Monday, October 26, 2020

Kingdom Voting by Pastor Dr. Tony Evans Series 1-8

 In a time so filled with opinion on every side of the issue, Dr. Tony Evans has taken the time to put together a refreshing series of teaching on Kingdom Voting. 

We have had some of the most scripturally corrupt narratives emanating from some of the leading Christian organizations, it is good to finally hear someone else who approaches politics and voting from a Kingdom perspective and who promotes a biblical understanding of how the future is shaped through the life of the believer. 

Frankly, this election cycle breaks down to 4 areas of importance to me

1- Freedom and its definition

2- Abortion and the right o the unborn to life

3- Israel & America's relationship to her

4- Civil anarchy and dissidence

First, as Dr. Evans points out, there is no freedom without a foundation of biblical morality and values. I don't care what any atheist or materialis says, as I have listened to participated in thousands of hours of debate on the subject, the biblical basis and foundation for freedom is basic and primary to every society in which freedom is the essential or primary value or virtue and materialistic constructs of freedom, justice and equality only borrow from and mimic biblical constructs of these concepts. They, materialistic ideas, cannot and do not stand on their own and there is and remains to be NO materialistic justification for these values. Plain and simple, the Democratic party, and Joe Biden in his FLIP-FLOP, WISHY-WASHY platform in which he lies and changes positions to suit the crowd that is at hand, DOES NOT value or contend to contain the foundation of biblical moral values and certainly accepts homocratic values (values based on the subjective directives of men and mankind) espoused both by the Democratic platform and those of his most radical associates. Further, as stated, Joe has openly proven that he will say and accept anything to make a good sound bite. 

Secondly, it is highly inconsistent to hold that life is valued when the lives of the most innocent aren't.  Yes, life considerations should be from PRE-BIRTH to grave. The contention that a person (a woman in particular) has power over her body is certainly true, but IT IS NOT TRUE that she or anyone else has the right to indiscriminately kill the unborn. Democratic leaders embrace baby murder, even late-stage partial birth abortion which is simply murder by another name. The bible says that Jesus was a "CHILD" in Mary's womb, (Is. 7:14,  Matt.1:23) not a clump of insignificant cells. Further, God has a relationship and identity of the unborn (Jer. 1:5) and EVERY life, no matter the quality of that life, is valuable to God. 

Third, for 8 years under President Obama, the United States ran from relationship to Israel, In fact they treated Israel as hostile and an invader of their own land favoring Palestinians (which there has never been a country of Palestine) over Israel and her right to her land. Under Donald Trump America, like never before, acknowledged JERUSALEM as the Capitol City of Israel, against world sentiment and moved its embassy there and due to brokered economic peace, Israel is now the center of peace and expanded relationships with neighbors who previously vowed to harm the state. This is unprecedented, and the news underplays this greatly, but it is a Kingdom principle found in the book of Genesis...

Gen. 12:3 ~ And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

America has aligned itself with the blessings of God and a reversion will certainly remove these accomplishments. 

Fourth, the critics blame anarchy that we have seen around the country and in many larger cities, on the alleged racism of President Donald Trump. The fact of the matter is that the person responsible for the reversion of millions of Blacks to the Democratic Party, President LB Johnson, was and continued to be one of the most racist individuals and Presidents in history as detailed HERE. Presidential racism is not the cause for anarchy. Leaving the foundation and principles of biblical freedom and wanting to revert to socialism and even communism is the reason for unrest. The anarchists, have no values of freedom and hate what is true and right and the FREEDOM, through struggle that this country stand for.

Listen I could go on, but I would like you to take the time and listen to this highly important series. I believe it will bless you greatly.

 Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

Message 7

Message 8

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Friday, September 25, 2020

The TRUTH Behind The Politicization Of Covid-19. By Scientists Themselves.

 This is probably one of the only presentations on this blog where I don't attempt to provide a spiritual or biblical parallel. Not because there is not one, but because Covid-19 needs to be examined on its face for what it is and more importantly, our collective response needs to be evaluated, as I am sure what we have done because of Covid-19 will be examined forever. 

Example, for a disease that was known to kill older individuals with comorbid diseases, we (our political leaders) packed places that housed older individuals with comorbidities with others carrying the disease and have been responsible for what can nearly be called, the mass murder of our elders, while simultaneously claiming "success" in the fight against the disease. 

We (our political leaders) issued orders to lock up people, restricting travel, eliminating livelihoods based on communistic models of state and public policy, regardless of whether or not we are a free, democratically controlled State.

Finally, we (OUR LEADERS "potential leaders"), primarily at the State level, are considering and in many cases have implemented mandates that reduce, take away or even eliminate personal freedoms, mimic collectivist (aka: COMMUNIST) societies, and reduce the US Constitution to a flexible "handbook" on public policy, based on falsely, and never approached sero-viral rate of 3%{although the actual rate is .2 to .3% or POINT 2 to POINT 3 percent. {which means that based on the US actual experience out of 1,000 individuals infected with Covid-19, approximately 2 die and 998 recover. 

The Science

The science behind Covid-19 is POLITICAL to say the least. I'll go on record to say what many are saying, that if Joe Biden is elected Nov. 2nd, COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns will MYSTERIOUSLY disappear. The alleged doctors, especially many on liberal news media, are anything but scientists and doctors delivering full truth...Look at it, when is the last time ANY of the Board Certified doctors on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or NBC have reported that a a PCP test with a Cycle Threshold or CT rate of 37 is said to be positive for Covid-19, when EVERYONE knows that Covid-19 cannot survive in an environment with a CT Rate over 33 to 34? This means at least HALF of the positive and so called asymptomatic cases reported are NOT actual cases of Covid-19. Have you heard that conversation? They will not tell you that the myocarditis and other illnesses and issues associated with the aftermath of covid-19 are exceptions and not normative conditions...No they report the most severe things as if they were normal.

Recently on the ZDOGG MD Show Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who is a Stanford physician and economist

and co-author of several seroprevalence studies on COVID-19, appeared to speak to and clear the air on many issues that have delivered confusion to the masses through and by the news media. This is a must listen interview and one which will clear up much of the confusion we are seeing over Covid-19 and the utter and sometimes deliberate confusion that has been delivered to the public in regards to this disease. Please click the above link.  

Yes, Covid is real. However personal freedoms and liberty is too. Mental health, sexual health and overall physical wellbeing is also real. Have we sacrificed everything over fear of this disease, and at the end of the day we should ask why and what are the long term implications of our actions. 


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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Even During A Pandemic Sexual Assalt & Abuse Is On The Increase

Sexual abuse remains at record and all time high levels, especially during the covid 19 pandemic. In fact, reports have it that sexual abuse rates, along with various forms of mental anguish, have increased because there are few outlets for individuals to embrace community outside of their current situation or state demand for individual isolation. 

According to a USA Today report, calls to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network's (RAINN) National Sexual Assault Hotline are at their highest in its 26 year history. The same story reported that over 50% of the call's for help to RAINN in May and June 2020 were minors. 

Due to covid 19, many abused and potentially abused minors are forced to reside with their predators.While the Dept. Of Justice reports that 34% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members.RAINN reported that based on calls received in March of this year, 67% of callers identified their abuser as a family member and 79% of those individuals said that their perpetrator shared or lived in the same residence. As RAINN began to examine this startling increase, their leadership noted the following:

"As a result of looking at the information that we had from those sessions, it was clear that the abuse was escalating in both frequency and severity,"..."So a lot of the kids that were coming to the hotline were feeling pretty vulnerable and traumatized. And it was a direct result of COVID-19, because they were quarantined with their abuser. The abuser was now abusing them on a daily basis." ~ Camille Cooper VP of Public Policy RAINN [by NPR 8/2020]

What About Sexual Abuse Within The Church?

