Saturday, September 21, 2019

MAGA: TI, "When Was America Great"?

The political climate of America is so sick right now, I hardly know where to begin. We have political candidates asserting that the Constitution of the United States needs to be done away with...We have whole news organizations (CNN) dedicating all of their time to liberal left political ideology and propaganda, we have leaders promising monthly check for all Americans and then calling themselves "mathematicians" and, on top of all that, we have a President who announces America's political and social and even military positions by Twitter of all things...

Then, we have REVOLT! An event supposedly organized by Blacks, funded by Whites, (AT&T, probably doesn't have more Black stockholders than White ones for sure)  This was a forum seemingly heard all around the world featuring an assortment of Black liberals and conservatives. Some more popular than others to make public statements about the divide in the Black community over White Supremacy, American nationalism, and social justice and equality. 

In an exchange that seemingly got all the juices flowing renowned rap start TI also know as TIP on some occasions (whenever that alter ego kicks in to deal with certain things) asked Candice Owens, who has been accused of being a "Trump supporter" like many of us who have come off the democrat plantation to think for ourselves, "When was America Great?" as if to ask since President Trump is saying "Make America Great Again", what period of time would he be referring to?

Now, this is tricky because most people look for an era or a period of time in which America was "Great" for everybody within America. However, no such fiction exists. I would also say, if it doesn't exist within America, it certainly doesn't exist in any other country or nation on this earth, because all nations are filled with troubling past and history. So the utopia DOES NOT exist. However, TI in his zeal to flesh out sentiment against Trump was adamant to know how is America going to be MAGA and when was it ever MAGA to begin with which I believe is liberalism run amuck. 

Though Candace was a little taken back by the response of the audience and the treatment she received, immediately I had an answer for TI without question that I wish I could have said it right there on the stage. What amazes me is the very fact that Black folk could gather under a White owned and controlled corporate banner, AT&T, receive a stage to boost personal popularity and success, and deride White folk for being racist and White Supremacists, was clear fodder simply waiting to be devoured...but more than that, every one of those fine Black people on stage had come through a process in life where their very material success was directly connected to not only their personal efforts, but the efforts of White people from all parts of the country and even the world. I'll speak more on this as this is what I said:

"Now in this so called "REVOLT SUMMIT" sponsored by ATT through PDiddy (ATT need to save Direct TV instead of doing summits) TI asked, "during what period was America great?" As if this was some great startling moment...Candace Owens drove a message, but what she should have said was this...

"America was great when your Black behind got that first $500,000 check and took it to the bank and when you bought your first Bentley or first multi-million dollar home! America was great when you look at your bank account and set all your TI bills to autopay and don't have to miss a thang!!!! America was/is great when YOUR material success was delivered to you not just by Blacks, because truth is we don't pay a lot for music, but by the WHITE folk that promote you, and give you a chance to be this rich and successful mogul that you "said" that you are on this stage.

For you to question when America was/is Great and how it is great, is to question yourself, everything you do, and everything you have become or think you are because no single community has done for you what you think you've done for yourself.

To ask the question is like a 2 month old baby standing on his mother's lap and slapping her in the face and claiming, "you don't know what to do with a baby"...that baby hasn't done a thing for himself...somebody else has contributed to everything he is, has, and does and only displays ignorance and arrogance with the accusation.

Since you like to smoke...smoke that da nub!"

Don't put me on the REVOLT would proly be a real REVOLT!!!!"

The critic asserts that TI and others are somehow self-made people and that Whites aren't responsible for their material success. However, even if the most conservative numbers are used, it is White folk, by far and large that are responsible for financially supporting TI and many other Black artists. The music industry itself is supported and owned by companies controlled mostly by White individuals. Then consider publishing and distribution. This is nearly exclusively White controlled and owned. 

In other words, without green dollars delivered by White people, we would not hear of TI and many other Black artists. He and many of them would have a work a day job just like the rest of us. In addition, many of our leading artists realize that there are more talented individuals out there, but they received some type of break or opportunity themselves and in many cases, those breaks were given by White people and or organizations. 

What is the message...Like Killer Mike said of the era or reconstruction, America is GREAT when we all learn to work along with one another!

America WAS great and various periods of time during American history and I agree we need to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN as a whole, but if it never arrives, I KNOW I would not enjoy the success that I do enjoy in any other country in the world...No COMMUNISM did not afford, neither will it afford me this opportunity to speak freely and hold and share my personal beliefs and values. Neither is only one race of people responsible for any of my material success...So yes, lets MAGA!!!!


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The Probability Problem Of Suffering Addressed

Some contend that because suffering exists, God doesn't exist. Then some say that even if one could say that God and suffering can exist, that it is more unlikely that God exists because there would be no good reason for suffering and evil to exist if God exists.

Yes, arguments along these lines make some great and fanciful leaps into a chasm of knowledge and understanding that baffles me, but the assumption yet exist that man is the center of the universe and that all things revolve around what he knows, as opposed to what God knows.

Here is a recent video produced by Reasonable Faith that addresses this alleged conundrum of the Christian faith:

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Black Hebrew Israelite: Sorry, but HOMEY Don't Play Dat!

I recently undertook the opportunity to place a quip in our In Defense Of The Faith, Facebook forum regarding the Black Hebrew Israelites. Now to be fair, all of them claiming to be Black Hebrews do not hold to or mind the same thing, which makes it even more difficult to speak to them, however, there are some basics, or wide spread beliefs held in common by many of them. Some of those beliefs include a misunderstanding or even false belief of the nature of God through Jesus. ie: Some of them believe Jesus "became" God over time, similar to how I have pointed out in past articles that Creflo Dollar also teaches. Yes, this is heresy and certainly not what the bible teaches, but we see men and women all over the country sometimes  more committed to a man with false beliefs and doctrine,  than committed to the truth and fidelity of scripture. Sad but yet true. 

Before I get to far sidetracked, let me get to the original article:


It occurs to me that if the Black folk who claim to be the "true" Israelites are the true Israelites, according to the story we have in the bible from Exodus onward, they, the Black Hebrew Israelites are nearly some of the most obstinate, hard hearted and stiff-necked people that ever lived on the face of this Earth.

God gives them commands and tells them what to do, they refuse...

God sends Moses up to the mountain for 40 days, comes back, and thousands, close to the mountain are partying, committing fornication and adultery and all kinds of lasciviousness...

When they do get to the Land of Promise, A fella named Achan steals the Gold from a man's house and holds it under his tent bringing a curse on the whole tribe of Israel, his family and his household...

They kill every prophet that tells the truth...

They refuse to listen to the Prophets telling them that God was going to judge them and rebel and are dispersed among the nations for their rebellion...

OK, you claim that your Blackness is God's Blackness...YET you don't really believe in THE believe in A Messiah,, you're rejecting that Jesus IS both GOD and MAN and is more than a "name" but God himself amongst us...

