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Who Paid Bishop Carton Pearson $100,000 To Speak At Azusa In 1990? Pimped & Being Pimped Pt. 1

The Lexi Show Strikes Again

In what was one of the most spiritually diverse interviews between African American leaders of the church, Lexi allowed the founder of modern Pentecostalism's Azusa Conferences, Bishop Carton Pearson a former pentecostal turned Universalist, to share the stage with Dr. Jamaal "Intellectual Orgasm" Bryant, Bishop George Bloomer and Rev. Dr. Van Gayton President Of Logos Bible College & Seminary and, you guessed it, there were some significant claims and statements made.

For those who don't know, or maybe just unaware, Bishop Pearson came through the ranks of the Church Of God In Christ to become one of the most charismatic television evangelists and ministers ever associated with Dr. Oral Roberts and The Oral Roberts University. He managed to woo almost the entire Pentecostal world with his recounting of holiness as taught by many of the early 1900's pentecostal church leaders along with his dynamic singing voice and inviting personality. All of this seems to have concluded and been brought to a screeching halt with his acceptance of the message of inclusion also known as the doctrine of universal reconciliation, which states that men and women everywhere and without repentance from sin or even the acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord or his atoning work, are already saved because Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world. Initially, Bishop Pearson reluctantly promoted this doctrine, along with it's many other caveats such as no hell or penalty for sin, lost almost all of his former ministry associates because of it and rocked the Charismatic wing of the church in the United States.

In recent times, he has not only been reflecting on what he believes,  and it is heretical and anti-biblical to say the least, but he has also been reminiscing and telling seemingly all that he knows about the flaws of the church and those of leaders within the church. Believe me the Bishop espouses heresy and doctrines that the Christian church has rejected long ago, but one of the most interesting comments that Bishop Pearson made was that during the original Azusa Conference in 1990 he was under a tremendous amount of pressure from a particular unnamed minister who paid him $100,000 in installments to speak at the 1990 gathering.

During the interview Bishop Pearson about 4:47 seconds into Part 3 Clip 2, said the following:
"I believe the gifts are without calling [meaning repentance]we got babies stretched across this country-preachers...I know "stuff". I had a man offer me $100,000 to preach on the Azusa stage. And I took the first $10,000...(pause-5 FULL second-pause); Not personally, I gave it to the people that handled the finances."

"When I went home that night...and this was way back...he said, do for me what you did for somebody else...and he gave me the first (inaudible) he said here's the first installment...shocked me...I went home that night and cried myself to sleep because I realize I had just prostituted the whole meeting. And I'm not talking about Jakes, because I didn't know Jakes at this time, it's somebody else. This was in 1990...and I just realized that they were pimping me and I was pimping them and I knew the Conference...the Conference was going in a direction that you don't know about what I had to deal with behind closed doors with ambitious preachers."
This is the segment of that panel discussion:

I became interest for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was because I am a preacher and know that not everyone is in ministry to really help their community or the body of believers. For some it's all about self-promotion. As I noted in "Preachers, What Will You Do For A Soul?" at times, even those considered to be the most straight line and fundamentally sound preachers can suffer from the disease of self-promotion, fame and self exaltation and loose sight of real ministry and the needs of the people and the demands and requirements of God. One of the key identifiers of this syndrome is when a leader refuses to listen to any one's council or for some grand spiritual purpose decides that he will only listen to whom he or she wishes to listen to...That was an interesting occurrence within bishop Pearson, as he refused to listen to the council of fellow ministers EXCEPT for the one's he choose at the time. That's never a good thing.

Then of even a greater interest was the revelation of scripture that seems to be coming to pass now more than ever. Those scriptures are as follows:

Numbers 32:23~ "But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will FIND YOU OUT."

Luke 12:3 ~"Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the HOUSETOPs."

Whatever is done in the dark will come to the light. God will allow the secret councils of the enemy to come to light. I would encourage every minister to clean their hands because what has been said in the dark will be repeated in the light.
Who Was The Culprit Or Need We Ask?

Although that may not be as important as what we're about to look at, I began to wonder who was one of the main ministers in the 1990 Conference. I found the clip below and watch closely a man under pressure, pimping and being pimped:

Did you notice that the clip opened with a prophetic and apostolic word being delivered to then Pastor Carlton Pearson by none other than the Master/Arch Prophet himself, Bishop Bernard Jordan?...Even more so, the key speaker that year was none other than Dr. Myles Munroe.

What a combination. A prophetic utterance from someone who SELLS prophecies and diverts when he gets a prophecy wrong or talks over it to make you think you didn't hear what he said...evidently he had something going for himself during this meeting and took the lead prophesying that Carlton was being raised up and that this is what he was supposed to do:
"Move in the designed and designated part of the body that I've called thee, The one is not greater than the other but there is a distinction of parts"
Carlton followed up by telling the crowd that his primary speaker WOULD NOT attend the service (Obviously Myles Munroe was his stand in) and that the people were unaware that he (Carlton) had been afraid to pronounce some things about himself and his ministry that he had known for the last 20 years. He stated "Never wanting to turn the people off that God had brought me to and through" and that what he was going to do...he said "it will be understood by the people who will understand it, and we will be a people of God." 

Now, I hate conspiracy theories and I may well be joining the ranks of them that ask questions when there is no real or clear answer, but can an ye see what's wrong with that picture?

We have a minister who has admittedly 20 years later said that he knew he was pimping and being pimped by one of the ministry associates at the meeting and was being "directed" to a "part of the body" that people couldn't understand that he was going to be sent to...

What we see the effects of now, was obviously talked about long before now and was planned and destined to happen at some point.

Jude 1:4~"For there are certain men crept in UNAWARES, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ."