What happens when the sexual abuse comes from or is a result of a church leader? Although many of the stay at home orders issued by Governors across the United States, include churches and houses of worship, the predators have not taken time off doing their sinful deeds and making arrangements to perpetuate their sexual sins and crimes. In fact isolation makes it more easy for the perpetrator of sexual crimes to do their filthy deeds because victims or more static or centered in one location. 

Although his abuse was from the past, recently Pastor Logan Wesley III received a life plus 220 year sentence for his sexual perversions. Most, if not all, Wesley's sins were done while he was Pastor Of Trinity Temple COGIC of Texarkana, AK. Because his wife and church mother also heard complaints from the victims of his sins, and ailed to act on behalf of the individuals, they are being tied civilly under the states mandated reporter laws.

Cyber & Technology Sexual Abuse

Then there are more ways to sexually abuse than in person physical abuse. Such is the case of a 65 year old Priest from Queens, NY Francis Hughes, who befriended a 15 year old  stating that he was a part-time college professor and councillor and persuaded the boy to send him pictures of his penis by text messages. 

As you can see, although society may be restricted in certain ways, the sickness of pedophilia and child sexual abuse cannot be caged. 

I Am My Brother's Keeper Wants To Know Your Story

IMBKCAC recently added a "YOUR STORY" feature to its web site HERE and is encouraging those who have been victims of church related and clergy sexual abuse and misconduct, or those who may be experiencing such now, to confidentially share that story or reach out for general help and assistance if needed. 

The O'Hara Law Firm reports:
"In the last twelve years, over 375 leaders and volunteers of Southern Baptist churches have been charged with sexual misconduct. Over 200 of them were convicted or plead guilty. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) refuses to take meaningful steps to end abuse in churches, claiming that each church has individual autonomy."
COGIC and many other denominational churches embrace the same or similar concept of faith mission pastors and churches, while demanding money for credentialing simultaneously claiming insulation from the acts and actions of local pastors and church personnel. The frustration of this type of arrangement causes those who have been victimized to merely give up in their plight to seek justice and restoration in many cases.  

IMBKCAC is a RESOURCE that can be contacted 24/7 to field or engage alleged sexual abuse and allegations of church related abuse. We would like to hear from you even if anonymously.  

In short, we believe that God can heal all wounds, and we would like to know YOUR STORY!


Additional Resources:

NSVRC: Resources For Covid 19 Response

ABUSE Tracker

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

COGIC Pastor Senteced To Life PLUS 220 Years For Sexual Abuse

Special thanks to a reader of the Dunamis Word who recently brought to my attention the outcome and ongoing circumstances regarding a horriffic case of sexual abuse. I want to stop and say this first....


Although clergy sexual abuse is not unique to our church, and happens in every church and every denomination on Earth, I am disturbed when it happens in my church.

I would say to any pastor and any Jurisdictional prelate, unless you have a "Safe Church Plan" in place, you and the people in your church, and organization are dangling on the edge. I'll continue to deal with that in another writing, but background checks and sexual harassment training doesn't do it!

Logan Wesley III of Texarkana, AK was recently sentenced to life PLUS 220 years for his filthly and perverted acts and actions with youth of his church over a number of years. It seems that this "pastor" was so much of a predator, that he took time to defile kids on church vans, at his personal residence, at the church and seemingly whenever and wherever he could get time to rape his victims, and then would threaten them or bribe them not to tell of his demonic acts.  

After the sentence prosecuting States Attorney Kelly Crisp stated the following:
“The jury, having heard evidence that Logan Wesley has been terrorizing and
raping children since at least 1981, sentenced him to the maximum amount of prison time for each of the counts for which he was convicted,” Crisp said. “Wesley’s prolific and outrageous criminal behavior entirely justifies the sentence he received. The repeated violations of the criminal laws of the State of Texas caught up with Logan Wesley this week. Thankfully the 12 citizens of Bowie County who made up this jury showed this defendant the same amount of mercy he showed his victims, which was none.”

What adds insult to injury is that Pastor Wesley's wife and even Church Mother is now caught in the web of sin and defilement, because as mandated reporters, they failed to act and tell authorities when knowledge came to them that pastor Wesley was engaging in or potentially engaging in these acts and actions. The Texarkana Gazette reports that the next round of liability lawsuits have begun HERE.

YES, if a person comes to you, and you re in a position of leadership within a church, and you reside in a mandated reporter state, and you fail to report such acts, YOU COULD GO TO JAIL for being complicit in abuse. 

So here we have a church completely destroued, victims that have had their life totally upended, an alleged pastor jailed for life, his family destroyed in the process, and many of you will only yet sing the praises of the church as if, "that was them, this is me"...well, YOU'RE NO BETTER than any of these folk. You're ungodly too, if you don;t see the sense of urgency in dealing with and putting this mess and mess like it down for good!

For a considerable amount of time, COGIC has stood behind a "faith mission" concept claiming no direct responsibility for sexiually abusive clergy, while simultaneously demanding payment for annual credential assessment in the name of "National Reports", and no direct obligation to victims of said abuse at the hands of many of these national report holders. Allegedly, checks have been written by the national church to victims and several NDA's have been signed that continue to keep silence and allegience among the ranks. While these reports may or may not be true, what is still clear, is that thereis STILL NO CLEAR PATH TO RESTORATION for those who have sufered victimization, and I still await meetings to discuss plans that this church can implement to reverse all of the negative stigma and ungodly actions surrounding this issue.  

As stated, progress has been made in certain areas, such as background checks and sexual harassment training, which are issues prior to Elder DL Foster's COGIC ABUSE WATCH, were not on the horizon to be fixed and or addressed. So thanks for "some "progress, but that is not nearly enough!

NO PROGRESS has been made as to how the church handles those who have been victimized or reintegrates and restores them that have been hurt and suffer this abuse. NO PROGRESS has been made as to how the church immediately removes such pastors or delays pastoral activities until such questions have been given a response. The procedural codes need to be updated, but there is no will to do so in many instances. 

Well, as stated above, the victims have filed civil suit for damages and COGIC has been named a party to their suit. For certain COGIC will seek summary dismissal, claiming that they have no direct responsibility for this pastor's actions as I have witnessed in many other instances and been party to in at least one. Who knows how that will go or how that will be interpreted by the court, but the fact is, beyond the courts, the CHURCH SHOULD DO RIGHT and be actively engaged in the RESTORATION of these victims both emotionally and spiritually. Be the LIGHT that we claim that we are. It's really just that simple.


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Sunday, September 6, 2020

BLM: A Spiritual Movement & Police Defunding. Both Defined By Their Leaders

As politicians have taken the time to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on city streets, and as major sports organizations such as the NBA have taken the time to place BLACK LIVES MATTER on their official uniforms and even the court in the name of criminal justice reform, I thought it was only appropriate to look further into this group, even more deeply than my initial review HERE.

This group has managed to raise millions if not billions of dollars through their intermediary ActBlue, which funds many liberal and even anti-American causes. Black Lives Matter have held the business community at large subject to them, causing some of them to massively fund their organization, while at the same time promoting anti-capitalist values and schemes. They have also promoted "White guilt" shaming many White people into the belief that they should be ashamed of being White, and that because of their heritage, they owe the community, especially Black people, penence in the form of either physical or social repairation. 

I thought since leaders and founders of BLM are freely giving information, as I find that they do not hide their intent, that it may be good for me to rehearse what the world and religious community, especially the Christian community, is really facing when it comes to BLM and their purpose. 

Beyond Marxism

In a 2015 interview on behalf of the Fowler Museum of UCLA, displaying an artistic display entitled "The Prayer For The Runner" by Patrisse Cullors, the following statements were made: 

"When we call out our ancestors, we call them out for specific purposes"..."And when you understand how tremendous this man was (George Floyd) then you understand why the world is cracking open" ~  Melina Abdullah

Now, BLM organizers and leaders often in their rallies call out the names of those who have died and or been murdered. Often they demand individuals to "say their names". This is a spiritual practice contingent upon the idea that people who have dies aka: ancestors, have the ability to help, or be present if called upon during certain times. So during these marches and rallies, adherents take this ancesteral call seriously and specifically. BLM leaders understand their gatherings to be spiritual gatherings, with a spiritual purpose and they associate with these "spirit beings" to accomplish their piurpose.