Yet you want me/us to believe that because you think we should live by the Law (which is yet another impossibility) and that you supposedly "preach truth", downplaying who Jesus was and the veracity of his atonement on the cross, REVERTING US BACK TO 4,000 year old ancient moral codes and values that you are professing truth...

Let's just say that you are correct...How do you get around your ancestral angst? How do you separate yourself from the recorded sins and disobedience which caused you (your Black ancestors) to loose relationship with God?

Then, you "say" you're not Catholic, but venerate the books that all Catholics do called the Apocrypha. Now you say you believe in those books because they were mentioned in the Bible...Only guess what? At least 20 OTHER BOOKS were mentioned in the Bible too...The book of Nathan the Prophet, The book of Shemiah the Prophet, The Acts of Solomon, and The Story of Prophet Ido to name a few. Are we to say that God failed to communicate to us because we lost these books, or that the Bible is somehow incomplete?



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Monday, September 16, 2019

Tufick REPENTS From The Material Gimmick Trap...HALLELUJAH!!!

Now, one can say what they wish to say about Pastor Benny (Tufick) Hinn, but I believe this man has repented. How and why? The signs are present. He wants to remove, eliminate, disassociate and otherwise correct his mistakes and obvious error of associating material wealth and prosperity with a give to get scheme.

 The critic asserts that he is only trying to expand his wealth. OK, let's see how that goes, but I will say this, he is CORRECT in speaking about the pressure that he came under as it pertains to offering and gimmicks to give...THAT is exactly how too many do it...

In many cases Preachers are expected to immediately after a message, raise and offering. I HAVE REFUSED such practice and WILL NOT engage in such. Not because I don't believe in giving...I simply don't believe in manipulation and preachers and ministries doing that kind of practice are manipulating the people at a time when their spirits are open and they are not thinking rationally...
How may mortgage payments, water bills and electric bills have ended up in the hands of some fancy car driving minister and or Bishop who wouldn't spend a SECOND on helping you when you are in trouble???
NO MORE...Like Susan Powter said years ago in her health and fitness commercials, STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

Thank you Pastor Benny for taking the lead and coming out and back to the cross. I am certainly with you in that mission and on that journey!

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Tufick "Benny" Hinn...The Gospel, Miracles & Prosperity Is "Not For Sale"

It what is a startling turn of events, it seems that long time televangelist, Tufick Hinn, better known as "Benny Hinn" has had a turnabout of his own encouragements of wealth enhancement or prosperity preaching and teaching. In a segment blazing on the internet Tufick declares his own personal disdain with doctrines and teaching that imply that monetary gifts can buy or purchase god's favor.

"The Gospel is not for sale. Miracles are not for sale. Prosperity is not for sale"

Already, Benny's commentary is garnering all kinds of critique, from those who declare his insincerity. From televangelists rising to "rebuke" Benny because they are afraid that their shoddy house of "prosperity manipulation" will be effected, to people just suspicious of Benny's motives, thoughts are all across the board.

Hear Tufick for yourself in this video:

Of course, one would know that the televangelism and media elite, who nearly solely make their livings off of "fleecing" the TV faithful, have plenty to say about Tufick's "repentance" and turning from the prosperity trap of the "give to get" scheme...

Hear Bishop George Bloomer's response. Remember, this is the same George Bloomer that recovered the "blood money" of his former illegal drug trade to begin his church. (That is according to his own testimony, not mine)

A Dunamis Word On The Issue

One thing is for sure, the words of Tufick Hinn and anything else he says regarding his former misguided teachings (and the teachings are misguided, no matter how much Bloomer or anyone else trues to string scriptures together to support his practice) are bound to set the televangelist and money abuse church crowd on their ears.

The problem is simple. There is NO SCRIPTURE that teaches either explicitly or implicitly, that any person should have to PAY for a miracle or a blessing.

Please understand this, a person may act in faith. One may "consecrate" an amount of money or anything else, as a petition for the blessing of the Lord. Some do this through "fasting and prayer", to specifically seek the Lord for purpose or clarity on an issue or multiple issues. We must admit that money cannot be excluded from that purpose as well, however, to manipulate the circumstance, by asserting that an amount of money, manipulates or constrains God to "do something" is and has always been no more than slight of hand.

Now, Bishop Bloomer, asserts that people have been healed as a result of committing a certain amount of money in certain circumstances. However, can we consider that the money had nothing to do with the healing, and that faith, trust and belief in God did? Some say, in that case, use money as a "point of contact" as Oral Roberts and Sr. Kenneth Hagan so abundantly taught in the hay day of their heresy...But what if money, or anything material, had nothing to do with it? What if it were simply God doing what he does in response to prayer and petition?

Recreation Of Idols
"Just as the nation of ancient Israel, this generation has followed idols and quickly makes idols out of nearly any and everything within its reach."
Some of the same one's claiming to Love God and claiming to have a ministry (at least on TV) to call all men to repentance, are breathing condemnation on Tifick for turning from his false doctrine and teaching of associating monetary and material wealth and wealth transfer with the blessings of God. One would think that these would be happy when anyone repents from their sin, and especially sins such as this which has damaged so many and promoted some of the worst and most spurious teachings in the name of "God" on earth. I would ask is there no room for Tufick to change? Can God not deliver him from sin and false doctrine?

I no more hold my breath for him than I do for anyone that says they want change and are willing to repent.

Hopefully,  ALL of the rest of the televangelists and "entertainment" preachers will follow suit. Instead of trying to string together a theology, to keep themselves on the air, to attain popularity and make people believe that they are special, I pray that they too will repent from "fleecing the flock" and causing shame within the body of Christ.

From Gulf Stream airplanes, to Bentleys; from fashioned, tailored suits, red bottom shoes and all kinds of excess...I ti my prayer that those that hold any of those things as signs of the "arrival" of ministry and God's favor, would have a shaking in their souls and open themselves up to experience the true nature and power of God that is present upon men and women in the deepest impoverishment and in the deepest chasm of the soul and spirit.

The anointing is not birthed in luxury. It is always birthed in difficulty and adversity. i would hope that all of these multi-millionaire so called "preachers" and "teachers" would remember the words of Jesus regarding HIS house...

Mt. 21:13 ~ And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
(from Is. 56:7)

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Character Of God Examined Pt. 1

Many biblical critics assert their criticisms as if the world had not begun to "think" until they had an idea.

One of the ideas circulated by the new atheists, which have the same old ideas, claimed to be new, circulated by new or different people, is that God is so full of murderous ways that he cannot possibly be God.

A commentor named "Kellz", who at one time pretended to be R. Kelly on this blog , falls right in line with the new atheist song of "God is not moral" and that "God is a megalomaniac" because when he "they" read scripture all they see is death, destruction, rape of women and murder of innocent adults and children. But is any of that true? 

