Friday, June 26, 2009

Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 8

What Happens When Gospel Pays Tribute To The World? (Con’t)

In Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Part 7 we left off with the story of Hezekiah and Sennacherib (705-681 BC) as found in 2 Kings 18:13-16. During that seige Hezekiah, (approximately 39 years old) unfortunately delivered everything in God’s house, that was of value, all the gold and silver, all the instruments used in sacrifice, and sent them as tribute to Sennacherib hoping to appease him. After doing all of that, Sennacherib (through his messengers and generals Tartan, Rabsaris, and Rabshakeh) challenged the belief system of the Jews by telling them that the God they believed and the leaders that they trusted were lieing to them, and that it was impossible to be delivered from the Assryian King. (2 Kings 18:28-36). A second time Sennacherib sent word from Libnah saying that no god could keep Judah safe and out of his hands. (2 Kings 19:10-14) Even after receiving this tribute Sennacherib was more angry, upset and determined than ever before to destroy Judah and claiming victory over God.

We noted that $288,000,000 (which was the equivalent value of the gold and silver taken from Israel and given to Assryiah ) couldn’t convince or appease Sennacherib and his Assryian army to leave Israel alone. What Hezekiah didn’t understand was that Sennacherib, like his predecessor Shalamaneesar didn’t want the money. What he wanted was the glory. The glory of God and the total rule and authority over God’s people. From this position Sennacherib sought to claim sole authority over the destiny of God’s people.

The archaeological discovery of the Tell el Amarna letters confirm the Assryian king’s recounting of the events. The following phrase was written regarding the seige of Jerusalem:

"He himself (Hezekiah) I have shut up like a caged bird within Jerusalem, his royal city."
Yes, the people of God actually gave what belonged to God to the devil himself. Hezekiah made several mistakes to get into this situation. Not the least of which was his failure to listen to and follow the advice of the prophet (Isaiah 39:5-8) who was sent from God to instruct Judah on what it needed to do to be free from tyranny.

What Happens When The Ungodly Are Given Riches That Belong To God?

I believe that understanding the story of Sennacherib’s demand is an essential part to examining the condition of the modern gospel music industry in general. In this segment, I wish to look at what has become one of the industry’s most popular artists and discover how the church is still being asked to give what belongs to God to the devil.

Gospel Apostasy

The group called Mary Mary took the "gospel" stage by storm with their debut album "Thankful" in 2000. Currently Mary Mary has produced a CD called ‘The Sound’, and after reviewing it and being chilled to my spiritual core, I can honestly say that it is one of the most theologically challenged and imbalanced CD’s that I’ve heard in recent times that proports to be gospel.

The problem is that Mary Mary (sisters Tina ‘I can’t see you singin’ outside the church’ Atkins-Campbell & Erica Atkins-Campbell) have decided, with the help of Erica’s husband, Warryn ‘Baby Dub’ Campbell, to introduce a style of music targeted particularly to youth and the hip-hop generation. Their music is popular in both secular and gospel music circles. Secular folk have long played Mary Mary songs at parties, clubs, skating rinks and all. The music is set to BUMP and PUMP the ride right along side of its secular competitors.

To show their mixture with the world, on this new CD, a rift on the song ‘Get Up’ is simply a take off of the late Michael Jackson’s "Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough". Borrowing from the world is not uncommon in the modern gospel music circles. It was their last CD entitled "Mary Mary" which presented the song "Want Ads" with reworked lyrics retitling it as "Heaven". Although there is no acknowledgement of borrowing on this CD, it’s obvious with a quick listen that you’ve heard this somewhere before. What is confusing is that every now and then you’ll find a melodically worshipful song such as "I Worship You" (also "Yesterday" off of their previous CD).

The group has obtained 1 Platinum (over 1 million copies sold) and 2 Gold albums (over 500,000 units sold). They are the winner of 6 Stellar Awards, 1 NAACP Image Award, 2 MOBO Awards, 2 Lady Of Soul Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 7 Dove Awards, and 1 American Music Award. Their crossover appeal is orchestrated by it’s producer Warryn ‘Baby Dub’ Campbell. This is ‘Baby Dub’s’ mission:

"Right now I know God has placed a calling on my life, through my music to touch people. Right now I'm not a preacher but I realize there's a message, especially when doing Gospel. There's a certain standard that He's set. Right now my ministry is to make hits. That's my ministry! To make as many hits as possible, so that in the future people will respect me that when I'm ready to put my own record company together, I'll have people's respect to let me do what I do."

