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The New Enlightenment Pt. 5

Energy Psychology & The New Healing Movement
EFT's & Meditation

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system" 
~ Gary Craig

What eliminates, guilt, weight, fears, depression, phobias, headaches, pains, trauma, stress, emotional scars and just about all physical illnesses in less time than it takes to tie a shoe? According to many EFT does the trick every time.

Gary Craig, an ordained minister, and a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming, is the founder of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as needleless acupuncture. This self-healing method is a member of the growing field of "energy psychology". It involves finding pressure points on the body discovered and mapped out by eastern religions over 5,000 years ago upon which acupuncture was formerly the leading treatment. It is said that these are the points where "negative feelings" are housed. They (the negative feelings) can be purged by first bringing them to the surface, speaking to them (making friends with them) and purging them from the body by tapping particular points on the body over and over and reciting certain phrases such as,  "Even though I have this (whatever the illness, negative emotion or feeling), I deeply and completely accept myself." or "I love and accept myself even though I have this(whatever the illness, negative emotion or feeling)."

The claim is that not only does EFT relieve bad feelings and emotional bondage, but when properly applied, also heals the physical body and should be hailed as the new instrument of miraculous healing. Mr. Craig downplays this aspect in his manual outlining why his materials don't focus more on the physical healing  aspect of EFT:
"This EFT Manual was written before I realized the profound and widespread nature of the physical healings. Accordingly, it stresses the emotional healings and doesn’t cover the physical healings in nearly as dramatic a fashion as they actually occur. Because it has proven to be such an effective teaching manual, however, I have decided to leave it as is rather than modify it to emphasize physical healings. It is the emotional and energetic causes that we need to understand and those are profusely illustrated in these pages." [EFT Manual 6th Edition pg. 3 PDF]
I remember Richard Pryor in the movie 'Which Way Is Up' writing Annabell (his wife) saying something like, "I would have sent you some money, but I already sealed the envelope."

Dr. Craig would have included a lot more on physical healing in his manual if it weren't for the fact that the manual was already finished and that he didn't feel like modifying it to reflect the abundance and wealth of information on physical healings that had come in after he wrote his nearly 85 page booklet. Yea Right!

Who Uses & Promotes EFT?
As stated EFT comes with its own instruction booklet, videos and manual. The program is readily accessible to anyone and certainly promoted as being for everyone. According to the EFT Manual many individuals in the following professions use this method:

"Therapists are routinely teaching the process to their clients for use at home.
Teachers are learning it for use with their students.
Coaches are learning it for use with their athletes.
Parents are learning it for use with their children.
Physicians are learning it for pain management with their patients.
Massage practitioners are blending it with their existing procedures for longer and more lasting results.
Spiritual leaders are applying it to those in need.
Chiropractors, acupuncturists and homeopathy practitioners are augmenting their practices and teaching it to patients for self use.
And so on it goes..." [EFT Manual 6th edition PDF pg. 16]
In essence anyone could be using EFT or promoting its techniques. This system has gained the most popularity and promotion from the rich and famous who have found it helpful in treating their negative emotional states and conditions. In EFT there is no such thing as sin and to confront or stand for anything without compromise could create negative self energy, so those type of actions would certainly be discouraged.
"...we feel negative emotions when our energies aren’t flowing well and feel positive emotions when our energies flow freely. So positive emotions could be explained as free flowing energies." ~ Dr. Patricia Carrington
Like most modern self-help systems EFT has it's own language and usage of terms such as "aspects", "morphogenetic fields", "psychological reversal" and "energy toxins"(which are also known as an impediments to perfection) and even it's own version and terms of "quantum physics" when you get into advanced application of the techniques. EFT is driven by a version of modern self-help psychology, and personal empowerment gurus that love the stage, write books and love the money that the industry produces annually. According to the book '88 Money-Making Writing Jobs' by Robert Bly 1988, the self help industry is an $8.56 Billion Dollar income producer. So there is a lot of financial incentive to be involved in some form of self-help.

