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NewsOne, The Liberal Media & The Illusion Of Womanhood...

Genesis 2:21-2521-And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22-And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23-And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.24-Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25-And they were both naked, the man and his wife, 
and were not ashamed.

Recently NewsOneNow in an online entry entitled "Redefining Beauty: Transgender Women You Should Know" took the opportunity to praise  persons who were born male, but whom, at some point, changed their gender from that of a male to a female and now live as women.  While that is not new, it did catch me in a peculiar way. 

I began to think on a few things that I would like to share in this article as it pertains to where we are as a society and seemingly as a culture on issues of transgenderism, gender bending and sexuality in general.

Gender Fluidity

Gender fluidity, as it is now called,  is an expression used to support the sexual perversion of transgenderism. I'll get back to the term but, for a minute, because I am as guilty as the next as using terms and throwing words around, let's stop and define what perversion means for the intent of this article:
Perversion: (Noun)1. the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. "all great evil is the perversion of a good" synonyms: distortion, misrepresentation, falsification, travesty, misinterpretation, misconstruction, twisting, corruption, subversion, misuse, misapplication, debasement "a twisted perversion of the truth"
2. sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable.
synonyms: deviance, abnormality;
When I say "perversion" as some may be offended by the term as it pertains to this issue, I do certainly mean something that is not placed in proper context or used as it should or was intended to be. In this case we are speaking of a deviant form of sexual identity, which causes a person to believe. that they were born to be someone else, in particularly the opposite sex, other than who they were or are at birth. This belief, provides validation for some to create their own gender identity based on who they believe, think or feel they should be identified as. Those who were born males, identifiable by male genetalia, can believe, based on their feelings or emotional capacity, that they are actually females born within a man's body and would be better suited to live life as a female. Vice versa with some females, born female, who believe that they are better suited to be men.

Of a certainly I believe that this change and the preceding desire to change genders, or to float back and forth between genders, is unacceptable before God in an ultimate sense in part because it is a defilement of the physical body, or perversion, against how the individual was created. Further, I would contend that as a man (ie: human being) that we have been created in the "image" of God himself implying that in his image there would be no deceit and that man is the only part of God's creation that is created in his image and likeness, therefore enjoins a unique relationship not reducible to relationships of mammals and animals found within nature. In part this would mean that man has  an essential nature and his creation was purposeful, not some haphazard existential occurrence to be manipulated and or changed at or by whims or urges, no matter how strong or prevailing those whims and or urges may seem or appear to be.

Let me be clear, for all the critics that immediately use the pejorative "trans-phobia", for anyone who doesn't accept trans-gender perversion. Not only is "trans-phobia" or "trans-phobic" another made up word of the sexual liberal elite, put out in effort to shame and bully their way to attention, like the bogus term "homo-phobic" used by the homosexual advocates to force society into accepting homosexual perversion as normal, for one to speak against transgenderism certainly does not imply that a person hates or dislikes transgender people. That is absurd. 

Listen, everyone I know believes that NO MAN or WOMAN should be discriminated against, hated or otherwise harassed, denied employment or housing etc. or treated unfairly for their choice of living as a trans male or trans female or otherwise. Transgender men and women are human beings and due human dignity. However that dignity does not out of hand mean that everyone should be made to bow or be subject to what we believe is a sexually oriented perversion with multiple moral implications. But to the point, to rain down fire on the transgender or the homosexual (which are two different types of people in most cases) is not the object of this article. Though various types of sins have various types of implications and degrees to which life and community is effected, at the end of the day ALL unrighteousness IS sin!

This is where it gets murky and why most preachers are silent on the issue, I believe that the Christian approach in addressing these SINS is far away from a murderous, and beat you down motif that is often displayed by liberal elite media. Although, ALL SIN, which ultimately gender realignment and self mutilation is, even in an attempt to imitate a creation of God, is sin, and that, like any other sin, should be preached and taught against clearly without compromise if our first love and duty is to be faithful to Christ and the fidelity of HIS word. 

Let's Approach This In An Alternate Fashion

Let's remove sex and sexuality from the conversation just for a minute. Think. As human beings, religious or not, we judge moral truths regularly don't we?  Why do we teach our children the virtue of purity and to stay away from drugs? Is it because the drug dealer has a nasty personality or is it because he/she practises what may be harmful within society? So is to preach against illegal drugs and the proliferation of drugs wrong? Is doing so raining down hatred on the dealer? Practically speaking, why do we encourage loved one's to strive for good things and good associations? Simply put, it is because we recognize that things that are good and positive have a greater chance of leading to fulfillment even if not solely or exclusively identified by a right or a wrong. 

So the argument that behavior and lifestyle can't be judged apart from negative feelings and condemnation of the individual is a bogus one and has nothing to do with the argument. One can judge behavior, lifestyle and morality, finding it to be repulsive, and still yet care for the person. In fact to not make a judgment or to affirm evil and wrong doing solidifies the case that one does not really care at all...

Liberal News, Society & Feelings As A Scientific Measure  

I must admit, I was amazed at the lengths that these men have gone to to make themselves look like women and even more amazed at the denigration that others promoting them have laid on womanhood to affirm the illusion. 

I mean look at it, you have Bruce Jenner being named "women of the year" because he claims to be a

woman and has changed his name to "Caitlyn" and began to mutilate his body...Are you serious??? This is an AFFRONT and a slap in the face to all REAL WOMEN, who were not only born as women but who also live as a woman, no matter their sexual proclivity. How can a man be a woman of the year and the women's rights advocates , while breathing down fire and brimstone on nearly everyone including men in particular, for unequal and unfair treatment in society, remain silent when a man, pretending to be a woman, because he "FEELS LIKE" a woman is said to be more woman than she???

What does it mean to "feel like" a woman? It is beyond the capacity for a man to "feel like" a woman just like it is beyond the capacity for a woman to "feel like" a man. It is an OXYMORONIC statement. It is unintelligible.  Where is this set of "feelings" that make a woman a woman or a man a man? How can this set of "feelings" be transferred across genders and specifically unique biological patterns? Are we to believe that the basis of identity or person-hood is "feeling"? To we have to "feel like" a person in order to be one? If so, then how are our "feelings" judged and by what measuring stick or method is a feeling to be adjudicated to be that of a woman and that of a man and how are they distinguishable from one another?

Is our gender determined by what we are inclined or drawn to or find physically attractive? Is it by the colors we like or by the clothes that we like? Are these things the outworking of "feelings" that make us who we are are individuals and human beings, specifically men and women?

What I am pointing to is that sentiments along these lines are purely and only figments of a persons imagination. They are thoughts that are self contrived...No matter how much one IMITATES anyone else, those who imitate a thing NEVER becomes the thing they imitate. 

We have a society that on one hand says that all is rooted in empiricism,  and factual evidences, but on the other hand accepts as facts, and creates moral illusions based on undefinable and totally unchartable elements such as "feelings", making whole cases allegedly rooted in science for their actions, and responses to moral value propositions.