Mary Mary Producer Warryn ‘Baby Dub’ Campbell (who’s ministry is to make hits) husband of Erica Campbell, received his big break was from John Platt at EMI records who offered him a unique publishing deal that afforded him no production deadlines or quotas. ‘Baby Dub’ is in no wise exclusive to gospel or gospel music. He has produced music for hardcore gangsta rappers Tupac and DJ. Quick early on in his career. Other of his clients include Brandy, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Xzibit, Mos Def, Missy "I Am A Lesbian" Elliott, (The same one who has sung an appeared with Kiki Sheard)Mario, Shanice, Dru Hill, Musiq Soulchild. Some of his secular hits include "When I See You Smile" ~ Shanice and "Angel" ~ Dru Hill.

‘Baby Dub" was raised a preachers son. One would rightly ask the question, how did he come to write and produce secular music? Well, this is his story of how this came to be:
  • "At first I was one of those cats that said 'I'm never going to play a secular music.' [Because] my dad's a preacher, I grew up thinking it was bad until he sat me down one day and explained to me. I guess he heard me saying this, and he said 'Look you're gifted and God has given you this skill. You use what He's given you as a living. You like to do music. You can do secular music. Just don't get your occupation mixed up with your salvation.' " Warryn "Baby Dub" Campbell, by Melanie Clark Gospel Flava Online 2000
"do secular music, just don’t get your occupation mixed up with your salvation" Is that even possible???Is that the word from a gospel minister? Moreover, is it a WORD from the Lord???

Moral Neutrality

One is right to claim that Christians are needed in almost every occupation in order to bring change and proliferate the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, it should be noted that there are certain industries that are not morally neutral and that require certain values and beliefs to be relinquished before work can be done. For instance, prostitution is an age old profession. In some places it is even a legal profession. However, in order to be a prostitute one has to relinquish and rid themselves of values against adultery and fornication. Therefore prostitution IS NOT morally neutral. Similar to most occupations within the "sex industry" whether legal or not, there is usually a redefinition of moral values and those values are not usually based on the bible and the absolute truth of God’s word. There are other occupations that present the same dichotomy of circumstances and one must evaluate the moral neutrality of each occupation before one engages.

This can be a complicated issue for many, and the entertainment industry certainly doesn't have a lock on moral neutrality and exclusivity, but we should remember Paul’s teachings along these lines…"all things are lawful, but not expedient" (1 Cor. 10:23). There are secular occupations and relationships that do not offer the "expediency" of Christ or deliver benefits to the Kingdom of God.

Secular music is one of those industries as it is NOT morally neutral. What makes it worse is that modern gospel music has followed the same path by allowing the secular industry to control it. Wendell Mosley at Charismatic Tunes has defined and laid out a compelling case as to why one should not be involved within the gospel music "industry" as we know it in America. (We will discuss this in greater detail in a future post)

One should ask, why one of the most popular "gospel’ music groups consistently features secular artists? As previously stated, the current Mary Mary project is no different than their first in that respect. Their first project featured a crossover rapper named BB Jay. Well, who is it this time?

Giving The Gold & Silver To The World

This time it’s David "Let Me See Ya Panties On The Floor" Banner. Known in the secular world as one of the most profane of profane rappers, David Banner’s material could only possibly be apropos for adult secular XXX entertainment. He is so profane that the lyrics of his song ‘A Girl’ from his 2008 release "Greatest Story Ever Told" can’t even be reproduced on this site. (Or any other that has any sense of values)

I had many questions as I reviewed this release (as you can tell). When I came across the song called Superfriend (feat. David Banner) (# 4 on the CD), and after a little research and talks with some of my unsaved family members who knew more about this rapper, I wondered how in the world did a Christian EVER come across David Banner and his music in any form, and how would that Christian, DARE think to include and present such a profane individual to the church. Further, how could a Christian feel that this man, who is arguably the nastiest rapper on earth, would render anything that would be honorific to God or edifying to his people?

In short, as we will see, to introduce this rapper to the church intertwined within gospel music is the equivalent of serving vomit to your mother, your pastor and the entire church for Sunday afternoon dinner. That is an APT description.

What ‘Gospel Music’ Has Been Reduced To:

Aside from the fact that David Banner has no respect for God, and an utter disrespect for God’s church and ministers, he also displays a total objectification and degradation of women in his songs. Here are a few lyrics to one of his most popular secular pieces from his 2008 CD ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ the song is called 9MM/Speaker:

I Got A 9 Mm
Ready To Go Off Any Minute
So You Feel It
Because Of A Law I Had To Conseal It
If You (Explicative) Around You Gon Make Me Reveal It
If I Got 9 Slugs, 9 Bullets Gon Fly
If I Got A Red Beam, 9 People Gon Die
9 Momma's Gon Cry, 9 Spirits In The Sky
9 Preachers Preachin, 9 Sermons Tellin 9 Lies
Cause Each And Every One Of Yall 9 (Explicative) Wasn't (Explicative)
I Would Of Rather Kept The 9 Lugers In The Ruger Clips
The Index Finga Slip I Let The 9 Spit
I Lick Em All Like 18 (Descriptive Explicative) On 9 Chicks
Im A Suicide Risk, 9 Slits On Each Wrist
If I Died 9 Times, The Next Go Arounds A (Explicative)
And If I Come Back I Throw 99 Souls
(~~~Last Complete Line Deleted Due To Profanity~~~)

Now, thankfully that's not a gospel song but that’s what David Banner does and that’s who he consistently is. Death and destruction (especially of others) is something that he brags about. Notice, that his intent is to kill even if it’s himself and he knows the preacher’s message at the funeral of his slain is nothing but lies. As you can see from these lyrics (which he wrote) The BOY GOT ISSUES!!!