Many of the individuals who promote EFT are also into some sort of spirituality or mental metaphysical manipulation. Many believe in some sort of force or power even if they don't believe in God. The problem with EFT is that many Christians simply pour their own meaning into the terms and terminologies offered by EFT and it's proponents and claim that the technique can be used to both glorify and serve God.    

The Power Of Energy, Mind And Emotions

Mr. Craig and his wife Adrienne are adamant and clear about their own training and education, specifying that although they have done extensive research into the psychological field, they are not professionally trained psychologists:
"Adrienne and I are not psychologists, or therapists and have no licensing or formal training in a university setting...other than my Stanford degree in engineering. [EFT Manual 6th Edition pg.17]
Why do they say this? Legal issues for sure and because, in their opinion, the field of psychology by itself hasn't yielded the overall results to instantly help individuals. The followers of EFT could care less about any of that of course. To those given to EFT, the results are proof of its validity.  

Possibilities and Positive Affirmations aka: Visualization

In the world of EFT reality is created by thoughts. in fact one module of their teaching says specifically, "my consistent thoughts become my reality" this leads us to an essential area of focus through all of these type of self-healing programs:


Visualization usually takes on the term "affirmations" or "self talk" in academic circles that promote this sort of mysticism. Similar to Lou Tice's & Pacific Institute's 21 Keys or Imagine 21 program, "self talk" and positive "affirmations" are essential to maintaining a positive self image and overcoming personal obstacles that may block or hold ones healing emotionally, physically and socially. Building upon this concept, the Law Of Attraction, as promoted by the queen of the new enlightenment, Rhonda Byrne 'The Secret' and hip-hop moguls such as Russell Simmons in his book 'Do You', always reminds adherents to create their future by visualizing it first. The only way this can be done is by focusing on one's possibilities or the possibility of the situation in general. 

Now, one must be careful, because this runs right along side of goal setting and goal setting is a good thing and seeing oneself as successful is also good. The problem here is that under the self-healing scenarios visualization and self talk are given credit for being responsible for creating the outcome of the situation. It is also responsible for helping to create the positive energy necessary to "attract" the desired results. In other words visualization metaphysically manipulates reality into the desired condition.

Mr. Craig maintains that the ideas contained within EFT are best summarized by none better than the Queen of visualization herself Marianne Williamson who's desire is for the world to visualize Glen Beck in a great big impenetrable golden egg, truing his thoughts upon himself until he become positive: 
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a Child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others."~  [Marianne Williamson author Everyday Grace jewelry prayer scroll message]
In order for EFT to work, a person doesn't even have to believe it...just say the affirmation and follow the guide whether you believe it or not. Just simply follow the steps and say it and it will work for you:
"**It doesn't matter whether you believe the affirmation or not....just say it.
**It is better to say it with feeling and emphasis but saying it routinely will usually do the job.
**It is best to say it out loud but if you are in a social situation where you prefer to mutter it under your breath....or do it silently....then go ahead. It will probably be effective." [EFT Manual 6th Edition Pg. 30 PDF]
Words shape realities. Similar to many of the Word Of faith teachers who will claim that these people have taken biblical concepts and perverted them. The truth is that NONE of these are biblical concepts. The key in understanding this is in the first commandment. You see, ANYTHING that takes the focus off of God is not a biblical commandment. ANYTHING that takes the glory away from God reducing it to self and flesh IS NOT a biblical commandment no matter how similar to the bible that it sounds. So this is more than a simple language or utilization change as many Christians think. This is about a complete paradigm shift from dependence upon God to dependence upon flesh and fleshly techniques.

A Doorway

What the proponents of EFT may or may not realize is that the founder of this eclectic potpourri of ideas and self healing realizes that this is merely one step among many that will be taken on the road to higher consciousness.

This is directly from the founder himself Mr. Gary Craig:

"EFT is but the doorstep to a far grander Palace of Possibilities. It is way outside our normal experience and its results cannot be properly explained by medicine or conventional science. As remarkable as it now seems, EFT is actually a toy that will someday be tossed away as a mere introduction to the exquisite beauty that is our birthright. It points to a future mental state where disease, war and resentments do not exist. This level cannot be reached, however, by...

