Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The TRUTH. An Offence To The World

We often hear the sad song of "That's why people don't go to church today" in response to a teaching or biblical position in which the church is unwilling to compromise with the world or worldly (aka: secular) practices.

Then of course, there is always finger pointing...the "you let them do it, so why not pick on them instead of me"...ie: "My sin ain't no worse than the sin of others, therefore leave me alone"....

Well, this sentiment, "leave me and my sin alone" (Mk 1:24, Lk. 4:34, Mt. 8:29) was the exact sentiment of the devil biblically. According to the scripture, when Jesus came on the scene, before he could do anything, the devil felt "tormented" because of his very presence.

In short folk don't go to church, not because the church is so wrong, but because they choose not to. medical malpractice and negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death, yet nearly everyone has or has gone to a doctor. Not even the fear of death can stop some folk from being faithful to participating in medical practice.  

The modern "uncommitted" individual is uncommitted because he or she is not committed to the truth. Plain and simple. We all know that the adage of "staying at home and finding Jesus for myself" flies in the face of scripture, (Heb. 10:25) but we have individuals who have placed their sense of morality, right and wrong, ahead of God and whom have reconstructed god and rearranged his word to challenge biblical truth as if it, (truth) doesn't really exist. 

It is called relativism. ie: if "I think" it is right, that's what I should follow. Under a
"relativistic" framework, there is no ultimate or universally binding truth, right, or wrong. Each person has "their truth" and if other opinions are not in accord with what self has contrived to be truth, right and wrong and when there is conflict, especially spiritual conflict, then what I have contrived to be truth and believe is best is to be followed. In this framework, the individual becomes god and the center of the universe and everything revolves around individual thoughts, ideas and values.

Then There Is The Teaching Of Holiness

Then there are those of us committed to the TRUTH and fidelity of the biblical message such as Bishop Patrick Wooden of The Upper Room COGIC in Raleigh, NC. recently bishop wooden took to provide a response to some who had been shunned from leading praise and worship during a service and he touched on the "Christian Entertainment" business that has grown like wildfire around the church as well...Certainly his response went viral and clearly displays a deep chasm between those who read the bible and those committed to its precepts and concepts and moral values.

The next 2 videos, we view the Bishop's response and the response from some young people to his response. This is an interesting examination of the culture and why the church must continue to preach and stand for truth.


 The Young Person's Response & Further Context


 Now, sorry, but it should be clear, that the BISHOP CERTAINLY AIN'T WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE!

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Family & Community Restoration, Leandria & Her False Prophetess, and Much More...

After witnessing 2 young ladies on my street nearly come to blows over a young man that wants neither of them, I simply had to say something. And while I was speaking, I decided to speak of some other things, I've been holding as well...

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Abortion, Progress & The Real Barbaricism Of Killing The Defenseless

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Pastor Harvey Burnett At The Urban Apologetics Conference Detroit...See You There

Pastor Harvey Burnett of The Dunamis Word is honored to be a featured speaker at the Urban Apologetics Conference to be held Saturday June 1st in Detroit, MI. The sponsor for this event is sponsored by "Equipping The Body Of Christ Ministries and Bethlehem Judah Church of Detroit, MI. The event will be held at the Greater Grace Temple Conference Center. We would love to see and pray with all of our friends and readers in the Detroit area and believe this conference will be spiritual and Christ centered event. 
For registration or more conference information see the UAC2019 website 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The R. Kelly/Gail King CBS Interview...Unbelievable!

One thing is for sure...I wish jail time upon noone, but some do actions that bring it upon themselves. I can only hope for REPENTANCE, forgiveness, and restoration. We can't. but GOD CAN!

Then look at these FAKE tears...Not only abused, but STOCKHOLM all the way.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

ATTITUDE CHECK: Above Ordinary

"SUCCESS Is Intentional"
~ Pastor Harvey Burnett

Are you living above ordinary?

Many people don't know that many of the smallest things begin with the right ATTITUDE.

For 2019 Pastor Harvey Burnett by way of the Peoria Safe Community Initiative (PSCI), and on behalf of Peoria Inner City Track Club presents our "ATTITUDE CHECK: Above Ordinary", wear to encourage and remind our youth that above ordinary faith, effort and values are not only noted, but will be rewarded in an above ordinary way.

Do you know of young person that you want to remind that they can live ABOVE ORDINARY? How about reminding your family to do the same? Here's a chance to give a special and unique gift. Order today.

Every gift helps us reach and serve the young people we encounter through both the Track Club and our safe Community Initiative. We THANK YOU in advance for your support.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

SELL-OUTERNICK...Some Blacks Are Still For Sale!

From the title, one should be able to see my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and the recent actions by he and NFL player Eric Reed.

For those who don't know, these men have gone from taking a knee against injustice, to taking a settlement WITH a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to justify their ego...YES, I say ego and here is why:

First, so far as settlement is concerned, by itself, not a problem. I think it is reasonable to come to settlements and conclusions on disagreements in most civil cases and this was a civil case. I mean as an adult, I certainly understand that settlements can be good for everyone, by saving as lot of time and exposure of certain facts that everyone would rather avoid.

The problem is that in light of settlement, some suggest, what the outcome would have been. In this case, some say that the NFL would have lost or been ordered to pay much more (than whatever they paid) or that Kaepernick and Reed may have lost the case all together. We may NEVER know for sure either way because of the part that is really disconcerting...that is the NDA....I will talk about that in a minute.

The Situation & The Settlement 
Now, one would "think" that given the gravity of this situation, a situation in which the NFL was nearly shut-down as America's sport, and one in which even the President of the United States ignorantly railed in the scene saying to "fire the SOB's"...that careful consideration would be given to how this matter was unwound.

