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COGIC Delivers & Withdraws Comprehensive Sexual Education To Youth

Updated 6/6/2016: READ The COGIC Response To This Issue HERE

Yes, you read the headline correctly. The Church Of God In Christ, otherwise known as "COGIC", the largest organized Pentecostal/Holiness church in the United States primarily led by Black ministers and leaders, was at least until recently, offering through the National Youth Department, comprehensive sex education in what was called the "Young Men Of Valor Training Manual" (with a creepy cover to the right). 

Since many individuals don't know the difference between or how to identify various sex education programs, please allow me to define what is meant by a comprehensive sex education program. Advocates For defines a comprehensive sex education program in the following manner: 
"Comprehensive Sex Education teaches about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDs and unintended pregnancy, but also teaches about condoms and contraception to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and of infection with STDs, including HIV. It also teaches interpersonal and communication skills and helps young people explore their own values, goals, and options."
Careful attention to the part about helping young people "explore their own values, goals, and options." is the defining feature of the sexual health information that was placed into the Young Men Of Valor manual. Providing comprehensive sexual education seems to be EXACTLY what this program was designed to do at least in the sexual health section.

To be clear, COGIC has since removed the manual and produced a statement dated May 24th, 2016 as follows:

However, according to additional REPORTS from Dr. Earl Carter, who seems to have first examined this issue, COGIC has since distanced itself from the publication with all leaders claiming that they did not know what was being printed and delivered to our youth through the International Youth Department Manual.   
"If you do decide to have sex, you should: Use condoms 100% of the time. You need to make sure that you use a new latex condom (or dental dam) correctly every time you have oral, anal or vaginal sex. If you're allergic to latex, use a polyurethane male or female condom"~ COGIC International Youth Dept. Young Men Of Valor Training Manual Pg. 69 (yes-page 69 see below)
Dr. Earl Carter, who has an outstanding call to our church to reform and reject the leadership Of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake for various reasons which I will not elucidate here, recently revealed the COGIC youth department's teaching manual, in which  young men were taught how to have sex rather than how to avoid sex and sexual activity, or even examine sexual consideration in light of scripture. In fact the booklet even suggests making provisions for sexual acts normally associated with homosexual behavior.
Not To Beat A Dead Horse...'Cause This Horse Ain't Dead!

Though the manual has been pulled and a statement issued from the church regarding it, this is a huge issue and one worthy of great ongoing concern. Why? In part because as a church we trust our leaders...ALL of our leaders, to guard and watch out for the best interest of our youth, especially in the auxiliaries they serve. 

As a Supt. in this church, I feel that if we cannot trust Departmental leaders and their committees and teams to review, approve and stand by material distributed to millions of children and members in the church, those same department heads should be immediately removed from position and replaced by individuals who take their duties with more diligence.  

The Information Has Already Done Much Damage:

Pulling the information after the fact does not change the fact that the information that has already been distributed, has done its damage. In fact, from the review that I have seen of the pages of the manual, not only did the manual teach young adults how to make sexual decisions, but made no reference to the biblical teaching that sex without marriage is sin. In fact there was no reference to any biblical mandates or consideration for the integrity of the word of God in the life of the believer. It was a secular writing, from a secular point of view based on secular information, and human moral values. At a glance, one could see that the information contained within this guide was not biblically centered. 

 At one point the authors of the manual assume that the young men that they are training are involved in same sex relationships among other relationships. 
"If you are sexually active, you also need to think about:
  • Gender of your sexual partner 
  • Kind of relationship you have with them
  • Type of contraception and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention methods you use".  
             COGIC International Youth Dept. Young Men Of Valor Training Manual Pg.                67- 68 

While I have not received the complete "Training Manual;" it seemed like a "how to" journal instead of an actual teaching on "valor", especially as it pertains to youth sexual activity and functions. One could rightly ask, is the only reason that the manual was removed and taken down because it was revealed or spoken of publicly? Can we afford to passively sit by while our youth, who are constantly bombarded with the message of sex and sexual immorality, are under attack?