NewsOne's False Assumption Of A Homogeneous Black Community

Secondly, I can't believe that liberals like NewsOne haven't taken the time to understand that it is agendas like theirs (ultra liberal ones) that have made President Donald Trump as popular as he is and even helped to place him in office.  I mean they, and others like them, are the one's constantly complaining about Trump leadership and what they believe he represents, but at the same time, don't realize that they have alienated themselves from individuals such as myself because of the views and values that they promote.

To wonder why the door is open for Donald Trump, who has many immoral behaviors, is to avoid the fact that he simultaneously praises and upholds institutions that have moral substance and steers away from institutions such as Planned Parenthood, that have damaged and undermined the Black community for years. If political and social liberals want to close the door on Donald Trump, then GO BACK to sound parochial values and values that arise from the community of faith instead of adopting and promoting organizations that want to destroy parochial values and redefine faith and family life.

See, it occurs to me that what most liberals assume, is that we, Black people, will support liberal causes and sexual deviance if it is connected to a claim of "discrimination". I suppose that is supposed to be the "hot button" to unite Blacks in the cause of fighting for sexual perversion. The truth is that most Black folk, at least the ones I know, don't hold the sentiment that sexual perversion,  or the way that one has sex, or identifies sexually, to be on par with racial discrimination. In fact we are sickened by the mere continued association of the two. Be clear:

Your SIN has nothing to do with the color of my SKIN!

Gender Fluidity...An Unscientific Notion & Concept

After all the song and dance and the brainwashing from the brainwashed liberal camp regarding the fluidity of gender and the non static nature of sexual attraction etc, we KNOW that every individual on earth simply exercises their right to live how they like to live and love how they chose to love. Every person picks and chooses who and how they relate sexually and one can have a strong inclination to do something but that does not mean that whatever the inclination they have is right, appropriate or acceptable. As stated, feelings are deceptive and are not meant to lead our lives in all things. That's what we understand in adult life as we mature isn't it? One should not be led by mere "feelings" alone unless there is good and substantive reason to do so.

It short, it seems that liberal news organizations such as News One and others that serve the Black community are relentlessly attempting to move the consciousness of the Black community away from a foundation of moral principles by encouraging and even promoting practices and images that are not morally centered and or rooted in solid and proven morally stable values. Thus the article itself, "Redefining Beauty" as if we did not know what beauty was until men, who chose to live as a women, changed their lifestyles to reflect their perversion.

Where is the WOMEN'S RIGHTS GROUPS? Why do they not respond to this sort of continuous INSULT directed towards women who were born women by birth? 

To News One, WE recognized BEAUTY long before men decided that they wanted to live as a woman and change and contort their bodies in effort to look like one. That BEAUTY was found in a REAL woman (or man for that matter) that God created. The  creation of God was ultimately without shame!

The Church & Its Relationship To Liberal Society

With all that I have said if the church is to make any difference it must first...CLEAN HOUSE! Our  boarders are corrupt within the community of faith...With the acceptance of gay pastors and so called bishops and teachers that teach that one doesn't even need Jesus to be saved, and followers of those who believe such, there is a lot of work to do within the church.
Too many of our churches and church leaders are not people of standard as they would like to believe that they are. They are however, people looking to stand where they can be popular, embracing liberalism if it pays the bills and allows excess...As long as they can be in the crowd, receive housing and other over-allowances, and appear on TV to ask for jets, the people of faith won't make too much noise, because they are afraid of loosing their thunder to appeal to the people that they have trained and even assisted in liberalism, to embrace their brand of immorality...

Does The Church Need Perfection In Order To Correct Or Call Into Accountability???

NOPE...and under the definition of IMPERFECT, you will probably see my picture!!!! However, recognizing our imperfections does not make the case that one should accept all things and especially things that are contrary to scripture and scriptural teaching as if it (scripture) is nothing and as if it (living in sin and ungodliness) is OK. If the truth hurts the deliverer or the bearer of it, so be it. It just hurts...however that does not change the nature of truth. It is STILL truth no matter who is wrong!!!!

Listing Of Popular The Transgender-Men...

With that said, let me just look at a few of these MEN who now live as women that NewsOne Now praised...No insults, but the fact is, no matter how female like, these men are, or no matter how many surgeries they have had, no matter how much money they have thrown at making themselves look like  a woman, EACH ONE will stand before God one day as the MAN that they were born as. They yet have the chromosomal makeup of a man no matter how many drugs have altered that process or function. They are only maintaining an appearance as a woman by artificial means and one day they will revert to the man that they are.

Let's take a look, and parents, tell your children (both boys and girls) to BE CAREFUL for obvious reasons, because one never knows in today's society who was actually born as what:

Laverne Cox (Roderick L. Cox):

According to Laverne Cox "always felt herself to be female, not really seeing a difference between boys and girls. She was often taunted and harassed mercilessly for being feminine, though she was able to hold onto her love for the arts."
"I begged my mother to put me into dance classes and finally, in third grade, she did,” Cox said years later in a Times magazine interview. “Tap and jazz but not ballet. She thought ballet was too gay … Throughout all of that, I was very feminine and I was really bullied, majorly bullied. There was this side of me that was this over-achiever that loved learning.”
Janet Mock (Charles Mock): 

has written a book entitled "Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More" who according to Piers Morgan, "was certainly born a boy, and has a real birth name of "Charles" does everything but admit that HE was born a male even going so far as to say that he was born as a BABY not a man or a woman...What???

Amiyah Scott (Arthur Scott): 
Made his claim to fame and claimed to be among the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality show, (which I am not sure ever aired with him in the cast)  and "Star" which is another wide open mess of a show currently airing on Fox.

Isis King, (Darrell Walls) 

says that she was "born in the wrong body" a contestant on America's Next Top Model, and most certainly promoted by Tyra Banks in her effort to do what she can do to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism. 

TS Madison, (Madison Hinton) 
Probably one of the most vulgar and perverted transgender men, produces adult transgender films through his company Raw Dawgg Entertainment. While the term "Rawdogg" means to have sex without a condom, this transgender man claims to not only be a strong advocate for transgenderism but also one that stands for sexual health and against STD's such as HIV and AIDS. 

A Final Word
Failure to tell the truth will lead all of these men and others like them to hell. It is our obligation and duty as persons of faith to continue to stand for truth and right at all times. No, we don't have a mind trip to place people on. Ours is not to overwhelm anyone with guilt. Ours is simply to preach and teach a gospel that will lift burdens and save from sins...Sins similar to the ones that JESUS saved us from by the shedding of his blood.

Sin and deception is not an easy thing. satan is ready to deceive the world and has done his job at making the world follow him in perverting the creation of God in the minds of countless millions. Without TRUTH there will be no redemption. It is the God of mercy that allows every sinner a chance to consider their ways and prepare for the ultimate reality of life.

Whether one is a man or a woman, the only Christ will satisfy the longing of the heart to be accepted and understood. What we have and will miss as human beings, God has not missed and he is more than ready to take over and love and lead as only he can.  If you are struggling with an overwhelming feeling that your gender is incorrect, God certainly understands. Seeking Christ will make the difference and HE is still able to save the soul and move it away from the perversion of same sex attraction and self mutilation.