I mean here we have serious implications on both sides of the issue. Not even most Black entertainers would touch the Super Bowl half-time show. This situation was one, where Kaepernick and Reed were suggesting to the Black community that their fight was an issue of social justice, and racism, and that because of both, they were taking a stand (or a knee)...Then

Even more than that, Kaepernick specifically claimed collusion, by the NFL and its owners, to lock him out of gainful employment, was the epitome of racism, and that as a community of athletes and Blacks in particular, we needed to hold serve against the NFL to let them know their racially unjust ways won't be tolerated.

On the other side, an employer, controlled mostly by White elite and wealthy men, who suggested that their ability to control an employees actions at work supersedes an employees right to protest perceived "injustice" during work hours, even if the protest arose from the employers policies.  

I mean, look at it, if this were true, it would suggest total manipulation of the system and a "gang-like" approach and bullying to handle an employee, by the NFL. In this case, it would imply that there was a system, nearly entirely led by elitist Whites, conspiring to harm a Black man who did not do what they, the NFL, wanted him to do...What could be more close to a post Civil War, Black Code and or Jim Crow position? 

As you can see, this lawsuit was as serious as they get and had multiple implications for the NFL, sports and society in general...and all the while the Black community, was the base of support for Kaepernick even more so than Reed...

"Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything" ~ Colin Kaepernick for Nike 

The REAL Issue:
The NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement!

For years, NDA's have been used to allow both sides of civil suits to privately settle what would otherwise be or was a public lawsuit, and simply walk away from conflicts without having to tell anyone the details or just what was thought or said about anything...

In other words, the NDA is the PERFECT mechanism for a PUNK to escape any implication of guilt, and to be able to put things away almost "as if" it never happened.

In this case, neither Kaepernick, Reed, nor the NFL, in exchange for money, can say anything about the complete and entire case. No disclosure of settlement amount. No suggestion that ANYONE was wrong or right. No disclosure of how much money was paid, and NO IMPLICATION that there was ever an issue!!!

WHAT A SELL-OUT!!!! What PUNK move as far as I am concerned.

2 PUNKS...1 - A PUNK called Kaepernick, with all the appleas and platitudes towards teh Black community and 2 a PUNK called the NFL who basically said, if they are wrong, they don;t want to be right!

(Critic: now pastor that is not too Christian)

Well, forgive the intrusion into not too Christian territory, but Kaepernick basically told the NFL and others through constraints of silence under the NDA that SOME BLACKS ARE STILL FOR SALE! He did not care for ANY of the issues he claimed and the social justice element was just a rouse...LOOK, be clear social justice was getting done with or without him!!!! That movement was already underway whether he took a knee or not, and Trump, who, by the way, did sign social justice reform, did not care for Kaepernick and his actions in the least...so put 2 and 2 together and at the end of the day, Kaepernick was IRRELEVANT to the issue. 

But the offense is the realization that INJUSTICE really didn't matter at the end of the day. It was all about being seen and what he was to himself and to his own future, not yours and certainly not mine!

I have heard many ESPN pundits talk about it. Although most of them are WHITE, dialogue has been on both sides of the issue. While I believe their coverage has been fair, most of them still don't understand the issue beyond the player/team/ownership perspective...To be clear, the actions and response of the NFL was not simply about Kaepernick and Reed. It was about a greater issue of perception of elitists and their hired hands (players, Black players in particular) and what boundaries and respect or non-respect existed and what implications all of this has in that employee/employer relationship. 
It also meant community. What could the Black community expect from those allegedly taking the "leadership" position to speak out and be vocal on issues?

What we found were people who were more interested in THEMSELVES than in the cause and certainly not the people. what did Colin "sacrifice" for the cause? I would simply like to know. At the end of the day, he has his money, his agreements, potentially open doors to work again and all the attention in the world. Where is the SACRIFICE?   

That's my take. If you disagree please let me know.


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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Reflections: Riva Tims "When It All Falls Apart" & "When It All Comes Together"

This is an encouraging woman and her courage will never be forgotten. The Dunamis Word continues to pray for her, her children and their continued healing and wellbeing. In this life, we can only guess what we will ever experience. How we respond makes all the difference. 

Pastors PLEASE know that ministry IS family, not that there is ministry and then family...you are out of order. Ministry IS being a a game that the kids participate in, or simply sitting in front of a TV on a Friday night, talking with and enjoying one another's company...THAT is ministry!

"When It All Falls Apart"

"When It All Comes Together"

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Moral Story. What R Kelly & The LGBT Community Have In Common

This podcast DOES NOT make any suggestions that either R Kelly is gay or homosexuals are pederasts. However, we do examine an issue which aligns ideas and values even if inadvertently. This subject matter is certainly worth examining.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

"Surviving R Kelly" Review #2

I have decided to make this review a stand alone post as opposed to lumping it in with the initial post found HERE.

I hope that the ladies attempting to tell their stories find peace and deliverance and I hope that Kelly repents, find Jesus and ultimately avoids the hell that is currently his plight.

For all those enablers, remember your day of judgement is upon you as well. You are equally as guilty as Kelly by your silence and refusal to hold this man accountable for his actions. Gospel personality or not. You'll give an answer!

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Surviving R Kelly" Facebook Live Aftershow

R Kelly has threatened to sue Lifetime Network. 

AFTER each show airs on Lifetime at 9E/8C we will be LIVE on Facebook at I Am My Brothers Keeper Christian Advocacy Council discussing this alleged minstrel of deception. Join us!

Facebook Live Aftershow Review Pt. 1.
This covers Episodes 1 & 2 of the Lifetime Docuseries

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Monday, December 31, 2018

APOSTATE David E Taylor...

Mt. 24:11 + 23-25 ~ 11- And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. & 23-Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24-For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. 25-Behold, I have told you before.

