Friday, August 18, 2017

The New American Nation...Just What Does A Statue Represent?

I almost don't know where to begin on this one. Like some of my articles that deal with what can only be deemed as low-class scum, there is so much scum to go around regarding this, that I could write for a year or two or more. I've debated whether to simply do a youtube or an article. I think I will do both... 

Although I really don't want to spend too much time on this I am compelled to do so because my heart bled this week probably more than any other week in my 54 (or is that 53...I wish 42) years of life on this earth. To see murder and have a President equivocate by claiming that racists and white supremacists were "good people" was nearly too much for me to take...But I'll hold that thought for a minute....

I want to first say that what I am talking about here and other places on this issue is not about politics. The politics of the issue is a secondary consideration IF it is a consideration at all. What I am talking about here is MORALITY. The difference between right and wrong. We all know there was "something" wrong about all of the events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA. on the campus of UVA, which is a fine institution of higher learning, but some don't know what was wrong or why it was wrong. However, that didn't stop the alarm from going off telling us that somethings is and was not quite right.   

First Our Condolences & Thanks

Our hearts go out to the family of Heather Heyer who died fighting for a just cause and protesting against radical racial hate. I have been praying for her Mom and Dad, family members and the community of Charlottesville, but our words cannot express the sorrow enough for their loss, but thank God that the Heyer's had a child that used her life in a extraordinarily worthy manner! Like Momma said, her voice just got bigger! 

The Low-Life Backdrop

I don't have to rehearse the story, but I do want to note that Heather died when a rank idiot of the king of hate groups and community terrorists, the ku klux klan, with members of other versions of White supremacist groups, decided that the cause of being White and in control was greater than life itself and especially the life of anyone else...
Now, I want all the sympathizers and supporters of this "many sides" GARBAGE that "Dumb Donald" floated at the behest of his closest, now fired and Britebart rehired, IDIOT "advisor", Steve Bannon, (which is a name that I won't mention again on this site) to simply SHUT-UP and GET REAL!!!! (I can hear it now, "pastor that's so non-Christian" which I ask, is it "Christian" to justify killing for statue nostalgia? Or to say that individuals being victimized by terrorists, who came to protest in full riot gear, with weapons including knives and guns, have no right to stand for themselves? Figure that out, then let's talk about being a "Christian"!)

Please know that I don't believe that anything can be said to justify the murder of this young lady and the injury of the others who stood against a rank and ratchet display of hate...And I will never understand, how some have added insult to injury, including the President himself, by concluding that preservation of a statue(s), erected to remind people of oppression (slavery and white superiority)  and oppressors (slave owners and those who indiscriminately thought of human beings as property and equal to animals) and of "good old times" in the "land of cotton". and a reversion to "Dixie's Land" pride; can include some "good people". (Ooh by the way, did I mention that these 'good people" were raining down fire and hate on Jews and Blacks?) I fail to understand how anything that the klan did that day or any other day, can justify hailing and admiring them or their values. Can neo-nazis be "admired" for their stance and glorification of the atrocities of killing Jews under hellion hitler?

Mission Accomplished 

I will say this however, they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish...They wanted to see if they could still get away with a modern day open murder and that murder be sanctioned by the state. This is at the same time when Black people are getting killed at mere traffic stops. However, these klansmen and people like them who come to rallies with guns and knives, tested the resolve of the system, which only arrested ONE of them as far as we know, and unfortunately their test proved that they can STILL come into neighborhoods and communities, reek havoc on anyone they wish and receive sanction from the state and even from the chief White House idiot himself! 

This is SHAMEFUL and whosoever supports it, should REPENT!!!!  

Immoral Equivalence & The New American Nation

From the murderous rally the Daily Caller reports: 
“We’re here to protect white identity, white culture, white heritage, and we’re here to promote the new American nation that is currently under construction,”...“We’re not just white nationalists, because we believe in more than just a white nation,”...“We want a nation of values, of heritage, of culture. We don’t want just borders with white people inside. We strive for more than that.”...“We’re more than that, we’re fascists,”...“We believe in a strong centralized government. We believe in unity and strength among its people.”
Is The "white culture" somehow separate from American culture? When did that happen? Then, is it so scarce that it needs to be "protected"? If so, from who and by whom? Are the kkk and other White supremacist groups somehow the vanguard of this culture and the deliverer of this "new nation"? Then what of government? Is America full of fascists? Are we now a fascist nation? Let's define what he claimed to be politically:
Fascism: A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
That is fascism. Remember, this was the same system that ultra conservatives on the radio such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck claimed about former President Obama. They said Obama was a fascist and they all wanted to fight directly against him and it. As Hannity said over and over, his job was to make Obama "a one term President" (which didn't exactly work out)...To the point, this, being a fascist, is exactly what Thomas (cited above) claimed to be and what the group(s) that he was representing is. Now, I want to know is that a good thing? Could this be in part what all of this was about? A "new" national identity as fascists?