Call I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council if you're been used and abused and feel boxed in as a result of this inordinate desire at (800)728-0352. We want you to be free and equally as importantly want you to know that we stand with you to the healing of body and soul in Christ Jesus! No matter the LIE of the state or the profession of psychology or psychiatry, you can be FREE of sexual sin and perversion. Like any other sin, Christ can make you free.
John 8:36 ~If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Our God IS ABLE!!!


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Hip-Hop Idolatry & The Church Pt. 28 ~ R. Kelly, The #MuteRKelly Movement & Expose'

“If I could change anything, I would definitely have had a father around. My father. I would definitely say it affected me deeply as a young man, coming up. Who doesn't want a father? Those are the beginnings, and those are what can dictate the roads you choose in life, and choosing them well. And it affected me.” ~ R Kelly, GQ Magazine 2016 "The Confessions of R Kelly"

FIRST, I would like to say that this article was very difficult for me to accomplish. It took a lot of time and research and delving into the topic was similar to diving into a pool of feces! I don't take this issue to be the least bit humorous, neither do I take the implications and results of any of it lightly. In fact, I don;t know if I would have garnered the inspiration to delve in so deeply if it weren't for R Kelly showing up in the comments section of this blog for some reason. It goes like this:

Some months ago, during the normal course of examining the damage and praying for restoration from the perversions of Larry Nassar, the former MSU and Olympic Team physician who was recently convicted for sexually victimizing over 100 young ladies trusted to his care over a period of nearly 20 years, I was intrigued by the commentary of one R Kelly, who seemed more eager to support Nassar, while condemning the testimony of the women, going so far as to argue that God was responsible for and endorsed rape and pedophilia.

After engaging his comments and twisted anti-God logic for some time in the comments section of  posts both HERE and HERE, I thought, "Is this the "real" R Kelly?"...I thought, "Is this the one who has sang some of the most nasty songs in the universe, been accused of pedophilia and lusting after underage girls for nearly as long as I can remember, been accused of currently maintaining a sex cult run by he and various associates in or at one and possibly both of his Atlanta residents?"... I thought, "Is this the same fella who has stood on stage with Kirk Franklin, professing himself to have been "saved", sometime after allegedly molesting his own goddaughter, on a sleazy , perverted video tape in which he claimed simply, (as he didn't testify, but said publicly) "That ain't me" and was let off the hook by an indecisive jury?"... I mean the list goes on and on regarding this fella and I began to question everything he had argued in light of his alleged history.

>>>>>Disclaimer: To be clear, the artist known as R Kelly has NEVER been convicted of a sex crime by a court or a jury. Although there is proof and plenty of speculation that he has negotiated and settled claims before they were lawsuits  and  privately settled lawsuits before they were made public, and paid off many of his alleged victims, demanding that they sign nondisclosure agreements, NONE of them have ever endured the criminal justice system to a conviction. The information regarding R Kelly and his alleged actions referenced on this blog are from commonly known sources circulating certain information regarding R Kelly's alleged perversions. <<<<<

Well, after inquiry, the person at least "proclaiming" to be Robert Sylvester Kelly, confirmed as much by posting with his alleged "real" google profile and that's when all the "fun" began and I believe the end of an era was marked.

R Kelly, Sexual Abuse, The Church & The Real Story Behind It All

What I find interesting is that Kelly's ramblings on this blog, sought to prove that God was  responsible for evil and most specifically sexual evil. While most people who deny God's existence claim this (go figure? ~ alas arguing the frailty of humanity because if there is no God then something else must be responsible for it), in light of the accusations and alleged lifestyle of  Kelly, I found it somewhat hard to believe that he was being real...I mean, no matter what one thinks of God, he has in no wise endorsed holding women in a house, using them as sex slaves, appointing persons to "monitor" their every move and video tape them and pass the tapes around to other perverted friends for their use and enjoyment...All of these things are alleged, not by church people, but by some of  R Kelly's most close assistants and former assistants. These and more are just some of the things that Kelly is alleged to have done.

Now, Kelly himself claims to be "a God fearing man". In his latest statements on the issue since the heat has been turned up, he says this repeatedly. However, in light of the evidence, I believe it is only fair to ask, which God does he fear? Does he fear the god of this world whom Jesus calls mammon?  Or does he fear the God of the bible?

For over two decades there have been accusations regarding Kelly. From his marriage to the late singer known as Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27, to more recent allegations by former sex-slave currently known as Jerhonda Pace who claims that Kelly groomed her since age 14 to not only be sexually intimate with him on demand, but also has a domineering, controlling and even physically threatening personality that he uses to get what he wants. (I will discuss this a little later in the article) 

With that said, there are a number of issues. Some I will raise in this article, that I believe should be examined if we are to make sense of the complete story. I will examine R. Kelly and his story. I will examine the claims of some of the accusers, I will examine the position, silence and even endorsement of this man among some of the of the church leadership and will conclude with my own elucidation on the issues of sexual abuse, misconduct and sexual perversion. 

The Kelly Self Portrait & Expose'

As stated, I must admit that the Kelly story has been one of the more fascinating ones that I have engaged. In him I see a spirit of baalism that has been around for centuries, but that continues to rise in various forms, but appears to be in full bloom within Kelly. 

As I examined the issues further, I came across an article that Kelly had done with GQ Magazine in 2016 entitled "The Confessions of R Kelly" which was probably one of the most enlightening reads full of information on the man himself.

In the article, the writer points out a memoir that R Kelly produced in 2012 called "Soulacoaster, The Diary of Me" in which Kelly revealed that sexual abuse had taken place in his life at an early age.  It seems that in this work, R Kelly was very forthcoming about the sexual abuse and was willing to talk about it in the interview as well. Now, the result of this was that Kelly was taking the place of the victimized while simultaneously saying nothing about those whom he has allegedly or otherwise victimized.

According to outside sources, it seems that Kelly, for whatever reason, gained an affinity compulsion for lust for underaged girls as a sexual target and has an insatiable libido towards them. Here is what a fella named Demetrius Smith claimed as recorded by a website named
Demetrius Smith, Kelly’s longtime friend and personal assistant, publishes a memoir, The Man Behind the Man, in which he writes that: “Underage girls had proven to be [Kelly’s] weakness. He was obsessed. Sickly addicted.” ~ "If 10% of this is true R Kelly is a Monster. 10/11/2015
So Kelly's life experience, as recorded by him, displays that he himself was abused at an early age. We will examine that below. In addition, reports are abundant that others, specifically underaged teen girls,  have allegedly been abused by him as well.

Kelly has gone to trial, and was acquitted over the issue. He has also allegedly settled many claims of his sexual inappropriate acts with non-disclosure agreements as we will note, and yet goes on claiming that everyone is lieing on him. Nevertheless, there appears to be a link to early childhood sexual activity, fatherlessness, and Kelly's alleged resultant perversions in many cases that exist and continue to garner the public's attention.

The Kelly Hero

From all accounts, in his Soulacoaster memoir, Kelly is the hero. He is the one who was victimized, but overcame it all to become rich and famous. He was a no reading, hard-knox educated, street performer, rejected by everyone, but who found his niche in the "souls" of those listening to his lyrical content. According to Kelly, he has near visionary experiences in nearly everything including his own fame.