Many things are unbelievable. Some things are beyond belief. David E. Taylor and his false ministry and resultant acts, are both unbelievable and beyond belief!
David E Taylor, a FALSE apostle, who claims to have Jesus physically showing up at his services (NOT!!!) has already been all over the internet in an embarrassing deposition in which he tried to justify his thievery and excess "in the name of the Lord", but even more than that, his debauchery and lust has followed him all the way from St. Louis, to now Michigan.

In these segments, you will hear the alleged sins of this false prophet and man of the

WORLD as has been documented in various ways over the years....In the enclosed videos you will hear how the man has allegedly slept with over 35 women, including having sex with a 77 year old former church mother, and suggestions that Juanita Bynum II (or whatever her current name) has been one in the stable of his many exploits.

Recently Vickie Yohe, claimed to have fallen victim to the lust of the apostate, confessing to have not only compromised every bit of faith that she supposedly possessed in exchange for attention, "red bottoms", and gifts such as a "Jaguar" given by this self proclaimed wonder himself, but also for the possibility of being this man's wife (which she appears to have simply been one of over 35 sexual objects)

In all, don;t believe the hype...God is NOT killing anybody for exposing this devil...Those who claim to have seen Jesus on his stage were DECEIVED...You saw something, but HE was NOT God!!!! If God showed up on his stage, he would destroy it immediately!!!!

Out Of Control Leadership

A Family Nearly Destroyed

The Yohe Confession

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

"From the river to the sea" Ya Later Marc Hill!

Remember this guy? Yes, Mark Lamont Hill, the same "fella" who mocked the Church Of God In Christ in 2014 saying "look at this fxxxed up church."...YES...that is EXACTLY what he said (and NOONE but us, The Dunamis Word, made note of it and or held him accountable)...Remember, this was said as the church was in controversy over its response to Earl Carter's anti-gay message delivered during the 107'th Annual Holy Convocation.

Well Guess What?

It seems that the Temple University media studies professor, while declaring his allegiance to the concepts of "freedom", was FIRED by CNN for a speech delivered at a United Nations gathering in which he called for the "palestinian people" (whoever that is, as there has NEVER been a palestianian state in history) to experience liberation and freedom "from the river to the sea", which is a reference to the PRE 1967 "mythical" condition of the land before Israel was reorganized as a Nation. 

Hill's statements, not only showed his liberalism, and anti-semitism, they also displayed his arrogance and flat out air-headedness, which is something that he has often shown in his commentary over the years on one subject or another. But that doesn't stop Marc, from being the "demi-god" that he believes that he is...On twitter, his LAME explanation continued as follows:
“At no point did I endorse, support, or even mention Hamas. This is dishonest,” “I was very clear in my comments about desiring freedom, justice, and self-determination for EVERYONE.” 
According to CNN, Hill's lengthier Twitter explanation went like this: 

“I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination. I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice,”...“I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things.” ... 
“river to the sea” phrase dates to the early 20th century and “has never been the exclusive province of a particular ideological camp.”...“This means that all areas of historic Palestine — e.g., West Bank, Gaza, Israel — must be spaces of freedom, safety, and peace for Palestinians,”...“The idea that this is a Hamas phrase is simply untrue.” 
He also said in another tweet:

"My reference to “river to the sea” was not a call to destroy anything or anyone. It was a call for justice, both in Israel and in the West Bank/Gaza. The speech very clearly and specifically said those things. No amount of debate will change what I actually said or what I meant."
Well, "Magic" Hill, is either being totally dishonest, or simply had no business running his mouth on an issue which he knows NOTHING about (I believe both are equally as true) But, when one thinks that they are "god's gift" to the world, as his persona presents itself so amply, one also thinks they can rewrite history and make all things appear as they wish people to see them.  

Interestingly enough the phrase, "from the river to the sea" was a phrase of "palestian nationalism" (not simple "free" idealism, as hill suggests) and is further a proliferation of Islamic belief. Historically, there is no question what these things mean. The same phrase was pronounced by the PLO at its establishment in 1964 and has been repeated by proclamation by the anti-American terrorist group Hamas in "The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)". on August 18, 1988.

In other words, these words are DOG WHISTLES held and pronounced by those who DO NOT believe in the legitimacy of Israel as a nation and by those who now seek to de-legitimize the state calling for its boarders to be those of a pre-1967 condition. This simply means, that you DO NOT want Israel to exist period...It is simply Hill's philosophical solipsism syndrome kicking in, as the world is only real to himself. To say that there is no connection in this phrase to an anti-Semite position is simply fantasy and sheer lunacy and Hill is enamored in both. 

As liberalism goes, Hill will undoubtedly gain plenty of support for his hate affirming commentary and show up on some network (MSNBC again!!!) in all of his self-contrived glory...And then, he will self destruct again, because, to those as wrong as he is, he is the only "right" that he knows....


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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Marijuana. What Has Changed?

Since 1996 the US Dept. Of Health And Human Services has pronounced the dangers and hazards associated with marijuana use. Recently, Michigan became the 30th State to accept the use of marijuana and the 9th State to accept it for recreational use.

Since marijuana has not lost THC, which is the harmful element that leads to addiction and many other chemical imbalances and results, and since studies of the long term effects of medical marijuana are indeterminate, then what has changed about marijuana that now makes its use acceptable?
I mean based on a Gallup poll, nearly 64% of republicans favor the legalization of
marijuana. Although states such as Washington, Oregon, and Nevada report millions in tax revenues, are we really willing to sell the lives of individuals down the tubes for money? [Maybe I should not ask that question because evidently many are, no matter what political party they associate themselves with]

But where is our moral compass on the issue? This is the question and I believe as we see this continue to grow and evolve, we will sadly see ourselves in greater need of spiritual and moral transformation because drugging, whether marijuana, or opioids, is only a symptom of the real problem, and that problem is a heart BOUND in and to sin!

We NEED Jesus!!! and THAT is The Dunamis Word!!!!  

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hooked on Phonics? What Is The Historical Relationship Between Culture, Barbaricism, & Abortion?