Are The Arguments Persuasive Against God's Character?

Slavery ~
1- Beat your servant just don't kill him (Exodus 21:20-21)
2- Perpetual servanthood breaking up family Exodus 21:2-6

Rape ~
1- Women taken in battle: Deut 20:10 & 21:10 (are they only sexual objects?)
2- Deut 22, raped woman must marry the man, (is this actually a restoration of power and authority?)
3- Judges 21 (the critic claims this is the repeated rape of women)

Child Murder ~
1- Jepthah, & Judges 11:29-40
2- Midianite boys were killed while girls were kept alive (to be raped) [Numbers 31]
3- God kills the man that would not strike the prophet, (1 Kings 20:35-36)
4- The Kids "Bald Head" joke. was this mere innocence condemned by killing youth?

In tranquility: "dash the children against the stones" Psalms 137:9 (Was this a prophetic look at how the enemies of Israel would feel about killing Israel in God's judgement against Israel or an incitement to evil?)

Let's take a look at these and other more popular criticisms and handle them. At the end of the day what we will see is a loving and all wise God who is not only love and mercy, but also justice, judgement and truth.

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

DIVAS Of Ministry, Bigger Than The God Of Ministry

First of all, I would NEVER ask a woman this confused to come to minister to folk who need help and were waiting for a spiritual breakthrough. An effective minister has to be saved, Holy Ghost filled and mentally stable, but aside from all that, why is it that the DIVAS of modern ministry are so much bigger than the God of modern ministry?

These folk ain't carin' 'bout the Kingdom of God! 

To be clear, DIVAS come in the form of both men and women. Believe that. We have men, that "talk" against the world and it's excesses, and demand excesses themselves to the highest degree. See, when folk don't value God, they compromise, begin to feel a sense of self-exaltation and "think" they they are the best thing on the block since sliced bread. 

NO...I don't care...I will NEVER have another one that demands a special car, a special price range of hotels, a cash deposit upfront, and that can't fit into the program that we are conducting...NEVER AGAIN!!! 

I had one that wanted to talk about "expenses" when I saved them hundreds of dollars to drive myself hundreds of miles to the event, used no hotel services, paid for my own meals, and had no minimum fee or honorarium. Whatever they could afford, I received without complaint.

Maybe we need to be like Bynum and her team and act ungodly, and un-saintly. It seems that some folk understand and appeal to that rather than those who take less, make no demands and walk humbly and in the power and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Some take advantage of that silence and humility, but their reward will be found. God has a long memory and is JUST of all things! 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Why Has The Western Church "White-Washed" Biblical History?

It may simply be a "sociological" phenomenon. The desire for a culture, any culture, to make the imagery and moral codes of historical, heroic figures their own. To identify themselves with the best and most heroic figures and acts in order to associate themselves with positive and virtuous ideals and ideology.

Is that the case with Western Christianity? Why has the influence and even inclusion of Black people in the bible, in significant roles I might add, been either reduced or overlooked in biblical discussions and studies? Then what of the contribution of African Christians and apologists during the early post Apostolic era? Why has their imagery also suffered from this "white-washing" motif? 

"The White Jesus. The God Of The White Man's Religion, Christianity"

One of the chants that have been reverberated over and over, quite in error, by groups such as The Nation Of Islam, and the Black Hebrew Israelites, and others who have held to Black Nationalism and Black Separatism, has been that the Bible and Christianity in general is the "White Man's Religion" and Jesus is a "White man's God".
In short the story goes like this:
The White man, took Black man both from his home (Africa), and his religion (Islam ~ at least in most cases) and stripped him of his cultural identity and re-indoctrinated him to believe in White superiority (aka: Christianity) and in the White man's god (aka: Jesus) and did this all as a control mechanism.
But the question is how did this "White man's religion" become a "White man's religion" and the Jewish Jesus become a White European in the minds of many?  

Author Forrest G Wood states this:
"Graphic portrayals of Christ had to be “as far removed as possible from anything that could suggest darkness or blackness.” The result was a Renaissance image of Christ that recorded his transmogrification from Semitic to Aryan, his dark hair and beard evolving into “the color of sunshine” and his dark eyes magically taking on the “color of the sky” from which he descended and to which he returned." ~  Forrest G. Wood, The Arrogance of Faith: Christianity and Race in America from the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century (New York: Knopf, 1990), pg. 51.
So it seems that the evolution of the European Jesus and his association to a Eurocentric religion, where a cultural virtues were aligned with biblical values, was more of a sociological event than a biblical or religious or even migrational truth. 

White Christian teachers and preachers such as the late Billy Graham, noted relentlessly that Christianity was NOT a White man's religion, neither was it a Black man's religion, but a religion of ALL men, and that there was no cultural advantage/disadvantage to any race in accepting Christ or in repentance.

However, what some teachers did was severely reduce and downplay the influence of Blacks and Black culture from the biblical narrative itself. in the many places where Blacks or African countries and cultures are mentioned, they are nearly always downplayed when the teaching is positive and hailed when the teaching is negative. 

For instance...When I was in theology school, our Old Testament Survey professor taught a message on Moses wife, Zipporah without the mention in any form that Zipporah was or could have been a Black woman and that the reason that Moses sister Miriam and Aaron did not like her, or mocked and criticized her, was because she was Black. (Num. 12:1) 

Now, part of this stems from the fanciful conjecture that  Moses had 2 wives as opposed to 1, and that Miriam and Aaron were simply criticizing the one. However, there is no reason to think or believe that Moses had 2 wives from the text. There is reason however to believe that Zipporah, was not only a Midianite (Jethro or Reuel's  daughter) but was also a fine dark skinned woman of possibly Cushite (Kushite) or as the KJV says "Ethiopian" descent. Either of which would have led a faithful historian to conclude that the woman had African ancestry or heritage and therefore was a Black woman by heritage. 

Conversely, in Exodus 18, Jethro (aka: Reuel), Zipporah's father, being a Midianite, who by virtue of his lineage also had a historical Black heritage, was responsible for helping Moses to effectively organize his duties as a chief Judge to adjudicate the grievances of the People under God's direction. 

In other words, the first theocratic form of governance that the bible points to was, in part, organized by Blacks and people of color. 

This is hardly a narrative that anyone within Christianity preaches or teaches today. In fact it is often held that churches organized by Blacks are somewhat disorderly while churches organized by Whites are generally more orderly. (which is a completely different article) But the point is clear, Black people and positive Black culture over time, and even within the biblical narrative, has been downplayed or ignored and even cursorily stepped over in many instances. 

Very little effort has been given to pointing out the praise or positive contribution of Blacks within the pages of biblical writ and I personally believe this has led to the confusion, alienation and even anger of millions of Black people over time to conclude that they have no or very little positive place or history within the world and ultimately society itself.

