exposure, innuendo, and character denigration. If there was no character to denigrate, what would or could they say or do?  

I'd like to point out that people in error and sin can be some nice people. I believe that even false prophets can be "nice" and preachers of false doctrine can be "sweet people" as well. People can be wrong without having a character flaw or some evil conniving scheme to subvert the masses. 

To tell the truth there is no need to out of hand denigrate the character of the individual, or try to point to a character flaw in effort to get a point across. evil character speaks for itself!

Now, we readily admit that some are slick. The modus operandi of some snakes and wolves among the sheep should be discussed at length because they cover themselves up and mix in well. Their actions, deeds and words need to be examined in light of the truth of the word of God. I have done that on this blog and will continue to do so as those committed to deceiving the masses come forth with their slick tricks and wonders...

However, as I have watched people like Earl Carter, as wonderful of a preacher that I believe he could be, as he seduces individuals to believe that he is fighting a "righteous fight" by focusing on one man, I have seen those that follow him take on his same characteristics of inconsistency, hatred and disdain. It is a "chosen few and not you" motif that has taken what could have been a good cause and tainted it to a nasty, ugly, and nearly laughable level of silliness that anyone with any sense of decorum is ashamed of. 

To The Point

Certainly, I hold Bishop Charles E Blake, the Presiding Bishop of the Church Of God In Christ and the General Board of Bishops in account for many various actions and moves of the church since he and they have been our leaders. Elder D. L. Foster and myself have both fought hard for reform in the Church Of God In Christ in many areas dealing with sexual abuse and clergy sexual misconduct and victims advocacy, which still needs much work within our church.  

Prior to our call for reforms on various levels in the church, (when Carter was still collecting money from some of the same people he now condemns), WE we placing our reputations on the line and doing the work of Christ by calling sin sin and doing the best we could to restore all men to Christ. 

We called the unrighteous, unrighteous and called them to repent of their sins. After some years, though some of the unrighteous still yet exists as it continues to do everywhere on this earth, we SAW and SEE some of the results of our efforts and continue to see our labor pay off in many forms today. While there remains significant work that this church must do in order to be the church that pleases God in these areas and more, we did not and will not denigrate the character of individuals to get the point across...

Yes, WE breathed FIRE...but WE DID NOT BECOME DRAGONS! We call names with information that we can thoroughly support.

COGIC Election Year

This year, we will host elections in the church for positions and leadership once again. We will see all kinds of stories leveled at nearly everyone like always...there will be folk claiming that Bishops have had babies, killed folk, run drugs and do all kinds of evil right under the nose of the Saints. We will hear from all the "fire-breathing dragons" that are out there that all leaders are part of a syndicate and that some have sent others to kill, steal, and harm...

While those of us, that know the truth, know that we have much to do within this church and that there is much preaching and teaching that need to be done, to expose and root out hypocrisy and lies, we are not willing to kill the character of men and women until such time as doing so is warranted and even in that, we seek not to engage in topics that do not help lead and guide others to paths of truth, distinguishing the difference between clean and unclean. 

For all you fire-breathers, remember, there is no need to become a dragon in the cause of righteousness. Before you allow your emotions and frustrations to take control, remember the words of Jesus and ask yourself are you in and of the right spirit in your cause? Yes, it may be tough...the pimps and tricks will expose themselves. However, make sure that you have something to bring them to if they change...that's the OBJECT of the effort!


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Prodigal SON Returns...From Transgender to STRAIGHT!!!

Calling himself the prodigal son, the transgender entertainer formerly known as Rhianna (Ri Ri) Nicole recently stated that he must come back to be the MAN that God made him to be and has found his faith in God. 

In 2015, the entertainer known as Ri Ri Nicole said that he did not identify himself as a Christian. However, in what appears to be a complete, radical transformation, in a recently released video he has changed his name back to "Antonio"  going forward, explaining that he is leaving the transgender world and all of its trappings for the beauty and excellence of Jesus Christ!

BEING TRANS IS WRONG...It's not gods will for me to be transgened... It's a lie told by Satan to kill me.. And to keep my soul from inheriting the kingdom of GOD PLEASE SHARE
Posted by Ri Ri Nicole on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

In a 2015 interview, Antonio explains that although sexual abuse at a young age opened the door to explore transgenderism and immerse himself into the sex industry as a result, that it was his own decision that led him into the lifestyle that he is now fleeing:
"Sexual abuse is a plight faced by many adolescents whom identify as transgender. This is a topic that should be openly discussed throughout the community. By telling my story, I feel that it could impact the lives of so many other young people whom could be facing the exact, similar situation that I was." ~ [Antonio (formerly Rhianna Nicole 2/26/15 Transmuplanet]

While Antonio was careful to not blame his choice of sexual identity on the perverted actions of a sexually abusive father, he does however point to the horrible shame and burden of sexual abuse and the effects on the victims. 

We stand in prayer and in thanksgiving to God for the ongoing transformation and restoration of this young MAN back to his MANHOOD! Bound to be the target of the gay advocacy movement and the transgender advocacy movement, Antonio needs the prayers and guidance of the Christian community now more than ever before.

We hope that he will be a guiding light to all those stuck in the confusion of transgenderism and that God will use him to continue to touch countless lives just as he has touched ours by allowing JESUS to be his Lord. 

Jude 24-25 ~ 24-Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25-To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

Antonio...WE pray for your success, strength and continued growth in the Lord!


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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Brian Carn...In The Lineage Of TUFIK

Read "Touch Not" 9/2010

As I listened to Brian Carn's latest retorts and condemnation against those who have exposed his ministry (as if the false prophecies weren't already enough) I noticed the same "touch not mine anointed" GARBAGE that nearly all these false prophets have used for years in his speech along with the "God's gonna get you" mess too...