From the Facebook group In Defense Of The Faith:

Language, Culture, Barbaricism, & Abortion. What is the historical relationship if any?

Luke 10:13-14 ~13-Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon, which have been done in you, they had a great while ago repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. 14-But it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment, than for you.

The progenitors of the alphabet and systems of modern learning and education, the Phoenicians (literally "purple people" indicating wealth), were a people who influenced world culture, education, language and learning greater than even Alexander the great and the Greeks who shaped much of the world today.

These Semites, and ship builders and masters of the sea, known as the people of Tyre, Sidon and precursors to those whom we know as the inhabitants of Lebanon were people whom the bible (which is a word derived from a Phoenician city Byblos) were lumped in with those the bible called Canaanites. They were tradesmen providing valuable wood, wood working services and even naval ships to Israel and other nations during the era before and after the unified kingdom, and were called people of "terror" (Ezek. 27) in recognition of their monetary dominance in controlling commerce and the seaports of the ancient world.

Out of all the things they did well, one thing they did that I believe nearly wiped their memory from the face of the earth was the practice of child sacrifice or what I call "post birth abortion".

Leaving a wealth of evidence of their lust and zeal to kill children, one article states the following regarding Phonecian practices:

"The most notorious characteristic of Phoenician religion was the practice of child sacrifice.

The area around the western Mediterranean (Carthage, Western Sicily, Southern Sardinia) is littered with burials of sacrificed children, but in truth, the practice was commonplace in the Phoenician cities all over the Levant.

Diodorus Siculus reports that in 310 B.C.E., during an attack on the city, the Carthaginians sacrificed over 200 children of noble birth to appease Baal-Hammon.

During excavations in Carthage, archaeologists discovered what came to be called the Tophet, after the Biblical expression used at 2Kings 23:10 and Jeremiah 7:31. Digs revealed multiple levels of urns containing the charred remains of animals (used as substitute sacrifices) and young children (1-2 months old), buried under stelae with votive inscriptions. It is estimated that the Tophet contains the remains of over 25,000 children who were sacrificed during just one 200-year period."

I believe that this practice, the practice of child sacrifice, along with their idolatry is why the Bible writers do not distinguish the Phonecian culture any differently than that of Canaanite culture who also defiled the land with the blood of children through sacrifices to their idols.

What of America? A culture who has aborted over 50 million children since 1972. The story of Kermit Gosnell, "3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy" details the sickness and horror of late term abortion and even the murder of children born live but who were murdered by this doctor.

What many don't know, or at least refuse to hear, is that our former President Obama, along with many of his political counterparts, were advocates of this type of murder and baby killing, even promoting legislation in Illinois which prevented medical assistance for babies who survived the murderous practice and were born alive. This is what I call post birth abortion which I also contend is tantamount to child sacrifice.

Jesus says that if even the Phonecians had seen what we see and experience in the miraculous power of Jesus, they would have repented and turned from their murderous ways. However, what we do as a society is equivocate and worry about who has "power" instead of recognizing that life is a privilege and that all of us owe God for whatever life we have and have been given.

I simply thought the relationship between a progressive society and barbaric practices of state sanctioned murder was all too canny and could not be overlooked. Although not a popular message I believe that the true message points out the fact that God sits high, looks low and will judge all unrighteousness...even the unrighteousness that we claim to be "legal".


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Friday, October 5, 2018

Andrea Kelly ~ The Story Of Domestic Abuse & Perversion

"You can't love your fans and not love your wife and your children" 
~ Andrea Kelly The View 10/4/2018 

 Andrea Kelly Pt. 1  

"Pedophilia is NOT an attraction to fully developed late teens or early 20s women. Women that most men are attracted to by the way."  ~ Robert Kelly The Dunamis Word Blog 9/15/2018 6:38PM HERE

Then what explains an alleged marriage to at least one 15 year old and an alleged "menage a trois" with two then 13 year old females as documented by your brother? Ages 13 (as alleged by his brother Carey Kelly HERE) and 15 do not sound like "fully developed late teens"

Andrea Kelly Pt. 2

The Dunamis Word Blog:  R. Kelly Expose

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Hip- Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 29 ~ Beyonce. Santeria & The "Confession" Of Demonic Possession

In our 2009 article entitled "Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 2: A Community In Crisis" we alluded to the fact that Beyonce, probably the most popular R& B/Hip Hop artist in modern times, had an alter ego named Sasha Fierce which indeed took over for her at least on stage and through her music.

Well, 9 years later Beyonce recently said: 
“Right before I performed for the BET awards, I raised my hands up and it was the first time I felt something else come into me. I knew that was going to be my coming out night at the award show,”....
Now, this is exactly what we were talking about in 2009. The full blown demonic possession of Beyonce by a demon who calls himself (because I do not believe this demon is patterned after a female) Sasha Fierce. 

Although I believe this demonic presence has been known for ages by other names, such as Artimas, Isis, Oshun and even Hathor, its current resurgence is promoted by Beyonce, along with her devil promoting husband, Jay ("do as thou wilt") Z. These individuals seemed to have resurrected this demon and demonic influence through an ancient African system derived from a mixture of Catholicism and the West African religion of Yoruba. 

This mixture is called Santeria. Santeria, which means "Way of the Saints" is a religion developed by slaves which infused religious systems. This religion became extremely popular in places like Cuba and other Latino nations. Although information is scant, because it is a pure oral religion with no written books or records, it is estimated that there are 100 million adherents of this religious system world wide with varying degrees of gods and demonic deities. 

Is Santeria Beyonce's Cult Religion? 

While Beyonce seems to come from a "Christian" or at least "Christianized" home, it is clear to see that her adult life beliefs are not in accord with any commonly known Christian set of beliefs. Many of the things she says in interviews affirm this and her overall actions and even assessments of her own performance does as well.

