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Apostates, Heretics & False Doctrines

Is Creflo Dollar An Atheist?

In Can Christians Have Demons Pt. 2 I refrenced a message by Creflo Dollar in which he said that Jesus couldn't have been God because he slept while God neither slumbers nor sleeps. The exact reference is as follows:

"And somebody said, well, Jesus came as God! Well, how many of you know the Bible says God never sleeps nor slumbers? And yet in the book of Mark we see Jesus asleep in the back of the boat. Please listen to me. Please listen to me. This ain’t no heresy. I’m not some false prophet. I’m just reading this thing out to you of the Bible. I’m just telling you, you all these fantasy preacher have been preaching all of this stuff for all of these years and we bought the package!"
~(Creflo Dollar, "Jesus' Growth into Sonship," December 8, 15, 2002, Product Number: 3422093, 3132094)

As the title of his message indicates, Creflo was teaching, currently teaches and has taught that Jesus was not born into the world divine or born as God. He teaches that Jesus became God. Here's a quote from the same message:
  • "If Jesus came as God, then why did God have to anoint him? If Jesus - See God’s already anointed. If Jesus came as God, then why did God have to anoint him? Jesus came as a man, that’s why it was legal to anoint Him. God doesn’t need anointing. He is anointed. Jesus came as a man and at age thirty, God is now getting ready to demonstrate to us and give us an example of what a man with the anointing can do."(Creflo Dollar, "Jesus' Growth into Sonship," December 8, 15, 2002, Product Number: 3422093, 3132094)
Just in case you can't fathom that this popular TV minister could teach such apostasy and heretical doctrine and yet stay on Christian TV, radio and maintain a large church, try this one on for size from the same message:
  • "Somebody said, 'Well, Jesus knew all things.' Well, what happened to that fig tree situation? Seeing a fig tree far off, He saw leaves on the fig tree and thought if happily He might come to that fig tree and eat of that fig tree. But when He got there He saw that there were no figs on that tree. Well, wait a minute! Ha, ha, we better, we better hope God knows when figs are on a tree! [Amen's and laughs] But Jesus didn't come as God! He came as a man! Because, if Jesus came as God He would have known figs were on a fig tree without having to see the leaves on the fig tree!"(Creflo Dollar, "Jesus' Growth into Sonship," December 8, 15, 2002, Product Number: 3422093, 3132094)
As I read through many of these quotes and was thinking on these supposed biblical assertions I was thinking that they sounded familiar. I was right. Arguments and assertions like Creflo's come straight out of atheist dogma.

Here's what one atheist said about Jesus's cursing of the fig tree:
He also said this in yet another of his posts:
  • "In fact, as noted at the end of this post, Jesus was not an all knowing Christ who fabricated stories about Satan, but a superstitious Jew who believed in the oral and written lore of his people. Thus, based on a careful reading of the Gospel texts, we find a fallible Jewish man making mistakes about the end times and a man who was highly influenced by the myths and Jewish folklore of the day" ~ Harry Mccall, "Jesus, A Superstitious Man Living In a Eschatological Hotbed" Debunking Christianity.

Now these are statements by an individual who certainly doesn't believe in the divinity of Jesus whatsoever. In fact this man doesn't believe in God and would hold that if Jesus existed he was simply a man like all others. Why do his statements so closely parallel a Gospel Minister's sentiments? I'll tell you why...Because Creflo is a HERETICAL TEACHER and an APOSTATE. Just in case you didn't know the definitions or weren't aware of how important this really is, let's look at a few definitions:

  • Apostate -"One who is guilty of desertion of one's faith, religion, party, or principles.
  • Heresy - "unorthodoxy: any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position
  • Heretic- "Heresy is an introduced change to some system of belief, especially a religion, that conflicts with the previously established canon of that belief"

That Creflo teaches false doctrine is an understatement. His sentiments and understanding of scripture in this case shows his lack of understanding of the relationship of Christ divinity with his humanity.

What Christians Gave Their Life For

That Jesus was born God is without question. John in his gospel establishes the preexistence of Jesus and spends a whole chapter to do it. He repeatedly asserts the concept and ends with the confession of the "doubter" (Thomas) calling Jesus "My Lord and My God". (Jn. 20:28) The disciples worship him (proskeneo), and when you look at the context of that worship you'll find that it occurs from his disciples to him after miracles of healing, deliverance, speaking to the wind etc, where you would expect one to worship God if they understand what's happening. In fact the devil in the temptation uses the same word when he asks Jesus to "worship" him in exchange for the riches of the world. Jesus was derrided by the Pharisees for the cliam that he existed before Abraham and that he had a special relationship with the father even using the Aramaic name "ABBA" win relationship to the father which indicates one who has a special sharing and place with the father. That type of sentiment hertofore had not been taught by any other Jewish teacher or rabbi when it came to God. It seems that everyone knew that Jesus was divine except for the devil, atheists and Creflo Dollar.

The gospel birth accounts correspond to Is. 7:14 which states that God would be born and dwell among us. (Also reference Is. 9:6-7) These scriptures don't say that the savior would evolve into God or become God over time...Further, in nearly every Epistle Jesus is given "Doxa" or "glory" which is the worship and praise of God. We're told that even the angels worship him, and revelation is filled with adulation to the "Lamb" or Jesus himself.