In addition, since it didn't take anything more than Dr. Carter making this known on his video, how in the world did subscribers both to the publication and to the Youth Department, who were aware of this MESS, think that this book was valuable or of a resource to our youth or consistent in any manner with teaching our young men encouraging them to be strong and courageous in this world? This is what makes the revelation of the material so shocking and the response of our church so lack-luster and wholly inadequate. 

For the record, VALOR is defined as the following:
"boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle;heroic courage; bravery:"
"strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery"
"Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery. boldness or determination in facing danger." The Free
This manual, designed to teach children in a Pentecostal/holiness church, was teaching anything but valor. It taught children how to conform to the world rather than to conform to Christ.

How did this material get by screening? Was the material even screened at all? Were our leaders so enamored with their job duties, recognition, fame, conferences and the "department program" that what they were actually teaching our youth was of no consideration? Is there commonly no vetting of material by the Presiding Bishop's office? What of General Board officials? Have they no duty to review church programs and materials to make sure there is harmony with church and biblical values in materials distributed? With all of this surrounding material given to our young men, what in the world may be in the Young Women Of Excellence material? Does it also contain challenging and ungodly suggestions? The church and the leaders of the church have a greater duty to the members of this church than what they are showing and have shown in this matter? A statement of apology from these department leaders is in order as well.  

Now, was this not the same basis for the chastisement of Dr. Earl Carter from the beginning? Remember, his Convocation message was released, but when criticism started to occur, the leadership, the Presiding Bishop's Office in particular, vocally and forcefully condemned Carter's message and terminology, even making a video which was released from West Angeles on the issue. 

In this case, we have a generic statement written by who, we don't know, saying that the information was not properly vetted, which we already know, and that it is being investigated as to what happened and simply saying that, it won't happen again. How do we trust that? WE CAN'T!

My problem...

First, the Youth Department has violated both its Objective and the YPWW Pledge. From it's website:
"This charismatic department will design, develop, and implement programs and ministry opportunities that meet the spiritual needs of the youth of our church. Rallies, workshops, and pertinent seminars will be tools used to effectively teach our youth how to apply the Word of God in their lives."
That objective was clearly missed by the acceptance of such a manual. Secondly, focus on our YPWW Pledge:
"We pledge our unselfish devotion and loyalty to the principles and doctrine of our COGIC faith to be representatives of holiness in our everyday life; and to let our lives be the mirror that reflects the image of Christ."
Missed on BOTH accounts!

We have a list of persons associated with this department and at least 4 involved in the "Education" section of the department. I would like to hear from them, how this material got by them or what they were told was contained within the material. 

I would also like to hear from the Presiding Bishop, Charles E Blake, assuring the church that information pertaining to SEXUAL HEALTH that was placed in this manual, was wholly inconsistent with church teaching and that the church further REPUDIATES such teaching as was in the manual under the guise of "sexual health". In other words, I would like to see our leadership approach this matter with the same vigor and intensity as the matter of Dr. Earl Carter was addressed. 

As of now, we do not know how many young people were given this information with the blessing of adults who either did not know what was in the manual, or who did know and were ready, eager and willing to teach kids about sex! The manual was on sale for $30.00. How many manuals were sold and how much in profits were already received and delivered?  believe this church, the Grand Ole Church Of God In Christ, has a greater moral duty to ALL of its members and especially to our youth and families. I believe we should expect and demand better from this church. 

Supt. Harvey Burnett

The Infamous Pg. 69


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The Floodgates Are Open: No Age Too Young For A Pedophile

While the battle was raging for and against homosexual marriage, those of us who could see the moral climate of America eroding right before our eyes, often warned that if America accepted that the right of marriage could be altered, and allowed same gender individuals to marry with rights afforded to heterosexual couples, that there would be nothing to stop anyone, with any sort of proclivity, "identity" or feelings from marrying, or at least petitioning to marry, just about anything, anyone or anybody. 
"Sixteen is a totally arbitrary age of consent. It originates from 1885, when consent was raised from 13. There is, however, no medical or psychological evidence that 16 (as opposed to 14 or any other age) is the age of sexual or emotional maturity." ~ Tatchell, Peter, "Why the age of consent should be lowered to 14" 2002. 
Well, almost on cue, here come the pedophiles reaffirming what they have been saying for years. Nearly as expected, the leaders of the pedophile movement, or the movement to lower the age of sexual consent for minors, are also advocates of the homosexual community, such as the author of the article referenced above.