Religion Explained

Within Santeria, the manifestation of a god is called an orisha. orishas (of which there can be many) can be perceived in the physical universe by initiates, and the whole community can share in their presence when they possess a priest. The orishas can be perceived through dancing, drumming, speaking to and eating with the spirits. Unlike Yoruba, in Santeria, a woman or a female can be anointed or dubbed a priest and maintain or posses special powers to the degree that the priest has "yielded to" or dedicated themselves to the particular orishas that they serve. 

Some of the results of connecting with the orishas, is a changing of countenance, as orishas are said to posses the "head" of the individual, and giving the individual a special ability to dance and or preform beyond a person's prepossession ability. In some cases it is said that the orishas ride their victims (person possessed) like an animal. Wearing white is a symbol of connecting with their orisha.  

Within Santeria, animal sacrifice is not only permissible, but necessary. In 1993, the US Supreme Court affirmed the religions right of Santerians to sacrifice in a landmark decision on religious freedom. The court noted:
"The Santeria faith teaches that every individual has a destiny from God, a destiny fulfilled with the aid and energy of the orishas. The basis of the Santeria religion is the nurture of a personal relation with the orishas, and one of the principal forms of devotion is an animal sacrifice. According to Santeria teaching, the orishas are powerful but not immortal. They depend for survival on the sacrifice." ~ Justice Kennedy, 1993
For Beyonce it is clear that Sasha Fierce is not only an alter ego, but an orisha, perceived when Beyonce enters into dance, and according to her own words, "comes into her", to give her special abilities when she dances and performs revealing itself to the world and ultimately receiving worship. 

Isaiah 14:12-15 ~ 12-How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13- For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14- I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. 15- Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.


Jay Z and Beyonce are said to be "ultra private" as it pertains to their home life. The fact is that most people who are involved in a cult where there is ritualistic sacrifice in the United States, would seek to keep their home life extremely private. So the need for "privacy" only seeks to affirm that there may be some practices which Beyonce and her family do not wish to be made known to the public.  

Sexual Molestation & Secret Powers?

Recently, the former drummer for Beyonce's all female band, Kimberly Thompson, sought a restraining order against Beyonce claiming that she had subjected to Beyonce's "magic spells of sexual molestation", "magic spells on my lovers", and Beyonce's "Extreme witchcraft Dark magic". On top of all of that Ms. Thompson has stated that Beyonce has also sought to ruin her career, control her finances and even kill her cat. The latter of which also has a spiritual significance as it pertains to the understanding of the cat in Egyptian mythology, or Bastet, being a representative of the guardian of the afterlife or death. So was that a sign that Beyonce has called death upon Ms. Thompson? We will see. 

Although Ms. Thompson had an initial restraining order revoked, she has revamped and will again have her day in court OCT. 11th, 2018...so stay tuned for the update and even greater details on this.

One thing is for sure, there is nothing hidden except for that which will be revealed. (Mk. 4:22) Although the devil wants the worship of God, he will be sadly disappointed, as ALL worship belongs to God. As you will note below, there are churches, who claim to preach the gospel of Jesus while venerating Beyonce. For SURE these fellowships are cursed by God as God does not allow false worship and his truth to coexist. Don't believe me? Let's see what stands in judgement. Well, we already know because we read the end of the book!   


Additional Information

BBC: Santeria

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sex Abuse Prevention, Church Mutual. New COGIC Preferred Provider Still NOT Victim's Advocacy

It seems that there is a push in the Grand Ole Church (aka: COGIC) to maximize dollars through Church Mutual Insurance, through a church insurance program especially designed to cover COGIC churches at a group discount providing a 5% or 10% cash back in the form of a dividend or premium credit (whichever is allowable under applicable State law). 

Church Mutual is one of the nation's largest insurers (among the top 3 generally) of churches, ministries and para-ministry organizations in the United States.

What I found interesting is that Church Mutual has many resources available to help church leaders and administrators assess and manage potential risks through both practice and insurance planning. According to the "Pastor's Letter" which is in a PDF in full below, Church Mutual plans to offer the church the following benefits at individual pastoral requests:
• On-site hazard identification/assessment • Ergonomic evaluations • Accident investigation training • Safety training and resource tools • Emergency preparedness and action planning • Loss analysis (identifying trending and root causes and offer solutions) • Review of programs/policies/procedures (specific to your ministry/operations) • Innovative property protection (examples – sensor technology, drones) • Accurate replacement cost valuations • Customized service plans • Safety Presentations • Security and emergency preparedness (workplace violence and armed intruder – incorporates ALICE and FIRESTORM concepts and training) • Severe weather preparedness • Protecting your youth (preventing sexual misconduct) • Slip, trip, and falls prevention• Online and telephonic safety support • Allergy and swimmer wristbands • Safety seminars, webinars, and videos • Risk reporter newsletter and risk alerts • Safety material (posters, brochures, checklists, safety programs, videos, newsletters, presentations, and webinars)
As you can see I have underscored part of this "plan" that offer benefits similar to a Safe Church Certification offered through  I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council.

I also find it interesting that I personally contacted Church Mutual about 4 years ago asking for their help in developing such a program and they had no clue as to where to begin or what to do.

At the end of the day the suggestions and services of Church Mutual are a step in the right direction and are good supportive measures, but close attention needs to be paid to what this program really is and what it does not do.

