Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Above The Line Book Review Parts 1 & 2

I received a copy of the book "Above The Line" by Ohio State University Head Football Coach Urban Meyer, and boy did it add a dimension to my life and challenge and even change the way I approached various adversity. I recommend this book to every church leader and everyone that is attempting to lead just about anything, especially their family. 

I was so impressed and blessed by the concepts that the coach shared that I decided to do a live Facebook book review of the entire book in segments. I've placed segments one and 2 here for your review. I am also rewriting our coaches training for team culture for my track club, Peoria Inner City Track Club

I do not know Coach Meyer and I am certainly not receiving a kickback or anything for promoting his material and although most of my family in Michigan are everything BLUE (if you know what I mean) I am treading into waters that takes an act of God to navigate-LOL...(it's not really that bad, but then it is)

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy parts 1 and 2. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts as well. 

Part 1 "Above The Line" Book Review

Part 2a "Above The Line" Book Review

Part 2b "Above The Line Book Review


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