Thursday, November 3, 2016

The "Black" Church Open Letter To Hillary Clinton...We'd Like To Talk Now

In an effort spearheaded by Jacquelyn C. Rivers, executive director of the Seymour Institute on Black Church and Policy Studies, a group of pastoral leaders representing the "Black Church" and in particularly the "Pentecostal-Charismatic" wing of the Black church,  delivered a thesis to the Hillary Clinton campaign, on Halloween of all days, making the assumption that 1- she would prevail in her effort to become President and 2- that she, in her first 100 days, would take the time to unravel and stand down on nearly all of the rhetoric that she has endorsed heavily in recent times, which includes her belief in the normalization of homosexuality, and the force-feeding of the LGBT agenda to the American public, and the continued proliferation of abortion rights under the guise of "women's rights". 

Signed by nearly 26 pastors, most of which are COGIC, some of whom have some "questionable" backgrounds and history on the same issues that the letter addresses, the Pastors and Bishops seem to hit Hillary Clinton and the DNC platform in the breadbasket very hard:

On Abortion:
"For the same reasons that we as black Christian leaders oppose racism, unjust wars, capital punishment and euthanasia, we oppose the violent denial of life to the unborn through abortion. It is our view that human life is a gift of God that we are called upon to protect, nurture and sustain, because we are created in God’s image." (pg. 3)
On Education & Employment: 
"One writer has observed that as entry into labor markets has become increasingly dependent upon education and highly technical skills we are witnessing, perhaps for the first time, a generation of black youth ill-equipped to secure gainful employment even as productive slaves." (pg. 2) 
On Violence:
"The structural failures which stalk inner-city communities and promote nihilism and violence among our young men are a challenge to the courage and faith of the black church. As the primary institution of our neighborhoods, the church has the resources to minister to these young men both materially and spiritually, to give them hope in the future and a path to a new life. The work of the black church in our poor communities is of the utmost importance and the importance of our freedom to operate in accordance with our faith cannot be overstated." (pg. 4)
Religious Freedom for Black America:
"There is no analogy between the apartheid of Jim Crow and the religious freedom laws in force across this country. It is the very same faith that is protected by religious freedom laws that inspired our black ancestors to lead the movement for the abolition of slavery and the end of Jim Crow apartheid in the American South. It is absurd to demean the defense of this faith as the equivalent of the injustices that we have fought and overcome." (Pg. 5)
"The drive to normalize immoral sexual behavior has inspired some to dishonor the memory of courageous blacks who experienced the unique horrors of white supremacy, slavery, rape, terrorism and apartheid in the U.S. Their argument that religious freedom laws are historically and existentially equivalent to Jim Crow laws rests on false assertions." (pg. 5)
A late appeal...why not meet and demand to meet now instead of after an election?
"We request that you set a place and time, during your first 100 days in office, where
we may meet to learn more about your position on these issues. Then we will be better able to inform our community about what they can reasonably expect from a Clinton administration."
The Hillary Clinton campaign has not responded to this open letter as of the writing of this article, however Bishop EW Jackson Sr. & the group Ministers Taking A Stand has. Please see their response HERE

My take: The Clinton campaign and the Democratic party has been so thoroughly led down the line of socialism and social re-engineering, that it will take much more than a letter, to close the FLOOD GATES that President Obama opened and wants to see  continue.

The CURRENT White House has done everything it could to start the nation on a course where God is simply an "opinion" among many others and where religious freedoms are no more than pieces of a grand chess game to be manipulated and changed when and where it can.

Thank God that the Bishops are standing, but THEY SHOULD HAVE STOOD AT THE BEGINNING of the demise of traditional family values and the proliferation of the LGBT agenda when President Obama used nearly every thing at his disposal to prop the agenda up, while many of them took positions, pictures and sought political significance.

To stand now is like placing a thumb in a 50 foot gap of the Hoover Dam. It may look like you're doing something, but it's way too late. And if you think that the person who is committed to doing all of what you have allowed to be done over the last 8 years, will suddenly change direction over the next 8, I also have some swamp land in Arizona that I would love to sell's a steal at only $5,000 per square foot, with a 100,000  square foot minimum....



The Open Letter

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  1. Looks like these bishops and pastors wrote the wrong candidate....Bwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!


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