What is the COGIC Church Mutual Insurance Plan?
  • The Church Mutual program is a buyers discount club. The intent of the program is to "leverage the buying power of the 10,000+ locations in order to reduce premiums" This means that it is like buying insurance in bulk or at a group premium rate. 
  • The Church Mutual program is a premium dividend or premium credit arrangement. When fully implemented the participating churches will either receive cash back for insurance premiums or a premium credit. 
  • The Church Mutual plan is a voluntary plan with no upward or third party reporting or accountability. IMBKCAC has called for a MANDATORY plan for all COGIC churches in all jurisdictions. Part of the Safe Church Plan (SCP) includes not only "mandatory" participation of all churches at all sizes and levels within the church in the SCP.
  • The Church Mutual plan does not encourage 3rd party independent oversight. IMBKCAC called for COGIC to provide and submit to 3rd party independent oversight in matters of sexual abuse. We have also consistently and unfailingly called for the establishment of  the following supports: 
  1. A national sexual abuse advocacy hot line 
  2. Transparent annual reporting of church related sexual abuse, molestation, rape and pedophilia available at least annually through every Jurisdiction at the request of any individual or entity. 
  3. The Establishment of a Victims Advocacy Department (which can only be done at the General Assembly Level)
  4. Regional abuse response advocacy teams coordinated by the Victim's Advocacy Department to assist victims and their families in each region in the event of church related sexual abuse. 
  • The Church Mutual Plan does not provide a path for victims advocacy. This plan DOES NOT lay out the rights of victims rights. such as to whom and how to make reports, (which may be covered in some brief detail in the church official "sexual harassment policy") nor does it deliver a timetable to resolve complaints, and standards of care during the time a complaint is filed until a case has ceased.  
Why Can't IMBKCAC Just Be Happy?

Though, as stated, Church Mutual has done much internal work to help their clients, in this case COGIC, by making them aware of the level of review that is essential to address the issues of church safety, the Church Mutual plan is simply is not a Victim's Advocacy Plan nor a SCP and should not be mistaken as such.

The Church Mutual Program is what it is, an insurance plan aimed at mitigating risk, maximizing premiums and overall company profitability.

With that said, I don't quite know how we or anyone should feel about this program. Premium discounts are good. Information on preventing sexual harassment, abuse, sexual misconduct and rape, is good, however, it is misleading to think that this plan provides a level of safety or security and restoration of victims. Making that assumption could be a very bad assumption in the long run.

Most churches and leaders will look at the plan and choose the short path to say that the church has solved issues pertaining to sexual abuse, victimization and rape. Similar to the Catholic Church, COGIC, it seems, will view the relationship with Church Mutual as one in which all problems dealing with sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia and clergy sexual misconduct is satisfied.

While I can only hope that church will respond with a higher level of intent and integrity, I cannot say that this program will do anything to solve problems that have arisen over the years and yet continue to plague all of Christianity and religion in general today.

Below is a very good video by Church Mutual partners Godfrey & Kahn SC which deals with and addresses many aspects of church related sexual abuse and misconduct (aka: SINS)...I believe that will be a good starting place and churches should know that victims grow...they have memories...and one day, every story will be told!


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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Who's Christ Does Discrimination & Cultural Bias Represent?

Discrimination happens in many ways. This is the new cultural conformity discrimination that is taking place in education both public and private in order to decultralize individuals.

The video displays the problem. How can anyone be so unfeeling watching that baby crying over this? See our response sent to the school administration below. Lord help us!

Our Response:

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

NewsOne, The Liberal Media & The Illusion Of Womanhood...

Genesis 2:21-2521-And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22-And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23-And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.24-Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25-And they were both naked, the man and his wife, 
and were not ashamed.

Recently NewsOneNow in an online entry entitled "Redefining Beauty: Transgender Women You Should Know" took the opportunity to praise  persons who were born male, but whom, at some point, changed their gender from that of a male to a female and now live as women.  While that is not new, it did catch me in a peculiar way. 

I began to think on a few things that I would like to share in this article as it pertains to where we are as a society and seemingly as a culture on issues of transgenderism, gender bending and sexuality in general.

Gender Fluidity

Gender fluidity, as it is now called,  is an expression used to support the sexual perversion of transgenderism. I'll get back to the term but, for a minute, because I am as guilty as the next as using terms and throwing words around, let's stop and define what perversion means for the intent of this article:
Perversion: (Noun)1. the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. "all great evil is the perversion of a good" synonyms: distortion, misrepresentation, falsification, travesty, misinterpretation, misconstruction, twisting, corruption, subversion, misuse, misapplication, debasement "a twisted perversion of the truth"
2. sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable.
synonyms: deviance, abnormality;
When I say "perversion" as some may be offended by the term as it pertains to this issue, I do certainly mean something that is not placed in proper context or used as it should or was intended to be. In this case we are speaking of a deviant form of sexual identity, which causes a person to believe. that they were born to be someone else, in particularly the opposite sex, other than who they were or are at birth. This belief, provides validation for some to create their own gender identity based on who they believe, think or feel they should be identified as. Those who were born males, identifiable by male genetalia, can believe, based on their feelings or emotional capacity, that they are actually females born within a man's body and would be better suited to live life as a female. Vice versa with some females, born female, who believe that they are better suited to be men.

Of a certainly I believe that this change and the preceding desire to change genders, or to float back and forth between genders, is unacceptable before God in an ultimate sense in part because it is a defilement of the physical body, or perversion, against how the individual was created. Further, I would contend that as a man (ie: human being) that we have been created in the "image" of God himself implying that in his image there would be no deceit and that man is the only part of God's creation that is created in his image and likeness, therefore enjoins a unique relationship not reducible to relationships of mammals and animals found within nature. In part this would mean that man has  an essential nature and his creation was purposeful, not some haphazard existential occurrence to be manipulated and or changed at or by whims or urges, no matter how strong or prevailing those whims and or urges may seem or appear to be.

Let me be clear, for all the critics that immediately use the pejorative "trans-phobia", for anyone who doesn't accept trans-gender perversion. Not only is "trans-phobia" or "trans-phobic" another made up word of the sexual liberal elite, put out in effort to shame and bully their way to attention, like the bogus term "homo-phobic" used by the homosexual advocates to force society into accepting homosexual perversion as normal, for one to speak against transgenderism certainly does not imply that a person hates or dislikes transgender people. That is absurd. 

