Friday, August 31, 2007

Saints vs Celebrities Pt. 1

As I continue this blog on the condition of the church, I want to affirm that we are not gossippers or sensationalists. We will leave that to the many homosexual and lesbian web sites and bloggers who are criticizing the church at this very moment, saying that they can’t stop their gender bending ways (SIN) because of preachers like those who have failed and had their sins displayed before the world. To those individuals I simply say that you yet have no excuse for the sin that you have CHOSEN and God’s word HAS NOT changed. He has still required all to be holy. (Heb. 12:14)

The church must be aware that in order to uncover and perceive sometimes what is unpleasant, certain truths must be made known so that there can be an accurate assessment of the condition and its cause (diagnosis), a proper forecasting of the probable course and outcome of the condition (prognosis), and finally, under the direction of the Holy Ghost, we must accurately and meticulously set forth a remedy or a cure that will be good for the WHOLE body. Each step is painstaking and delivers insights which one may or may not wish to uncover, but it is incumbent upon the Body of Christ to make an accurate and spiritual evaluation. This must be done with one purpose at heart, so that the body can live, become healthy, and achieve the "good success" that God through Joshua promised in Joshua 1:8.

It’s my prayer that we not anathematize (throw out) these whose failures have been exposed. Jimmy Swaggart once said that Jim and Tammy Baker were "cancers that needed to be cut out of the body of Christ" . A short time later, Jimmy Swaggart was nationally televised on every major network with crocodile tears in his eyes pleading, "Lord, forgive ME, for I have sinned!" So, our criticism must be tempered with the object of reconstructing and reconstituting the faith, lifestyle and temperament of true Saints and true ministry. So that we can be blessed and lifted as a result of the circumstances. We must know this:
  • Although Tonex, Weeks, Bynum, and White have exposed themselves, they are NOT the only ministers in need of repentance and will not be the only ones on the national scene that will soon be or are being humbled publicly.
  • The failures of prominent ministry figures DOES NOT offer the Christian an excuse to allow sin within their lives.
  • True ministry DOES NOT begin with TV, Radio ministry, a concert or a song and a dance.
  • Members and patrons who have upheld many of these ministries through tithe, offering, attendance, and faithful support, are as equally accountable for their failure, demise and excessive liberties that have added to their destruction.
  • Many in the church have decided to live by MAN ALONE instead of GOD AND HIS WORD ALONE.
  • Unless we repent, prostrate our hearts before the before the Lord, and make true Biblical exposition the most necessary part of our service to HIM, the condition of the church will only get worse and lead to more moral and spiritual decay.
Look At This:

We already know that Tonex cussed out all the church on his most recent album, "Steel and Velvet", declared that he was a faggot {IN HIS OWN WORDS}, and told all of ‘yall that in 3 years he’ll spark a revival greater than William J. Seymour {The Father Of Modern Pentecostalism} and
He'd reach all the souls that our "lazy _ _ _ can’t reach." {Again these are Tonex's words}

All you have to do is read the lyrics for yourself. I may post the words for you on my next post if you don’t believe me.

Next: Shortly before her fight with her husband, {and I believe that we will see that it was just that- a fight} Minister Bynum said that she was leaving the ministry to enter Hollywood and become an actress.

In 2000 (after almost dying on an airplane of an "unknown illness") in a message preached in Memphis, TN. She (Juanita Bynum) stated emphatically by a supposed prophetic utterance, "The Hollywood Church is DEAD!" I was personally present at the service and have got it on tape.

Now, I suppose that she thought she was the resurrection of the same Hollywood church that she prophesied against years before. Nevertheless, these are the lessons that we should take away from this:
  • The desire to be a CELEBRITY (or CELEBRATIZED) is the fast track to destruction for any minister or ministry.
  • When self and sin is bound in an individual’s heart no amount of work or natural success can make it just go away.
  • God DOES NOT need or use our efforts in order to make HIM look good. In fact, our efforts only serve to make all Christians look bad.
  • Humility before both God and men is priceless regardless of our giftings, talents or abilities.
Whether done out of ignorance or maliciously, the Bynum ministry was compromised and further riddled with false teaching, erroneous doctrine, false prophecies flesh worship and self-promotion. I’ll stop short of labeling ANYONE, but I will say that the attributes of Jezebel (the spirit of control and domination) was prevalent for a number of years in Mrs. Bynum-Weeks ministry, and was presented on TV as if it were normal and acceptable. Well, I won’t go into the prophecy that SHE prophesied against ANYONE who interfered in her husband's (Bishop Weeks) FIRST marriage {in which she was somehow the marital councilor by the way}; or into the wedding that showed NO TEMPERANCE or MODERATION. I won’t even discuss the MANY FIGHTS that occurred from place to place and time to time. Sorry but, we simply don’t have time to speak on the CUSSIN’ that they confessed that BOTH of them do during sex. {Why OOH Why?- If They Do...I REALLY DON’T WANNA KNOW! Especially based on this picture...}