Yes, BLM leaders are "trained Marxists", but what they espouse is beyond Marxism. Marxism is merely one tool at their disposal for political, social and economic change and upheaval. The real purpose and directive is spiritual and the battle is for the spirits, hearts and minds of the people. 

Don't believe me? You'll hear it in the video for yourself, but this is what Ms. Abdullah said: 

"...and it took almost a year for me to realize that this movement (BLM) is much more than a racial and social justice movement, at its core it is a spiritual movement. Because we're literally standing on spilled blood. Right? And you can't pretend that work that's just like some organizing work, y'u-know that's some serious stuff right? ~  Melina Abdullah

She is not alone in her sentiments. Ms. Cullors said this:

"I think that's not just for us, I think so many leaders, and so many organizers, are deeply engaged in pretty important spiritual practices. I don't think I could do this work without that. I don't think I could do it, as long as I've done it consistently, like if I didn't do that it would be antithetical to this work." ~ Patrisse Cullors

Please let it be laid to rest that BLM movement is not a spiritual movement. Whether its adherents admit to it or not, the founders of the movement and the agenda associate with it, claim that BLM is a spiritual movement and cannot be otherwise divorced from its spiritual root of Ancient African ancestry as found principally in the West African religion of Youroba, which is a polytheistic religion. 

DEFUND The Police or Merely REALLOCATE

There has been all kinds of contorversy over what this group means when they speak of defunding the police. The NEWS media have gone way out of the way to redefine "defund" and although Presidential Candidate "Bunker" Joe Biden has said he agrees with defunding the police, (before he said he disagrees with defunding the police) the media invariably end up deceiving the public into believing that "defund" really mean "reappropriation" of funds to another purpose within the police authority. 

However, the TRUTH, as you will hear, is that when BLM leaders say "DEFUND" they mean exactly what they say, ABOLISH, GET RID OF AND REMOVE the police alltogether. This is what Patrisse Cullors said in this interview when discussinng this issue:  

"Yes and when we say defund, we literally mean abolish" ~ Patrisse Cullors

So far be it from me/us to define for these ladies what they mean and or intend. And the media and political figures being what they are should not add insult to injury with further redefinition and taking control of the narrative from those promoting the narrative. They mean what they say, and they say what they mean. 

Examine the video for yourself and decide if this organization is one worth painting the streets for or worth supporting. I would contend that ANY church, supporting this organization financially or physically IS NOT upholding any biblical cause, but are supporting leaders of polytheistic religion and those who promote idolatry and false god worship. However, if you do, that is your choice! 

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Monday, August 31, 2020

Politics, Abortion LUNACY & IGNORANCE

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou 
camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and 
I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
Jeremiah 1:5

Recently, Raphael Warnock the Sr. Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, joined a growing sickening choruse of religious leaders, who for political convienence, have taken time to reinterpret the bible to suit their political views, by asserting that the practice of abortion is not only legal according to current law, but also biblically justifiable and supported.

Please keep in mind that the good Pastor is running for the US Sentate and the views as he has expressed as I will contend are simply party-line views, which I am certain he believes for one reason or another, not to mention the political expediency of the position. 

Yes, HERESY and  HERETIC 101!

Instead of following the BIBLE, which is a believer's first obligation, this pastor is clearly caught following democratic, party line, politics and the same flawled reasoning that abortion itself, is somehow tantamount to healthcare, and that a woman's right of choice extends to murder or to the taking of life of the unborn. 

Pastor Warnock stated:
“I believe unequivocally in a woman's right to choose, and that the decision is something that we don't want government engaged in – that's between her and her doctor and her minister. And I will fight for that in the United States Senate, and at the same time continue to fight so women can receive the kind of services that they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. We have a maternal death rate in this country that is exceedingly high, particularly to be the richest country in the world.”

As you can see, the pastor believes in a zero sum game. Unknowingly, affirming party line rhetoric, he apparently unwittingly (or maybe purposefully) embraces the exclusion of the father from the decision to abort, or the murder an unborn fetus, which is another fatal flaw of the abortion rights crowd as they never venture further than "a woman's right of choice". 

The Pastor's statement also affirms that "life" is not as valuable as God says it is. Apparently, in his view and the view of his party, "choice" is greater than the "right to live" of and persona that can only be determined to be an entirely seperate and wholly individual human being. To make things worse, the good Pastor incorporates a totally different issue other than the right to life of the unborn, by associating the complications of pregnancy, which occur more abundantly in Black women in particular, against the right of life of the innocent. 

A HODGE PODGE of Confusion

Dissecting this confusion is not as complex as it may seem, especially when the essential nature of man and purpose of God is considered, as I will discuss shortly. 

First, there are a couple of issues to clear up as most people have no clue as to what is really going on as it pertainst to abortion and abortion issues. However, a woman's right of choice, or anyone's right of choice, does not extend to the MURDER of another individual especially the murder of the innocents. 

An argument seeking to make "choice" and "murder" morally equivalent is what is called an argument of a false equivalacy. In this case it is  rehearsed to downplay that fact that a baby is being mudered at or during the abortion process, seeking to make the act less morally repugnant and therefore more socially acceptable and exalting "choice" as the premiere act or action and the motivation for what can only be called murder. ie: this is the justification of evil and the immioral act of baby murder.  

Secondly, another issue that the Pastor raised was the disparity of actual physical health and wellbeing of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. Now, to be fair, Black women in partucularly, for some currently unknown, but speculative medical reasons, have a higher rate of mortality during pregnancy and child birth in particular than nearly every other ethnicity. From this perspective "pregnancy" is certainly an issue of women's health and should be considered. 

Digging Deeper

Examining this further, according to the CDC and as noted in a 2015 study funded by the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION (please keep that in mind) and published by The Lancet (keep that in mind as well) found that Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregancy related causes than White women. As noted by Dr. Ana Langer director of the Women and Health Initiative at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, at, many of these deaths during pregnancy are preventable with proper care. Specutively, the lack of quality care and racial disparities are to blame for this disproportionately negative outcome and high mortality rate among Black women. Currently, the whole argument falls under the perview of "systemmic racism" which seems to permeate every facet of our society according to some and is responsible for everything that the Black community currently suffers and or experiences. (surprisingly enough it is White people championing and carrying this idea on-but that's another article) 

However, upon examination, the unhealthy pregnancy argument really should not be or has nothing to do with abortion per se. Although this concern may drive a certain portion of abortions, it has everything to do with a woman's ability to care for and take care of her body, therefore insuring optimal health both prior to and during pregnancy. In other words, it is NOT the baby nor the pregnancy that is creating the mortality risk, it is the LIFESTYLE and other physical factors that is determining the overall health of the woman aside from pregnncy. This is a very important distinction, as many who speak on this assume that Black women simply are are more of a health risk during pregnancy because of the pregnancy itself, and that is NOT what the evidence states and or affirms. So at best, this is a false narrative and a myth perpetuated to "scare" women into abortions especially early on in their pregancies. 

Amazingly enough, the primary cause of abortion remains ECONOMIC in nature. MONEY is the issue and the primary concern when it comes to sustaining a child or "feeding another mouth". The perception is that the baby will be a financial or lifestyle "inconvenience" of some sort. 

According to a 2019 article at 75% of women requesting abortion in the US are in poverty or in the low income bracket and the poorest 12% of women account for almost 50% of abortions and the poorest 30% for 75% of abortions. 

