Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Holy Ghost Filled, Fire Baptized Gay People"

This is what happens when you play with God and demons take control

Saints, I have no words...Beside the fact that we knew it all along, but to now try to convince the church with Bobby Jones co-host, Lexi...Please tell me I am having a nightmare.

Blessed-With The Help Of Jesus 4-Real!


  1. Hello Pastor

    I don't what the hell this guy is even talking about? I did pick up some of his points tho. Let's see, first we have gay people to thank for Gospel music. And then I think he says it's OK to be gay because alot of other people are having sex outside of marriage, then of course it's not his fault because God hadn't told him what to do yet and finally he is gonna go to heaven because he's telling the truth.

    Makes sense to me.

    Salute, feeno

  2. Feeno,

    That's what I was sayin'...this is so far out there it's UNBELIEVEABLE.

  3. Pastor Burnett,

    Say WHAT????? Lawd Please "Make him over again!!!" Only you can do it!!!
    Please tell me this is not for real.

    Alicia (aka Surokoda)

  4. There's a way that "seems" right unto a man...but the "end" thereof...Y'all know the rest!

    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  5. Leviticus 18:22 "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. " Seems clear to me where God stands when it comes to this particular sin. I'm not understanding where the confusion comes in. It seems pretty clear to me. However, Tonex ended the interview best by asking people to pray for him and that is exactly what I will be doing because it's clear to me that he is double minded and the Word of God also says that a "Double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways" One last comment I would like to make is that yes God loves everyone but he hates the sin, whether it's heterosexual sin or homosexual sin.
    Much Prayer Tonex and I will be praying for you.
    In Christ Love,

  6. My sister and I saw this video. and she confided me the following week that she went to bed really sad after seeing this brother's state. I am sad as well.

    I don't know what to say. But it seems like somebody in leadership or his parents could have prevented some of this long ago. He has some serious problems--a lot of these ideas he is spouting is just plain heresy...Sometimes, with young people, we are quick to say when we see their unusual hair, weird clothing choices, lifestyle changes and so forth--that they just going through a phase, they just being young people, they expressing themselves and having fun. No, something is wrong! It's sad that no one had the discernment early on, in his life, to see that something was wrong...

    He needs to be delivered from this molestation wound. And he seems to have a lot of pent up anger at the church--which I guess is why he feels the need to revamp everything the church does and believe--talk about a lot of misdirected and wasted energy.

    And apparently, being a "recording artist" or artist is of more importance to him than being a pastor or even a christian. It's embarassing and disturbing.

    Man, if I was in this condition, I would walk away from the music, the church, and work on my soul salvation--so I could at least be sure about's just not worth it

    And given his history, I don't even know if he's seriously gay or if he's saying this so that he can get attention or something? He's just too much...Tonex has since released a commentary on the church's response to the interview:

    it does not present a good picture of this brother---I'm sorry but talent is not the primary requisite for getting into the kingdom--and apparently, Tonex has been led (by Hollywood, Prince, MJ or whoever) to believe this the case...he needs help...seriously

  7. He 's right, He has a ghost, not the "Holy Ghost". Very sad!!!!


  8. Rogers,

    Thanks so much for that article...I think that may be the new front page...This guy is not only gender confused he is an idiot!

  9. "The Church" (a term that I have come to the understand solely and significantly indicates the American Church only) has for the last almost 100 years propitiated a compromising religious based message which pompously sourced alcohol as the capital and chief repeat offender against our version of holiness and righteousness. (Which of course conflicts with the extravagant previsions of Christ's first miracle at the wedding of Cana of Galilee! < but that is another>)

    For almost 100 years while we preached so vehemently against alcohol, we said nothing about obesity, abortion, homosexuality, divorce and pornography. We majored on the minors and minored on the majors! We shouted what God whispered, and whispered what God shouted!

    By our silence we have given our consent to the very things which have now infiltrated our ranks from the pulpit to the pew! Now that the enemy has breached the gates we find that our Pious theology offers no hiding places and we are now forced to say what we should have been saying all along, at the cost of being hailed as bigots, and homophobes.

    We have given birth to sons and daughters who live through the revisitation of sin on the third and fourth generation. In our current day the divorce rate is higher in the church than it is in the world. We have a diluted concept of contract and not even the most remote understanding of Covenant. Which results in us cycling through marital spouses as we do the tires on our vehicles. (2 years)

    With that being said I can’t even talk about “Church Abortions” without bursting into tears and running to weep between the porch and the altar. But the issue of topic is even more scary.

    HOMOSEXUALITY. Another product of our silence was the fact that if the kindness of God leads us repentance, how can they hear except they have a preacher....... Well the preachers said nothing about the issue allowing the problem to go unchecked and unchallenged, putting our children at risk! There was no preaching therefore no conviction. That combined with another tragedy of promoting peoples gifts despite the deficit of their character was fuel for closet homosexuals to ascend to the hilltops of rank and affect the change that they wanted to see. (which was ultimately to have their sin accepted). In the Church I grew up in several men (even married ones) practiced homosexuality. I knew that at 13 years of age. But their behavior was excused because of their musical abilities or relation to the pastor.

    Many Denominations that have stood through the theological storms of history as pillars of the protestant evangelical movement have now crumbled, their beautiful worship centers and cathedrals now charge admission as mere museums entertaining the mobile masses as only an echo of yesterdays prolific voices.

    Dear God Help us!

    The Current rate of divorce coupled with the recent Supreme Court rulings just crowned the American Family at the top of the endangered species list.


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