Teach It In Schools. The Bible IS Black History

Most shocking to many is that Black people's place and history within the bible is certain and in many instances if not most, very positive. For instance, it was a Black man, from an African territory of Cyrene, that helped bear the cross of Jesus during the crucifixion. (Mk. 15:21, Lk. 23:26) That is certainly not coincidental. 

There is much more that can be said on this topic, but please watch this interview with Dr. Theron Williams. I believe you will find it eye-opening.    

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Donnie's Fall Down/Get Up Continued...

Recently, Donnie McClurkin took to the internet to rebuke internet bloggers who "expose" the sins of some of the more popular gospel entertainers, artists and ministers. 

While I will not go into what led to the need for Donnie to take to the internet to rebuke folk on the internet for rebuking folk on the internet, all the while contending that the godly way to speak up on issues would be to "go to" the individual (as opposed to talking about it on the internet) I want to look at the theology behind his statements rather than the personalities he was attempting to defend aka: his fellow gospel entertainment artists. If you would like to hear Donnie for yourself his diatribe and rebuke can be found HERE.

Continuation Of Fall Down/ Get Up Theology

In his retort, Donnie invoked Micah 7:8, which certainly caught my attention (as outside of scripture I could really care less what any of these folk who use the gospel to make a living while presenting shoddy lifestyles do [Donnie excluded as I believe he lives saved])...What I thought was interesting, was that he chose to invoke a part of scripture in which the people (Israel) have gone into sin, been rebuked and judged by God for their sin, and are awaiting their deliverance and ultimate vindication by God for their circumstance. We all know this from basic OT bible study as the "sin cycle". So it is very familiar to many of us. 

What most people do not realize however, is that Donnie appears to build on his "fall into sin/get back up" motif popularized by a former controversial hit "We Fall Down". Donnie uses the scripture in Micah to suggest that a "fall" is tantamount to sin similar to what he did with the song "We Fall Down".

My Response
In response to what I believe was Donnie's misapplication and abuse of scripture, I wrote the following on my Facebook site and our In Defense Of The Faith forum:


Donnie McClurkin absolutely BUTCHERED Micah 7:8 which says this:
"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me."
Now, according to his suggested interpretation the word "fall" would include falling into sin and shame or the condition of sin. 

Now the context links "sit in darkness" to "fall"...this begs the question...if this is referring to a condition of SIN, then how is it that when we are in this condition that "the Lord" is a "light" unto us? 

Now one can go through some fanciful twists to try to convince us that God is a light or abiding presence even in sin, and it is he that brings us out etc...but look further at the context of the chapter.

Micah was not talking about an individual condition of sin, but about turmoil or national upheaval as a result of sin, in which people and families were suffering due to circumstance and resultant judgement or correction from the Lord, NOT due to ongoing immoral or sinful behavior.
V.9 says, "I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness"
Some conclude that because this says "I have sinned" proves that this was about the condition of sin. 

Well the fact is this, as 1 John 1:8 says if we say that "we have no sin" or that the condition of sin has not touched, effected or even controlled our lives, or is not a struggle today, we deceive ourselves greatly...

What Micah acknowledges is the job that sin has done on us (aka Israel) to cause us to suffer as a people, and that we have sinned as a whole, in need of a savior (which points to JESUS our Savior in the text) what is not alluded to is that we have fallen into or regressed into sin as a lifestyle or have been overwhelmed by sinful behavior aka: fallen into sin. 

Donnie builds upon his misapplied "fall down, get back up" narrative in which he took a song in which the message was about a servant falling down before God on behalf of and for strength to continue to serve the people and do the mission of Christ. In Donnie's application it was about saved folk consistently sinning (fall down) and repenting (get back up) to do the "work of the Lord".

In short, Donnie does the Saint, gospel singers, the church and the gospel itself a great disservice and displays why one cannot trust feelings, emotions, crowds or personalities for the direction or truth of God's word and must seek sound discretion and council for light and guidance. 

I only hope that this new generation is not deceived by this seeming continued diet of false gospel interpretives as entertainers seek to cover or minimize their sins that they so abundantly embrace in the name of "nobody's perfect".


Now, can we acknowledge that the scripture was referring to people (Israel) who had egregiously sinned and was suffering as a result of their sin? YES

Can we say that any of this scripture suggests that the believer or people of God could be content to practice sin, and still yet claim the "light of God" (aka: Christ) NO.

In fact to do so would be sacrilege and certainly ungodly and unholy before the Lord. 

The part that I find particularly problematic is Donnie's association of this scripture, which is probably one of the most upbeat parts of Micah, to the condition of the modern "minstrel" who has not only failed, but openly and publicly, cheated, been in homosexual chat-rooms, showed their private parts on the internet, cussed and otherwise played a harlot, and even reverted back to ungodliness in both lifestyle and presentation, all the while yet claiming to be a "servant of God". 

Yes, we ALL have faults...and my picture is in the dictionary under the word, HOWEVER, those of us who are SAVED are not content in simply reverting in and out of sin when it is convenient and demanding others to "accept me anyhow"...No that is manipulation, not scripture. 

A Final Word & Pushback: 

"Pastor, the bible says love COVERETH the multitude of sins and faults" (1 Pet. 4:8 from Prov. 10:12)...

YES, it does say that. However, it does not suggest that believers embrace an effort to encourage the saints to bypass sin or the judgement of sin as wrong. It does not encourage believers to overlook the fact that sin is ungodly and is still something that breaks fellowship and union with Christ. 

The scripture is clear...NOONE can "cover" sins but God. It is also clear that those of us who do "cover sins" are condemned for it:

Prov. 28:13 ~ He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

Now, one may say that Proverbs is referring to "others" covering the sins of individuals (which Donnie I suppose would be suggesting by refusing to even accept that his colleagues are doing evil and will be judged) but the scripture is sin and simply walk on with cursory repentance is also ungodly and condemned. 

Now, PLEASE, don't give us this, "go to such a one and restore them in the spirit of meekness"...OK, how possible is it for us "ordinary folk" to go to these stars and moguls? They hide their phone numbers, make themselves inaccessible unless they are making money off of us, and REFUSE to listen to anyone rank and file who may have a word from the Lord for they SELECTIVELY hear and don't care to listen to us!

The very nature of their "entertainment status" makes these people off limits and they only listen to their colleagues who sometimes are also ungodly. So unless it is for bloggers, youtubers and others, many of these folk would not hear, and most of the time they claim they don't listen to or read anything on the internet (or at least nothing that criticizes or examines them). So how are they reached? 

THIS is going to them and I hope they can understand that. While many of us could be wrong about our assessments and ultimately our opinions, we all can't be wrong. Everybody ain't stupid neither is everyone deceived into believing that the sins that many of them present and want us to accept are just "seasons in life" that they experience. 