It seems that neither of Pastor Warnock's arguments hold up under scruitiny. Now, let's look at his greater assumption that abortion is consistent with both biblical theology and biblical morality. Does such a connection exist?

Essentialism vs Existentialism

Prior to the passing of the late Bishop Robert Sanders formerly of Illinois Third Jurisdiction COGIC, I had the opportunity to minister at both of his churches on a particular Sunday AM as he would ask me to do on rare occassion. 

Believe it or not, on a Sunday morning in a church known rather for shouting, dancing and speaking in tongues more so than for philosophical centered Sunday AM messages (not that Bishop's messages were not deep, as they certainly were and will be missed by me in particular) The Lord gave me to talk on the difference between Essentialism and Existentialism and show the people why we must live according to HIS will and not our will.  

What many did not previously know in the terms I presented, was that the BIBLE is an Essentialist book and that God is an Essentialist God! However, we live an Existentialist reality or a world seduced into believing or constructing existentialist moral values. Quicky, Essentialism centers around what God has created in you or called one to do or purposed one to do, whereas exestintialism centers around what one chooses to do and or become. 

Jeremiah 1:5, as quoted above, is the epitome of essentialism or essentialist thought, and reveals our, man's, nature and existence as not one of a series of cosmic accidents and or random processes, such as those we find taught by Charles Darwin in his 1859 thesis "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life". 

The BIBLE teaches that we are PURPOSED, divinely and transcendently set in order, and as Jeremiah reveals, that is done prior to knowledge of self or self effacacy. We have been "communicated" to by God and born into this world with both identity, mind and mission. 

Whereas the Existentialist would contend that "life is what YOU make it" and that you make your own destiny and purpose and that you have the ability to handle yourself or do what you wish to do and finding satisaction in doing whatever you wish to do is the greatest good. You create your own journey. This is the carnal minded man's answer for his rejection of God, HIS kingdom and HIS plan. 

Question: What does this have to do with abortion? 


If the good Pastor affirmed what the BIBLE actually taught at just that point, that we are all born with an ESSENTIALIST nature, or one that is PURPOSED by God from the moment of conception, I

am nearly certain he would see the staunch and magnanamous error of his ways, by contending that the message of abortion is tantamount to, or consistent with the BIBLE message regarding the value of life. He would certainly REPENT and RECANT his notion that "choice" of a woman or man, to murder anyone, in particularly the most innocent and vunerable among us, can be done without incurring the wrath of God. 

I am nearly certain, that if the good Pastor fully understood, that as human beings our very existence is rooted in the ESSENTIAL or PURPOSEFUL mind of God, and that even a baby enjoins the same rights of PURPOSE and ESSENTIAL nature as a creation of God, who is the ONLY author of life, that he (Pastor Warnock) and those SEDUCED into believing him regarding his shoddy message, would abandon their arguments and position that abortion is in line with a BIBLICAL construct on the issue of human life. 

I am almost and nearly as sure that YOU, after coming to understand the ESSENTIAL nature of your own being, knowing that you, like any and every baby born or conceived, are not some cosmic accident or a simple piece of flesh meant to be excized from the womb as if you were a disease, would greatly stand in favor of the RIGHT OF THE UNBORN TO LIVE because even they (YOU) have a purpose for existence...

As we can see, Pastor Warnocks position on abortion is in no way consistent or compatible with the BIBLICAL position of the individual right to life that ALL men have since conception. There is no biblical theology that Pastor Warnock can pose that affirms his position and therefore his position is flawed and should be jettisoned immediately, even if the party that he embraces rests on such anti-human and anti-God rhetoric. 


A friend of mine shared that believers of a pentecostal/holiness church were in strong debate over the issue of abortion when this pastor made this politically centered (not BIBLE centered) argument. He shared that the "SAINTS" or should I say "AINT'S" were in agreement that abortion was acceptable and should be considered a form of contraception and wasn't that bad...I would say to them and to you if that is your position...YOU ARE NOT A REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST! I don't care what the church name is over your door. You are a SAD example of BIBLICAL  salvation and that salvation is not in your heart. For the endorsement of the murder of the innocents  tells me all that I need to know about who you really are and what is in you. Call it "judgement" if you will, you too are judging just to make that assessment now aren't you???

Some will say, "Preacher, I am in error, and I really didn't know"....WELL....NOW YA KNOW!!!   


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Thursday, August 27, 2020

George Floyd Murdered. Jacob Blake Shot. An Appeal To Constructive Change Change Union & Administrative Policy NOW!

I want it to be known as you listen to this post, that we DO NOT support abusers and rapists of any sort and or kind. The EVIDENCE states that Jacob Blake was a serial abuser of his wife and or his girlfriend (I am unsure the relationship at the present) and that he deliberately disobeyed the police's REPEATED and MULTIPLE commands to stop and be still and had an active warrant for his arrest for the abuse he had done on his family aka: spouse/girlfriend...IF that is the case Jacob Blake is without excuse! NOONE owes him an apology, which I DO NOT CALL FOR in any sense! If he was intoxicated, he could have very well KILLED his boys that were in his van. They need some help. The whole family needs some help and if you think, his mother DID NOT hail him as innocent. She knew her son was at fault and was an issue.

A proposed Presidential Candidate Visited Jacob Blake Without ANY DEFFERENCE Or Regard To The VICTIMS Of This Man's ALLEGED Criminal Activity. JOE BIDEN'S ACTIONS ARE DEPLORABLE AND DESERVE THE HIGHEST CONDEMNATION! He DOES NOT have my vote! And I Am Black!!!

What I am saying in the video is true. We need reforms and better relationship between police and community, but NOT because of Jacob Blake. Because it is only right. I will do another video as evidence comes out regarding this. Thank you. 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Upcoming: The New Covid ID Healthcare Certificate

Revelation 13:16-17 ~ 16- And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17- And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 

 Do you have a Healthcare Certificate? 

A Healthcare Certificate that certifies your status as it related to Covid 19? 

A Healthcare Certificate that will potentially satisfy your employer that you are clear to work, your airlines, that you are clear to fly or even your hotel, that you are clear to stay?

Well, if it's left up to Circle Pass Enterprises Ltd., the company who created COVI-PASS, every individual will be able to have a consistent, self directed, and decentralized healthcare ID, that will help give you and others "peace of mind to return to work, life-and travel" regarding COVID-19 status.

COVI-PASS which is described as a " permission based digital health wallet" or a "self sovereign
identity" is allegedly designed to help every individual show their current and up to date COVID 19 and or other health status if necessary.  Beginning with an APP compatible with an IOS or Android phone (which is a requirement evidently), the pass uses Block Chain Technology to securely and safely transfer information through a digital scan for up to 8 feet away so that one can maintain their "social distance" while proving that they are covid free.

Now wouldn't it be great to be allowed access to the grocery store  or restaraunt again without a mask? Now, instead of being held up at the door for not wearing a mask, even if you have a medical excuse, you can just show your COVI-PASS and have unfettered access to shop and enjoy your favorite foods? Wouldn't it be nice to assure your boss and fellow employee associates that you don't have COVID-19 by showing them your COVI-PASS? Or as a student, to now be allowed back into the group because you can prove that you are covid free?

What A GREAT Idea!

Until you woke up and realized that all of this is rooted in either a bordeline violation of basic constitunal rights or a violation of federally protected medical provacy laws under HIPPA, and potential violations of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

The Rise & Fulfillment Of The Anti-God/ Anti-Christ Agenda

What is unbelievably and abundantly clear, is that those who wish to control world population (and there are "those" who wish to do so) and reduce global warming are becoming more and more successful in their efforts every day, and tracking you, your condition of health and your overall whereabouts are essential to that control and process. 

Now, some of you think this is a "conspiracy theory" based on what I am saying. Immediately, one discounts every word in favor of what they conclude to be a more "rational" approach to reality. If I had devious motives, and wanted you to be confused, I would certainly sew that seed, for any number of things could be construed as conspiracy and as such "theory" can easily and readily be discounted. 