In other words, the more we hear and the more we see and uncover, the whole unite right rally was never about a statue as D Donald and the rally organizers tried to make us believe that it was.
They tried to seduce us to believe that it was about defacing our parks or removing statues and icons of people who were slavers, from society and changing our history. None of that was true to any degree. It was about history. It was about nostalgia and even honor for a system that was rejected by true and sustainable American values and the veneration of characters and the horrible history that those characters represent.

D Donald inflamed a nation with his absurd view of moral equivalence claiming that there was some "good' in a crowd of people disturbing the community and aggressively placing hatred on Blacks and Jews. He claimed that there was wrong on "many sides" while simultaneously equating a Nazi rally and chants against Blacks and Jews with those who oppose those views and want peace and freedom for all Americans. Don;t get me wrong., I have no affinity for the ultimate goals of the BLM movement and anarchy in general, but there was much more to this than that. Like Pastor James McDonald said...well hear him for yourself:

To that we say AMEN and bring this part of a total American nightmare and fiasco to a close...HOPEFULLY!!!!


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Sunday, August 13, 2017

RACISM & The White Church Challenge

From Facebook

I often speak of the church and its engagement within the community. Most times I am interpreted as focusing on the Black church (a church where membership is made up of predominately Black individuals and families) and it's involvement...

However, I want to be clear I will ask, where is the voice of the White minister and the White church on the issues?


I challenge the White church, churches whose membership is predominately comprised of White individuals and families, to lead rallies all around the country and in every community to condemn White supremacy, alt-rightism and race based fascism and injustice. 

We know that ALL hatred is sin! However, we are dealing with the sin and evil of White supremacy, which had its stronghold on this nation for generations. That sin has cost the lives of families for all generations. That hatred separated and damaged not only Black families, but White families forever. It is this form of hatred that must be condemned. Noone need be detract from the message of condemning that form of racist hate and un-Americanism. 

Unlike the inadequate response of our President who condemns wrong on "many sides" let us condemn wrong on the side from which it has arisen...wrong on the side of RACIAL HATE, based on White supremacy, White nationalism and White racial intolerance. 

I challenge White churches (churches whose membership is comprised primarily of
White individuals and families) to not only call this sin and evil out but evangelize the lost! Reach and teach the truth of racial equality to them that hold these views, and commit to evangelizing the hearts and souls OF THE LOST with the TRUTH of God's word. 

I would ask that all my Facebook friends share this with their pastors and church leaders everywhere. Encourage every church and church leaders to engage. It is the CHURCH that should be a beacon to the community. Let US take our place and be the salt of the earth and light that Jesus has called us to be in these times and condemn White supremacy and racial injustice clearly, forthrightly, and in a unified manner. 

Pastor Harvey Burnett
New Bethel COGIC 
The Dunamis Word

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

James Damore & GOOGLE. But What Of Black Employees?

We all have seen a lot on the internet. Most of you got to this site through and by means of some process of "GOOGLE". it is a regular and ordinary part of our lives. 

Through GOOGLE and other internet social connection services, and shrewd advertising, usually delivered by left leaning liberals both morally, politically and socially, the process of moral and social value re-engineering has long been underway. Moral and social value re-engineering is the attempt to redefine what we should accept as individuals and ultimately as a society. 

Their efforts (those of the engineers) and messages tells us what we should perceive as normal, or what we should embrace as "main stream". It can be something as subtle as the color of a picture, or a work of art, that is used to direct us to this "secular" standard of normal. It could be something as in your face as a flat out message or a direct command to act or a question that attempts to morally shame. 

Social moral values re-engineering can also take place in aligning ideals and grouping values together as being positive or negative values, suggesting that those who are in a certain "class", because of what they believe, are more favored within society and more useful to the community. Example: 

In the "Ad Council's" moral value campaign called "Love has no labels" former wrestler and current movie star John Cena sets forth the notion that accepting homosexuality is tantamount to being "patriotic" and groups the acceptance of homosexual behavior to the acceptance of race, age, ability, religion and the proliferation of real love. 