These are things that one who seeks God will surely find and come into the understanding of with sound teachers and council. Creflo's teachings have too much in common with atheism. That's why I ask, "Is Creflo Dollar an Atheist"? Christians don't teach or receive garbage like this! This is a mess.

What happened Creflo? I'll tell ya...Too much sensationalism and ungodliness in our pulpits...WHY do the members stay under this atheistic doctrine and teaching that has continued for years and certainly since he spoke in in 2002? Afraid to break with buildings, silver and gold?

All I can say is this. When I leave this world I don't want any of my works associated with the promotion or theological agreement with God haters and anti-Christ advocates. Members of World Changers and its supporters...What does the BIBLICAL CHRIST, who was BORN GOD, think about your support of ungodly, ATHEISTIC and UNBIBLICAL teaching and teachers? Sad shame!



  1. Let's just cut to the chase.

    Creflo: "This ain’t no heresy."

    DL Foster: Uhhh, yes it is.

    Creflo: "I’m not some false prophet."

    DL Foster: Uhhh, yes you are.

  2. Elder Foster,

    I started to name the post, Ooh No He Didn't...Ooh Yes He Did!-LOL

    There were quite a few people who thought I may have been grandstanding on his comments. Normally I'd say, OK don't believe me then...but one of my friends asked me for the reference too and I said, OK let me see where this is.

    Straight HERETIC.

    Why all them folk sit at that church Doc??? I can't understand that for nothing, and I hate to just say that someone is under an "influence" etc...but when people start playin' with truth like this...There's no more smilin' faces lieing to the races...Gotta go!

    Anyway, this was about one of the most frustrating posts I've done 'cause I really don't want to believe that he believes this garbage and so openly and without reservation teaches it. His WOF message is bad enough but I say, I can deal with that and preach through it, but every round gets WORSE and WORSE with this gentleman.

  3. To those that know the truth and have been taught by Jesus Christ,we know that without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh...(I Timothy 3:16A); to those that don't know the truth, this is still a controversy because it is a God revealed mystery.

  4. Maybe I should rename it yet...mormons believe that Jesus eventually became God don't they? "Just as God was so are we and as he is we shall be."

    Maybe Creflo's a Mormon.

    1. Pastor,

      I am working on writing a review for a book - written by a mormon - claiming he and all mormons are Christians .... as a result I have been doing a fair amount of study on the religion of mormonism. I thought several times as I was reading this EXCELLENT article of yours, that Creflo DOES "sound like" a mormon in this teaching ....

      i shared this article on my FB wall and immediately someone "shared" it with a fiery comment saying she "didn't read the whole article BUT .... all i know is 'the devil is busy' ... and 'IF' there are 'ANY ISSUES' with Creflo, then it's between him and God ... Don't fall for everything you read ... Stop pointing the finger" ... etc, etc and ending with, "Keep the right spirit. Don't be a peace breaker, but a peace maker. Amen"

      Pastor, thank you for boldly telling the truth and helping us not only be able to better discern Truth, but also to be able to share it!

      I don't know about you, but i am noticing the "cover" being lifted from MANY false teachers. I think the thing that is so shocking to me is the fact that they have BEEN FALSE teachers for DECADES - as demonstrated by the fact that the teachings are NOT merely "One Off" teachings, plus the fact that the dates of many of these shocking things that are "surfacing" ARE from years ago! And I wonder about the passages where Jesus CLEARLY tells us that MANY will call Him Lord, BUT His response will be "I NEVER knew you" ... NOT, "I knew you ONCE - BUT - you went away from Me" ...

      As for the sheep that sit there and not only listen, but gobble up what he dishes out ... I have struggled and struggled with that conundrum, too! And I often end up in Jeremiah 5 ... the chapter ENDS with this astonishing assessment from Our Holy God ...
      "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their own power; and my people love to have it so: and what will you do in the end?"

      Jeremiah 5:26-31
      26 For among my people are found wicked men: they lie in wait, as he that sets snares; they set a trap, they catch men.

      27 As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they have become great, and grown rich.

      28 They have grown fat, they shine: yea, they pass over the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not defend.

      29 Shall I not punish for these things? says the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?

      30 An appalling and horrible thing is committed in the land;

      31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their own power; and my people love to have it so: and what will you do in the end?

    2. Pam,

      Thanks and I do appreciate the prayers and for sharing this on FB. Some people have a blind allegiance and they will pay for it. It is called IDOLATRY. They worship the man no matter what he says.

      Now, CREFLO, made the statements. He made such statements claiming that he was being "used by God" Didn't god tell us to "try the spirits whether they be of God?" Now, if these sort of inconsistencies can't be examined and pointed out, then what does the scripture mean? Is the scripture wrong simply because someone likes Creflo or any other teacher for that matter?

      The persons's disagreement is simply lunacy, heresy and why false doctrine persists to exist. And yes, the exposure is seemingly doubling. we certainly must pray, but don't be deceived, TRUTH right and is in favor with God.