But what if it (the conspiracy to change the world) were true? 

What if covid 19 is a biological attack on the world, primarily the US, with an effort to decrease world population, deflate world economies, stop or reduce global warming, and facilitate regime change in the US primarily and in other free nations? What if covid-19 is a way, among many, to attempt to globalize the world under a single, healthcare, economic and political system in order for it to come into "secular social modernism" or fall within the new globalist socialist agenda? Then what if ALL of what we see has a singular aim, the destabilization of and destruction of the US, Israel as a country and the church and religious values as a target?

Utter Confusion BUT Specific Plans

Although I will deal with the Israel/Church angle in a future presentation, it remains interesting that from the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation sponsored Event 201 which was an alleged "simulation" of a global response and effect to a global "pandemic" in Oct. 2019, to US Trade policy which reigned in China's bullmarket efforts on home washers and parts among other items, bringing China to financial and social accountability like never before in recent history, to an alleged scientific statement on global warming by 11,000 scientists representing the World Climate Conference in November 2019, the world has taken on a strange set and circumstance of events, which it has not seen at this level in quite some time. 

More interestingly, these 11,000 scientists, allegedly assembled to address global warming, could not do so without setting forth 6 areas of focus, one of which included population control, specifically stating the following: 
"Still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 per day (figure 1a–b), the world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity. There are proven and effective policies that strengthen human rights while lowering fertility rates and lessening the impacts of population growth on GHG emissions and biodiversity loss. These policies make family-planning services available to all people, remove barriers to their access and achieve full gender equity, including primary and secondary education as a global norm for all, especially girls and young women (Bongaarts and O’Neill 2018)"
 They would go on to address ENERGY in which they called for the elimination of fossil fuels (oil and gas by either drilling and  "fracking" which President Trump has vowed that the US would not cease), and delivered an encouragement to realign the ECONOMY which in essence a call for a Global Socialist economic state of affairs by reducing or eliminating economic "inequality" which is a clear indicator of the intention. 

There has never been so much confusion on world activities and ultimately social value systems and moral freedoms and duties as we see today. We are clearly facing a global socialist agenda, seeking to subdue the free world and every system to itself which is truly the essence of not only a new world order, but a globalist world order or a system of one world rule. 

The Door Is Open

While there is much theological debate over when the church will be raptured and if the church will be subject to the figure that the bible outlines as the "Anti-Christ" or the "Son of Perdition", what is clear, is that its godless system, also called the "mystery of iniquity" (2 Thess. 2:7) is and has been present in the Earth for generations, since Adam sinned and violated God's divine order and instruction. 

The church itself, has become so fearful of covid 19, that it has dumbded itself down to Governors and unelected public health officials who have overstepped their bounds attempting to direct the church into how and why they must worship and venerate God according to secular order and directives, as opposed to biblical mandates. 

The idea has arisen, which is one among many to come, that displays the "good" and beneficial results of having medical information, which is quickly becoming the most valuable resource that a person has, readily available so that one can do commerce (buy and sell) and travel and enjoy everyday life without hassle. In other words, the trend is to extend freedom in exchange for information, thus basing personal freedom on compliance with a "unification of systems" or porcesses. So the creation of man means nothing. It is flexible and non static. The only sure thing is man's relationship to his compliance with the "system" or process. This is the RULE or kingdom of the anti-Christ. 

Some have thought that evil begin with a negative thought, but as we can observe, in the first temptation where satan appealed to Eve, what was wrong was presented in a pleasant way and manner. (Gen. 3:6) The origin of sin, is not necessarily an evil one. ie: sin never jumps out and says, "I am sin, and I am bad for you and will destroy you" However, it (sin) will end wrong, with broken relationships, devestation and ultimately a breech in both morality and relationship with God. .   

What Can We Do?

As we will see and continue to see, more and more of the people we thought were "rooted" in the faith, will reveal themselves as those who have been deceived by the "god of this world". Our faith MUST NOT be built upon humanity, human promises and or methodologies. We must keep in mind that covid 19 cannot take any of us, prior to God allowing it to take any of us. (Ps. 31:15) Thank God for the memory of those who we have loved, that God has taken away during this time, but covid  is not a disease solely in and of itself that has done us damage. It is, in many cases, our arrogance in the ace of God that has done the damage. We have felt that we are untouchable and in control of all things simply because we say so, and refused to change (obstinance) and  have paid the proce. Yet, God is STILL in control and he will do HIS bidding as he says ALL SOULS aare his! (Ezek. 18:4)

What we must do is REMEMBER GOD in ALL things and depend upon HIM and not the next witty invention and or politician. If anything this crisis, health, economic and otherwise, has reminded us that we must pray and seek God above all things for our daily lives and success. Without HIM, we have NOTHING and no expectation of a brighter day. 

I PRAY for the strength of all of you and those who have lost loved ones during this time, whether it is because of covid or any other disease, ailment or malady, but I also call those of us who yet remain to WATCH AND PRAY and to be vigilant because our adversary seeks to destroy us,

1 Peter 5:8 ~ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

BUT we have the VICTORY in Jesus name!!!!

Do NOT turn from nor neglect God in any way during this time, but like Moses was instructed by God to eat the passover meal, be READY because our deliverance draws close. Be ready to go, whether that means in a mysterious spiritual flight, or to another blessed natural state of victory, get ready to do do and be what God wants you to do and be. 


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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Conservative Clergy Of Color. Fighting FOR America

Thank God for this.
I am making a challenge to 1,000 clergy members to
be a part of this fight FOR America.


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Friday, July 17, 2020

Brooklyn's Call For More Police, Not Less & Marxism's Dilemma

Parents & Families of  recent NYC Murders

In light of the Black Lives Matter, Marxist inspired anarchy that has shaken our inner cities, facilitated murder, and delivered all sorts of mayhem in the streets, citizens are finally seeing the process of the "utopian" vision of Marxism and that of the Black Lives Matter organization. 

Recently, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called for NYC to reinstate its recently disbanded 600 member anti-crime unit which BLM and other community RE-organizers took as a "win" when the unit was decommissioned. At the same time groups like BLM encouraged protesters to violate stay at home orders, pandemic restrictions and everything else the Department of Health had put in place to combat covid 19, and managed in the process to seduce Mayors, Governors, City ans State Officials and even major corporate heads to take part in the alleged protests for justice. . 

What's The Problem?
Borough President Eric Adams & NYC Mayor de Blasio

As I've noted HERE and HERE the problem is that crime in the streets has increased as BLM and like organizations receive concession from cities and governments and financial contributions to implement their alleged "reforms" within our communities. It seems that the people they claim to be fighting for are the ones continuing to be killed, raped and robbed, and this time without police hope of police mitigation  or help in obtaining justice because political leaders have been ideologically seduced and most leaders, who happen to be DEMOCRAT, embrace the insistent rambling of the Marxist organization and those they have empowered to carry out their anarchy in these respective areas. 

Marxism's Dilemma
The Death Of The Sacrificial Lambs

I'd like to simply say here that Marxism/Communism has never had an issue with killing and sacrificing millions of every age for its purpose. For instance we must remember Mau Tse Tung in his Great Leap Forward ideology, is said to have killed 20 million to 46 million Chinese people in just 5 short years from 1958 to 1962. Interestingly enough Mau's idol was former Communist leader, Joseph Stahlin, who was said to have killed or orchestrated the murder and starvation of over 20 million Russians in his lust and zeal for power. Then there was Cambodian leader Pol Pot, who was also a Marxist and General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, that killed and tortured nearly 25% of Cambodia's 7 million citizens, followed by the Khmer Rouge, a Communist Party that is said to have killed another 1.7 to 3 million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979.   