The Crossover That Will Break Your Ankles

If that was David Banner of secularism, I’d simply say he’s sick, and needs to get saved, get some psychological counciling and get with someone who can guide him to and through the TRUTH of God’s word. I’d also assume that he certainly would have no influence in gospel music, and no presentation before young people that we are delivering the council of the Lord to.

But to my surprise, not only did I find him on a gospel CD, but I also found the SAME concept and disdain for God, women and the church within his rap on Mary Mary’s "gospel song" Superfriend. Here are a few of the lyrics:

Mary Mary ~ Superfriend
A superfriend, a superfriend
Yes sir, I got me one of them
A superfriend, a superfriend
I got me a superfriend

Stop there for a minute. Is this honoriffic of God or somebody you know around the way? "I got me one of them" Obviously this CAN’T be a song about the Lord. How can you "get you one of them?" Who is this Superfriend??? Maybe David will reveal the nature of that Superfriend to us. Here we go:

David Banner’s Superfreind rap:

What have I done to deserve a life like this?
The devil's scared to fight us in the light
He hides in the midst of religion
But I know that my God is listening there for me
There's a greater mission

OK, let me interrupt for a minute. The devil hides in the midst of religion? But God is listening to him because he has a "greater mission"??? What mission could Mr. Banner have? We know that Baby Dub’s mission is to "make hits" so he can be respected…What is David Banner’s mission??? Let’s look further:

You're no girl, you're no man, but a plan for greater peace
I'll fight for the light until my flesh falls deceased
I'm fighting the devil, fighting police
And in the church, Lord I'm looked at as Satan
'Cause in my music I curse

Now, David affirms "unisexuality" by declaring a unigender as simply a "plan for greater peace". This is a secret encouragement for the homosexual agenda and same sex union. Yep! Right in the middle of a gospel song. Before you criticize me for seeing it, and speaking about it, tell me what you think he means…I wanna hear that. Don’t give me that he was indicating that there is neither male nor female in Christ…remember this song only sparingly mentions Christ and certainly doesn’t mention scripture in almost any sense.

Further, David admits his fight with the devil (white man) and the police (authority) and acknowledges that "his mission" currently encourages him to be as profane as possible. In fact the church doesn’t really understand him. Next verse:

But I'm trying to do better and that's the thing that really hurts
All this sex and the drugs in my life mean nothing
When my superfriend hugs me at night tears come rushing
There's no kryptonite, no dealing no lie that could be told

OK, here we go once again…"all the sex and drugs" in his life (in a GOSPEL SONG) mean nothing. It doesn’t??? Sex and drugs means nothing according to David Banner. This is a new gospel according to David Banner perpetuated through the music to this generation. This is a total and absolute shift from biblical morality to secular morality and norms. To affirm his position, he simply is comforted by his "Superfriend" that hugs him at night until he cries…What in the world is this??? As long as we have this "Superfriend" that affirms us we need not worry about changing anything. Just continue in sin??? What about 1 Cor. 6? Let’s finish this:

That can separate the power that you have over my soul
So stunting is a habit when I'm gripping this mic
Ya'll thinking I'm a pimp but I'm trying to be like Christ
In real life, yeah

OK, here we have confusion over who David is trying to be like. He tells us that we think he’s a pimp because of his profession, what he says and what he displays to the audience. The reality is (in his world) that he is simply TRYING TO BE LIKE CHRIST??? So if we are confused, we can simply be confused because we can’t identify the difference between David ‘Pimp’ Banner and Jesus Christ??? As we should be able to see…the SUPERFRIEND of Mary Mary is not and has nothing to do with Christ. Christ is a deliverer FROM sin not INTO sin.

Aside from rappers songs, Mary Mary also render another song called ‘Dirt’. This song tries to contrast trials and tribulations with "dirt" in a garden as an essential part of the growth of the believer. The problem is that we should ask, is "dirt" as described by Mary Mary in this song, a parallel to daily life’s trials or is it descriptive of unchecked sin in the life of the believer?