See, I remember when Jones...that is MURDERER and false prophet Jim (God said poison them in Guyana) Jones, said the same things as well. He too was trying to convince people that he was a great Messianic leader, highly anointed, and prior to his death WAS Jesus in the flesh himself. After educated and uneducated, wealthy and poor died together in a strange land at the hand of this vile and evil person, only then did people begin to wake up to the fact that the devil that they had been preaching about was a real devil.  

Then there was Tony "touch not mine anointed" Leyva. An evangelist and prophet who coined the phrase "touch not" among modern day ministers. Tony molested and trafficked over some 700 young boys in the Southeastern United States. The largest child prostitution ring in US history at the time...He traveled extensively, prophesying, talking a good talk, filling auditoriums and churches, and used his national radio program, asking folk to fund his campaign against the FBI investigation that he was under, preaching loudly "TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED" and that God was going to destroy his enemies...He would warn that people should "keep their mouth off of the man of God"...I guess his mouth on his victims private parts was enough!

When the dust settled, Leyva died in abject shame in prison as skin cancer ravaged him. To prove how filled with the devil he actually was, even after his release from prison, he still couldn't keep his hands off of kids...

Then there was Earl Paulk. A so called Bishop in ATL. packing the people in with his "dominion now" theology and false "doctrine of the King's meat" in which he claimed that all leaders and kings (like Pastors and Bishops) were entitled to. In his secret teaching he noted that kings had "abundant meat" in the Kingdom, without restriction. eg: Kings had as many wives and as much sex as they could stand and God did not restrict or condemn them. As a pastoral leader, he felt that he was in a unique position to do the same...

After repeated details of his sexual sins in open court, and as he defended himself against molestation charges from even family members; Paulk's nephew was found to be his son by DNA testing. See, the molester, during the time, swore, under oath, that he was faithful to his wife and had never strayed. eg: BUSTED as his son/nephew was younger than his marriage by some years and it was finally revealed that he had an affair with his sister-in-law. While that was certainly not his only sin, he too would die in abject shame and pity only after initially breathing fire down upon all them that opposed him as well. Interesting thing is that Paulk was also a grand influence on Eddie Long, who was accused of committing anal sodomy on young boys, associated with his church. The apple seemed not to fall far from the tree as Long, at one time, claimed Paulk as his "spiritual father". 

Now, we are faced with Brian Carn. Favored and called a "son" by TUFIK Hinn. TUFIK is also known as Benny Hinn by his most ardent followers. TUFIK (his birth name) is the real person, while Benny is the stage act. Only those close to him know the truth. Drawing from all the previous individuals who promised destruction upon their enemies, TUFIK and Brian claim that their enemies (those of us who are aware of their sins) will be condemned and that God will strike all of those who exposed their lies. 

Carn has even promised that a "forensic internet investigation company" will track down the "witch" who made the connection between he and the psychic that he borrowed/didn't borrow his prophecy from...I mean the ridiculousness is at an all time level...

Here we have a so called "prophet" who says that  "a psychic can see it, but only a prophet can do something about it"...Well, the JOKE must be on both the psychic and prophet...because what was seen WAS NOT true and DID NOT come to pass and was sent by a LYING spirit!

How do we know? It''s like the cheating test taker in class...every teacher can identify it...When a test is completed with the same error, only by 2 maybe 3 students, then that is a certain clue there was collaboration going on. Especially when teh same words and punctuation are used...Carn has no excuse for it, and editing simply won't create the excuse he needs to get out of it, yet, folk just shout and scream all over sin and think that God will somehow bless them anyway...maybe if they WISH realllll hard!!!!

Do these people think that EVERYBODY is just that dumb??? Carn's is arrogance to the height of heights!!!! And Jamal...PLEASE!!!! Jamal questions how anyone would even notice Carn's error "IF" they were focused on God...

Well, Jamal Magus....the bible says these 2 things that none of you like, but we KNOW is true:
1 John 4:1 ~ Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
And just in case you didn't know that the TRUE people of God CAN walk, talk and chew gum at the same time, we are also commanded to do this:
Mk. 14:38 ~ Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Mt. 26:41, Lk. 21:36)
And that was because we are near the end:
1 Pet. 4:7 ~ The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.
God knew that there would be those similar to the gnostic Valentinus that would draw large crowds, get people cheering for them, and otherwise seek to make a fool out of God's people and a mockery out of the Gospel. However, he told us to identify them with the word of truth and be careful not to follow them. 

While some of the people even reading this are caught so up into the personality of the individuals that nearly anything that they do or say is acceptable, I chose to be LIGHT in the midst of this darkness...See, the darkness cannot "comprehend" the light. If you are confused it is because you are too close to darkness and as the light shines on your idolatry, you only get mad and then fall back to the position where you say, "we should just pray"...Praying is only ONE thing that we should do...we should TEST THE SPIRIT, WATCH, REBUKE, ROOT UP, THROW DOWN...and the list goes on, in order to address this confusion that will cause many to be lost...God has spoken (if that matters to any of these idolaters) that we are to EARNESTLY CONTEND for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints!(Jude 1:3)

How will they be lost that do not take heed to the warnings? They will be lost because they believed a lie and they will perish because that lie focuses on men, personality and things given to idolatry such as money instead of the true and living God.

The following video is just an introduction to the sins of TUFIK, Brian's father in the "spirit"...I HOPE this young man repents and comes to a place that he will denounce the hidden things of darkness and walk in honesty...I had to make a decision to do that and what's good for the goose is certainly good for the gander!


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