First of all, both he and The Ad council are full of GARBAGE!!! Rejection of a person's CHOICE of homosexuality, and resultant behavior, has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with rejection of behavior that millions feel that is immoral both on religious and non-religious basis. However, it is messages like this that are clear examples of social, moral values re-engineering. This is what we are seeing so prevalent within today's society at nearly all levels, and from the liberal leaning left primarily, although the right is certainly not excluded by using the same or opposite types of propaganda.

To The Point Of The Article:   

It seems that a former GOOGLE employee, James Damore, dared to challenge the moral value and social issue grouping, and re-engineering that has taken place within society and specifically within GOOGLE itself over the years. 

From the read, (listed below) and I certainly don't claim that James is a Christian nor to be using biblical values morality as a basis for his beliefs, what he seems to have done is kicked over, or at least kicked at, the golden calf of the liberal social re-engineering message, and called it into question so far as how these values are applied within the GOOGLE workplace and culture (at least at his location)

Kind Of Conflicted

In his memo, Demore addresses sexism, claiming that sexism could be right by pointing to psychological and biological differences between the sexes as justification for his assertions. Demore addresses work culture and racism within it, by claiming that efforts to diversify the workplace are off-track and even damaging to the work-place and society. 

He addresses what he called the traditional "left leaning" approach to business which, in his opinion, may have set a backdrop for the damage done in corporate America towards women and within the work environment for all people in corporate America and GOOGLE in particularly.    

When Freedom Of Speech  & Though Is Not Free
“We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company,” Danielle Brown, Google’s Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, wrote in a memo responding to Damore’s document, “Part of building an open, inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions. But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws.”
Damore's opinion are certainly controversial however they are in line with materialism which has long taught that the differences between men and women are reason that men should "rule" over women. Materialism once taught that because a man's head was larger and his brain bigger, that males had a greater capacity to think, do math and intellectual superiority. Reading from Demore's memo, it seems that acceptance of materialistic thoughts are held over for this new generation of materialists who see a "better way" to do nearly all things. 

The GOOGLE Culture & The Black Employee

Damore lives in a "free country" working for a non-religious corporation built on capitalism. However, that corporate society, when faced with values that under-gird it, seem to reject those values opting to embrace values that  that appear to be and align more closely with traditional social moral values. 

While I know too much to fully agree with his assessment of the problem and how to fix it, it appears that Damore was free to do anything else but speak his mind on what he believes the current condition of his employer, his industry and society in general is and that is a problem. 

Just in case you didn't know, there is a raging war from Simi Valley to Wall Street on how women are valued and treated at the highest levels corporately within the United States and even more so within corporate technology company ranks. read a 2016 article in the New Yorker regarding this HERE

What Of GOOGLE'S Black Employees?

However, with all of that said, GOOGLE appears to have a much greater problem than outlined by Demore, who, at least morally, seems to be endorsing the perpetuation of more problems by his memo, rather than solving or addressing anything.

According to a CNBC report on the issue, GOOGLE'S workforce consists of 53% White employees with 80% of them being men. Although women, both Black and White only make up 20% of all GOOGLE employees, only 1% of all employees, men and women, are Black. This is the problem that I have. It seems that Demore's memo claimed that GOOGLE's efforts to embrace racial minorities, and make provisions for them would only lead to greater problems and a worse workplace, while embracing new policies to embrace "female employees" would be worth changing the culture.  

In the "old days", numbers such as this would immediately invoke NAACP marches and in many cases sit-ins, until the corporation addressed the issues. However, what this memo incited was a new round of talks about the disparity of women in the workplace to the exclusion of Blacks in technology all together. 

It seems that Demore has invoked the ire of conservatism, from the mainstream conservative to the alt-right, neo-nazi conservative because some of the more extremists elements within conservatism agree with his assessments and his right to say what he wishes to say. While I agree with the latter sentiment, to a degree, I have a problem with his methods and solutions as he outlines them. 

Read the memo for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but I don't believe that you'll find me hailing this guy as some sort of champion for free speech and moral uprightness anytime soon...


James Demore memo:

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Transgender? Here Is A Word For You...

I recently had a dialogue with a transgender man who has decided to live his life as a woman. After some conversation about his past he revealed that he had a desire early in life to cross-dress as a woman, but without anyone telling him, he "knew" that desire was wrong. He felt that the beauty of a woman was overwhelming so much until he desired to look like one. until his sister caught him trying on her clothes, no one knew his desires. It was  a secret kept until he moved out of his home at age 18 and began to date men and dress regularly like a woman.

He was raised in a Christian home and one in which church was a regular and normal part of life and existence was not abused in any way that he could remember and has shared his lifestyle over the years with his parents who guardedly accept his choice, but do so with full love for him as a person.

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