Listen, everyone I know believes that NO MAN or WOMAN should be discriminated against, hated or otherwise harassed, denied employment or housing etc. or treated unfairly for their choice of living as a trans male or trans female or otherwise. Transgender men and women are human beings and due human dignity. However that dignity does not out of hand mean that everyone should be made to bow or be subject to what we believe is a sexually oriented perversion with multiple moral implications. But to the point, to rain down fire on the transgender or the homosexual (which are two different types of people in most cases) is not the object of this article. Though various types of sins have various types of implications and degrees to which life and community is effected, at the end of the day ALL unrighteousness IS sin!

This is where it gets murky and why most preachers are silent on the issue, I believe that the Christian approach in addressing these SINS is far away from a murderous, and beat you down motif that is often displayed by liberal elite media. Although, ALL SIN, which ultimately gender realignment and self mutilation is, even in an attempt to imitate a creation of God, is sin, and that, like any other sin, should be preached and taught against clearly without compromise if our first love and duty is to be faithful to Christ and the fidelity of HIS word. 

Let's Approach This In An Alternate Fashion

Let's remove sex and sexuality from the conversation just for a minute. Think. As human beings, religious or not, we judge moral truths regularly don't we?  Why do we teach our children the virtue of purity and to stay away from drugs? Is it because the drug dealer has a nasty personality or is it because he/she practises what may be harmful within society? So is to preach against illegal drugs and the proliferation of drugs wrong? Is doing so raining down hatred on the dealer? Practically speaking, why do we encourage loved one's to strive for good things and good associations? Simply put, it is because we recognize that things that are good and positive have a greater chance of leading to fulfillment even if not solely or exclusively identified by a right or a wrong. 

So the argument that behavior and lifestyle can't be judged apart from negative feelings and condemnation of the individual is a bogus one and has nothing to do with the argument. One can judge behavior, lifestyle and morality, finding it to be repulsive, and still yet care for the person. In fact to not make a judgment or to affirm evil and wrong doing solidifies the case that one does not really care at all...

Liberal News, Society & Feelings As A Scientific Measure  

I must admit, I was amazed at the lengths that these men have gone to to make themselves look like women and even more amazed at the denigration that others promoting them have laid on womanhood to affirm the illusion. 

I mean look at it, you have Bruce Jenner being named "women of the year" because he claims to be a

woman and has changed his name to "Caitlyn" and began to mutilate his body...Are you serious??? This is an AFFRONT and a slap in the face to all REAL WOMEN, who were not only born as women but who also live as a woman, no matter their sexual proclivity. How can a man be a woman of the year and the women's rights advocates , while breathing down fire and brimstone on nearly everyone including men in particular, for unequal and unfair treatment in society, remain silent when a man, pretending to be a woman, because he "FEELS LIKE" a woman is said to be more woman than she???

What does it mean to "feel like" a woman? It is beyond the capacity for a man to "feel like" a woman just like it is beyond the capacity for a woman to "feel like" a man. It is an OXYMORONIC statement. It is unintelligible.  Where is this set of "feelings" that make a woman a woman or a man a man? How can this set of "feelings" be transferred across genders and specifically unique biological patterns? Are we to believe that the basis of identity or person-hood is "feeling"? To we have to "feel like" a person in order to be one? If so, then how are our "feelings" judged and by what measuring stick or method is a feeling to be adjudicated to be that of a woman and that of a man and how are they distinguishable from one another?

Is our gender determined by what we are inclined or drawn to or find physically attractive? Is it by the colors we like or by the clothes that we like? Are these things the outworking of "feelings" that make us who we are are individuals and human beings, specifically men and women?

What I am pointing to is that sentiments along these lines are purely and only figments of a persons imagination. They are thoughts that are self contrived...No matter how much one IMITATES anyone else, those who imitate a thing NEVER becomes the thing they imitate. 

We have a society that on one hand says that all is rooted in empiricism,  and factual evidences, but on the other hand accepts as facts, and creates moral illusions based on undefinable and totally unchartable elements such as "feelings", making whole cases allegedly rooted in science for their actions, and responses to moral value propositions.

NewsOne's False Assumption Of A Homogeneous Black Community

Secondly, I can't believe that liberals like NewsOne haven't taken the time to understand that it is agendas like theirs (ultra liberal ones) that have made President Donald Trump as popular as he is and even helped to place him in office.  I mean they, and others like them, are the one's constantly complaining about Trump leadership and what they believe he represents, but at the same time, don't realize that they have alienated themselves from individuals such as myself because of the views and values that they promote.

To wonder why the door is open for Donald Trump, who has many immoral behaviors, is to avoid the fact that he simultaneously praises and upholds institutions that have moral substance and steers away from institutions such as Planned Parenthood, that have damaged and undermined the Black community for years. If political and social liberals want to close the door on Donald Trump, then GO BACK to sound parochial values and values that arise from the community of faith instead of adopting and promoting organizations that want to destroy parochial values and redefine faith and family life.

See, it occurs to me that what most liberals assume, is that we, Black people, will support liberal causes and sexual deviance if it is connected to a claim of "discrimination". I suppose that is supposed to be the "hot button" to unite Blacks in the cause of fighting for sexual perversion. The truth is that most Black folk, at least the ones I know, don't hold the sentiment that sexual perversion,  or the way that one has sex, or identifies sexually, to be on par with racial discrimination. In fact we are sickened by the mere continued association of the two. Be clear:

Your SIN has nothing to do with the color of my SKIN!

Gender Fluidity...An Unscientific Notion & Concept

After all the song and dance and the brainwashing from the brainwashed liberal camp regarding the fluidity of gender and the non static nature of sexual attraction etc, we KNOW that every individual on earth simply exercises their right to live how they like to live and love how they chose to love. Every person picks and chooses who and how they relate sexually and one can have a strong inclination to do something but that does not mean that whatever the inclination they have is right, appropriate or acceptable. As stated, feelings are deceptive and are not meant to lead our lives in all things. That's what we understand in adult life as we mature isn't it? One should not be led by mere "feelings" alone unless there is good and substantive reason to do so.