The Saint should ask, is what we go through in daily living "dirt"? Mary Mary answers the question by further explaining that the "dirt" they are referencing is personal failure and not mere daily trials. In other words the "Dirt" is SIN. Here it is:

"Dirt" ~ Mary Mary
Ooh sometimes you may sing for yourself
You struggle hard just to prevail
It’s the lesson you need to learn
It’s the way you’ve got to earn
Champions never accept defeat
They fall and get back on their feet
‘Cause they know (they know)
Just like I know (I know)
That if you want to grow we…
We all need a little bit
(I) need a little bit
Need a little bit of dirt to grow

OK, We "fall down" but that’s OK because we all NEED to fall INTO SIN in order to grow. WOW!Back to the scripture:

Hezekiah’s Solution

Hezekiah prayed 2 Kings 19:14-19 and placed himself and the nation on the complete mercy of God. Without the use of one soldier or any loss of an Israelite life, God turned the captivity around and gave Hezekiah and Judah the victory.

How Did This Happen?

Hezekiah did something miraculous before these trials began. 1- He maintained his heart before God as one who was sincere in doing right even when he made bad judgements and 2- he fortified the water system of Jerusalem. (2 Chron. 32:1) You see, it was because there was a free flow of water that Jerusalem was able to thrive while they were shut up. This water system did not exist in Lachish and Libnah which had fallen and been taken and 3- he listened to the promise of God, when God said he would send a "blast" (Is. 19:6-7)(a ruwach) and turn the enemy away and kill him in his own land.

Suddenly, after receiving the promise of God, over night (2 Kings 19:35-37), God kills 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. Naturalistic speculation is that this was due to either a plague of flesh eating rats or some mysterious deadly illness that invaded the camp. This could have been a reflection of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt when the death angel exacted judgement according to the direction of God. The result was that Sennacherib after receiving the word that his army was trached and had suffered defeat without even engaging in combat, left Libnah and after a silent 22 year absence from the area, died in his capital city of Nineveh, at the hands of 2 of his sons, while worshipping his false god.

What Was The Message?
  • The threat of the enemy against the Lord’s church is actually against the God himself
  • Compromise and rendering to the devil what belongs to god is not according to the scripture, God’s word or HIS ultimate plan for us.
  • What is dedicated to the Lord is to remain dedicated to the Lord no matter the culture or the desire to do otherwise.
There are plenty of natural reasons to give up, but none of those reasons are valid. In fact because God is God we have every reason to believe that HE will provide for us as we render sincere service to him.So far as music is concerned, too many of our artists feel that they cannot and won't be successful unless they give tribute to the enemy, with little or no regard to who they actually belong to. We should be aware that God’s people don’t have to give the enemy anything and especially that which belongs to God. The praise of the saints belongs to God so much so until he inhabits it. This is the type of Glory that the devil has desired to steal from the beginning, and it is in the church’s power to deny and refuse the enemy what he desires.

Should the venue called the "gospel music industry" exist for any of this to take place at all??? Coming up in our next post.



  1. Money says a lot of things. In fact scripture says it answers all things. Ecc. 10:19. I await the day when those with the money to really make a difference in ministry by using it, will get the vision, break from the norm and get some COURAGE to truly serve the Lord like he has required.

    I guess everyone hasn't yet counted up the cost to follow him...even those with the money...

  2. While I certainly feel you on a lot of things regarding MM and DBanner..., I can't say I agree w/ your posting here. I feel you were reaching a bit to make the case. David's rap is indicative of the soul that's gripped by sin and maybe cries for help, but simply doesn't know where/how to turn around. I was once like that but God's grace changed my life. Give the man room to grow. Maybe being around MM he MAY see hear something that will change his life.

  3. David hasn't indicated that he wanted to "grow". At least not in Christ. Now is he being like Christ before or after he tells those girls to take their panties off if they want to get with him???

    In fact his rap he criticizes the church, the minister and views his "private" relationship with his "Superfriend" above what he continues to do...I've heard songs like this over the years...Commissioned did one with RUN DMC years ago. it was entitled "Come Back Home" those guys were actually repentent in the song. It was a totally different spirit than what we see now. Where's repentance?

    I believe that we want to believe that he wants to repent but I see no evidence of it...Take it at face value.

    The Dangerous New Theology:

    So in order to reach him or make him feel comfortable we trash what we know is truth and sacrifice the minds of others who are coming out of those same sins in an uncompromising manner?

    I mean, why does David get a pass on righteousness and gets to "kick the tires", while bringing the church down to his level, while others submit because they recognize the straight and narrow way?

    What you've done is establish an alternate righteousness that encourages "craftiness" in compelling souls. This is the path of the "industry" and those seemingly at the top of the "food chain" within it.

    The question you must ask is, is your approach and what the curent ones allow the real gospel of Christ? If so, we have some problems and MUST not be reading the same bible.

