Tuesday, June 16, 2015

America's Hypocrisy Exposed

Rachel Dolezal
Let me understand this...the NAACP, believes in the rights of gays to marry even claiming that they too are a minority with civil rights similar to the civil rights of Black people, but DOESN'T affirm the right of a White woman to live as a Black woman? 

They have gone past CRAZY!!!!

Ever since Rachel Dolezal, former head of the NAACP, was put to shame for "identifying" as a Black woman, the news media, and many Black and White pundits, have followed suit to display their own arrogance and double standards in the area of individual "personal identity". 

Most of the critics have reduced Dolezal's actions down to a desire for monetary gain or some other weird and awkward advantage that she could have received by calling herself Black. Many of these same pundits, are even hypocritical about that as well. the fact is that I know of no "perk" in America given because one is Black. If there are any, please spell them out for me specifically so that I can take advantage of them. I do know however of the many disadvantages of being Black in America. One only need look at nearly any local news cast to see and find that out. So the argument that Dolezal had some type of grand scheme to position herself to make more money and be more famous by Blackness is absurd and certainly can't be proven by any evidence or material fact. 

Reconditioning Of The Mind

I would certainly not have appeared on America's #1 HYPOCRITICAL morning news segment with America's #1 HYPOCRITE, Matt Lauer. Lauer is not worth it and seems to only bash women that he doesn't like. We all remember "Ann Curry" don't we? 

Lauer is abrasive and comes across very phony in his news segments. In the interview posted below, Lauer does no differently with Mrs. Doezal. He is very abrasive flying under the cover of "public commentary" asking her:
"When did you start, deceiving people, and telling them that you were Black, when you knew their questions were pointed in a different direction? When someone said to you, are you Black or White, you didn't say "I identify as Black" you'd say, "I'm Black." When did you start deceiving people?"


Let's look back just a few days to an April 27th "Today Show" interview with Kim Kardashian. Remember, Kim spoke about the 'courage" of her "Step-father" Bruce Jenner, as he transitioned from a man to a woman...Remember Kim stated that Bruce was:

"Bruce is the most HONEST, and he has the biggest heart, and I am really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it, and that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That's what life is about, I don't know what life would be like if you just weren't yourself."...
In response to Kim's assessment that Jenner was "honest", (sugar, spice and everything nice) Matt Lauer had no criticism, and only wanted to know was how long was the familiy's "adjustment time" to the idea of his gender transition. 

In other words, even though Jenner, lived as a man, and was one that Lauer "admired" for years, there were no starling words of condemnation calling either Jenner or Kardashian "deceivers" or "deceitful"...For anyone wanting to see that interview please click HERE

Not All Talk Show Hosts Are The Same:

Whoopie Goldberg on "The view" recently stated to the chagrin of the audience:
“I have to believe she feels the way she feels just like Caitlyn Jenner feels like she’s a woman,”...“I don’t feel she’s doing anything anyone else hasn’t done. If someone feels that they’re this, they have every right to pursue it."
As I stated, the audience was critical of her statements and she had to defend her position regarding the issue. The good news is that she left her hypocrisy at the door regarding the issue. The bad news is that she is still yet blind regarding moral choices, values and decisions and their impact on society. The latter, I can deal with at a later time, but the point is that she is correct.

Conclusion & Video

Some claim that Mrs. Dolezal is "pretending to be Black", while at the same time affirming gay transition as a new frontier and heroic decision. VIDEO 

If BRUCE Jenner is given some type of award or commendation for living his whole life as a man and then pursuing his thoughts of being a woman by changing his body, then one MUST commend Dolezal for having the nerve enough to pursue her identity as well.

Richard Stellar on his blog, "The Wrap" poses the same question..."If Jenner can identify as a woman, why can't Dolezal identify as Black?"  In the article he points out that many Black folk feel slighted when transgenderism draws a comparison with the transracism of Dolezal. I would venture to say that most Blacks offended are not offended when gay rights advocates use the same civil rights legislation that Black people fought for, to affirm their desires to be opposite gender individuals. Too many of them see the argument as the same, including the NAACP...In other words, Black people, who do not stand against cross genderism only show their hypocrisy when confronted with the argument of a White woman who chooses to live as a Black woman.  


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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Rise Of The Prophetic Witch

1 Sam. 28:7 ~ Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and inquire of her. And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor.

It is interesting that in 1 Samuel, when King Saul needed "direction" that everyone in his inner circle knew where the "witches" were. Although the diviners, sorcerers and seducers were thoroughly condemned by God's word, everyone seemed to know that at Endor, there was at least one practicing witch, and that witch, whether she knew it or not, was seen by God and would experience something that she had not experienced until this point in time.
After her divination was ended, she became a cook. Cooking Saul and his band a meal and sending them on their way as quickly as possible. Although Saul had promised not to condemn or convict her for her divination did she cease from her ungodliness? 

What we do know is that when we see a magician, called Simon in Acts 8, that he was thoroughly condemned by Peter for wanting the gift of God while continuing to hold on to his ungodliness and spiritual perversions.

"PREACH" The Divination Of Cleveland Revisited
"I would say judge nothing before its time. I've heard there are many who have been presumptuous regarding the show and they really don't know what the show is about," said Williams. "I would encourage people to watch and see because it's really not what most think." ~ Taketa Williams
L to R: Taketa Williams, Belinda Scott, Linda Roark, Kelly Crews  
Taketa, I would say this show is MUCH WORSE than what we thought it would be!!!!