What’s even more amazing is that much of this was admitted on TBN during MINISTRY sessions. However, offerings, book and tape sales NEVER slumped. Noone ever DEMAMDED that the Prophetess and Bishop walk WORTHY of their call or vocation. (Ephes.4:1)(Col. 1:9-10)(I Thess. 2:12)

In the case of Paula White, the rejection of her anointing was apparent when she brought Donald Trump and another prominent businessperson before the people of God. Again, this was done on TBN. As if wealthy sinners can offer value to the body of Christ. Noone pointed out the fact that Saul tried the SAME THING when he saved Agag (king of the Amalekites) in I Sam. 15. Saul thought that he could learn something from Agag, and that Agag had some value to offer to his (Saul’s) kingship. This same man Agag, NEVER contributed one ounce to the success of Israel, or the establishment of the Kingdom. In fact, the opposite was true. Agag was one of the greatest antagonists and a direct descendent of them who hated Israel and their God. Again, Evangelist Paula’s tape and book sales for the series never slumped and the community of spiritual leadership never called anything into question publicly. From these two situations it is all but apparent that the following is true:
  • The Word of the Lord is not being used as a standard of righteousness or holiness but as a method of teaching how to Live A Better Life AND get more wealth and material…
  • Many popular preachers are using their pulpits as watered down platforms from which to teach a "christianized" form of psychology, materialism, humanism and secularism.
  • Too many church members and leaders are enamored by crowds, seduced by attention, and materialism and have no or very little discernment of truth, error, light and darkness, or the true power of God.
  • In the modern church, if it looks good, sounds spiritual and appeals to our perception of blessing, we anoint it and declare that its blessed and sent by God.
This misperception of truth is what gives place to Hip-Hop{which can NEVER be Holy}, Homosexuality{which has invaded many pulpits and set the gospel music world on its ear}, and Lesbianism {which has turned the hearts of women away from being good mothers and wives and has caused them to seek becoming DIVA’S}.This is what I call CELEBRATIZATION. It is summarized by:
  • The need to be seen by those in authority
  • The need for the attention of peers
  • The need to be in control and perceived as an essential part of whatever’s going on
  • The need to know more than everyone else
  • The need to be over God’s creation
The devil’s Five I Wills in Isaiah 14:13-14 were:
  • I will ascend into heaven
  • I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God
  • I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the North
  • I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
  • I will be like the most High
This is the character that will bring one low and make one desolate. These desires come directly from the sinfulness of the flesh and are heightened by the devil. These attributes are personified and promoted through flesh seekers, flesh worshippers, and undiscerning church folk that have not taken the time to pray, humble themselves and/or listen to sound council and teaching. SPIRITUAL Stars and Celebrities often:
  • Marry and divorce frequently. Sometimes it’s like changing socks.
  • Have extended separations in their marriages with no resolution in sight.
  • Have babies out of wedlock and expect no penalties. {Sometimes, they even parade them in front of the whole church}
  • Date and meet up with groupies all times of day and night and in strange places.
  • Seduce the minds of teenage and underage girls and boys for their own sexual pleasure.
  • Have frequent gatherings and get togethers to CELEBRATE themselves and reaffirm their sins.
  • Minimize the importance of service to any cause other than the cause that brings attention to themselves.
  • Pay for their position and attention with money and social connections.
  • Desire cars and houses with values commensurate to how they perceive themselves. Usually this begins with multi-million dollar homes, overly expensive automobiles, and such the like, at the expense of poverty stricken and spiritually bewildered members.
  • Celebrities never are first to speak in honor of the talents and gifts of others unless there is some sort of benefit they receive for doing so.
A very dear friend greeted me the other day and said, "You’re getting’ to be a STAR aren’t you?" I QUICKLY responded by saying "NO…STARS FALL! I’m just glad to be a servant and I’m glad to be able to help someone."