Patrice Collours
BLM Founder &
"trained Marxist"
What am I saying? The murder of innocents is NOTHING to Marxist ideology. YES THIS IS THE SAME IDEOLOGY THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER EMBRACES and claims to be "trained" in. In nearly every instance, it seems that the death of the innocents and loss of life in the process of change while embracing this twisted political system, is only collateral damage. 

Ask yourself, have ANY of the leaders and alleged "trained Marxists" of BLM spoke out against violence or the murder of the innocents in the cities they parade and encourage the murder of police? Have they called ANY of the mothers and or fathers who have lost children to idiots having gun fights in public places and or simply killing indiscriminately? I'll venture to guess that the answer is NOPE!!!! WHY? Because the death of these and the increasing violence serve the purpose of their organizational and Marxist goals, which begin with creating public unrest, reframing the history and success of America and American values, removing a sitting President, and then overturning the complete political system and process of the United States, using socialism to recreate America as a Communist State.

Remember this however, as I stated on Facebook:

Marxism & Marx's Specter
In 1945, two months after winning WWII, young British voters turned from Winston Churchill to Clement Attlee, an undercover Marxist who had infiltrated the Labor Party.
Act 1: Nationalize the Healthcare system
Subsequent Acts: Nationalize finance, auto, coal, steel communications, & civil aviation.
Jaguar and Rolls Royce had to be financially bailed out by other countries in order to survive
In 1950 Great Britian reelected Winston Churchill, but spent the next EIGHTEEN years undoing the damage that Attlee's Marxist Specter gov't had done.
Marx's Specter is the first noun outlined in the Communist Manifesto. It never dies and does not change. And as such is one of the most dangerous and devastating political and social ideas in history. If we fail to learn from history we are destined to repeat it. Source: "Disinformation" by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa & Ronald J. Rychlak WND Books, Washington, DC, 2013 Pgs. 309-311

I for one intend to fight FOR America and against the change of our culture and cultural values to Marxism, sot socialism and or Communism. I invite those who want to make America better, but at the same time retain American values and freedoms, to join me in this cause.

Email me at IMBKCAC@GMAIL.COM to join the Fight For America!


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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Covid 19 & The New Warfare Revealed. The Cover-up Of The Century

2 Kings 6:11-12 ~ 11-Therefore the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing; and he called his servants, and said unto them, Will ye not shew me which of us is for the king of Israel? 12-And one of his servants said, None, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber.

Now, I want to say that I LOVE the Chinese people and find Chinese history, ethics, religion and entertainment fascinating. Nothing in this article demeans the Chinese people. However, I must say that I for one disavow Communism as a good and viable economic and social system. I believe that it is contrary to values of freedom and incompatible as an economic system with capitalism as I am sure any communist would agree.  

The Chinese Government is full of what may be good people, that are under the control of a governmental system that does not facilitate the best for its people. Communism is what it is, but that is not the basis of this article. The basis of this article is to review what I believe the Lord revealed to me early on, that was an "attack" on the world and on the US in particular.

Yes, I believe that covid 19 is one of the types of a new method of warfare in which genetically engineered viruses and diseases replace bombs, tanks and missiles as means of fighting and controlling world balance through and by economic means and population control efforts. Why destroy history, buildings and landmarks, when a more long term and lasting change can be made by producing social and economic unrest and confusion?  I DO NOT believe that the outbreak was planned as it was revealed. There was a lab "mistake" as President Trump has affirmed through intelligence reporting and I believe the Chinese Government had to do some wrangling to mitigate the effect of covid 19 in China and abruptly change and alter its delivery method to the world.

OK, you're saying I am full of conspiracy.
I will only say...PIZZA GATE.
That is conspiracy!
This is not. 

The following video goes a long way to revealing what we are actually dealing with when it comes to the rise and treatment of covid-19. This is a devastating disease, not a hoax, but I believe that GOD has stuck his HAND in and has taken away much of the thunder that this disease was supposed to deliver, and even now, it is not social distancing or masks saving our nation, but God himself that has remembered this imperfect society, with all its faults, and granted mercy upon it so that the gospel can be preached and this world saved!

There is much more that will be revealed, however, in the following video, we will see that Chinese governmental and military officials KNEW of this disease long before it was revealed to the WHO or the United States and that as early as December 20th, 2019, knew that this disease was transmissible from person to person contact, which is something that they would not be revealed until nearly a full month later on or about Jan. 20th, 2020. This "cover-up" was done  with the WHO declaring that no country needed to implement a travel ban and that the disease was not as bad as it has turned out to be.

No, this is not easy and there will be much more revealed over time, and God give us strength, we will be there to say the Dunamis Word that the Lord has given us. Please take time to listen and take notes, comparing this to what we see and hear in the news.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

CHOP Broken As Marxist Inspired Violence Nearly Destroys Seattle

The CHOP Zone in Seattle, referenced in our article, St. John's Church Pt. 2 ~ MACN "Make America Communist Now" has come to a long overdue end.

Allegedly inspired by the brutal police murder of George Floyd and the demand for police defunding, certain "protesters" took over a police precinct and nearly 6 blocks of a great American City, Seattle, WA. and proceeded to make their own laws within the zone, demanding the city and state to negotiate certain "reforms" with them before giving up the territory.

This group was inspired by hatred for the police, and heightened rhetoric, if not directed and orchestrated by what I consider America's Black led anarchist group (Black Lives Matter ~ BLM) which seeks to embed themselves within the African American community preaching their version of Marxism and hate in the name of community reform and police reform in particular. Black Lives Matter (BLM), and believe me, there is a vast difference between the slogan or phrase, [which is certainly true,] and the organization; has not only inspired peaceful protest, which is good and acceptable, but also violence and loss of life both among protesters and police attempting to continue to do their job in keeping the community safe.

At least one of their founders/leaders is a self ascribed "Trained Marxist" and the BLM website, though scrubbed somewhat from previous versions, continues to assert the following under the tab "What We Believe":
"We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable."

Further, one of their founders, Patrice Cullors, has stated the following in 2015:
“Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories,”...“ (the founders of BLM) build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.” ~ Patrice Cullors in an interview with Morgan State University Professor Morgan Ball in 2015
In addition, a previous version of their website contended that this group was aiming to overturn "parochial values" in favor of community comprised values and value system. Parochial values are those developed as a matter of faith and within systems of faith which further reveals their disregard from the church and bible based moral values, which is also consistent with the philosophy of Marxism that they claim to embrace.

I believe that it was this group, BLM, which was the primary inspiration for multiple young people to violate the law and enter into sedition against the United States in Seattle and potentially other areas such as New York, and Washington DC. Their chants cannot be forgotten "What do you want? Pigs in a blanket. When do you want it? Now!" meaning that they want dead police! In other instances, leaders and members of these protests openly share their disdain for police by holing signs that say "F 12" and that they "want to hang a police, like they hang us". This is not a chant for reform and or freedom. This is a chant or murder. This is not a sign or message of peace and reform, it is a sign of hate and disregard. The Dunamis Word believes that BLM should be held responsible for the multiple killings of police and security personnel during this current round of anarchist actions. 

Seattle: BLM Democratic/Marxist Social Experiment Gone Wrong
BLM Guiding Principle 3 "Loving Engagement":
"We are committed to embodying and practicing justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another."
These marches along with other hideous sayings have taken place all over the country in the name of BLM. In Seattle they have taken place under the watchful eye of Washington's Democratic Governor Jay Inslee and Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan who, against the police chief's recommendation. It seems that Mayor Durkan was complicit to allow this annexation of her city until this group, not satisfied by merely holding a community hostage, decided to march on her home, in her personal space and community, demanding her attention.

The efforts of the CHOP anarchists, have led to death, mayhem and now, multiple federal lawsuits later, filed by law abiding citizens, claiming that their government has denied them the rights and protections afforded to Americans under our Constitution, the Mayor has finally ordered the CHOP zone to be chopped off.