It short, it seems that liberal news organizations such as News One and others that serve the Black community are relentlessly attempting to move the consciousness of the Black community away from a foundation of moral principles by encouraging and even promoting practices and images that are not morally centered and or rooted in solid and proven morally stable values. Thus the article itself, "Redefining Beauty" as if we did not know what beauty was until men, who chose to live as a women, changed their lifestyles to reflect their perversion.

Where is the WOMEN'S RIGHTS GROUPS? Why do they not respond to this sort of continuous INSULT directed towards women who were born women by birth? 

To News One, WE recognized BEAUTY long before men decided that they wanted to live as a woman and change and contort their bodies in effort to look like one. That BEAUTY was found in a REAL woman (or man for that matter) that God created. The  creation of God was ultimately without shame!

The Church & Its Relationship To Liberal Society

With all that I have said if the church is to make any difference it must first...CLEAN HOUSE! Our  boarders are corrupt within the community of faith...With the acceptance of gay pastors and so called bishops and teachers that teach that one doesn't even need Jesus to be saved, and followers of those who believe such, there is a lot of work to do within the church.
Too many of our churches and church leaders are not people of standard as they would like to believe that they are. They are however, people looking to stand where they can be popular, embracing liberalism if it pays the bills and allows excess...As long as they can be in the crowd, receive housing and other over-allowances, and appear on TV to ask for jets, the people of faith won't make too much noise, because they are afraid of loosing their thunder to appeal to the people that they have trained and even assisted in liberalism, to embrace their brand of immorality...

Does The Church Need Perfection In Order To Correct Or Call Into Accountability???

NOPE...and under the definition of IMPERFECT, you will probably see my picture!!!! However, recognizing our imperfections does not make the case that one should accept all things and especially things that are contrary to scripture and scriptural teaching as if it (scripture) is nothing and as if it (living in sin and ungodliness) is OK. If the truth hurts the deliverer or the bearer of it, so be it. It just hurts...however that does not change the nature of truth. It is STILL truth no matter who is wrong!!!!

Listing Of Popular The Transgender-Men...

With that said, let me just look at a few of these MEN who now live as women that NewsOne Now praised...No insults, but the fact is, no matter how female like, these men are, or no matter how many surgeries they have had, no matter how much money they have thrown at making themselves look like  a woman, EACH ONE will stand before God one day as the MAN that they were born as. They yet have the chromosomal makeup of a man no matter how many drugs have altered that process or function. They are only maintaining an appearance as a woman by artificial means and one day they will revert to the man that they are.

Let's take a look, and parents, tell your children (both boys and girls) to BE CAREFUL for obvious reasons, because one never knows in today's society who was actually born as what:

Laverne Cox (Roderick L. Cox):

According to Biography.com: Laverne Cox "always felt herself to be female, not really seeing a difference between boys and girls. She was often taunted and harassed mercilessly for being feminine, though she was able to hold onto her love for the arts."
"I begged my mother to put me into dance classes and finally, in third grade, she did,” Cox said years later in a Times magazine interview. “Tap and jazz but not ballet. She thought ballet was too gay … Throughout all of that, I was very feminine and I was really bullied, majorly bullied. There was this side of me that was this over-achiever that loved learning.”
Janet Mock (Charles Mock): 

has written a book entitled "Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More" who according to Piers Morgan, "was certainly born a boy, and has a real birth name of "Charles" does everything but admit that HE was born a male even going so far as to say that he was born as a BABY not a man or a woman...What???

Amiyah Scott (Arthur Scott): 
Made his claim to fame and claimed to be among the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality show, (which I am not sure ever aired with him in the cast)  and "Star" which is another wide open mess of a show currently airing on Fox.

Isis King, (Darrell Walls) 

says that she was "born in the wrong body" a contestant on America's Next Top Model, and most certainly promoted by Tyra Banks in her effort to do what she can do to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism. 

TS Madison, (Madison Hinton) 
Probably one of the most vulgar and perverted transgender men, produces adult transgender films through his company Raw Dawgg Entertainment. While the term "Rawdogg" means to have sex without a condom, this transgender man claims to not only be a strong advocate for transgenderism but also one that stands for sexual health and against STD's such as HIV and AIDS. 

A Final Word
Failure to tell the truth will lead all of these men and others like them to hell. It is our obligation and duty as persons of faith to continue to stand for truth and right at all times. No, we don't have a mind trip to place people on. Ours is not to overwhelm anyone with guilt. Ours is simply to preach and teach a gospel that will lift burdens and save from sins...Sins similar to the ones that JESUS saved us from by the shedding of his blood.

Sin and deception is not an easy thing. satan is ready to deceive the world and has done his job at making the world follow him in perverting the creation of God in the minds of countless millions. Without TRUTH there will be no redemption. It is the God of mercy that allows every sinner a chance to consider their ways and prepare for the ultimate reality of life.

Whether one is a man or a woman, the only Christ will satisfy the longing of the heart to be accepted and understood. What we have and will miss as human beings, God has not missed and he is more than ready to take over and love and lead as only he can.  If you are struggling with an overwhelming feeling that your gender is incorrect, God certainly understands. Seeking Christ will make the difference and HE is still able to save the soul and move it away from the perversion of same sex attraction and self mutilation.

Call I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council if you're been used and abused and feel boxed in as a result of this inordinate desire at (800)728-0352. We want you to be free and equally as importantly want you to know that we stand with you to the healing of body and soul in Christ Jesus! No matter the LIE of the state or the profession of psychology or psychiatry, you can be FREE of sexual sin and perversion. Like any other sin, Christ can make you free.
John 8:36 ~If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Our God IS ABLE!!!


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