Is this a mockery of God, his church and his people? Some time ago, I wrote an article regarding the false prophets and their gathering in Cleveland, OH and the over the top statements of the self proclaimed prophetess Belinda Scott. 

In this new TV expose, called "PREACH" It seems that Scott, also a self proclaimed "major prophet",(whatever that is) and at least three other like minded cohorts, exude their exaltation over the people of God by declaring that they are special and unique "instruments of God in the earth". 

At least one of them, Linda Roark, seems to be enamored with thoughts of being a Black woman, claiming to be a "blue eyed soul sister", while another, Taketa Williams, claims to be the "Beyonce of gospel". (I really don't know what significance that has to anything, or even how to interpret that association)

What makes it even worse, is that each of them have "proteges" whose functions range anywhere from a foot masseuse, a go-for, to a an unarmed security guard, or simply a personal servant. These "proteges", who readily admit very serious, deep and even traumatic, past personal experiences, are particularly vulnerable at the hands of these "prophets" who seem to manage their protege's feelings, attitudes and even thoughts on issues. In other words instead of gaining their freedom, the 'proteges" are ripe for seduction, misuse, misdirection and mishandling at the hands of the "PROFITS"  and boy
Proteges of the prophets
do they deliver.

The initial show was an hour of not only spiritual misdirection, but one of scriptural malpractice (in what little scripture was quoted), mental, and even at times, verbal abuse, self-exaltation, self-aggrandisement.

What Does The TRUE Church Do?

1 John 4:1 
 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

1- Be faithful to the word of God. A false prophet is not only known or exposed by what they "foretell" (because even secular magicians can do that), they are exposed by their lifestyle and the God that they preach and endorse. These women believe, like others in times past, that their "gift" places them in a specially exalted position in the church, and that they are "above" all us common folk, and, in essence, that we need to wash their feet and serve them. In other words, they have no concept of the words of Jesus that he who is greatest among us is servant of all. It is a reversal of true, biblical and godly roles all the way around. 

Then, us little folk dare not correct these self-exalted wonders...Remember it was Belinda Scott that stated that no one could correct her or even call her into question unless they had a "national platform" of ministry. In other words, according to her, not only do various preachers have a "rank", but the authentication of the gift of God is directly associated with that "rank" and the exposure of the individual within the modern corporate settings of the Christian church. This whole system and sentiment is sad, certainly unbiblical, but is unfortunately accepted by many in grass roots movements such as these.   

1 Pet. 3:15 
 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

2- Don't disassociate from engaging the error of the unrighteous. Many people say, "why watch this mess to begin with?" In my opinion the only reason to watch it is to address the confusion that arises from it. Neither Paul nor John nor any of the apostles backed down from false doctrines and false movements in their day. In fact, according to scripture, they were well aware of the false doctrines that were being taught and the false teachers who were teaching it. So burying one's head in the sand does not seem to be a technique that either Jesus, nor his apostles took. Why should we, with the truth, be so alienated from society because evil wants to rear its head? If we fulfill our mission to be like Jesus and "tread upon the serpent's head" then we will seek to stomp out the ungodly ideas, values and mission of the evil one every time we get a chance.  

Ephes. 6:11-13 
 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

3- Know the real enemy and be prepared. In many instances these women are misdirected. In some cases they intentionally deceive for their own gain. Whatever motivation there might be, there is a disconnect of the Spirit of God and their understanding. In fact, if you carefully notice, most of them only use scripture as a "springboard" to teach and do what they do. They do not go indepth in deciphering biblical principles, and do not use scripture as a final authority or direct individuals toward scripture to settle issues or to find guidance. It is the "feelings", "leading: or "impressions" that do the deciphering of truth, not the word of God. This is called spiritual subjectivism and as such is dangerous and unbiblical and more akin to gnosticism, than how we are taught biblically to discern truth. 

In addition, at the end of the day, satan opposes the church and all of them that do righteously and believe in righteousness. We can certainly expect that he will pull out all stops to get as many believers as he can off into mysticism and any sort of belief that exalts and worships man, as opposed to God. 


This show displays the depth and breadth of the idolatry that many within the church have embraced in modern times. There is a real cost to them that believe and follow these false prophets and their lifestyles. This was evident when one of the "proteges" came home and told her husband that she would be "fasting" immediately for her particular "prophet" and that he and the family would simply have to understand that her time was the Lord's and that they would have to make it the best way possible. 

Once again, this was not based on any biblical standards, but solely based on what the protege 'felt" was right and acceptable. Everything, including marriage was a sad second to what the "prophet" needed. This was certainly ungodly, unbiblical and not in accord with scripture. 

When will we learn and when will we truly be upset so much to make a change and put these prophets out of business? I don't know, but it remains to be seen. 


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What You Should Know About Gay Advocacy

From the proliferation of the gay agenda to transgenderism, various sexual proclivities are simply accepted within "pop culture" while opposition to those behaviors are ridiculed and or minimized. Watching TV shows can be particularly painful for anyone seeking the truth about the issues and seeking to understand that there is a staunch and distinct difference between abhorring the acts and actions of homosexuality and the people who perform such acts and actions. In this video Child Psychologist, Umar Johnson addresses the theme song of homosexual advocacy, that homosexual acts and actions are an innate part of human nature. To the world he may be controversial, but for those of us who have seen the political football of the homosexual agenda tossed around, he is exactly on point. Please listen to the entire message:

As recently as 1974 homosexuality was a registered mental illness,,,,,,why they change it? Find out

Posted by Black Love is Black Power on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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