  4. Your exhaustive review of Mary, Mary's latest musical regurgitation is indicative of the state of the black gospel music industry. They are slaves of satan, double agents and pied pipers. If the record companies are forcing them to colloborate with these wicked people, then my slave analogy is correct. If they are doing it willingly, then Im correct in calling them agents of satan.

    No one in their right spiritual mind could do something like this and claim to care about God's church, people or God himself.

    That is the most direct way to explain this profane collaboration they continue to engorge themselves with.

    I have absolutely zero respect for this profane industry. Unfortunately for them mammon is their god and they sing of his glory with no shame while using Christ's name to deceive and lead others astray.

    I fear this industry will eventually openly sing apostasy. There are really no restrictions preventing them from doing so already.

    Pastor B, its been proven over and over, case after case that not one of these secular artists have come to true faith in Christ through these collaborations.

    Remember when Kirk Franklin trotted R Kelley out to the church? He only got worse. The problem? The gospel artists have no power or connection to Christ. I dont even think they are trying to bring them to Christ, just get their next booty shakin hit. I guess it gets it "gospel" rating by the "worship" song they bury on the soundtrack.

    Sackcloth and ashes.

  5. Super,
    Thanks for giving us the lyrics to these antichrist breathed songs. I bought my daughter one of Mary Mary Cds based on hearing their song "My Body is the Lord's temple." I mistakenly thought that these young ladies were living a holy life. I did not not much else about them. It's a shame that those professing to be a Christian artist is more influence by mammon than God's promises.

    Thanks for being there to discern the precious from the vile. I did not buy nor would I buy a CD when a so called gospel artist collaborates with secular artist. You are teaching me that I need to listen to all songs that she listens to because in the past if there was a christian artist then I thought that we were okay. I stand corrected.

    Many thanks,

  6. Pastor Harvey Burnett this post blew my mind, I am not shocked either at the least but it is a shame what the "Gospel" music industry is doing for the sake of fame fortune and really wanting the world. I do not believe that Mary Mary is saved and I agree with the statement that Gmcwatch made when he said that Mary Mary are pied pipers and satan's agents in the gospel music industry. They want the world and I believe that the Cross Movement, da truth and all the other holy hip-hoppers are satan's agents pushing his agenda in the Church. I am from and live in the Philadelphia area where the Cross Movement are from and the hoopla that the Church is in to these people is stupid.

    They have fans just like the secular artist, they will defend their favorite artist to the core. The people got hype and said things like "Do you know who that is?!" Like a fan would do their favorite secular artist that they see. They all got hype when they saw Corey Red who was at a birthday party at a Church I attended last month in Philly, I did not know he was going to be there. The world and the so called Church of Christ are one. I no longer look at gospel artist who do things like what Mary Mary did and say they are saved. If they are for the world and collaborating with the world then they are the world.

    Because in the end they are not saved and going to hell so those who truly live for Christ are going to heaven. So even though they profess Christ they are with the devil with their agenda. So there is only the Church and the world and the secular has two divisions, the secular and it's sub-division the "gospel music industry". They are all the same thing, just different titles to usher in the coming of the Anti-Christ. That is it.

  7. I'll tell ya, the Saints have some work to do in teaching this generation what true holiness is all about.

    The entertainment and personality has gotten in the way of the gospel and has been placed there by individuals willing to accept standards of the world as a replacement for the standards of Christ. So this is very problematic everywhere.

    One thing that will stop most of this...What if our money becomes valueless? I mean what if the one thing that we know that keeps this going (money) becomes without value over night? Do we not think that can happen?

    All I know is that God will reign it in somehow, and I believe he will.

  8. This is something that I may do...can anyone tell em how many times the name "Jesus" is specifically said on this CD?

    Or look for

    "God" -Which is in "We Worship You" Often

    Holy Ghost or Spirit etc.

    I wonder is that a consideration for conversations like this?

  9. That is a stunning question Pastor Burnett. what if money becomes obsolete overnight? I do think it would be replaced with something of equal power in terms of selling and buying goods.

    God is certainly up to something, but satan is hiding in the mix too.

  10. well, I watched the tribute to Michael Jackson on BET Awards last nigh, whom I remember from a child and it is a great loss of memorable music from my teenage years and the story that catapulted the black family to fame, and was extremely saddened whether I agreed with his life or not...But...when Jamie Fox introduced Mary Mary as "royalty" of Gospel and they came out sounding like "T-Pain" and in the tightest clothing, moving like rappers, and Tina had on the tightest leather pants I have ever seen...They were singing "God in Me" and you wouldn't have known it was gospel or what they were saying if the teleprompter didn't tell you...I was extremely disappointed and at least if they were going to do a tribute really sing a song of encouragement or comfort like "Yesterday" or an old hymn...It was horrible and as you said typically in these collaborations the "secular" artists don't change...With the death of Michael Jackson and all of his accomplishments,seem this would have been a wake up call for the artists and especially mary mary to give God the Glory and use that platform to witness...wouldn't say they aren't saved, but it was extremely unsettling and gives me pause to think about that whole industry...