No, these men and women, regardless of how they sing, entertain and or act, and no matter how much money they have, need to be SAVED like everyone else, to the point where they leave and come out of the world too. Anything less simply expands hell and fellowship with the original, now doomed heavenly crooner...the artist and angel formerly known as lucifer, now satan destined for the Lake Of Fire himself!


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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Value Of A Good Lineage & Succession

“Far be it from me to speak adversely of any of these clergy who, in succession from the apostles, confect by their sacred word the Body of Christ and through whose efforts also it is that we are Christians”
~ JEROME (Letters 14:8 [A.D. 396]).

The early church valued what came to be known as "Apostolic Succession". In other words it was important to know not only what was being said, but who was saying it.  Who a leader studied under or what they had received from leadership during the process was important. 
Upon reflection, although I did not have a natural or paternal father that was saved, nor a step-father who was saved, however God gave me a whole host of replacements that have contributed to me both spiritually and naturally and that have not only helped shape me in ministry, but also in Christian character. 
It is these men who have given me a "charge", similar to the one Paul gave Timothy. 
Although I consider myself to still be learning, I am glad that over the years, I have had some pretty influential individuals speak into my life who have a clear line of decendency in Christian circles. 
Like Elisha, I am saddened because my "father's" have departed and seemingly left me...BUT God through them and in other even more direct ways has equipped me for this journey and the duties that he wants me to accomplish. 
Although I am certainly not alone, I am happy for the path that God has taken me and who knows, but God, what the future holds and where it may lead. one thing is certain, there is a sure purpose to all things and I am glad to be in the middle of it!
Truly BLESSED!!!!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bishop Robert Sanders IL. 3rd COGIC ~ LYA

Regrettably, I must stop to say farewell to a Spiritual Father, not to mention one of the greatest gospel preachers I have ever known, to whom I am indeed grateful to have served with here on earth.

My service to God through this Bishop and the church extends back some 29 years to a time when he was known as Superintendent Sanders and I as Elder Burnett. We've seen the best of days and the worst of days together. Having honest and open conversation about the church, scandal, personal failure, personal victory, and most of all the word of God and the power of God which is able to heal and make alive. 

Bishop Sanders, as you already knew, I Love You Always!

I am praying for the hearts and minds of the family, all my sisters and brothers, and all of the Saints of Il. 3rd Jurisdiction COGIC. On earth, we are indeed at a loss. Rest well around the throne Bishop, we will have a real reunion soon!

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Bishop Dr. Yvette Flunder. Could God Have Possibly Spoken This?

Recently, internet host Larry Reid interviewed "Bishop" Yvette Flunder in a show entitled "Church In The Closet" in which "Bishop" Flunder took the time to set forth her insights into sexuality in the church, the veracity of scripture, and even took the time to explain why she ultimately embraced lesbianism even going so far as to establish a gay affirming, Pan-African church and organization (Fellowship Of Affirming Ministries) which she currently oversees as Presiding Bishop.

I am sorry, but like many of her liberal gay affirming counterparts, her interview was a receptacle of unbelief, deception, liberalism and plain misapplication and erroneous interpretation of scripture. 

In this article, I will examine a few of the more poignant assertions of Dr. Flunder and in a previous article I will examine some of the more indepth scriptural arguments that she made against the bible and traditional biblical Christianity

Association With COGIC

Although many people knew about Dr. Flunder's past relationship with COGIC and that she was a "Grand Ole Church girl", daughter of a Bishop leader with ties back to the founders of the church, and the niece of Bishop W.W. Hamilton, what many did not know is the process of her separation from the Grand Ole Church and what her aspirations were in doing so.

To the point, in the interview Dr. Flunder outlines 3 areas that were problematic for her in COGIC. 1- Her view of social involvement, as the church was not adequately engaged in social intervention. 2 - Her view of women's ministry opportunities, as the church did not and does not Ordain women to "Eldership" or to the Bishoporic, and 3 - Her struggle with her lesbian "orientation". Dr. Flunder explained how God freed her so that she could show "integrity" in her walk with Christ as I will explain next... 

New Revelation ~ "That's your issue, not mine"

Dr. Flunder wanted to make it plain that initially she was not embracing her "orientation" of lesbianism. Claiming to have been married to a gay male church associate before her subsequent 30 plus year "marriage" to her lesbian spouse, she said that she was an avid seeker of the Lord regarding her condition and contended that she wanted what she though was her her freedom from same sex attraction, at least until God spoke to her. According to Dr. Flunder, one day, after seeking God through fasting and prayer regarding her homosexual bent, she "nearly" heard an audible voice of God tell her, "That's your issue, not mine" was at that point that she felt she was freed from having to comply and or conform to the church's understanding of sexuality and could live in "integrity", coming out of the closet embracing her lesbianism. 

In other words, God affirmed to her that her lesbianism was NOT an issue, and neither was it a problem to God in her pursuit of a spiritually right relationship with God or personal pursuits within the Christian community. 

Progressive Revelation

Well, needless to say, Dr. Flunder does not believe the canon of scripture is closed. In fact, Dr. Flunder views the words of Paul and his teaching quite dubiously (no wonder) She flat out accredits the "That's your issue, not mine" as God's affirmation that homosexuality ( and I would suppose sexual impurity) doesn't matter. Either way she does not believe that biblical revelation is the final authority. Subsequently, according to her, any individual can have and receive additional revelation on the same par as biblical writ as a result.

To support my conclusion, her teaching is rather clear on the issue. From the FOAM website

"I am often asked to clarify my relationship to the Bible, or the gathered group of books, stories, experiences, songs and promises that make up our most common canon. I read and reflect on our Bible daily. I also believe we can receive revelation for our time beyond what the writers of the Bible imagined possible."
She goes on to further note:

"...So are we, writing living evolving theology for those who will come after us. I believe we know the God of the Bible, and we can trust the God beyond the Bible. No book can hold the greatness and full revelation of God."
Now I must say that this is slick. Without saying as much, she says that the bible does not hold the information that we need to have a "full revelation" of God, and that the revelation contained within the bible is culturally commensurate (relative) rather than final and authoritative (objective) This is highly problematic, but is aligned with the gay advocacy view of Christian belief.

The Morality of Harm

Amazingly, Dr. Flunder says that sexual ethics and all ethics should be fueled by morality of harm. Now this is a complex argument rooted in headonism which basically says, "if it hurts, its bad, and if it feels good, and doesn't hurt nobody then it is good". Now, I have tackled in more than a few articles on this blog. However, it amazes me that she takes that view. Why? because of her desire for social activism. Many people loose their lives because they aren't hurting anyone...I mean look at it...a drug addict, doing drugs in their home, certainly can't be hurting anyone right? Yet, people die from drugs and drug overdoses everyday. According to the The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) nearly 130 people die of opioid drug abuse by itself in America. Worldwide nearly 250,000 lives are lost annually to illegal drug use. In these cases, who was harmed? Before death the families. During death the individuals and after death society as a whole. I only use this example to say that the morality of harm argument always falls flat on its face is not a moral standard to judge whether something is right or wrong by any means. There must be a better, more objective standard.

