Monday, March 28, 2016

Running Scared: Gov. Nathan Deals Away Religious Protections In GA

"I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia of which my family and I are a part of for all of our lives,"..."Our actions ... are not just about protecting the faith-based community or providing a business-friendly climate for job growth in Georgia. This is about the character of our State and the character of its people."

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has backed down from a position of protecting religious freedoms vetoing a House Bill known as "The Free Exercise Protection Act", due to significant pressure from gay advocacy, media and the entertainment industry who have all converged to threaten all persons who believe that religious freedoms, and freedoms of corporate entities such as churches and church backed organizations, should be protected at all costs. 

>>Read Georgia's HB 757 As Proposed<<

Led by a group known as "Georgia Prospers" corporations from Comcast/NBC Universal, The NFL, Disney, Intel and Home depot to name a few, have arisen to to say that

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What's Behind It All?" A Debate About God, Science & The Universe

Many Things I could say about this debate and I will save them for commentary for those who desire to comment...I will say that Meyer sick is worth more than Krauss and his views well! 


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Signs Of A Cult

While there are many different types of cults such as religious cults, new age cults, and even political cults interestingly enough, even in a day when knowledge and information is at an all time high, cults and cult leaders seem to flourish.
What I would like to point out is that many of the things that occur within cults are similar. The question is why do cults and cult leaders continue to thrive and how do we identify cults? 

As it pertains specifically to religious cults, here are a few answers to those questions. Please feel free to respond with more: 

I - Cults Lead With Hate
One of the primary ways to identify a cult and cult leaders is that they nearly always implore or promote a message of "hate" and hatred. Unlike Christianity, who's message is rooted in love, the message of the cult leader is rooted in self-righteous zeal and operates off of a baseline of hatred. The target of cult leaders are hated not only because of who they are, but often because of what they have gained and by who others are around them. So in essence, the object of hatred is not only the target, but the persons associated with the target. The cult leader spends excessive time attempting to seduce those closest to their target to hate and despise the target. 

II - Cults & Cult Leaders Overtly Appeal To Emotion And Emotionalism:

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Monday, March 21, 2016



In my article, "What God Through TRUE Repentance Can Do" I noted the following:
"Prior to 1988 Pastor/Evangelist Jimmy Lee Swaggart, known by millions simply as "Brother Swaggart" was preaching all over the country and traveling overseas conducting what we now call mega conferences. He was pastoring over 7,000 members at his church, Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA. (then a part of the Assemblies Of God), bursting at the seams with a thriving Christian bible college, and receiving donations, from an estimated 8 million weekly American TV audience, (over 500 million viewers world wide) Donations were estimated to be in excess of $150,000,000 annually (that's over $500,000 per day). He was achieving all of this while preaching against sin in all forms from the White House to skid row."
What I did not mention in the article was that when Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart stated that Jim Bakker was a "cancer" in the Body Of Christ that needed to be "cut out", it wasn't long before Swaggart himself was caught with prostitutes not just once, but twice. This exposure led to a scene of repentance on a national TV broadcast that was so heavily broadcast that stations interrupted their regularly scheduled programs to televise Swaggart's repentance live.

Though Bakker went to jail for atrocities centering around financial mismanagement, he lived to repent and wrote a book called "I Was Wrong" and explained the sinful details of his own life. Currently, Bakker is thriving with a completely different ministry and approach, and still repairing the damage of his sins. 

Swaggart, having repented, is still moving on strong as well. His TV and radio networks are expanding and he has a new message singularly focused on redemption through the cross which is a good thing. He certainly preaches against sin and sinful activities and behaviors, but there is no vitriol in his messages.   

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Prodigal SON Returns...From Transgender to STRAIGHT!!!

Calling himself the prodigal son, the transgender entertainer formerly known as Rhianna (Ri Ri) Nicole recently stated that he must come back to be the MAN that God made him to be and has found his faith in God. 

In 2015, the entertainer known as Ri Ri Nicole said that he did not identify himself as a Christian. However, in what appears to be a complete, radical transformation, in a recently released video he has changed his name back to "Antonio"  going forward, explaining that he is leaving the transgender world and all of its trappings for the beauty and excellence of Jesus Christ!

BEING TRANS IS WRONG...It's not gods will for me to be transgened... It's a lie told by Satan to kill me.. And to keep my soul from inheriting the kingdom of GOD PLEASE SHARE
Posted by Ri Ri Nicole on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

In a 2015 interview, Antonio explains that although sexual abuse at a young age opened the door to explore transgenderism and immerse himself into the sex industry as a result, that it was his own decision that led him into the lifestyle that he is now fleeing:
"Sexual abuse is a plight faced by many adolescents whom identify as transgender. This is a topic that should be openly discussed throughout the community. By telling my story, I feel that it could impact the lives of so many other young people whom could be facing the exact, similar situation that I was." ~ [Antonio (formerly Rhianna Nicole 2/26/15 Transmuplanet]

While Antonio was careful to not blame his choice of sexual identity on the perverted actions of a sexually abusive father, he does however point to the horrible shame and burden of sexual abuse and the effects on the victims. 

We stand in prayer and in thanksgiving to God for the ongoing transformation and restoration of this young MAN back to his MANHOOD! Bound to be the target of the gay advocacy movement and the transgender advocacy movement, Antonio needs the prayers and guidance of the Christian community now more than ever before.

We hope that he will be a guiding light to all those stuck in the confusion of transgenderism and that God will use him to continue to touch countless lives just as he has touched ours by allowing JESUS to be his Lord. 

Jude 24-25 ~ 24-Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25-To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

Antonio...WE pray for your success, strength and continued growth in the Lord!


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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Brian Carn...In The Lineage Of TUFIK

Read "Touch Not" 9/2010

As I listened to Brian Carn's latest retorts and condemnation against those who have exposed his ministry (as if the false prophecies weren't already enough) I noticed the same "touch not mine anointed" GARBAGE that nearly all these false prophets have used for years in his speech along with the "God's gonna get you" mess too...

See, I remember when Jones...that is MURDERER and false prophet Jim (God said poison them in Guyana) Jones, said the same things as well. He too was trying to convince people that he was a great Messianic leader, highly anointed, and prior to his death WAS Jesus in the flesh himself. After educated and uneducated, wealthy and poor died together in a strange land at the hand of this vile and evil person, only then did people begin to wake up to the fact that the devil that they had been preaching about was a real devil.  

Then there was Tony "touch not mine anointed" Leyva. An evangelist and prophet who coined the phrase "touch not" among modern day ministers. Tony molested and trafficked over some 700 young boys in the Southeastern United States. The largest child prostitution ring in US history at the time...He traveled extensively, prophesying, talking a good talk, filling auditoriums and churches, and used his national radio program, asking folk to fund his campaign against the FBI investigation that he was under, preaching loudly "TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED" and that God was going to destroy his enemies...He would warn that people should "keep their mouth off of the man of God"...I guess his mouth on his victims private parts was enough!

When the dust settled, Leyva died in abject shame in prison as skin cancer ravaged him. To prove how filled with the devil he actually was, even after his release from prison, he still couldn't keep his hands off of kids...

Then there was Earl Paulk. A so called Bishop in ATL. packing the people in with his "dominion now" theology and false "doctrine of the King's meat" in which he claimed that all leaders and kings (like Pastors and Bishops) were entitled to. In his secret teaching he noted that kings had "abundant meat" in the Kingdom, without restriction. eg: Kings had as many wives and as much sex as they could stand and God did not restrict or condemn them. As a pastoral leader, he felt that he was in a unique position to do the same...

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