Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fear To VICTORY, Overcoming COGIC Clergy Sexual Abuse & Silence

Fear To Victory, Overcoming COGIC Clergy Sexual Abuse Pt. 3
For The First Time Hear SURVIVORS of COGIC Clergy Sexual Abuse Tell Their Own Story 

Since 2007 this ministry has worked hard to fight for and give voice to the victims of sexual abuse and clergy sexual sins within the Church Of God In Christ.  In 2011 Elder D.L. Foster of and myself conducted a 2 part interview ( COGIC Issues Pt. 1, COGIC Issues Pt. 2) regarding the level and depth of victimization that had taken place within our church. One of the areas that was addressed was the church's failure to acknowledge those who have been victimized by the ungodly actions of certain individuals who simply lived contrary to their faith by  failing to understand the standard of responsibility that they were supposed to have maintained by shepherding the flock of God and protecting those members of it at all times. 

1 Pet. 5:2-3 ~ "2-Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; 3-Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock."

Although we are are glad that the church has taken steps to assure that leaders are properly screened and vetted before becoming COGIC pastors and representative leaders, and for what is called a "zero-tolerance policy" against sexual harassment and abuse, we are yet saddened because of the continued culture of silence that exists as it pertains to how the abused are treated, and the overall official church response to such issues of vital importance. Plainly speaking, it seems that the church feels, that it is better to avoid the victims all together, saying nothing to them or their families in any official capacity and, on occasion, writing a check to make victims go away, rather than pouring the healing salve of Jesus.

Over 20 Years In The Making

Needless to say, being unresponsive to victims that have endured hardships and pains, much of which may never fully be told, is a second victimization of those that have been damaged by clergy sexual sins. This victimization is a deafening silence in response to accusations,  and failure to act swiftly in the removal of those who have engaged in criminal activity. 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

You Too Can Be A SLUT...

Illinois SLUTS for Obama bring "SLUT Buttons" to DNC
Politics has hit an all time new LOW

In and advertising campaign that would potentially embarrass even Velvet Jones, a feminist delegation from Illinois  of the Democratic National Convention has taken the 2012 election campaign to an all new low level of mass and utter confusion. Now for the first time in American history, the feminist movement, in trying to pander for votes, has sold and distributed over 1,000 "SLUT Buttons" with demand and orders for more.

"They're going like hot cakes" ~ Barb Brown Illinois Delegate, Chester, IL.  

Sandra Fluke
In a move to capitalize on the statements by Rush Limbaugh regarding Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke earlier this year, the "SLUT Buttons" cannot stay stocked as the DNC nears it's opening. Proudly displaying the message that "SLUTS VOTE" with the underlying message "for Obama" the promoters hope to drive home the message that if a women's right to choose is what makes one a slut, then SLUTS they are.

The Ultimate Red Herring 

The ONLY problem with that sentiment, is that it is a totally created and made up argument. It is certainly a diversionary tactic. Rush Limbaugh, didn't blame or call Sandra Fluke a "SLUT" for her "right to choose". According to Sandra's own testimony, she wanted the ordinary citizen (you and me) to pay for her NON-MEDICALLY NECESSARY contraception,  and testified on Capitol Hill in favor of that provision within what is now called the Affordable Care Act aka: Universal Health Care Law. 

See President Obama's "Private Citizen" Pt. 1 The Dunamis Word View YouTube

Comedian Rush Limbaugh
Sandra believes that instead of paying for her NON-MEDICALLY NECESSARY CONTRACEPTION, that it should be included as a part of the overall benefits of the law. Rush Limbaugh, in response to her testimony reduced her argument in practical terms, and in an over the top fashion, simply said that she (Sandra) should be ashamed because she in essence wanted the common citizen to pay for her ability to have sex. He went on to call her a SLUT based on her desire to make the tax paying citizen a supporter of her sexual activities. His argument was a TRUE argument based on the facts presented.  

So the SLUT part of the conversation and Limbaugh's commentary was never about a "woman's right to choose" it was about the law being used to subvert the American taxpayer, businesses and other institutions into supporting the sexual activities and personal choices of others.

See President Obama's "Private Citizen" Pt. 2 The Dunamis Word View YouTube

So the feminists from Illinois are at a minimum trying to recast the conversation, by claiming that their opposition thinks that women are SLUTS who believe in "the right to choose".  

Not only is the argument a lie, based on a total fabrication of made up and unsupportable facts, it flies in the face of every rational and sane human being and Democratic woman. Can you believe that being a SLUT is now en-vogue for Democrat women? 

Poor North Carolina...

Not long ago, the citizens of North Carolina stood boldly to say to the President and homo-agenda promoting organizations such as the HRC and others, that they did not want the sexual perversion of homosexual marriage to change their laws. The citizens of North Carolina stood strong and, thank God, they won. 

Now, the state must endure the barrage of people calling themselves SLUTS and saying that they are proud of the designation. What's more, they are calling themselves "SLUTS for Obama", a Black President, when there is already a negative perception of Black men that is a hold over from the Civil Rights era. 

I wonder will our beloved President call Kim Hess of Granite City, IL (the creator of the buttons) and tell her that sentiments such as these "have no place in public discourse"?  
Or will he simply be happy and say, "I'm President Obama and I approved this message, now leave my SLUTS alone!" 

It remains to be seen!!!


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Saturday, September 1, 2012

ZoNATION...Need I Say More?

What I've been trying to say, but just didn't have the words-LOL...BRAVO!


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