That article was written by Peter Tachell. Although we are using Mr. Tachell's article for this expose, he is certainly not the progenitor of these ideas, ideals and values. Remember the complete controversy of Kevin Jennings, President Obama's former "Safe Schools Czar" who was "inspired" by Harry Hay? Here is some additional information on Harry Hay's vision for youth:
"Mr. Jennings stated, “One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay.” The late Hay was a “gay-rights” activist most notorious for supporting the North American Man Boy Love Association. In 1983, speaking in support of NAMBLA, Hay claimed: “[I]f the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.” ~ The Washington Times Editorial 2009
Harry was not just speaking of a young man hiking, camping and or being mentored by an adult male. He was certainly referencing an adult male helping a younger male discover his sexuality, through and by perverted homosexual acts. Although I don't lay the blame of the age of consent movement at Tachell's feet, he may also think of Harry Hay as a champion as well. I have no clue. Neither do I accuse him, Tachell, of immoral behavior, however desiring to have sex with children IS an immoral desire which could lead to an immoral act. What we know is that for quite some time, there has been a movement afoot to encourage laws allowing sex and sexual activity between children and adults to become normalized and less penalized under the law. 

Additional Insight

The article seemed to have been originally published by a UK group calling itself, "The Libertarian Alliance" (LA) in 2002. The LA claims to be an educational charity that promotes rights to "life, liberty, and property". One of the leaders of LA, is named John Kersey. In 2013 Mr. Kersey wrote a blog article for LA called "Reflections of the Age of Consent" in which he examines concepts of "the age of consent" over the years in Europe suggesting at one point that it is a developed idea for children to be able to engage in sex and sexual activity as young as age 12. 

LA writer Max O'Connor, who compares adults giving sexual pleasure to a child as similar to giving a child "sweets and toys", wrote in his article "Sex Coercion and The Age Of Consent" in 1981:
"If children are coerced into submitting to sex by the use of force, or by threats, then this is certainly a violation of their rights and the attacker should be sharply dealt with. It is difficult to comprehend how merely becoming friendly with a child, and then encouraging him or her to indulge in sexual activities, can be a violation of rights."
So these perverted concepts have been around for quite some time and there is a rationale behind the ideas that has the ability to seduce weak politicians and the liberal elite.  

The ideas and concepts are so in line with the pedophile movement, and further the marriage perversion movement that we should take a look at what's brewing and the excuses that are being generated for grown people, both men and women, to have sex with children.

History & The Islamic Connection To Pedophilia

Although the Catholic Church and many Christian churches have suffered due to sexual abuse of minors and pedophilia, the fact is that pedophilia has been and continues to be disdained, both from a scriptural standpoint, and from a biblically moral standpoint. Islam is not so. It is a historical FACT that prophet Muhammad had youth brides. According to Islamic teaching on the subject, one, Muhammad's best friend's daughter, became his bride, by Muhammad's demand, at the age of 6 years old. Due to a sickness, Muhammad did not consummate the marriage until the child was 9 years old. After the death of his first wife, Muhammad had 11 wives of various ages and it was accounted that Muhammad had sex with as many of his wives as he could every day regardless of whether they were on their cycle of not. In other words, there was a disregard for the needs of a woman, only regard given to what a man desired. 

One would think things like this are corrected in modern Islam. However they are not. Leading, vocal clerics, speaking on behalf of Islam, not only affirm the historical details, but set forth new rules and guidelines, none of which overturn old regulations.

For example, a leading cleric, following the teachings of the Quran on the subject:
"A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate; sodomizing the child is OK. If a man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. . . It is better for a girl to marry in such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband,s house rather than her father’s house. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven." ~ Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Tahrirolvasyleh, volume 4 (Gom, Iran: Darol Elm, 1990), p. 186.
This man's words are yet respected and highly regarded in the Islamic world today and are not easily removed, erased, or modified by modern Imam and Clerics on the issue. There is a long history of people who want to have sex with children and to perverts such as that, the younger, the better!