As stated previously, what is somewhat of a twist is that Kelly however, points to an unnamed female, whom he later reveals as a "family member" (during the interview), who abused him sexually from age 8 until about age 15 when he began to date girls outside of the family. What is further interesting is that it seems that Kelly so much as acknowledges that pedophilia effects children negatively and will, in his opinion, create a person who is not only out of control sexually, but who also could perpetuate sexual evil on others.

Here is an excerpt from the interview specifically dealing with the molestation that he faced:
Q: I believe a common reaction in such situations is to be angry about losing an innocence that shouldn't have been lost. Do you relate to that?
“Absolutely, yes. It teaches you to definitely be sexual earlier than you should have, than you're supposed to. You know, no different than putting a loaded gun in a kid's hand—he gonna grow up being a shooter, probably. I think it affects you tremendously when that happens at an early age. To be more hornier. Your hormones are up more than they would normally be. Mine was.”
Q: And do you think that set you on a path that you kept on?
“Yeah. In a lot of ways, absolutely. I think so.”
He then went on to say that sexual abuse is similar to a generational curse, but that he had become free from the effects of such a curse in his life although not venturing into how he may have gained his freedom:
Q: People are going to think: Well, if that passes down, why didn't it pass down to you? 
“Well, you know, just like poverty—poverty was a generational curse in my family, too, but I decided that I'm gonna stop that curse. I'm not gonna be broke, like my mom was broke, my uncles were broke, my sisters didn't have money, my cousins on down. Generational curse doesn't mean that the curse can't be broken. Just like having no father, that's a generational curse. Which is why, when my kids were born, I was Bill Cosby in the house. You know, the good one. You know, let's be clear there: how we saw Bill Cosby when we were coming up.”

Q: So what did you have to do to break a generational curse? To make that not be you? 
“Well, it's really not about breaking it. There's things that you don't want to do that you're not gonna do. It was just as simple as that. I want to be able to be a father to my kids, where I've never seen my father, but my kids can see me whenever they want, so that was broken. [He and his wife Andrea divorced in 2009, and in practice, for reasons he suggests are beyond his control, he rarely sees his three children.] The poverty part was broken. And I feel the child-molestation part, that definitely was broken. But of course you gonna be misunderstood because you R. Kelly, and the success and things get mixed up in the music, and people take the words you sing in your songs and try to pound that on your head and say, ‘Ahh! You did do it—look what you just wrote over here.’ ”
Kelly chalks up the "sexual abuse" and "sexual perversion" vibe that people get from him as a "misunderstanding" when it comes to deciphering or discerning his personality or who he is. At either rate, right on que, you guessed it, nothing is his fault, the blame always falls on others, which appears to be a consistent Kelly theme.

An "Alter Ego" & The Kelly Codes

“R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet,”...
“But Robert is the devil.” 
Asante McGee
BuzzFeed News 7/17/2017

Briefly, it occurred to me that there could be a split personality or an alter ego at work here. One of the escaped victims of the Kelly web was a lady named Asante McGee. In her statement above she seems to draw a line between R Kelly and "Robert"

Former background singer for Kelly, Lavelle Jones stated the following in a documentary interview about Kelly:
"R Kelly, man, he's conflicted, he's a spiritual man, but at the same time he's perverted...when you talk about the craft and the music he's a genius and somebody that any budding artist would love to be around, on the other hand, you seen some sides that were ugly, y'u-know the problems with the young women and he's very controlling. It's kinda conflicted, it's almost like a Jekyll and Hyde" ~ R Kelly, Sex & Videotapes 4/7/2018 
Could Asante be making a point without saying as much? Could a former music associate who has been with him since the mid and early 90's have witnessed the actions of a person with dual personalities? Could R Kelly be experiencing some sort of weird personality split between a musician and a predator and sexual abuser? Or is the "code" of Kelly right on target to throw individuals off?

For example, one of his accusers said that Kelly once gave her a cocktail that he had made while "in the kitchen". Evidently this drink knocked her out and put her to sleep. Later, he produced a project called "In The Kitchen" which spoke of performing multiple sexual perversions and acts upon a woman while in the kitchen.

There are a lot of codes and hidden messages in Kelly's work. Some of his former associates recognize messages that he sends in texts through various codes and ways of expressions that only they would be familiar with. Only hard and fast adherents to his life's story would understand some of the codes and messages that he sends and delivers.

One such individual is former slave and radio personality and DJ Kitti Jones. Having been infatuated and swept off her feet by Kelly (who has also admitted that he is in love with love itself, meaning that he likes all the things poured into the pursuit of love and the initial feelings of love, as opposed to a committed relationship based on love) Jones, who once thought herself to be THE woman for Kelly, is telling her story of liberation and abuse, claiming that Kelly not only lavished her with his version of love, but also placed restrictions on her, starved her, slapped her, mentally abused and sexually abused and took advantage of her and continues to seek opportunities to mentally manipulate her through various coded messages that she has heard in tweets by the singer and in other venues.  

The McDonald's Code

Such codes are references to McDonalds. Yes, the burger and fast food chain.

Although there is more to the story than I will outline here, it seems that Kelly loved McDonalds from an early age for whatever reason. Current speculation suggests that McDonalds is the place where Kelly meets prospective underaged victims.

For example until in the early 2000's he was sued at least twice by the families of 2 under aged girls claiming that R Kelly began his path of seduction and molestation at McDonalds. From all indication these suits were settled out of court and therefore no charges were ever levied. A specific instance is the case Patrice Jones. Jones was 16 years old when she met Kelly at the "Rock n Roll" McDonalds in Chicago after her HS Prom.

Jones claimed that the singer seduced her, had sex with her multiple times, got her pregnant, coerced her into having an abortion, and allegedly did this knowing that she was underaged. According to reports Jones has had to sue Kelly 3 times over a period of years for breaking promises and continued aggression. Of course her initial claim, and seemingly all others were settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money with a non-disclosure agreement arranged or approved through the Loggans Law Firm of Chicago, who allegedly had been dealing with settling claims, and extracting money from Kelly on behalf of victims since 1997.

Others claim that Kelly would go to the McDonalds and bring young girls back to the studio who would end up in sexually compromising situations if not flat out sex. A production engineer claims that Kelly, at one point, picked up some girls from McDonalds, brought them back to his home studio, made them strip down to their underwear and stand bent over the console for his "inspiration" on a certain song that dealt with feeling on a woman's booty. The engineer never witnessed Kelly touch either female however. 

The Harem & Harem Keepers
What I found to be most fascinating, were the number of people who were willing participants in keeping the Kelly perversions in check and even training others on how to embrace his perversions which seemed to include digital anal penetration, oral sex and masturbation.  

The graphic shows those who have allegedly been complicit for various aspects of the Kelly sexual victimization. 