Nevertheless, Dr. Flunder follows the LGBT playbook, claiming that "harm" should be the guideline for all sexual and non-sexual ethics as well. ie: if there is no "harm" then it should be allowable. What of the over 50,000 men that die annually of AIDS over 90 to 95% of them having contracted the disease through homosexual or MSM sex? Another question, how could this lead to self love that she claims is an essential part of a person's character and being?

Homosexual Promiscuity

At a point in the interview, recognizing that the homosexual lifestyle could be and has been a promiscuous one, but Dr. Flunder shifts the blame for this response to the culture for not accepting homosexuality (calling it a "wilderness experience" and even "repression" that leads to "obsession) and causing them (homosexuals) to live closeted lifestyles, embracing closeted values, ideals and behaviors which have damaged countless lives and communities.  

How Does A Homosexual Live Holy?

For Dr. Flunder and her followers and a growing number of individuals Christianity is certainly not incompatible with homosexuality or a homosexual lifestyle. in fact, if you listen closely enough they claimed to be "blessed" to be able to experience same gender LUST, which is certainly a deception of the enemy. 

This contrast or polarization was the quintessential question that was left unanswered in this program. No matter the rationalization or the good deeds toward humanity, there was no answer or bridge between homosexuality and holiness at least on a scriptural basis. This link or acceptance is described by Flunder a purely human construct. 

A Dunamis Word On The Issues

Towards the end of Dr. Flunder's segment, she told a story that had been circulating for some time now. How a group of "leaders" were preparing themselves for a trip to a certain place in South Africa that allowed grown men to have sex with children as young as 14 years old and how every "leader" was complicit and eager to go to this venue to express their sexual appetite and explore their pedophilia as a sort of earned reward for the ministerial work that they had done. 

We have never heard a definitive list of who these men were. Then others speculate why was Flunder in the crowd and why, knowing that she was there asking questions as a sort of news reporter, the men were they so eager to pronounce the debauchery and evil that they were planning? I wonder that too...who were these men, and how did she just happen to be among them and why were they so eager to explain themselves to her? 

While speculation persists regarding these events and their truthfulness and accuracy, without a doubt, we can say that the true and real life influence of the church has been damaged by the hypocritical leadership and the hypocritical lives that have been created and produced. As a body of believers, we should acknowledge the problems produced by inconsistency of heart, mind and soul and by what appears to be a surrender by too many to live ungodly and embrace sin. 

Look at it, on one hand we (the church) has endorsed holiness and what is right, while we have practiced and even made allowances for sins that we "like" and or "favor". Dr. Flunder herself, singing a song, "Thank you" which I have sang many times, was yet struggling and even realizing that she was a lesbian while on a stage, singing that very song...but yet the stage was open to her to make history. 

Yes, the church has helped the DL community within its walls thrive in its shame, because it has used for entertainment, and amusement, produced and acted out by many of the same individuals that embrace and live in homosexuality, instead of ministering to them and helping them out of the darkness of sexual perversion. I mean look at it, when bishop or pastor hardprick is on film having sex or flaunting his new lover, whether straight or gay, that is not exactly a clarion call to others to leave their perversion. This sort of lack of integrity, has led to countless fornication, adulteries and babies and in some cases whole families either by bigamy or out of wedlock all together and the destruction of whole congregations or at a minimum their hopes and dreams. 

For certain JUDGEMENT will begin at the house of God. From the Inquisition on to slavery and every injustice between, during and after, to those who have lived in excess, using people for change, to those who have abused, raped, molested and have NOT repented or done their first works over, they will not escape and their action and deeds will be reconciled by God. 

In that Great and Terrible day there will be no escape and all the defiled will remain as such, as well as the clean until the reconciliation is past. I see Dr. Flunder's statements are being more than just statements affirming homosexuality. I see her statements as a barometer for the church, that allows us to examine just how far we will go for peace, relevance and a sense of community. 

in a writing such as this, I must remind every homosexual that the unpardonable sin has not been committed by their actions, but like EVERY sexual perversion, homosexuality IS a sin that should be rejected, repented of, and turned away from. One does not receive freedom by turning away from truth. one receives freedom by embracing it no matter how much it may initially hurt. 

We will all leave this life with a wound. Thank God that HE can heal all our wounds, sicknesses and diseases, no matter how deep they are or may become. 

There is HOPE and that hope is found within HIM who is able to make you a NEW CREATURE! 


Next Article:

The Biblical Marriage

Dr. Flunder consistently says that people do not want a biblical marriage pointing out the OT and various laws and customs which we would reject in modern times. However, is Dr. Flunder correct in her assertion? We will examine that in the followup to this article.        

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Right To Live. The Ultimate Human Right. A Dunamis Word On The Issue

Over the years I have written multiple articles on abortion and abortion rights, examining the issue in light of both biblical truth and societal results.

In my article "Abortion Issues And Myths" I outline the fact that since Roe v Wade  
became law in 1972 Americans have aborted an estimated 50 million babies and nearly an average of 1,400 children per day within the Black community alone. Not only has this decimated America from a Human values standpoint, it has also done the same from an economic cost as well. For example, although the Black community comprises only 13% of the US population, in 2014 Black women accounted for 36% of all abortions. Other statistics clearly point out that Black Americans are no longer the leading minority in the US by number, and strong arguments can be made that this is due to high abortion rates and low birth rate among Black families. From an economic standpoint, this suggests that wealth within the Black community in particular and ultimately within America is not being replaced at adequate levels to sustain the community. I think a brief look at most of our urban epicenters around the country bears out ample support for that argument on many different levels.

The Right To Live. The Ultimate Human Right

The arguments supporting abortion as an institution are nothing new. The arguments often confuse issues of human rights with issues of quality of life. For sure, the right of every human being to live, exist or have a right to life, is the #1 HUMAN RIGHT'S issue in the world. However, no liberal human rights organizations will undertake this argument, therefore displaying their absurd hypocrisy as human rights organizations. Where is the voice of the HRC, or GSLEN in the HUMAN RIGHT of human being to live and exist? Their voices DO NOT exist on the issue because they (the so called human rights organizations) are and have always been FAKE NEWS!

Resurging & Failing Arguments For Abortion

Seeing, feeling and hearing that the writing is on the wall, signaling the end or at least "modification" of abortion within America, the left has renewed the fight to kill babies under the law by mingling their arguments with chants of "women's rights", "women's health", a "woman's right of self-determination of her own body" and has further renewed the assumption that "no one wants a rapist's baby" or a "baby of incest". The fact is that the prior statements don't apply to the argument as they are "quality of life arguments" as opposed to "human rights" arguments as they have been applied by pro-abortionists (as I will explain later in this writing) The latter statements or sentiment is not accurate and further diminishes life. The truth is that it is estimated that less than 1.5% of all abortions are due to rape and or incest. So to use rape and incest as a "reason" for abortion is not only a spurious and dubious argument, it simply cannot be supported by the factual data that exists.