Summary Of Pedophile Reasons:
Aside from some perverted religious excuses listed above, here is an additional small summary list of reason why the pedophile thinks that it is a good idea to be able to have sex with kids (with a little "spin"):
1 - As stated above, "current ages of consent {age 16 and over} are simply arbitrary. Why in post enlightenment times it was age 13." We are "progressives" so let's at least go to age 14.
2 - Too many kids are sexually illiterate when they become adults and start having sex. Kids learn everything else from adults, so learning sex should be from an adult..."It's an adult's duty to teach that young  b_ _ _ y!"
3 - Too many otherwise good adults are going to jail for having sex with kids. This is an epidemic. Lowering the age will keep these "God fearing" and otherwise "morally upright" citizens out of jail.
4 - 20% of kids are abused anyway even though the age of consent is 16 now. If the age were lowered we could seduce and abuse them first so they won't feel so bad or be so shocked when they are abused later by real criminals! 
5-  Kids will be healthier. In the countries that have a lower age of consent, kids have lower birthrates, lower incidences of HIV, pregnancies and abortions even when having sex with kids their own age, but kids having sex with an adult is always better!
Conclusion: The Door Is Opened

I have sought to make this somewhat humorous, (believe me, I KNOW sexual abuse, and especially child sexual abuse is NOT a funny thing) but I believe that the ideas and concepts are exactly on point because this is what is presented and read over and over in publications by such pedophiles. Whether having acted out upon their lusts or simply fantasizing, this is what they are saying about sex with children. 

Because marriage has been expanded, the door is opened for the community of pedophile perverts to now make their case claiming to be a sexual minority with rights because they are a "diverse minority" group. The morality of harm arguments are in full effect and in place to begin to ask questions of "who is really being hurt by having sex with a child?"  In nearly every case, according to these perverts and others like them, it is always beneficial for the children when an adult has sex with them or attempts to introduce sexual concepts.

The CHURCH, Glass House No Rocks!

The church unfortunately is not untouched by this. We have PEDOPHILE PASTORS and leaders who fantasize every Sunday about young girls legs, breasts and hips. Some see the congregation of young men and women as flowers that they can pick when they want to even placing some of our daughters and sons in compromising situations. 

What's more is that we have lazy and self centered parents and guardians and church members, unwilling to protect these daughters and sons as well. Some willingly give their children to pastors and other leaders who they "suspect" are doing inappropriate things, but who they never call into question...

A CURSE be upon you for your continued refusal to do right and safeguard our children and call the pulpit pedophile to justice!

Just in case you don't know, judgement is in the land. God said he was not going to destroy the world with water this time, but he is letting America know that he can do it if he so chooses. He can turn the water on and does not have to turn it off, because he does not have a water bill!

Next time will be FIRE! All of this garbage will burn up and melt away, right along with the immoral and the ungodly. Those are they who have rejected Jesus in spite of HIS warning. What can they expect to receive but what he has promised? Destruction. 

For all those men and women challenged with the sin of pedophilia, REPENT! Don't fantasize. That demon will never let you go once he has a hold of you. Allow the Lord to make you whole!!! Time to destroy those chains and bonds in JESUS name!


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President Obama, This One's On YOU!

In Sept. 2014, President Obama, VP Joe Biden and others, moved to call the nation to action and greater accountability and to "protect" women on college campuses all across America through the new "It's On Us" initiative to address incidents of rape, sexual abuse and violence against women which continues to occur at many of our institutions of higher learning. At one point the President uttered these words:
"It is on all of us to reject the quiet tolerance of sexual assault and to refuse to accept what’s unacceptable."~ President Barack Obama 9/2014
What a difference less than 2 years makes...

Initiated by advocates of the gay lobby, with the Office Of The President as its champion, and relative human morality as its spongy backbone, Congress is now circulating HR 3185 known as the "Equality Act" which will amend the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation in the following manner: 
"{The Act} Amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation." 
New Civil Rights Based On Feelings & Emotives:

Gender Identity ~ The new civil right!