      So thank you for holding up the banner of truth.

  5. Deceived and being deceived.
    Seduced and being seduced.
    Ever "learning" and never coming to the knowledge of the truth

    That's Creflo.

    yet, the masses follow him. Its really no different than Jim Jones and other false leaders.

    They may not be on their way to Guyana jungles, but hell is a much more terrifying punishment for submitting oneself to a false teacher.

    Its almost laughable to have to refute such an idiotic belief, but when you consider that it goes unchallenged it becomes mandatory to do so.

    Read my latest post on Juanita Bynum.

    As if these people couldnt get any worse.

  6. Foster,

    Man I can't post on your site for some reason. Is there a trick to it? I put in my name etc, but when I presss end all it does is process and no comment shows up...R U deleting my messages???-LOL-LOL~

  7. Pastor B, several people have experienced that. Im not sure what the reason is. I even removed all commenting restrictions to see if that was the problem.

    Even my comment was deleted several times but then sort of self corrected.

    It may be the commenting system I installed. I am searching for another.

    Please try again and save your comment send to me in an email and I will post it under your name. Maybe that will resolve it.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Wow I take a few days off to go on vacation and look what I missed. I can't understand how these ministers are falling so quickly and rapidly. Creflo, Rick Warren, Carlton Pearson talk about deceiving the very elect. All I can say is we better stay in the Word and study , study , study and study it some more. Hide it in our hearts that we might not sin against Him. This is really getting CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    Sister Alicia

  9. Some of these "heresies" arise out of the fact that these men teach from each other instead of the scriptures. How is it that a man who has allegedly been teaching the bible for more than 25 years does not know that Jesus came as the God-man? They sit at the feet of each other and glean false truths and get "revelations" and expound on those to their gullible biblically illierate followers.

    Jesus having limited knowledge of several things while in the flesh was indicative of his dual nature. Jesus said he didn't know the day and times of the end but that only His father knew. So many of these teachers wouldn't be able to articulate a biblical doctrine if it stomped them down in their own pulpits!

  10. I had some people that didn't believe that Creflo taught this garbage...since I referenced the tape date and number i haven't heard back...I don't know if they were fans or just surpried that he could teach this mess and still yet proliferate a ministry such as he has...

    I tell you what all of thgese who believe that God only entrusts ministry finances to promote repsonsible teachers etc...ought to be ashamed as well...some of these characters can tell and take all their members to hell and they still draw large crowds...certainly God isn't upon there heresy and they can't be biblically blessed while deceiving others...

  11. Pastor Harvey said "Why all them folk sit at that church Doc???"

    I couldn't even post all the Word of Faith preaches on tv - the list is too long. Practically everything on the Trinity Network.

    But here's the deal. Their prosperity message of "name it and claim it" doesn't work and is wearing thin with their audience. And many of these preachers are jumping over to the Manifest Sons of God bunch, like Dollar.

    They got a new message now, and it's that Jesus was A son of God and the elite can be gods too. Gone is the salvation message as not important because "God is doing a NEW thing!"

    I'm losing friends left and right over this heresy. I've rebuked once and twice with Truth and a ton of research. I had no idea of the size of this movement until just recently.

  12. I just lost a friend who is a member of World Changers as well. We were talking and she referenced "Pastor Dollar" saying that "You don't know if Whitney Houston is in heaven". I'm like: If she was not born again, she is not. She was like: You don't know her heart. I said the heart is deceitful and wicked...out of it comes murder, etc. Then, the kicker came: Well, how do you know if she "didn't have the holy ghost". I explained to her: That according to scripture - old and new testament references, that she would speak in tongues as INITIAL evidence, a sanctified life follows. She goes a baby Christian has to LEARN how to speak in tongues??? Huh? She was flabbergasted. Well, when I received Christ, I got the Holy Spirit as a deposit. I'm like with what evidence. Can you give me scripture? She couldn't. She said that she confessed Romans 10:9 as an assertion to her being saved. I stated that: That scripture was for the saints who were ALREADY saved, merely striving to maintain a holy life, not the unsaved. Then I took her to Acts 19 chapter, showing her that there was a group of about 12 believers that "hadn't so much as HEARD of a Holy Ghost". I told her that her foundation was shaky if she could not give any scripture references. I told her that you have to RIGHTLY divide the word - old and new testament. You can't wave ONE scripture at ME and claim that its doctrine. Needless to say, she was supposed to call me back and never did. I'm so glad you and another blogger ALERTED me to the erroneous doctrine of Creflo Dollar. My deceased Grandma PUSHED me to go there,but I couldn't as I couldn't feel the presence of God upon him. She died under the erroneous teaching of Casey Treat - Christian Faith Center. I had been ministering a couple of days ago to my Uncles who harbored disdain at him and told them. Have peace in knowing that if he does not repent, God will say to him: "Depart of me, I never knew you". I told him that his salvation was at stake...let God be the truth and EVERY man a liar. Let's heal. Thanks!!!

  13. I lost a friend from world changers for rebuking her as well to this nonsense to. Thank you to JESUS for exposing false teachers


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