In addition, Kelly's legal team simply had been advising him to shut up and let them do the job he hired them to do. That's not bad advice from a lawyer, especially if it was a lawyer currently on the legal team. However, from all reports Kelly's lawyer, like many of the other associates above, recently quit. In addition, I am not sure if a lawyer is supposed to be or is commissioned to be party to potential criminal activity... Nevertheless, recently Kelly said this to the media regarding the resurfacing accusations and media buzz against him:
"My team has advised me that this is not a proper platform to express my emotions. I will not discuss details about these false allegations that have been made against me. I will say that I am infuriated, and I am heartbroken by the false claims against me. These accusations being perpetuated by the media is an attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy that I have worked so hard to build. These allegations have created a character of me that is not the truth of who I am nor what I am about. The women in my life are consenting adults and they [sic] with me on their free will. I am a God-fearing man, a son, a brother, and most importantly a father. The media has dissected and manipulated these false allegations to reach their own conclusions about me and what I do in my personal life. My focus has always been music and being in the music industry. At this time, my faith and my love for music are the only things that has not been affected. The devil is a liar. To whom much is given, from him much expected. To my fans, I love you all from the deepest part of me. I am nothing without you, my fans. Thank you very much for all your support. I am a God-fearing man and through God’s grace and mercy, I will survive."
While Kelly may be "God fearing" he made no impression that he knew or knows God in any way with his commentary on this blog. In fact, IF the commentary was from Robert Sylvester Kelly as I asked the writer to confirm, he doesn't believe in any god but himself. If it is that he is "afraid" of himself, believe me, we are too!!!!

The Nondisclosure Agreement
Jerhonda Pace was a young lady age 15 when she met R Kelly even advocating for him during his 2008 trial. According to her she began to have sex with Kelly at approximately age 16 in 2009 sometime after he was acquitted. Similar to Kitti Jones, Jerhonda was pursued hotly by Kelly, sexually and physically abused, mentally manipulated, and in every manner demeaned. Similar to Kitti, she was forced to "please daddy", videotaped during sexual activity, forced to engage in lesbian sexual activity and "menage a trois" or group sex activities, kept away from her family, starved, restricted on who she could contact and when, and manipulated into believing that she was going to be THE special lady in Kelly's life.

After her escape, Kelly eventually delivered an agreement to her demanding her allegiance through terms of a non-disclosure agreement. In essence it was a hush settlement for approximately $5,000 per month. All was well until time began to deal with Jerhonda's thoughts and memories, and Kelly began to miss payments under the agreement.

In short, Jerhonda felt at that point that telling her story and liberating other women from Kelly's bondage was more important than holding to the terms of a hush agreement.    

The #MeToo Movement  #MuteRKelly Movement

The #MeToo Movement has empowered women and men who suffered  sexual abuse to stand and tell their stories and seek justice through the criminal justice system. Of course Kelly has his own views of the effectiveness of the movement but has released a statement encouraging the work of the movement bu claiming it to be misdirected when it comes to him. 

Still, Kelly reveals what he really thinks about such movement elsewhere. For example Kelly has a certain view as it pertains to the complete scathing of Dr. Bill Cosby in the media as a result of the media attention and pressure of the MeToo Movement. While the motivation behind the movement to "get Bill" may be questionable, Kelly, as he has done on this blog, goes even further in claiming that the women lack credibility in accusing a man of sexual abuse, at least in his mind. Kelly, in his own words, delivers something quite special as it pertains to the accusations of sexual abuse against Cosby. He says this:

“Well, my opinion on that is, I don't know what happened. I'm a fan of Bill Cosby's from the Bill Cosby show, of course—who's not?—and for me to give my opinion on something that I have no idea if it's true or not, all I can say is that it was a long time ago. And when I look on TV and I see the 70-, 80-, 90-year-old ladies talking about what happened when they were 17, 18, or 19, there's something strange about it. That's my opinion. It's just strange.”
Now, I don't know if the disparity is as great as he says it is, but he makes the point that he simply just does not believe the accusers because they accuse. I would say that's fair, but Kelly doesn't stop there. I believe he reveals something a little more strange in the next statement. He goes on to say:
“If God showed me that they were telling the truth, I would say that's wrong. I don't care if it was a zillion years ago. But God would have to do that, because God is the only one can show me that. No man can tell me that. No woman can tell me that. And when you wait 70 years, 50 years, 40 years, to say something that simple, it's strange. You know why I say that is because it happened to me, and it wasn't true.”
Kelly says in order to believe the accusations, he would need a direct revelation from God that the accusers were telling the truth. No matter the evidence or the testimony, Kelly would disregard that and appeal directly to God. Is Kelly questioning the authenticity of a woman's accusation or complaint as it pertains to sexual abuse? Is there a special disregard for such claims because they are women? I don't know, but if he hated that he certainly hates what else has arisen in the meantime.

While, the #MeToo Movement has and is making waves, there is another online movement launched and  directed at Kelly himself. It is called the #MuteRKelly Movement.

Started by Kenyette Barnes, [who has declared that the movement will continue "until R Kelly's career is over"] and Oronike Odeleye, the movement was initially designed to shut down R Kelly concerts by discouraging ticket sales and headlining events. The theme of the movement is to draw attention and a direct response towards the alleged past and current abuses of Kelly,.demanding that the singer deal with the accusations and substance of his sexual abuse. Of course the method is to put a squeeze on the money and cut off sources of revenue so that Kelly will have to deal with the real issues.

Is that what should be done? Although there doesn't appear to be anything redemptive in that process as I will discuss, not having money to pay claims would force issues to be handled a different way. On the other hand, it could cause all accusers to go away if their claim is unauthentic and if they only wanted cash to begin with. We can wait and see just how effective this strategy may be but I would certainly agree that doing something to stop illegal and illicit activity obviously perpetuated by Kelly is a good thing. 

The Gospel & Church Connection

Kelly has spread his musical "talents" all across the music industry. The so called Gospel Music Industry has been and is a ripe field of activity for secular singers. From the recent acceptance of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. aka: Snoop Lion as another of its action gospel music heroes, it seems that sentiments along the lines that secular artists are welcome icons of the singing Gospel, are not soon to pass or go away.

Looking back, it was R Kelly that produced a host of songs sang by gospel and secular artists alike that the church embraced and even fully adopted. Nearly everyone remembers "Look to you" sang by the late Whitney Houston, which was an anthem some say dedicated to the Lord. Then there was the inspirational "I believe I can fly" a song that gained popularity from a children's movie called "Space Jam", also hailed as a gospel anthem at one point. Then there was Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me" which was presented during a time when R. Kelly was actually on stage "pretending" to be repentant.

The presentation of Kelly to the Gospel audience took place right on top of his alleged sexual abuse and seduction of underaged and teenaged girls.

Men Under The Influence: The "Gospel" Musician

"No man can serve two masters"
Mt. 6:24(a)

Not, only was and is R Kelly alleged to be a pervert, but he was also accused of beating up the former fellow Chicago native and secular/gospel musician, Rodney East, some years ago. (although Rodney denies it). The interesting thing about this is that East, who seems to be a very humble man, is supposedly Yolanda Adams primary musician or music director, who has also arranged music for a host of mainline gospel artists such as Marvin Sapp, Smokie Norful, Marvin Winans, CeCe Winans, Deitrick Haddon, and others.

However, at the same time East has helped, and from what I understand continues to help, R Kelly over the years by producing and arranging most of the nasty and perverted musical projects that have made him famous and given him the ability to remain center stage.  