Please pay careful attention:

Under the proposed amendment, the term "sexual orientation" is defined as "homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality;"

In addition, the term "gender identity" is defined as "gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or characteristics, regardless of the individual's designated sex at birth"

So what we have here is The Civil Rights Act on 1964, which served to lawfully liberate Black men and women, who historically endured the moral evil of chattel slavery, liberating them from the oppression of unequal treatment and access based on race, which is an unchangeable and undeniable characteristic of every individual on earth, [which cannot be hidden under most normal circumstances] to now be amended to include an individual's sexual proclivities, or how someone has sex, loves and or presents themselves by appearance to the world with NO CONSIDERATION for their gender or genetics at birth. eg: The new proposed, amended civil right is based on how a person "feels" about who they are in an intangible sense, regardless of who they are in an empirically verifiable or genetic sense.  

At one time, I remember that this President claimed to be the President of "science", or one who was not willing to live in a world that denied empirical evidence. In fact this is his mantra when it comes to global warming and climate change. However, in the case of gender and gender relations, neither our scientific President, nor his administration is willing to accept even the most basic science that a man, born a man, (same for a woman) is born that way because of chromosomal and genetic makeup and usually has a physical identity which cannot be denied. I find that very interesting that our President can be so dedicated to science when it comes to weather and weather patterns, but so deliberately blind when it comes to genetics and physical evidence...

Back to the issue:

The Bathroom & Locker Room:

Read the LETTER that was sent to School Districts across the country

Last Friday, May 13th, 2016 along with the above referenced letter, President Obama directed the Dept. Of Education to issue "guidelines" or what were called "Emerging Practices" as to how to keep transsexuals (genetically born men or women, who choose to live as the opposite sex) from being discriminated against during the process of public education. This "encouragement" stems from recent demands from the Administration to force college administrators into allowing transgender men access to female bathrooms and locker rooms under the threat of loosing federal aid and monetary assistance by claiming that failing to deny transsexuals access to the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice is a violation of Title IX and therefore would be discrimination under the law.  

For those who don't know, Title IX was implemented to improve opportunities for women in higher education sports activities by mandating equality in access and opportunity on college campuses. This allowed women to flourish with as much support in their chosen activity and sport as men. Part of Title IX demanded, as a natural outgrowth of the Act, that women would be protected by having access to a bathroom and locker room facilities similar to men, but designed exclusively for women. 

That idea was safe. It made sense, and protected our daughters, sisters and mothers on college campus...

Now, the Obama Administration is attempting to bully the same college campuses and institutions of public education, that he claimed that he wanted to "PROTECT", into allowing men, BORN BY GENDER, into women's restrooms and locker rooms, not only on campus, but all over the United States. In these instances, all a MAN has to do is "FEEL LIKE" he is a woman, or feel that he "identifies" as a woman. There is NO PROOF or STANDARD by which a MAN, any man, can be denied access to a woman's restroom or ladies locker room. In other words, the Obama Administration would be reversing any and all protections that Title IX afforded women under the Act. It would be a total reversion of any policy designed to make women safe and protected either on college campus or in a public setting. 

In this video, you will hear women, and a transsexual standing to affirm that what the Obama Administration is attempting to do is not what the country needs, is not and should not be a civil right and will do just the thing that none of us want, place our Daughters, Mothers and Sister in danger.

This is serious food for thought for anyone in a position to endorse transsexual rights or any rights that would allow men into woman's restrooms or vice-versa. We claim that it is immoral and unconscionable to even consider such acceptance.


In Contrast to what is recorded by women in the video and to proposed plans in Washington, this is President Obama's It's On Us" Initiative Address:

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Radiance Says, NAACP = National Association For The ABORTION Of Colored People

I have wondered for years why the Black community seems to be readily accepting of abortion. Statistics say that Black women abort their fetuses to the tune of nearly 1,450 per day since abortion was legalized in 1973.