Simultaneously, the abortion argument has not changed as many of the same individuals who encourage it remain silent about late term and partial birth abortion which is a more visible forms of abortion that provide ample evidence that a human being is actually killed during the abortion process and through a process that has been ratified as being "legal", but yet barbaric and murderous.

A Dunamis Word

In recent days I undertook to speak out on the issue on Facebook yet once again. Here is what I said:

"JER. 1:5 - Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."
I will go more in depth on this but I was awaken early to share this tidbit of info. on the subject of life and abortion which has recently come front and center in this nation once again.
It seems to me that there are some things that everyone agrees on. That life is valuable, freedom should be upheld, a woman should have control over her own body and that the innocent and those who can't help themselves should be defended and protected from death.
The problem appears to be the application and point at which our values and closely held beliefs come into effect or play.
For example, is a fetus a part of his or her mother's body or a separate individual even if not so physically? At what point does that fetus posses human rights? Do the rights of a fetus include the right to live and if so when or at what point? 
The Importance of Worldview 
For sure the answer to these questions are more than mere matters of opinion. They center around what one believes about life and existence itself. So what one believes about what life is and why there is life informs one's opinions on this issue. 
For example, if one believes that all existence is purely material, and there is no greater or higher purpose for human existence, one might claim that life is defined as being on the same par as animal life or even plant life with only physiological differences, and devoid of any essential purpose other than what it (the life) chooses to exercise. While there are many problems with this view, which I may point out, notions such as these sre rooted in existentialism. At the core of this rationalization of life is a materialistically centered reconciliation of existence with little to no acknowledgement of transcendent purpose, goals, values or higher existence. 
On the other hand, if one's worldview is more biblically informed one may embrace concepts of a spiritual and essential nature of man, individualism and mankind. 
For instance, in God's call to the ancient prophet Jeremiah HE outlines that before Jeremiah was "formed" in the womb, God knew him. At the very least this indicates that Jeremiah was an individual prior to his formulation... 
A Little Science 
While there is yet great debate within the medical community over when conception actually occurs, there is little to no debate that when an Ovum is fertilized by a sperm, all the DNA and other information necessary to create a human being is passed along. In other words, the process of a sperm implanting an Ovum by itself does not right away produce a fully developed human begin, however at that moment the developmental process aka: formulation, has begun. 
Back To The Point 
God's call to Jeremiah indicated that Jeremiah was not only a material being but also "something" that could be "known". Language of this sort indicates that apart from material creation Jeremiah had a substance about himself that could be "known" or reconciled in an intellectual manner.  
This "substance" that can be "known" is what is called "spirit or soul". This is similar to the concept if "ensoulment" in which it is said that man "possesses" a soul or spirit.  
While the bible does not teach "ensoulment" in the sense that man has a compartment within him that is spirit or soul, it does however teach that man, in his totality, is a soulish being or what is termed as a "living soul". This is described in Genesis 1 in the following 7th verse: 
"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul" 
Man in his entirety consisted of not only material (dust of the ground) but also spirit (living soul). Transducianism is the teaching that since the creation of man as a "living soul", every being subsequently produced by men are also of the same composition and or nature. 
Without a doubt we are influenced by our worldview. 
In the case of life the choice is clear. Either one believes that a fetus is a sub par form of life undeserving of an opportunity to live and is devoid of human rights or one believes that prior to even formulation of a body that each being is an individual deserving of human rights, is full of purpose and not merely an accident or cosmic configuration of material pieces. 
Abortion is a material process with no consideration given to spirit, soul, purpose or intention. At heart, abortion and it's premise is not about women's health, neither is is a healthcare issue. It is about quality of life and an individual's or being's right to life under what I believe is a properly informed worldview. 
Therefore, to restrict abortion is not a prohibition of any human right. A woman's right of choice is in no wise inhibited, any more than a driver's right of way while driving is inhibited by a pedestrian walking.  
When placed in proper context a woman's ability to nurture life is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind. 
If contextualized in a battle of epic spiritual proportions, one can see why a strategy to kill or inhibit "living souls" from existence has nearly always existed especially since the destruction or subversion of the image of God within man is the goal of man's arch-enemy, satan.  
So for the Christian, the notion of abortion and abortion rights is much more than about a law, civil rights, or some ethereal right enshrined or conferred upon individuals through law or societal norms. It is a fight for souls, values and human rights. Those rights include the human right of a pregnant woman to make a choice about her being, and also the human right of a baby to live and grow.  
I think it is time to set the record straight not only regarding abortion, but regarding life itself and the very reason we exist as humans.  
Pastor Harvey Burnett 
The Dunamis Word
New Bethel COGIC 
I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council 
In Defense Of The Faith 
The original article link is below for your review

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The TRUTH. An Offence To The World

We often hear the sad song of "That's why people don't go to church today" in response to a teaching or biblical position in which the church is unwilling to compromise with the world or worldly (aka: secular) practices.

Then of course, there is always finger pointing...the "you let them do it, so why not pick on them instead of me" "My sin ain't no worse than the sin of others, therefore leave me alone"....

Well, this sentiment, "leave me and my sin alone" (Mk 1:24, Lk. 4:34, Mt. 8:29) was the exact sentiment of the devil biblically. According to the scripture, when Jesus came on the scene, before he could do anything, the devil felt "tormented" because of his very presence.

In short folk don't go to church, not because the church is so wrong, but because they choose not to. medical malpractice and negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death, yet nearly everyone has or has gone to a doctor. Not even the fear of death can stop some folk from being faithful to participating in medical practice.  

The modern "uncommitted" individual is uncommitted because he or she is not committed to the truth. Plain and simple. We all know that the adage of "staying at home and finding Jesus for myself" flies in the face of scripture, (Heb. 10:25) but we have individuals who have placed their sense of morality, right and wrong, ahead of God and whom have reconstructed god and rearranged his word to challenge biblical truth as if it, (truth) doesn't really exist. 

It is called relativism. ie: if "I think" it is right, that's what I should follow. Under a
"relativistic" framework, there is no ultimate or universally binding truth, right, or wrong. Each person has "their truth" and if other opinions are not in accord with what self has contrived to be truth, right and wrong and when there is conflict, especially spiritual conflict, then what I have contrived to be truth and believe is best is to be followed. In this framework, the individual becomes god and the center of the universe and everything revolves around individual thoughts, ideas and values.