Some projects that East has worked on include songs such as  the 2007 release "Double Up" which was a song done by Kelly and  new gospel sensation, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (aka: Snoop Lion) which was exclusively about a "menage a trois" and even "menage a quarte" sexual activity. Then there was a song called "Ignition" on Kelly's 2003 Chocolate Factory project, which is said to have been one of his most extremely perverted songs that he has ever made. Incredibly, that song has been claimed as a song that bridged his success from a 90's generation to a current and more modern music generation. 

A listing of East's credits can be found HERE.

What makes this worse is that nearly all of these so called "songs" were allegedly written at the height of the claim of sexual abuse against Kelly. What seems to have been a boon for East's wallet during the time and over the years, has been a near disaster or destruction of East's personal character, morality and integrity and nearly the complete destruction of his family through claims of adultery and sexual infidelity (or at least so is said)....It is a wonder how Kelly hooked up with East as East certainly does not appear to have the same demeanor or character as Kelly, unless it is that Kelly's "alter ego" is much more humble and docile than his personal character appears to be. Further information on East and the Kelly Beat Down Denial can be found HERE.

The Church's Desire For Relevance, But Failure To Redeem

The sad part is that NONE of those artists, be it for contract reasons or otherwise, caused Kelly to change one thing. Marvin Sapp recently had the audacity to speak as a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show,  that everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Although I and we certainly agree, headlining on a CD has NO REDEMPTIVE VALUE! Further, where is the effort of Sapp or any of these other "stars" in an attempt to redeem Kelly? 

As we've stated, it was the so called Gospel centered people that actually helped Kelly expand his perversions and enter into venues full of unsuspecting church people. His songs were and some still are sang on Sunday mornings all over the country. These same entertainers, some even claiming to be Bishops and Pastors are themselves GUILTY for perpetuating the sins of this cannot separate their singing from their lifestyle in this venue. 

Get this, it was the church, who already deals with its fair share of people abused within the church, introducing an abuser and alleged sexual pervert to a greater and larger audience and and very much less sophisticated audience when it comes to issues such as this.

Now, I hate to sound demeaning, but the facts are the facts, the church is afraid to deal with it's own brand of sexual abuse and fallout as I have witnessed and experienced over the last 10 years since we have been doing victims advocacy through I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council.

While most churches have no reporting or security mechanisms to guard against sexual abuse, most also have NO reporting mechanism or security of members through a Safe Church Certification that is offered by IMBKCAC. So, in my opinion, introducing Kelly and other secular artists that have made their living off of sexual perversion and are still yet committed to such is like pouring gasoline  on an open fire and certainly no less than pouring salt into an open wound.

So it makes me wonder, is this further evidence that the church singers and music community, as well as the pastoral leaders that have allowed this within the confines of their buildings, lost their way? Why is it that we are no more salt and light, but seemingly no more than dirt mingled with mud?

Final Thoughts: 

Without a doubt, we (as in the church) can do better, but I am very confident that WE WON'T! Too many conformists and too many weak leaders! Too many that fear their own shadows. 

IS the movement to expose Kelly a good thing? I would say that holding people accountable for their evil deeds, when they are committed to their evil deeds, is always a good thing, however, I would be cautious of the aim. If the aim of any movement is to simply bankrupt a person, that is more akin to bullying than anything else. If the aim of the movement is to create restoration and a restorative environment, I believe that is a much better and more well centered aim or goal and one that should be ascribed to. 

As I view it, R Kelly's money and wealth could better be used to fund restorative programs for sexual abuse victims and those who have been laid waste in the wake of these deadly acts, actions and activities.

In addition, it is evident that Kelly himself needs to be restored. He must undergo change in mind, conduct and sexual disposition. What he really needs is salvation because if even a portion of these things are true, he is not saved and is on an express trip to a certain and real hell. Can he be restored without him going bankrupt? Possibly, but we know that when the money get's funny, he wikll probably do anything and everything he can do to preserve it. 

Our Sons & Daughters

What's more to me is that our daughters don't have a sense of identity. Some appear to be in grown women bodies, but evidently Kelly has found that too many of them have little girl, and even immature minds. One cannot convince me that a properly centered boy or girl could be so easily influenced by any personality to simply hop in a car and take off one's clothes under "normal" emotional and psychological functioning and reasoning.

While I must be careful here, as I certainly do not seek to blame the victim for their victimization, it must be said that our children and youth are growing up basing their identity on secularism and popularity and concepts of social acceptance rather than on firm moral principles and spiritual principles and values. This is a problem. Our young ladies should know their value prior to meeting a low life pimp who lies to them to simply use them for sex. 

R Kellys would not exist if there were no people clamoring around him as if they are looking for something to fall off of a tree. As Kelly stated in a video interview, when the people start calling for a change, then he will change, until then, as long as venues are packed with people singing his praises, feeling on him, and otherwise seeking what they can receive from him, there is no need or incentive to change.

So we must do a much better job preparing and giving our young women a sense of purpose and identity and pointing them to the fact that GOD has created EVERY INDIVIDUAL with purpose, and that purpose is not, was not, and never will be, to be a sex slave, or sexually submissive thrill for a wealthy person singer, entertainer or otherwise. We must teach that integrity should never be compromised for money or popularity, that there are morals and values worth fighting for and taking a stand for.

In addition, we must do a much better job teaching our young men to value women and in particularly the women that God has given them through relationship and marriage. God has joined men and women together by his divine purpose. The only thing that was not good by itself out of all of God's creation was for man to be alone. Therefore the woman was created as a HELP that was MEET for HIM!!!

The woman was not a sexual object and was not meant to be dissected in lust for her body parts. She was to be honored and most importantly THEY were to seek God in and for all things. This generation of men have been led by lustful and self interested leaders both in and out of the church into a chasm of lust and degradation. We must replace this new self contrived sense of moral values and codes with substantive, biblically centered values and moral teachings, and teach these young men how to honor and value instead of how to lust and express their perversion. 

Kelly has done deeds to destroy his own family and that is utterly sad. He is destroying his children with and through all of this. Just as faithlessness effected Kelly, as no father was there to make sure that he completed his education, that same faithlessness will and has also effected his children. One cannot engage in the type of activities that Kelly has allegedly engaged in and fully meet the responsibilities of being a good father.

In all, this lets me know that his daughter and his sons will need to be healed as well and more than likely have already formulated opinions on all of these issues. I believe that the church community, rather than worrying about a hit song, is better served to pray for these kids that God would save and use them for HIS glory and help them know that their life is purposeful as well.

Finally, we must teach again what it means to be virtuous. Some laugh and say "virginity" is not even in the English language anymore, and to them I say SHAME ON YOU!!! Teach the value of virginity until marriage. I have and my household has been blessed because of it. This year I will have raised to adults and neither of them have children or have had non-marital sexual relationships. What I know is that there is a value and blessing on following the path that God has laid out for us to follow. I am a witness, when that plan and path is violated, there is and will be a problem. Some problems cost your life and some problems take you over bridges that one may never be able to cross again.

In this fast time, it is interesting that the timeless values of chastity and realization of the sanctity of  life and living are the most firm and steadfast values that can be found. It is upon that stone which stands upon the mountain of the truth of Jesus that we build. 