Although Blacks (men and women) account for approximately 13.2% of the total United States population, they yet account for over 20% of all abortions (11 million out of the estimated 50 million abortions) performed since 1973. 

These are ASTOUNDING numbers!

I contend that historically there may be 2 startling reasons that abortion is such an accepting act among Blacks. I propose that the first may be that Dr. Martin Luther King, the champion of modern civil rights himself, received the Margaret Sanger Award In Human Rights, issued by Planned Parenthood in 1966. At that time, Planned Parenthood lauded Dr. King for lending his voice to "worldwide voluntary family planning" and for:
Coretta King Receives
Sangar Hunmanitarian Award
for Dr. Martin L. King Jr.
"unique qualities of understanding, compassion and bravery, and for his wise and unwavering leadership in securing for all people their basic human right to knowledge, dignity and opportunity that are a fount and principle of Margaret Sanger's life, this award is presented" ~ HERE
The very association of Dr. King to Margaret "EUGENICS NEGRO PROJECT" Sanger is sickening. Here we have a woman that did all she could to limit the growth and development of the Black community in particularly through targeted abortions and other methods, associated with a champion of justice, liberty and equality for the same group of persons that Sanger, through Planned Parenthood, targeted...YUCK!!!! 

Nevertheless, it may be that this "association" is the backdrop of the historical acceptance of abortion among Blacks.


Another reason for the acceptance of abortion among Blacks may be the historic endorsement of a woman's "right to choose" by the NAACP. Recently, the Radiance Foundation referenced and severely criticized the NAACP for its position of "right to choose" by displaying an NAACP 1967 Resolution endorsing "family planning, and a subsequent 2004 Resolution of the NAACP endorsing the 2004 March For Life, in which abortion supporters from around the world marched on Washington DC to demonstrate their support of abortion. 
"Board Chair Julian Bond said, "This is an issue of equal rights, and we are pleased to join those insisting on a woman's right to control her own body." ~ Feb. 2004 NAACP Press Release

In their 2004 endorsement of the pro-abortion movement, the NAACP traced their endorsement of a woman's right to choose (aka: abortion) to the 1920's, and its founder W.E.B. Dubois, in essence equating the abortion issue to an issue of "equal access" as opposed to a moral issue or an issue damaging to the Black community and Black women in particularly. even when exposed the NAACP stood by its rhetoric claiming:
“On the issue of abortion, NAACP has not supported abortion but rather supports a woman’s right to choose. NAACP’s decision not to support abortion has been influenced at least in part by the strong religious values and beliefs held by many of those in its leadership, including leading members of the clergy from across the United States.”
This statement was no more than an equivocation on the issue using semantics to cover up the real truth that the NAACP endorses abortion in the guise of a 'woman's right to choose".

Needless to say, the linking of the NAACP to this issue, by web posts and acronym associations from the Radiance Foundation such as:

National Association For The ABORTION of Colored People

National Association For The Advancement of CERTAIN People
National Association For The AGITATION of Colored People
National Association For The ANIMOSITY of CONSERVATIVE People

were also not welcomed by the NAACP and they wanted vengeance! 

1st Amendments Rights & FREEDOM OF SPEECH UPHELD!

In response to the Radiance Foundation's linking of the NAACP to the message of abortion and shedding light on the issue, the NAACP sued the Radiance Foundation, claiming that Radiance had acted improperly by linking their organization to abortion advocacy. This was in effort to clearly deny the Radiance Foundation's 1st Amendment rights to expose the issue and educate the public that the NAACP was indeed a proponent of abortion under the guise of a "woman's right to choose". It seems that the NAACP simply wanted Radiance, and anyone else,  to basically shut-up...

In an UNANIMOUS May 2015 decision against the NAACP, the Radiance Foundation's rights of freedom of speech were upheld by the court. One can hear the Court Arguments on the issue HERE

KUDOS to the Radiance Foundation for taking a stand for the right of Freedom of speech and against the dearth of abortion which is killing Black America. The Radiance Foundation's victory and timeline can be found HERE

Final Word: INTOLERANCE!!!