  11. Excellent, Pastor Burnett, EXCELLENT! There's really nothing more to say that the other's haven't commented on (other than Anonymous basically thinking it's ok to mix holy with unholy)for the purpose of the unholy possibly "seeing or hearing something that may change his life).

    I believe Rev 22:11-14 says it best about these so-called gospel artist, "aint's", (I mean "saints" and sinners as a whole today...

    VS. 11)"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

    VS. 12) And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

    VS. 13) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

    VS. 14) Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    VS. 15) For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and IDOLATORS, and whosever loveth and maketh a lie!


    Blessing! Sister Pat

  12. Praise the LORD!

    Pastor Burnett, GCMWatch, Oregonsistah, and other saints of the MOST HIGH GOD, GOD bless you for on point and strong meat!

    And Pastor Burnett, GOD bless mightily in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST for you, sir, you man of GOD for being courageous and on the frontline and fulfilling Isaiah 58:1
    " Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins."

    Dear Saints,
    What is the difference between MaryMary and Beyonce? Both were "raised" in the "Chuuch". Mispelled purposely,"Chuuch". Both were singers and performers from an early age in the "Chuuch". Both came from middle class black american values. They did not come from the hood or single parent experience. They came from what looks like solid roots.

    Now, Beyonce, we know her true colors and what she stands for. There is no "mask" to her show, her platform, and her desire for the world! This type of enemy is EASY TO SEE! You do not have to discern them! Amen.

    But what about the enemy you can't see, unless you have DISCERNMENT!
    MaryMary, they have on a mask. They are pharisees! And they aren't the only ones! So is Kirk Franklin and others in this worldly industry, gospel music. MaryMary and Erica's husband producer WANT, LUST for the same stage and platform as Beyonce. Only difference: Here it comes! Beyonce comes in the name of "Sasha Fierce". MaryMary and that whole production outfit come in the name of "GOD". I would contend the worse enemies to the Church are those that claim to be part of the Church and claim to live for the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    If you notice with many of the gospel singers, as well as with many mega status ministers(I am not excluding them either, T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Cashflow(Creflo), Hilliard, the Houston One), when they get the stage, the fame, the platform, and the riches. These people show their true colors. They compromise a little hear and a little there, and then Satan owns them!

    I watched Sunday Best both seasons, to see what MaryMary's fruit was. The fact that you are on BET speaks volumes to the World...not the Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST...but the WORLD! Listen to how they critique people singing unto the LORD! That is blasphemous! MaryMary, Kirk Franklin, BeBe Winans were ALL ABOUT WHO COULD SELL ALBUMS! Find a model or a construct where the people SOLD or MERCHANDISED the "Holy things" of GOD, and look what our LORD and SAVIOUR DID! He whipped them and cast them out of the temple! And when did GOD say to have talent shows to see who is qualified to sing unto HIM? Come on now!

  13. Pastor Burnett and others, Please judge this word. I know this is a word from the LORD!

    I have to share this word that I came across from a minister that was on Open up your spirits to receive this word from the LORD. The ministry is and the pastor is Darrin Smith. This word speaks to this very subject...not just in gospel music, but to the American Church as a whole! Amen.

  14. "Your Prophets Practice Divination for Pay" Part I

    I would like to share a word with you that I feel is very important for us today in the body. The Lord gave me this word a couple days ago and I had to really pray over sending it out. I don’t like always putting out hard words that anger people but I must be true to what I hear. Most of the prophets today are afraid to offend an instead have started an industry off their own where they entice people to come to them to receive a word which is simply not biblical.

    Please judge this word and respond if you wish.

    Micah 3:11 Her heads judge for a bribe, Her priest teach for pay, and Her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the Lord and say Is not the Lord among us? No harm can come on us. Verse 12 Therefore because of you Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem shall become heaps of ruins, and the mountain of the temple like the bare hills of the forest.

    This is right where we are as a nation and as the church. Consider this our leaders are so corrupt that double talk in politics is the norm, The reality is that money talks our leaders vote how the money says to vote they make judgments for bribes. We are right now being sold a lie about the war we are fighting. Don’t get me wrong a have a great respect for our troops and their sacrifice and I pray for them daily but the facts are our leaders have sent them to an unjust war. We are losing young men and women in a war that is trying to establish a muslim lead government. Think about this would Jesus want us to install an antichrist government in the world much less spill blood for it? Many of the soldiers are christians how ironic we send christians to help install a muslim government.