Additional Sources & Documentary Video:

Buzzfeed News: The Story Of Jerhonda Pace

                            "Inside The Pied Piper Of R&B's Cult" "R Kelly Sued By Cop"

SPIN:  R Kelly's Alleged Sexual Misconduct A Complete Timeline

R.Kelly, Sex, Girls & Videotape Documentary BBC Documentary:

Kitty Jones Radio Interview:

Anonymous Report:

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Monday, April 16, 2018

"Come Sunday" Pearson & Demonic Lies Exposed

Who Paid Bishop Pearson $100,000 For The Azusa Stage?
Don't forget that article right HERE

Y'u-know, every now and then you see and hear something that seems to be so utterly fantastic, that you just know you are seeing and hearing things...

Now, I already knew that Carlton Pearson, the former leader of the "New" Azusa, was off base and deceived by demons, claiming to have received a "revelation from God" that one does not necessarily need Jesus to be saved, and that ALL men would be saved in the end without judgment and that there is no hell.

Well, obviously Pearson, through Netflix has decided to go all the way with that message once again and has since stirred much controversy, both with the accuracy of the account and the substance of the account as well. 

Now, to be honest, there are many modern day heretics and apostates that hold various forms and variations of that same type of belief, such as former pastor Rob Bell who, since claiming that there is no hell, now also claims that the bible, though powerful, is an amalgamation of man made and man centered stories etc. Read his answers to questions such as inspiration and infallibility HERE.

However, what makes Pearson different, is that he somehow expects that everyone should accept his

belief because he claims to be right and the bible, and those of us who have interpreted the bible message to the contrary, are just simply wrong.

The scripture however is clear regarding Carton's false belief:

Gal. 1:8 ~ But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Carlton, Bell and others like them, are to be rejected by the church that is centered in Christ, because they have rejected the truth and established another path of salvation that is incompatible with what scripture teaches.

Well, the ultra critic says, "Carlton is not preaching another gospel because the gospel is the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus."...To that critic I simply say you probably LOOK as SILLY as you sound!!!!

By denying the elements of the message of Jesus, which includes hell, ultimate judgment and reconciliation of all things, both for the righteous and upon the unrighteous, is to deny the gospel itself. The gospel is the complete and inclusive (isn't that something?) message of the savior and God's actions and intervention in the world.

God has promised not only blessings upon the faithful but JUDGEMENT, as a righteous equalization and reconciliation of all evil in the world. Not only will the products of sin be dealt with but death and hell will ultimately be cast into the "lake of fire" aka: the second death. (Rev. 20:14)All those that have abused, maimed, killed, and hated God and all that he is to the n'th degree without repentance and faith in Jesus, will suffer hell as well.

I have addressed hell and the eternality of hell, more in depth in these 3 articles both HERE , HERE and HERE. One should read those articles prior to debating the issue.

Come The Pearson Heresy

Carlton Pearson evidently set out to tell his story obviously believing that he could manipulate it and the message he now preaches to draw some and rewrite the narrative of how he actually got where he is...In a recent message at his church the Bishop J Delano Ellis recently addressed the part in the movie where Pearson was called (according to Pearson himself) to tell his new demonic doctrine to a Bishops council in effort to persuade them that they needed to "rethink" the gospel message and what they had been preaching...

Beginning at about the 54 minute mark, Bishop Ellis takes Pearson's movie presentation apart and recounts what actually happened and how Pearson's false teaching was abundantly rebuffed by the Bishops present.

Preacher why is it important to point out a doctrinal dispute when there are so many souls that need to be saved?

What one believes could have an eternal weight of difference in how one lives and conducts themselves in this present world. If a person does not believe that they will give an account for their actions and that is nothing more to existence than the material world, then all evil is justified and right is only something that is contrived of men. In fact, under a purely materialistic paradigm, which I don't believe any men are under even if they profess themselves to be, there is only reward for being self-serving. There is no moral duty to be kind or embrace any value of life where one does not benefit. There is no sacrifice or self sacrifice, because I(the person) become the TOP of the food chain.

Secondly, if Carlton is right, the worst and most atrocious persons that ever lived to display their hatred for humanity are rewarded. Therefore suffering, as difficult as it is to sometimes understand,  completely makes no sense if what he believes is true. Why should not a person kill everyone they know, if ultimately they will be rewarded with heaven in spite of their acts of hate. In his view hatred and love are equal but opposite actions and both are rewarded the same...Who wants to believe that garbage????

So that is why issues such as this, especially considering the source from which these issues arise,  need to be discussed and disputed openly. Because there is a God and he is the ultimate righteous judge and will judge righteously all men need to know clearly that blessings for the righteous and punishments for the unrighteous are a part of God's divine plan. 


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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Unfit To Serve & The New American "Values"

Today (4/12/2018) I was fortunate to be able to watch is the Mike Pompeo Secretary Of State confirmation hearing, and arrived just in time to hear one Senator Corey Booker grill Mr. Pompeo, while eagerly telling the world what our new American values are if anyone seeks to serve in public office...

First, it seems that according to Booker, not only does a person have to believe in everything written in law, but also has to be one to promote and embrace the homosexual agenda, contending that because homosexuality is legal, that it is not a sexual perversion...In addition, another litmus test, according to Booker, would be the acceptance of Islam and tenets of Islamic belief and faith regardless of Sharia, or the ultimate theocratic state of Islamic belief...

In addition to all of this, Booker certainly implied that the potential Secretary Of State should have a new circle of friends that should not in any way honor or include persons such as Frank Gaffney or Brigitte Gabriel who is on the so called "Southern Poverty {IDEO-FASCIST} Law Center's" watch list....

To this, I simply say...GET A LIFE BOOKER...and that is why I cannot, and will not follow your agenda and will fight it as any American should...Why?...Because your agenda breeds INTOLERANCE!!!

While claiming to be some sort of champion of freedom and tolerance, you and those like you are the most intolerant people that can be seen. I mean according to you, if it's "law" then it should be accepted as moral...Now, should we go through all the things that were once law and were rejected by MORAL people and found to be immoral??? I mean slavery was once the LAW within the United States. Yet it was rejected on the basis and ground of immorality. While it was law, was it not a perversion? Or was it good because it was law?

Moral relativism fails on every hand as well it should...And before one gets started, don't even try the stale arguments of scriptural relativism...We've handled that and continue to handle and address such ridiculous sentiments with idiots like R Kelly (at least so is his handle on this blog) and other radicals that can't see the door.

We REJECT the new American so called "values" that encourage individuals to endorse evil and accept perversions as if there is nothing wrong. For them, accept that criteria and you can serve. Those sentiments themselves are UNAMERICAN and only prove a greater problem of neo-fascist ideology run amuck.

We say only them that are willing to STAND FOR RIGHT are worth following. Corey, with your beliefs, according to your own standards, YOU AIN'T THE ONE!!!! It is YOU sir who is unfit to serve!!!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Church Shootings & The Value Of A Father

A recent article by the Washington Times  brought to light a recently released book,  The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” by Warren Farrell and John Gray. 