Then There Is The Teaching Of Holiness

Then there are those of us committed to the TRUTH and fidelity of the biblical message such as Bishop Patrick Wooden of The Upper Room COGIC in Raleigh, NC. recently bishop wooden took to provide a response to some who had been shunned from leading praise and worship during a service and he touched on the "Christian Entertainment" business that has grown like wildfire around the church as well...Certainly his response went viral and clearly displays a deep chasm between those who read the bible and those committed to its precepts and concepts and moral values.

The next 2 videos, we view the Bishop's response and the response from some young people to his response. This is an interesting examination of the culture and why the church must continue to preach and stand for truth.


 The Young Person's Response & Further Context


 Now, sorry, but it should be clear, that the BISHOP CERTAINLY AIN'T WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE!

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Family & Community Restoration, Leandria & Her False Prophetess, and Much More...

After witnessing 2 young ladies on my street nearly come to blows over a young man that wants neither of them, I simply had to say something. And while I was speaking, I decided to speak of some other things, I've been holding as well...

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Abortion, Progress & The Real Barbaricism Of Killing The Defenseless

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Pastor Harvey Burnett At The Urban Apologetics Conference Detroit...See You There

Pastor Harvey Burnett of The Dunamis Word is honored to be a featured speaker at the Urban Apologetics Conference to be held Saturday June 1st in Detroit, MI. The sponsor for this event is sponsored by "Equipping The Body Of Christ Ministries and Bethlehem Judah Church of Detroit, MI. The event will be held at the Greater Grace Temple Conference Center. We would love to see and pray with all of our friends and readers in the Detroit area and believe this conference will be spiritual and Christ centered event. 
For registration or more conference information see the UAC2019 website 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The R. Kelly/Gail King CBS Interview...Unbelievable!

One thing is for sure...I wish jail time upon noone, but some do actions that bring it upon themselves. I can only hope for REPENTANCE, forgiveness, and restoration. We can't. but GOD CAN!

Then look at these FAKE tears...Not only abused, but STOCKHOLM all the way.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

SELL-OUTERNICK...Some Blacks Are Still For Sale!

From the title, one should be able to see my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and the recent actions by he and NFL player Eric Reed.

For those who don't know, these men have gone from taking a knee against injustice, to taking a settlement WITH a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to justify their ego...YES, I say ego and here is why:

First, so far as settlement is concerned, by itself, not a problem. I think it is reasonable to come to settlements and conclusions on disagreements in most civil cases and this was a civil case. I mean as an adult, I certainly understand that settlements can be good for everyone, by saving as lot of time and exposure of certain facts that everyone would rather avoid.

The problem is that in light of settlement, some suggest, what the outcome would have been. In this case, some say that the NFL would have lost or been ordered to pay much more (than whatever they paid) or that Kaepernick and Reed may have lost the case all together. We may NEVER know for sure either way because of the part that is really disconcerting...that is the NDA....I will talk about that in a minute.

The Situation & The Settlement 
Now, one would "think" that given the gravity of this situation, a situation in which the NFL was nearly shut-down as America's sport, and one in which even the President of the United States ignorantly railed in the scene saying to "fire the SOB's"...that careful consideration would be given to how this matter was unwound.

I mean here we have serious implications on both sides of the issue. Not even most Black entertainers would touch the Super Bowl half-time show. This situation was one, where Kaepernick and Reed were suggesting to the Black community that their fight was an issue of social justice, and racism, and that because of both, they were taking a stand (or a knee)...Then

Even more than that, Kaepernick specifically claimed collusion, by the NFL and its owners, to lock him out of gainful employment, was the epitome of racism, and that as a community of athletes and Blacks in particular, we needed to hold serve against the NFL to let them know their racially unjust ways won't be tolerated.

On the other side, an employer, controlled mostly by White elite and wealthy men, who suggested that their ability to control an employees actions at work supersedes an employees right to protest perceived "injustice" during work hours, even if the protest arose from the employers policies.  

I mean, look at it, if this were true, it would suggest total manipulation of the system and a "gang-like" approach and bullying to handle an employee, by the NFL. In this case, it would imply that there was a system, nearly entirely led by elitist Whites, conspiring to harm a Black man who did not do what they, the NFL, wanted him to do...What could be more close to a post Civil War, Black Code and or Jim Crow position? 

As you can see, this lawsuit was as serious as they get and had multiple implications for the NFL, sports and society in general...and all the while the Black community, was the base of support for Kaepernick even more so than Reed...

"Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything" ~ Colin Kaepernick for Nike 

The REAL Issue:
The NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement!

For years, NDA's have been used to allow both sides of civil suits to privately settle what would otherwise be or was a public lawsuit, and simply walk away from conflicts without having to tell anyone the details or just what was thought or said about anything...

In other words, the NDA is the PERFECT mechanism for a PUNK to escape any implication of guilt, and to be able to put things away almost "as if" it never happened.

In this case, neither Kaepernick, Reed, nor the NFL, in exchange for money, can say anything about the complete and entire case. No disclosure of settlement amount. No suggestion that ANYONE was wrong or right. No disclosure of how much money was paid, and NO IMPLICATION that there was ever an issue!!!

WHAT A SELL-OUT!!!! What PUNK move as far as I am concerned.

2 PUNKS...1 - A PUNK called Kaepernick, with all the appleas and platitudes towards teh Black community and 2 a PUNK called the NFL who basically said, if they are wrong, they don;t want to be right!

(Critic: now pastor that is not too Christian)

Well, forgive the intrusion into not too Christian territory, but Kaepernick basically told the NFL and others through constraints of silence under the NDA that SOME BLACKS ARE STILL FOR SALE! He did not care for ANY of the issues he claimed and the social justice element was just a rouse...LOOK, be clear social justice was getting done with or without him!!!! That movement was already underway whether he took a knee or not, and Trump, who, by the way, did sign social justice reform, did not care for Kaepernick and his actions in the put 2 and 2 together and at the end of the day, Kaepernick was IRRELEVANT to the issue. 

But the offense is the realization that INJUSTICE really didn't matter at the end of the day. It was all about being seen and what he was to himself and to his own future, not yours and certainly not mine!

I have heard many ESPN pundits talk about it. Although most of them are WHITE, dialogue has been on both sides of the issue. While I believe their coverage has been fair, most of them still don't understand the issue beyond the player/team/ownership perspective...To be clear, the actions and response of the NFL was not simply about Kaepernick and Reed. It was about a greater issue of perception of elitists and their hired hands (players, Black players in particular) and what boundaries and respect or non-respect existed and what implications all of this has in that employee/employer relationship. 
It also meant community. What could the Black community expect from those allegedly taking the "leadership" position to speak out and be vocal on issues?

What we found were people who were more interested in THEMSELVES than in the cause and certainly not the people. what did Colin "sacrifice" for the cause? I would simply like to know. At the end of the day, he has his money, his agreements, potentially open doors to work again and all the attention in the world. Where is the SACRIFICE?   

That's my take. If you disagree please let me know.


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