These are a few sayings that the Saints should be aware of. These are oxymorons and CANNOT be grouped together although many of these terms are popularized in today's church:

Holy Ghost................................... Party
A Saved.......................................Sinner
Gospel..................................... Comedian
A Sinful........................................ Blessing


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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get Right Church and Let's Go Home

This is the very first post I did. I am revising all initial posts with scenery as I am able.
PHB. 10/24/2008
I must say that the comments regarding Bishop Thomas Weeks III, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Randy & Paula White and the circumstances involved, go from extremely good to extremely bad. I might as well add my little 2 cents.

First of all, everyone NEEDS to talk about what happened at length. Please stop this "touch not my anointed" commentary because it's taken TOTALLY out of context. We as a church have the right and God given call to discern between right and wrong, good and bad. Paul said in I Cor. 6 that we (Saints)are going to judge the world and angels we should be able to judge the things that pertain to this life. That judgement is not a condemnation to hell, but rather a discernment of truth, right and wrong. Yes, we should pray...but that praying SHOULDN'T have started with Juanita Bynum and Paula White.

We should pray because the Bible says that men ought to ALWAYS pray and not faint (Luke 18:1). Not because Bishop Weeks III beat up his wife. Bishop Weeks, Prophetess Juanita, and Evangelist Paula were CELEBRATIZED and caught up in MONEY, MATERIAL AND FLESH. This didn't just start, it's happened for a number of years and partakers of their ministries have contributed to their current situation. The facts are these:Juanita was the main money maker at almost EVERY conference at which she spoke for over the last 10 or so years.

Paula was a similar money ticket. It's reported that the nights they were featured on the programs that offerings usually exceeded $100,000. They made the budgets in most places. Church leaders who have used these women as CASH COWS must repent for not assisting them to place a healthy perspective on ministry and build their HOMES AND MARRIAGES FIRST... Churchgoers, such as many reading, MUST REPENT for exalting Flesh and people and giving them more authenticity than either of them were due...and Gospel Celebrity seekers MUST REPENT for having ANOTHER God and not humbling themselves to the true and living God...As with Jim and Tammy, Jimmy Swaggart
, Clarence McClendon, Jim Jones and countless others, our folly and silliness in NOT demanding accountability in leadership has set the stage for further problems, while we use cliché’s such as "this too shall pass" and "something good will come from this". Get real, get spiritual and most of all GET BACK TO THE BIBLE...I am a Pentecostal believer and preacher for over 26 years of my 43 year life. Pentecostalism or the style of ministry IS NOT the problem. FLESH, MATERIALISM AND CLICHE'S ARE. The good that will come from this is when we, as a church, as families, and as married folk, talk about everything that has led to this point, discover the ugly truths of how PREACHERS can be on TV, ministering to others while they're creepin', beatin' women, writin' books, drivin' nice cars, buying bigger homes, collecting excessive gifts from the poor, and doing seemingly all the things that makes us feel good about our leader.

What's more, we must discover why we feel that those sort of excesses are essential and necessary for our church leadership, while AIDS ravishes our community, poverty rapes our families, bad education destroys our community dreams, and a new subculture, with its own new standards of morality, lives within our homes destroying the lives of many of our children...Yes, while we're talking, we must discover everything. Tell the whole story.

Bishop Weeks has NO EXCUSE for hitting a woman (outside of protecting his own life)NONE of them have a right to continue ministry as they've done until they have taken time to settle some issues, restore themselves, and get a new focus and direction...I will not accept this "God will heal me as I heal others" NO! These situations are too visible and have affected too many people...It's my prayer that all of the leaders involved will humble themselves, retreat into their systems of accountability, allow godly men and women to oversee their current churches for a season, and come back with clear, forthright repentance and set forth greater measures to safeguard against this happening again. So church, TALK, TALK, TALK AND PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. We must do both to get a grip on this and MANY other situations and circumstances that have invaded our churches, seduced the minds of God's people, and weakened many of our relationships with Christ...

Luke 12:48(b) "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:"

Let's get this thing RIGHT. We may NOT ever be on TV, but we can certainly offer VALUE to the Body of Christ and the communities that we serve by simply LIVING RIGHT!!! (Thank God for Jim Bakker at least he had the spiritual nerve to admit his error. God bless him.)


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