The Washing Times reports Mr. Farrell stating the following regarding some boys who have no fathers or limited access to fathers:
“They’re much more likely to drink, much more likely to do drugs, much more likely to be depressed, much more likely to be suicidal, much more likely to be violent, much more likely to be in prison,” ... “And they’re also much more likely to commit mass shootings.”
Mr. Farrell also relates many issues to purpose and self identity that male school shooters fail to receive from their fathers:
“Today, there’s a purpose void, because you don’t need as many boys in war, and both girls and boys share the potential for being breadwinners,” he said. “When that purpose void combines with fatherlessness, boys don’t have a way of being guided to a more nuanced sense of purpose.”
Also in the article, Peter Langman, a child psychology expert, who wrote a 2016 article on the subject, sampled a 56 person school shooter group and found the following:
“Out of this sample of 56 school shooters, only 10 (18%) grew up in a stable home with both biological parents,”... “In other words, 82% of the sample either grew up in dysfunctional families or without their parents together (for at least part of their lives).”
The Alternative Facts Of The Anti-Family Pro Gay Movement

What is bound to be a controversy is already brewing with statements and sentiments like these. Now to be fair we should not assume that just because one is pro-gay that they are anti-family. That is NOT the point of the article. However, we must be real in recognizing that the current trend is to remove any concept of gender identity such as the words or titles "Father" and "Mother" from the context of the family and public discourse all together. Those terms are being replaced by parent 1 and parent 2. In fact France has sought to ban the terms (Mother and Father) from governmental or official applications. 

Because of open sexuality and societal acceptance of the homosexual agenda, and a push for the establishment and acceptance of transgenderism, there has been a noteable push for unisexism and gender fluidity which also has sought to minimize the unique differences between male and female.

The Gender Myth

Society is embracing a moral ethic which in essence contends that  our identity at birth is a "myth" and is flexible, depending upon how one feels. We are bombarded with existential values that promote that individuals can "find our own path", "create our own purpose" or "identify as who you want to be".

In the process of doing all of that the gender differences have been minimized and even eliminated from public discussion and discourse. However, there is a way that a man has or is positioned that should be different than a woman. The differences are given to humanity for our benefit, not our detriment.

I believe that studies will show and continue to show that we damage our children by not allowing those differences to be on display and exist.

The temperament of a women is given to enhance the family and society. The temperament of a man is given to society and the family to enhance both as well. A work environment that contains both men and women allows then to work together through their differences not to the amalgamation of some type of identity(less) work force, but one in which individuals of both genders (as there is only two) enhance community, society and family.

In other words humanity has been given two genders within humanity for the benefit of humanity and each gender has a set of unique differences that they bring to society and the family. When those differences are allowed to flourish a family and community can be enhanced. 

The Father's Role

A fathers role is a very significant one. While I certainly don't intend to be comprehensive in all here, I will more than affirm that from a biblical perspective it can be observed that the moral, spiritual and essential values and duties are given to the children by the father. It is through the father that an inheritance is given. It is through the Father that the purpose and role, duty and commitment and direction to family and society is given. Identity is a product of fatherhood.

It is this role of fatherhood that has been diminished within society. Institutions such as education and the corrections system have taken the place of father within society. Then it is estimated that in 2015 that over 670,000 children were in foster care within the United States. 34% of all children live in a single parent family today. Within the African American community nearly 67% of children live in a single parent family and most of those families are headed by women.

THAT IS NOT TO INDICT THOSE women children and or families as is often done. This information is presented to inform individuals of  the issues involved as we seek to provide solutions to society and create environments where young people feel and embrace their fulfillment and purpose rather than experience the hopelessness and despair that leads to school violence and any other violence. 

Within The School Setting 

Society expects so much of the school. Especially within the public school. The thought is that it is the school's duty to train students to be productive or informed individuals within society. It has even ventured into the area of moral values education and implementation. The school now not only provides curriculum based on evidence based sex education, but also for moral values based education centered in how one should "think" about moral issues, such as sexuality.

As the role of the school has increased in this area, the role and position of the church has decreased dramatically. Now, church is mainly about entertaining the masses, collecting offerings and receiving the next "blessing" or "word" and following or finding ones "destiny or purpose"...In other words the church has failed in her responsibility and let the community down dramatically.

However, I believe that the role of the family, both mother and father are irreplaceable and not for sale!

As a Native American/Black man, I understand the perceptions of a public school system who is 1- not used to seeing men that look like me intimately involved with their children's education and 2- unfamiliar with men that are leaders, that seek to implement plans for their families and find ways to impact their communities.

Can we stop a school shooter or a child bent on committing suicide by delivering to him or her the values of God, purpose, and morality? I don't know i it is just a simple one to one ration, but I'll tell you what, society will be better if we at least try! 

In our Parent Forum on Facebook, I delivered the following commentary in relationship to this article and I would encourage other fathers to share their experience and ask that their school district not only see them, but acknowledge them for the valuable resource that they are within the school setting. 

To what I wrote:
Now, I believe this is an area of high concern in all educational settings. Within District 150 the mostly White Administrators and even some Black one's don't know how to take, receive and or accept the Black male Father in a school setting.

In all the inner city schools in Peoria I have been in, if they need someone to have a seminar, instruct or encourage kids by far and large most administrative teams look for either a popular Black women or a White male. The Black father isn't even a consideration.

How do I know? After having 2 kids matriculate through District 150 from Valeska Hinton to Sr. High, (one still in) and after setting hitory in the African American community as a male role model who is also Black, I can count the number of times on one hand that an administrative staff, when led by mostly White administrators, called me for anything in the school.

They would see me everyday. I would be involved in everything, but when it came time to reach the students, they would invariably call White men or look for popular Black women such as political leaders and other socialites, many of whom rarely, if ever, show up in the school for anything.

Then, just plainly looking at the employee integration ratio, there are not enough Black male teachers, Now, this is tragic.

Fathers make a difference. In my case I was able to coach a team my son participated on. I was able to interact with the kids in a fatherly manner as well. Not all kids need this, but to have that type of relationship available to kids is what the District should foster.

With excuses like, "we want an in house person" and all the other nonsensical avoidance jargon that Principals and leadership teams use to avoid hiring parents and in particularly Fathers, this lets me know that they are not prepared for 21st Century leadership or have as a top priority the advancement and well being of our children as a whole. It is about their "process" and the stability of their teacher groups and not about the cultivation of parents and how that positively impacts students.

Principal, next time you have an event and want to showcase someone or reach students, look at the parents and fathers in particularly that you already have. There are some who are business owners, some who are doing great things of which you are not aware. Then find an interest in those who support you and your school. Recently we had a program related to Black history and the team creating the program looked over the leaders that have committed to the school to try to cultivate someone whom the school rarely if ever sees. That is ridiculous.

Then parents that want to participate with their children in education and extra curricular activity, should be made to feel welcomed and embraced throughout the entire system and their values and viewpoints embraced instead of being told "that's not the way we do things"

I know from experience as it pertains to all the things I have outlined and more. It is time that if we truly want a safe environment for our children and really have a concern for them that we PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

But if one can be hateful to a child, then I suppose it is not an issue to express or show a similar hate to the parent and in particularly to a Father and to a Black Father as well. We can do much better!

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