Fascism is a governmental polity or system that is authoritarian, and intolerant of alternate views or practices. A fascist can be said to be a person who endorses fascism or one who gives fascism legs. Since they fought opposing views so vehemently, and since they continue to suggest that those who don't agree with their positions are "not really Black" or do not represent the views of Blacks across America, can we ask the question, "Is the NAACP a fascist organization?"

For a group to so vehemently fight against the views and opinions of individuals who "dare" go against what that group wants the public to believe about them, is amazing to me.

Election 2016

Fast Forward to 2016...We have a 2 term Black President that has not only endorsed abortion under the same motif as the NAACP, but one who has promoted and proliferated homosexual rights further than any standing President in American history. We have a pending election and the Democrats are by far endorsing and encouraging either an avowed Socialist (Bernie Sanders) or a Democratic liberal (aka: progressive) Hillary Clinton, who HAS RECEIVED THE ENDORSEMENT OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and who some actually believe endorses values that "represent" Black America...(even though they "pretend' to be mad at her husband for signing a crime bill while in office that they were all aware of before he signed it)

In other words their definition of "America" is not one where there is freedom to voice opinion and freedom to expose truth and discuss things and call people into question and accountability, but their vision is one of subjugation to their agenda whatever their agenda may be. Notice, their agenda is always without or apart from God or objective morality, yet it always includes the acceptance of the church and church leaders

It is based on how they (whomever they are) "feel" about matters and issues, and when there is conflict, all they do is redefine terms to fit the need and then, if all else fails, they threaten their way to the abject silence of all detractors.

Thomas, known as "doubting Thomas" within the Gospels, told his fellow disciples that he would not believe that Jesus had been resurrected unless he saw him and examined his scars for himself. he was not going to believe if he had not personally examined the person of a risen Jesus. According to the gospel of John, nearly 7 to 8 days later, Jesus appeared in the room where the disciples had gathered themselves and challenged John, to examine his scars, to touch his hands, feet and his side, so that he could be convinced that Jesus had actually risen from the dead. (Lk. 24:36-43, Jn. 20: 24-29) 

TRUTH invites examination! The only ones saying "shut-up" and "leave me alone" and don't examine this issue, are individuals who are either demon possessed, like the demoniac(s) at Gadara, or someone who simply doesn't want to be exposed or examined in light of what is really true.

The complete liberal agenda is full of proponents that would trash all rights to preserve their evil deeds...Well, as a drunk once told me...


To that, I say a hearty AMEN!


Dr. MLKJr's Response To The Sanger Humanitarian Award: (Click to enlarge)                  



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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Propaganda & The Transexual Fight Against Women's Rights

This is in part from my Facebook posting on the issue. I have added some additional thoughts below:

"This was NBC Nightly News on the subject this evening (5/9/2016) 
First the argument is wrong and is cast for public opinion and not a true examination of how the issue effects society and women in particularly. It is shameful of the news and is tantamount to propaganda. 
The argument is actually about saying that being a woman is a myth or even folklore and that any rights that she would or could have by being a woman are optional and further based on myth. 
If a man can achieve the same rights given to a woman by law, then being a woman counts for very little. If a man can simply wake up or decide to "feel" like a woman and therefore receive all rights and privileges afforded to a woman under the law, including access to a restroom or locker room designed for and designated for her, then her identity is a myth. It, (the identity of a woman) is a fictitious fairy tale based on the whim of a man. For this reason alone every woman's group should be up in arms. 

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Obama's UNIsex Culture

Be A bully all you want to...we won't be swayed...You threatened Palatine, Illinois threatening to take away funds for education from all kids, who are "supposedly" our future, because you want biologically born males to be able to enter a female's restrooms and locker-rooms. SHAME ON YOU and all them that try to equate that type of perversion with a civil right based on race!

People, good people, died for REAL CIVIL rights, and race related equity and one is "dying" or being enslaved to go to a woman's bathroom except someone who is either a pervert or someone PRETENDING to be a woman...I wonder if you would allow a man into the restroom, dorm, or locker room with Sasha and Malia at any time?  

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Blessed! (BECAUSE I AM!!!)

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