    Her priest teach for payment. Let’s move to the church, we have created a system that invites the money changers into the house. Its common for ministers to sell preaching tapes of coarse it’s always to cover cost but its funny they charge 5.00 for a tape that cost .70cents or 10.00 for a CD that cost less than a tape. We never question them because if we do we are called critical. It’s so common that now we pay for conferences we pay for teaching sessions we pay for what ever the harlots have to sell as long as it makes us feel good. Sorry for the word harlot I can’t think of a better term. We buy their books we buy their music and all the while we are told we are supporting ministry. When actually we are helping them move the money changer tables into the house.

  15. Part II

    Next her prophets divine for money. Today people are running to and fro seeking a word from God. People travel to hear a prophet give them a personal word and actually they are taking part in divination!! Where in the Bible do we see people chasing after someone to receive a personal word? I believe in the prophetic and touch the gift from time to time but what we see for the most part today is divination. The thing that scares me is that many of the denominations that don’t teach this are starting to seek it as well. The prophetic gift in the body is being turned into nothing more than witchcraft. If I asked these people about fortune teller they would say that’s of the devil but they want their fortune told and are making people try to do it. These same people will protest outside fortune tellers and then drive a 100 miles to receive a word. Now people are charging openly for giving a word. None of this has a precedent in the Bible I beg you brothers search the word for yourself. These false prophets are trying to move into the Baptist Church now we must pray that God keeps them out. I believe an awakening is taking place in the Baptist Church and its about to come alive with the Holy Spirit and Body ministry we must pray to keep these false profits out and I mean to say profits cause that’s what they are all about. The true prophets of today are preaching Jesus and repentance not fortune telling for pay!! They are challenging the Church to shake off the world and press forward into the harvest. If you disagree and can prove this wrong please do I just want truth but you must do it in the Word.

    I’m sending this word because the time is short and the Lord said to me in my spirit I’m about to plow the church and leave many temples desolate. We must repent for allowing these things to go unchecked. If you think I have a mean spirit or I’m critical please come and talk to me I’m just trying to be obedient to the Lord. The Lord has broken me as well as the guys walking with us for the body. Please consider this word if you think its on forward it time is short we must move now!

    On Christ alone I stand DarrenSmith

  16. Oregonsistah,

    Yea, I saw about as much of that fiasco as I could stand too. Mary Mary were hailed like you said as "Queens" and then got out there and acted and looked like...well ANYWAY. That was horrible.

    Michael's death was an apripos time to make a difference and speak plainly that talent won't get you to heaven and everything that a person is or has achieved in this life means NOTHING if it's not done to the glory of Christ and building of his kingdom.

    Additionally, the black Entertainment Industry should have been encouraging one another to come to a higher standard in all things because of the way that black are perceived...I mean look at it..."Michael IS LIKE Elvis" etc...Elvis was a woman beater, open adulterer and clearly a drug and illegal substance user.

    This whole controversy shows that the EI views black entertainers with equal or less values as others in the industry. Then Jamie gets out there with T-Pain and performs the most lewd and nastiest songs they have filled with sexual garbage...talking about "blame it on the alchohol"...

    Beyonce goes CRAZY and sings a version of Ave Maria look at this:

    "She was lost in so many different ways
    Out in the darkness with no guide
    I know the cost of a losing hand
    Never thought the grace of God go high

    I found heaven on earth
    You were my last, my first
    And then I hear this voice inside
    Ave Maria"

    Ave Maria is the first part of the Roman catholic prayer to Mary. She dresses up in a leotard and se through nightgown, then is changed into a virgin with a crown and flowing veil...If nothing else that was sacreligious. This is some serious mess.

    Will they hear and see that god is calling and it's time to break that garbage up.

  17. Enochwalked,

    Bro. Darren is on point. We've allowed so much but not encouraged real and true repentance.

    Someone said, "why are you so critical?" I said I'm not "so" critical, I just believe that it's time that the church reform itself in the area of it's presentation. There must be multiple clear voices of direction on the issue and too many leaders have shirked their responsibility.

    This whole thing belongs to God. Who's willing to fight for what is HIS? That's the question that each individuals believer must ask.

  18. God Bless you Pastor Burnett,

    I have been awaiting someone to finally expose Mary Mary and other artist for what they really stand for and this post is amazing. I have forwarded it to my friend (of which we were both having an on going debate regarding "God in Me" song).

    The one thing that is really disturbing me about this music is that I am witnessing what it is doing to youth who need to be saved.

    I am only 25 years old and I attend a church with a lot of teenagers. Unfortunatly, these youth are not living holy nor do they have a desire to do so. My husband is 27 and he is a Bishop. We both preach our brains out but somehow the holiness message is not coming through. We have even taken the youth to see Elder G Craige Lewis and let them watch the DVD's. We have even told them our testimonies and prayed. However, we are becoming more and more frustrated because these Gospel artists will get on TV and tell millions of youth pretty much the opposite of what we preach. Guess who they listen to.