Among other things, the Daily Mail website reports the following regarding the CHOP Zone:
  • Mayor Jenny Durkan called the city's 'occupied' protest zone an 'unlawful assembly' in an order Wednesday
  • Seattle police confirmed Wednesday they would be 'in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor's order'
  • Officers in riot gear issued a dispersal order at 5AM and used bicycles to herd the protesters
  • Mayor Durkan said there has been a 525% spike in violent crimes, including rape and assault, in the area involving at least 2 teen murders one of a 16 and 19 year old, 1 rape and multiple other assaults. 
  • Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said: 'The CHOP has become lawless and brutal'
What is clear is that what went on in this CHOP Zone was anything BUT liberation and peace in engaging one another. They basically killed one another and then denied police help. This is what gangs do. This is what we find in organized crime organizations. There is nothing about what happened in this CHOP Zone that resembles "peaceful protests" or people standing for liberty or until the American Dream is realized. 

If there was ANY question over whether Democrat Joe Biden should be considered for the office of President, I believe the events of Seattle have more than adequately addressed that question. These events and his response, have proven that he should NOT be considered for the job! President Trump spoke up early against this unlawful occupation and offered the Governor help and assistance in shutting down this anarchist action, Joe Biden tended to believe that anarchy is/was a good thing and made no distinction between anarchy and peaceful protesters. If Joe Biden cannot identify the difference between peaceful protest and anarchy and unlawful assembly, after more than 43 years of political service, HE IS UNWORTHY of the highest office in the land. 

Violation Of All Covid 19 Guidance

What is so amazing to me regarding these protests and more specifically the anarchist actions that go on within some of these protests, is the complete disregard of all covid 19 guidance and or restrictions set forth by Departments of Public Health.

Allegedly, covid 19 is "spiking" in certain counties in about 6 states. If you listen to the news these spikes are sharp and dramatic and people are hanging out the hospital ICU's as a result. However the evidence does not match the prime time news hysteria.

Neither will you hear any association to these protests and the rise of covid 19. Example, recently it's been reported that there is a serious spike in Florida in covid 19 cases. This is true but especially true for Dade County (Miami) while most of the rest of the State remains stable in both hospital admissions and ICU bed count.

In West Nyac, NY in Rockland County, it is said that a "house party" and multiple house parties in one particular area, has been the common link in covid 19 cluster. However, this search has yielded a grand total of 9 covid 19 cases, and they say that hundreds must be tested because they could be infected.

All this effort in those cases, but nearly no effort to reprimand protesters who are openly defying covid 19 guidance.

Our prayer is that ALL protesters, both peaceful and non-peaceful, will be physically safe and secure. Sickness is no joke and because we disagree on issues, is no reason to wish harm or hurt on anyone. However, I am determined to fight for my country the best way that I can and stand for personal liberties and freedom and stand against Marxism and the reversion of our country to Communism.

Immigrants do not want to come to this country because we are Marxists. They want to come here because they have a chance at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. While American may not be perfect, I believe we all have an opportunity to change its imperfections and make it a better place every day without destroying it as the call from a certain far left corner of American calls for today.

What we can all do is pray that the church will engage itself in the healing and restorative message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though Marx considered religion to be an illusion, we KNOW that belief in Jesus IS the ultimate reality and that men everywhere, who have accepted Jesus and submitted themselves at the cross have been made much better for it.

BLM founders and adherents need that message now more than ever. I intend to preach like I've never preached before in my life. The TIME is now!!!

2 Timothy 3 1-5: 1-This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2-For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3-Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4-Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5-Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.


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    Wednesday, July 1, 2020

    Tuesday, June 30, 2020

    Candace Owens & Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

    Should George Floyd be seen as a Black hero? Should we be happy with alleged peaceful protests that ends in riots and looting of stores? How do we address the social unrest and change society positively?

    This is a very good discussion that seeks to bring clarity to the current movement for social justice and American racial equity.


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    Thursday, June 25, 2020

    St. John's Church Pt. 2 ~MACN "Make America Communist Now"

    A Place Formerly Known As St. John's Episcopal Church
    In Pt.1 of this series, I looked at how St. John's Church was a center of controversy when President Trump, exercising his freedom as a citizen, decided to go to St. John's church as a sign and symbol that anarchists don't control the streets and the life of American citizens. Now say what you wish about President Trump, like any other citizen, he and his delegation had a right to travel or go anywhere they wanted to without threat or encumbrance from anyone.

    DC Under Siege
    Little did I know at the time what would happen nearly a month later when ANARCHISTS, under the guise of Black Lives Matter, which had been so proudly painted on multiple city streets under the direction of confused Mayors, and most specifically DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, that the alleged "peaceful protesters" would attempt to establish their own anarchist community centered around St. John's Church, naming it the Black House Autonomous Zone (BHAZ) and further defacing the church with the acronym.

    In all, Tuesday morning, June 23rd, the day after this attempted siege, the ABC news show, Good Morning America, spent 1 MINUTE...yes, that's right, 1 MINUTE on the subject, saying that protesters in DC were attempting to pull down "an historic statue"....with NO MENTION of what had been done at this church or at this newly attempted "autonomous zone". They did however spend over 30 minutes trying to convince the public that covid-19 was surging, attempting to link that surge to return to work and State reopen orders, and Donald Trump's failure to wear a mask publicly, when the truth is that people have been protesting for a month with NO MASKS and not following any social distance guidelines. That is why the virus is surging IF it is at all. I mean what did they, real protesters and other anarchists, really expect to see and experience?
    Mayor Muriel Bowser

    Back to the issue at hand:

    Now, it is more than clear to see that these anarchist actions in DC, as well as the prior looting and shootings, had nothing to do with George Floyd or criminal justice reform. More increasingly, and as these alleged "peaceful" protests continue, they have nothing to do with George Floyd or police reform. It is becoming more clear that current protest and anarchist efforts are directed by leaders of global and America change organizations and in this case led by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization (which asks for public donations, but is not a registered charity and appears to be illegally operating as a political action organization as well, which would more than likely be another violation of law, which these individuals and groups do not regard) and other like minded organizations.

    The intention? Clearly to redefine American life, by bullying themselves into power, like anarchists do, secondly, remove a sitting President from office as Patrice Cullors, one of the founders of the BLM Organization has stated publicly, and finally, totally upend American society and make America a Marxist State.Recently Ms. Cullors stated:
    Patrice Cullors BLM Co-founder
    "Well, I’m hands down — Trump not only needs to not be in office in November but he should resign now. Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office. And so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out. While we’re also going to continue to push and pressure Vice President Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization. That’s going to be important. But our goal is to get Trump out." ~ The Lead with Jake Tapper 6/19/2020
    In 2015 Ms. Cullors affirmed her dedication to Marxism in another interview:
    “Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories,”...“ (the founders of BLM) build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.” ~ Patrice Cullors in an interview with Morgan State University Professor Morgan Ball in 2015
    MACN ~ Make America Communist Now!!! 

    Pastor, I Thought This Protesting Was About Social Justice...

    Although some of the protesters had legitimate objectives and goals, the death of George Floyd was a cover up for what BLM and other anarchist and Marxist groups really wanted. What they wanted was to disrupt American society, as they say in their written statements, gain mainline acceptance of their ideals, and facilitate a complete American values upheaval as stated earlier. Because the George Floyd death was so open and horrific, these anarchist gained extra currency across cultural lines. Ultimately they got White, Asian and Latino people marching, chanting their names and disrupting city services. What many of those in the multicultural groups did not know was that they were vicariously calling for the end of American freedom and for a new MARXIST State of Communism.