•more tapping points or,
•the "latest and greatest" options for delivering EFT or,
•any of the other varied offerings that have found their way onto the EFT scene.

Instead, it will require a new approach, a new way of thinking that may or may not be directly related to EFT. I will be exploring the upper reaches of this Healing High Rise and have my sights on the Penthouse. Perhaps we will meet there someday."
According to the founder of EFT, it is only the beginning to "a future mental state where disease, war and resentments do not exist." In other words the mind causes and is responsible for all reality and conditions.

In the world of EFT feelings and emotions are responsible for either personal freedom or bondage. Anything negative is said to be a contaminant not only to the personal self, but also to others. Therefore one who is negative or experiences negative emotions can clog up the free flow of energy, this would result in further negativity which should be dealt with and eventually "tapped out". There is no sin. There is nothing but bad and negative energy. In fact there is no personal responsibility for anything other than getting rid of the negative energy that surrounds you.

The Truth

The truth is that EFT is a farce and is incompatible with a Christian worldview. Here are some compelling reasons why Christians should avoid EFT at all costs:

  • EFT claims that bad emotions and negative energy is the cause of sickness, illness and the overall condition of man. These concepts have little or nothing to do with teaching revealed within the bible as to the condition of men and mankind. Because sin is in the world, the bible states that the world is full of tribulation and that the temptations of life are common to man and mankind, but in Jesus we can overcome the world.

  • Jesus is an addition to EFT within Christian circles who promote this method. Neither God the Father nor Jesus are the instituter of EFT. The bible and biblical narratives are proof of this.

  • Oftentimes Jesus faced resistance for telling the truth. The truth of Jesus certainly created emotions so negative that the Jewish leadership wanted him killed. "Negative energy" is not a concept recognized by God in his word under any scenario or circumstance. 

  • Christians who practice EFT are smuggling in concepts that were not endorsed by early Christians and were not taught by either Jesus nor the Apostles. 

  • EFT promotes the entry into metaphysical and reality altering concepts. The bible teaches no such methodology. In fact within Christianity, Christians depend upon God to shape their world and direct their steps. Goal setting and having a vision is not evil or bad in and of itself, but when those things are not Christ or biblically centered or inspired by God, they are less than the will of God for his children. The complete EFT program must be measured by God and his word and subject to his lordship.

  • Although EFT has its genesis in eastern metaphysical religious systems, the deeper problem with EFT is that it does not distinguish any difference between "negative emotions", sins, and physical reality. The program  confuses categories using emotives to describe actual physical realities. In other words bad memories can be described by emotions and feelings and diffused by following the procedures and tapping, and so can actual physical illnesses too.

  • The repetition within EFT are prayers. Those prayers are basically to one's self. This isn't a biblical format of prayer. Jesus told us to avoid vain repetition in prayer. Prayer was to be to God as he is the object and only source of any and all prayer.

  • The meditation within EFT is on self, self performance and self efficacy. Biblically speaking meditations were to be upon the Lord and his word. certainly were were to meditate and think on "good things" but the overarching premise for the believer was that the good things we meditate on were contained within the Christian worldview and subject to the cross of Christ. 
No Help In EFT For Its Founder

With all the hype EFT is not beneficial even to the founder of it. Mr. Craig retired Jan. 15th 2010 due to many reasons, one of which is related to health. This is what Mr. Craig says about his physical health and condition that has contributed to his retirement:
"Finally, my physicians tell me that I have had a heart attack. I am unaware of when this happened and have no symptoms. Nonetheless, the tests show clearly that part of my heart has died. Accordingly, it is sheer idiocy for me to continue with the pressures of running EFT. To do so, is to risk another heart attack, stroke, etc. No thanks."
I simply say, why not just tap it out? If nothing else this drives home the point that EFT is simply a way to make money catering to the billions of dollars available in the self-help industry. I recommend that every Christian avoid EFT even if it is done in a Christian environment with Christian names attached. There is no biblical warrant or otherwise for the practice of EFT.



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