    My question for you, Pastor Burnett, is how do we truly get through to the youth who are listening to Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and all these other so called "gospel artists" who are sending unholy messages? How do we really get through to them without sinking to the level of other youth pastors?

    Thank you,

    Thank you for your advice.

  19. Sister Ashley,

    The battle is not YOURS, it's the Lord's! (1 Sam. 17:47, 2 Chron. 20:15) The battle I speak of is for the minds of the youth that the Lord has sent to your church.

    The Lord has called you to teach, train and model holiness in front of your youth and safeguard the ministry so that those who engage leadership positions under your authority mind the same values that you espouse from God's word.

    You and your husband are to teach exclusively until God sends others that will mind the same spiritual values that you have. This is the vinyard that God has placed you over and noone has the ability to replace the insights that god gives you for that local flock. Noone...not myself, G. craige or anyone has greater insight or a greater ability to help those of your congregation than you.

    All them that the Lord has sent to you will stay and grow. Whoever goes away is a benefit to you even in their departure. The word is not to be compromised under any circumstance but is to be applied with pastoral skill, not evengelical skill.

    Your expectations should be that of a pastor, not evangelist...The pastor has a long term committment in love, patience and mercy...Apply that standard to what you place within your congregation and to what you expect to receive from your congregation.

    Finally, but most importantly, bring them to an alter experience with God consistently. They must come to know god for themselves and develop their own experiences through the word with HIM. God will do for them in a matter of minutes, what you are trying to figure out how to do. You know their need but god know how to meet it and they must be delivered to God. That's your ONLY job when you get down to it.

    How do I know these things?...God dealt with my spirit about the same subject matter. In fact this was the word last Sunday:

    1 Thess.4:4-7~"4-That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour; 5-Not in the lust of concupiscence, even as the Gentiles which know not God: 6-That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have forewarned you and testified. 7-For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness. 8-He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit."

    1- The standards for righteousness and holiness ARE NOT horizontal, they are vertical. Standards of righteousness are objective, gained from above, not subjective, gained by looking at peers or the human community.

    2- Our bodies (not merely spirits) are to be presented to God in holiness and righteousness nothing less (Heb. 12:14)(1 John 3:3)

    3- He has done this for us by first sanctifying us. Our response irs merely to walk within what he has done.

    4- If this message (righteousness in general) is not received, those who reject it are not merely rejecting men (me or you) they are rejecting God himself.

    This is HIS battle, all we do is our part in it by merely showing up.

    Keep preachin', it's working and you know that when you begin to resistence.

    God bless and be encouraged, and if you need to be reinforced, I don't need no SUV's special water, expense accounts or nothing...just keep that in mind!

  20. pastor burnett; thanks for the insight into Beyonce, no one knew what that was about...pretty wicked when I think about it.

  21. Check out the update I've added on Mary Mary's song "God In Me" as reviewed on youtube by Ringo.

    I don't agree with some of Ringo's biblical interpretations but I believe he's right on point regarding this one.

  22. There is not a single Christian artist who has not been collaborating with a strange or curious person person.If I'm wrong prove me the contrary.Some make mistakes and have a lack of understanding and knowledge, just like any other Christian. But for some others, there are two possibilities:either they are really innocent and fools , or they are dangerous hypocrite snakes.

  23. Karis,

    Once again there is a difficulty in understanding your point. There are Christian artists who have not corroborated with secular artists. I've been doing gospel music for over 30 years and have never included a secular artist in my your statement is an overreach.

    now many of the most popular gospel artists such as Mary-Mary for instance have secular roots. They were background singers in the secular industry. They choose to bring some of those artists into the gospel industry to their shame.

    So yes, there are many, but it's not a forgone conclusion to do and have such practices. That leads into the greater question of should a gospel music industry exist? I'd say no if it is controlled by secular individuals and corporations.

    Once again clarify your commentary.

  24. I know.We french people do not often do that, almost I must confess that the new generation is obviously dealing with secular artists.I'm talking abt the major and very well known Gospel artists.I used to avoid listening to every artist who had dealed with that.and then Irealised that every artist I could listen to (it's not easy to find gospel music in france and francophone africa)had done that!So I wonder are they all hypocrites, or are they all ignorant.

    I say this because I know christians, even leaders who listen to secular music and don't see anything wrong with that.

  25. Karis,

    So you can help me get my French back on track? Je parle le Francais. Que Dieu vous Benisse!

    As you point out many individuals pastors and otherwise see no problem or conflict with listening to secular music. This is problematic.

    They would say that the music is no different than any other thing that we do such as drive cars, eat at restaurants etc...

    Cars and restaurants however do not display or set a moral tome or speak to moral issues. Music does. So the comparison is not effectual in my opinion.

    So we are truly at a crossroads so far as the church and its interaction in the "world" and the system of the world is concerned.


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