    These anarchists could not have dreamed that American businesses and organizations rooted in capitalistic and free society philosophies and ideologies, would bow down to them as we have seen in recent days. They could not have dreamed that unwitting American youth and others would help BLM anarchists and Marxists send a message to completely redefine what it means to be an American, completely reinterpret the past, and usher in a new, globalist centered future, where language and agreements do not matter, and only the show of force and strength is respected. (like EVERY Marxist State that has ever existed) ie: In the end these Marxists are classic BULLIES and haters of freedom, who want their way and as stated embrace Marxism and have no regard for American law, jurisprudence or society in general.

    Now, for readers of this blog, those observations are nothing new, but are nonetheless shocking. Might I remind you that BLM is anything but a social justice organization as I have written HERE nearly 4 years ago. We are in a fight for America and American values.

    Shaun King Ideology Against Religious Expression & Freedom

    A natural progression of Marxist ideology, is the elimination of religion. Here is Karl Marx on the issue:
    Karl Marx
    "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness." ~ Marx, Karl. "Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right" 1843.
    Now, this statement has been the source of much controversy, but it states that Marx admits that religion has some value. According to the DEA, Opium relieves physical pain and creates a euphoric feeling, but is highly addictive and can lead to death. What Marx is trying to say here is that religion relieves pain of the oppressed but that relief is only an illusion and that illusion is deadly. Marx is stating that he believes that eliminating religion will help the people find "real" or "true" happiness and thereby produce a state of total equality which is a primary, yet ILLUSION of communism.

    In light of the aforementioned, and like clockwork, recently, one of the BLM protest leaders Shaun King, stated that all Jesus statues should be toppled and all stained glass windows depicting Jesus should be broken as well, because those things were remnants of White Supremacy...

    Here he is encouraging Blacks (his NEW SLAVES) to do his bidding by toppling statues of not only Confederate icons, which also displays his conscience disregard for law and due process, but now Jesus (primarily Catholic depictions) claiming that they are all images of slavery and mistreatment.

    Well, this IDIOT is simply wrong, uneducated on the issues and displays his lack of understanding of both history, biblical narratives, politics and advocacy for social change. Many Marxist will never acknowledge that the abolition of slavery in the modern world is a product of this Jesus, who advocated for freedom, both spiritually, morally and physically of all men. Yet, to him and many critics, this JEWISH Jesus is simply another White man...GO FIGURE!

    What makes it so much further damaging, is that this gentleman was Senator Bernie Sanders lead campaign manager. You mean to tell me that former Democratic Socialist, and Presidential candidate, "Uncle Bernie" had someone right by his side and in his ear that was an American deconstructionist???

    THANK GOD Uncle Bernie's Campaign failed and was REJECTED by the American public!!!! To think of policy being produced that sought to completely undermine the system of law, and American moral and social values is nearly unthinkable. As much as needs to be changed, it is nearly fearful to think what things would have been like under a Sanders or even Clinton Presidency.

    Negotiating The Return Of A Seattle

    At the same time Black Lives Matter ANARCHISTS/MARXISTS are trying to take over cities, destroy public property, and destroy Capitalism [while they drive and buy clothes, cars and homes, developed and produced by the same White capitalists they say they hate] City and governmental officials are "NEGOTIATING" (can't believe I am even saying this) "NEGOTIATING", for the return of 3 to 6 TAXPAYER paid for city blocks in Seattle, WA.  captured and taken by these alleged peaceful protesters in the name of "social justice".

    Naming themselves CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest aka: Communists Hoping to Overturn Peace) captured a Police Station, which the Mayor told the Police Chief to vacate, took over about 6 blocks of the City of Seattle, WA, claiming that social justice reform was the goal, and in a 2 weeks here was the result:
    At least 1 Rape
    At least 1 Murder (19 year old BLACK Man)
    At least 1 Hospitalization critical condition (35 year old Black man)
    At least 1 Shot (17 year old Black man)
    Businesses Owned by both Blacks & Whites, Shut Down
    Reports are that at least one victim of a shooting was alive when AMT's attempted to go in for medical treatment, but because the Police was the escort, these alleged "peaceful" protesters would not let them in and the young man died. Now, you will hear no BLM rally about that...CHOP KILLED A BLACK MAN!!!

    St. Johns Church After Trump
    St. Johns Church After BLM

    The Rev-Runds

    Probably one of the most interesting things in the whole fiasco, has been the absurd silence of the REV-RUNDS, I pointed out in the first segment. Remember, they rose when Donald Trump merely stood in front of the church and called his action the most egregious, and ungodly actin of all time. 

    They called down FIRE from heaven on President Trump and claimed that the reason they stood was because they were tired of seeing the church used as a "Photo-OP" Rev Rund Budde said that she felt Trump should have come to the church for prayer and healing of the nation...


    Where is ANY of it now??? Here an ANARCHIST group which denies not only American freedom, but also the biblical God, appears at the church and WRITES THEIR NAME ON IT, DECLARING, WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE PASTOR, BISHOP OR ANY OF THE ALLEGED CONCERNED REV-RUNDS, THAT THIS CHURCH IS NOW THEIR PROPERTY, AND PLACE B-H-A-Z on the pillars and NOT A WORD FROM ANY OF THE ALLEGED CLERGY LEADERSHIP?!?!?!

    I'm simply going to take the advice of Jesus and this is what I will do for spaghetti backed, spiritless grand standers:

    Matthew 15:14 ~ Let them alone: they be blind leaders of 
    the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, 
    both shall fall into the ditch.

    Well, YES, we've got some issues. These issues however have little to do with Donald Trump and no matter what he does, these issues would continue. They will continue until these Marxists and Communists reshape America into the value system that they embrace.

    It's not about statues, but then it is about statues. They could care less about the racism associated with these icons and states. They, the anarchists and Marxists, are concerned about the values, the fight for freedom and the independence of a nation that these icons represent.

    This makes it very tough to endorse a President who will bow and or bend to this in any manner as Joe Biden will do. Appeasement or anarchists and Marxists is not an answer and should not be a consideration. Corporation have dug themselves a hole, by being socially irresponsible and unaware of the serious philosophical and social issues at stake. 

    For sure the church is under attack and needs to get our house in order. For Pastors to grandstand and not know the real issues involved is atrocious and only points toward a church, not directed by God, but directed by men.

    I would say to the careful. Marx is DEAD. His associates are DEAD as well. During their day they tried their best to eliminate the Church, religion and Christ...YET, HE EXISTS TODAY, and is active in the lives of billions around the world. In addition, we've only just begun to fight. In addition, we have a promise, that no Marxist, communist, or anyone else will ever overcome or defeat:

    Matthew 16:18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell 
    shall not prevail against it.

    At the end of the day, the BLM organization, is wholly different from the Black Lives Matter movement and criminal justice reform philosophy. With all its hate, the organization will soon go back to the same HELL from which it came, without question, taking countless men, women and business with them.

    I expect the world to be the world, but the CHURCH should stand for greater and should be able to discern the CON of the Black Lives Matter organization.

    Conservative and traditional values are not accepted by BLM and they will not teach them. The lesbianism of their female leaders, DEMAND that the world changes to embrace them, and they use the horrific and bona-fide concerns of the death of Blacks and in particular Black men at the hands of the police to make a case that they should be in charge of all policy and that the system of America, along with its Government needs to change.

    It is PITIFUL, that to stand up among these haters, it to label one's self as anti- (whatever)..Joe Biden said that if one doesn't vote for him, one isn't Black. While that certainly isn't true, we can see that while groups like BLM and individuals like Biden say they hate identity politics, they are the first to use it when it comes to promoting themselves and their cause.

    Hopefully companies that have made the mistake to embrace the BLM organization, will come to life and distance themselves from Marxists which promote policies that further damage the American family and in particular people of color, aka: BLACK PEOPLE and marginalized minorities. Hopefully they will wake up while they still yet have an opportunity to make significant and real change in the area of race and police relations instead of drinking the SLOP that the BLM organization dishes up daily. We'll see...believe that. 


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