Thursday, November 10, 2016

At The 109th COGIC Holy Convocation... Pray For Our General Board Bishop

Thursday Nov. 10th at the end of a dynamic message from the Lord, the Bishop and General Board Member of the Church Of God In Christ, J. Drew Sheard collapsed. 

We suspect that dehydration may have been the culprit here. The Bishop does have a superhuman schedule. One thing we know, GOD IS a healer and a very present help in time of trouble!

A second thing we KNOW is that Bishop Sheard is a holy man that fears the Lord and DOES live right!!! My message to these internet idiots claiming otherwise...PLEASE SHUT-UP!!!!

May the Lord bless Bishop J. Drew Sheard. We are praying for his quick and full recovery. 


  1. The bishop is doing well. It was dehydration. Happened to me before too while preaching at my bishop's church in Chicago. Didn't know how sick I was until I went to the hospital.

    Thank God all is well!

  2. What happened to the 2 bishop he collapsed as well
    Don't respond to one respond to both parties that preach

    1. I respond to the one I know and saw, not the one I speculate about...From what I am told, the other Bishop is OK as well, but I know nothing more of that.

  3. It seems that Carter and others was happy to hear about the death of our General Assembly Chair, and that he was using this to point out God's vengeance upon the church...

    First he is silly....every year, folk die, including some Bishops.
    Secondly, why would God kill folk because of a disagreement he has with Bishop Blake?

    I am determined to know that if he was getting paid and getting the appointments, he would have no complaint. Sorry, but I have not seen otherwise from him to suggest otherwise, and neither his or the other fella's words are directed towards redemption.

    It seems that somebody told them that if they speak loud enough, long enough and abrasively enough that the church or somebody would make a settlement with them...Well, that's not happening!


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