The problem I see with the church is that we have become so enamoured with the personality until we can't see or hear Christ. We believe that a person such as Bishop Pearson can espouse false and heretical and nonbiblical teaching and still be a Christian because he has a confession of Christ...But the scripture has never been more true:

Isaiah 29:13 ~ "Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near [me] with their mouth, and WITH THEIR LIPS do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:"

Throughout this interview, Lexi was basically seduced by what she thought Carlton had meant to the body of Christ historically. She was in awe of his abilities and obviously was smitten by his words so much that she tried to harmonize his teachings with the teachings of the bible. This is called the spirit of seduction. Surprisingly enough, out of all people, Dr. Jamaal Bryant was the one who stood against Carlton's assertions strongly claiming that he needed to come back...AT least until Carlton said the prior statement which I will repeat for clarity:

"I believe the gifts are without calling [meaning repentance]we got babies stretched across this country-preachers...I know "stuff
Carlton basically concluded when he said this after a prayer offered for him under Jamaal Bryant's direction:

"If you're as powerful as you THINK you are, I'll be back!"

Someone asked me what I thought of that statement, because it is one where one needs spiritual ears to hear. I summarize my answer by quoting scripture:

Revelation 21:8 ~"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their PART IN THE LAKE which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death"



  1. Harvey said:
    "If you're as powerful as you THINK you are, I'll be back!"

    Someone asked me what I thought of that statement, because it is one where one needs spiritual ears to hear.

    Spiritual ears? I disagree I think (unless I misunderstand your meaning). To me it simply says "don't mess with the wrong person, cause there's always a bigger dog". (shrug)

  2. Nightmare,

    I suppose close, but you can't know the cast of characters involved so I'll shed a little light...on stage we've got a man leading a prayer that has one of the "babies, spread all over the country" that this Bishop talks about earlier saying that he knows "stuff" and then in the second video, he's being basically anointed by a modern day false prophet...then one asks did the $100,000 pay for the key speaker's slot or for the chance to put on the so called phrophecy?

    At either rate in that at the conclusion of the prayer Pearson challenges the effectiveness of those praying for him. So he basically has no confidence in the prayers for one and two it makes me wonder if we just haven't been "had" for years. The Black and White charismatic community clung to this guy like OJ Simpson's glove...

    So yea, he has a bigger dog all right, funded in part by what he knows and who has been funding him all along...that may be conspiracy, but I'm sure you'll do a little research on some of these characters and find out some info for's all just very interesting.

  3. Supertindent,

    I just saw all of the lexi show--his interview was posted on Youtube. Here is a man, who first of all, thinks, everyone else is wrong and he is right. If he in fact, is a problem, it is in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of God. Furthermore, he conveys, that if he is wrong, it is the church's fault. Yes, to gain the sympathy of the body, he plays this whole victim card. The church was using me; you don't know about all the backroom deals going on behind the scenes and such. He's the victim and we created a monster, so he likes to think; and somehow he escaped and emerged the victor and is more enlightened than us all. How are you the victim, when you benefited personally from all these deals? Yep, you may have been played? But he got his piece too. He got the money, fame, the stages...he's just pathetic--they really need to stop having these shows; he is not going to be changed; because it appears that he was ordained to this thing, as you seem to have hinted at; before this even jumped off. I've had those same suscpicions...

    brother, I really appreciate your bringing this clip to light about heing being prayed over by Bishop Bernard Jordan. Brother, I couldn't even get through the first fifteen seconds of the clip without my ears bleeding...literally--when I hear ungodly music, heretical preaching or whatever--I feel my ears bleeding, or bands being tied around my head, or bullet holes shot into my head--my dad says its some spiritual discernment gift, I guess. But the idea that he was launched into this foolishness these many years ago by this quack and his even saying after the prophecy that he knew of this prophecy all along is just sobering and disturbing.
    I heard someone say that if he were truly sent by the enemy, then why didn't he have millions follow him when he broke into this inclusion doctrine. Many bishops fell away, he lost his church and credibility...maybe so, but look at all the confusion he has caused the average believers and as far as the number of followers, time will tell the best story--his work that he feels has been called to, I surely believe is yet unfinished... these are some dark times to live and believe in.

  4. I think he's being smug - almost to the point of demonic.

    I think "he" is trying to diminish the prayer(s) and faith of those praying for him. He is trying to diminish their (and our) prayer from faith (and what we believe) to what we think...he's basically saying "you're prayer (and whatever it is you *think*) has no effect over me."

    This speaks to his pride and rebellion - and at this point (to me at least) he is beyond prayer (and leaning towards reprobate)

  5. Rogers,

    I was wondering would anybody pick up on the same things there...Bernard???

    Then who paid? Was it him of Myles?

    And yes, that's EXACTLY what he's saying..."It's ALL OF YOUR FAULT that I'm like I am" He takes absolutely NO personal responsibility...This is a CHARACTER...

    Anthony~ REPROBATE only begins to describe where this guy is mentally and spiritually right now...

    Good insights my friends...

    There was so much FALSE DOCTRINE that he espoused in those videos, I tried to avoid hearing more and more...

    Lexi almost gave that man her draws!!! She has an infactuation to say the least...I could say more, but I won't lend myself to gossip. I have received some information but I like objective evidence to make certain assertions...

  6. Sorry, left out the scripture most fitting to this fallen brother and this occasion: Paul says "They left from among us, because they were not of us."

    Funny enough: I just thought of an interesting article that I read on a month ago..."Are Christians to pray for wolves or just for our enemies " :)

  7. Lexi really epitomizes the "captive, silly women" Paul speaks about in Timothy.

    I didnt watch the videos yet, but you have really showed us that the spirit of the false prophet has made its way into the heart of the church. MANY are truly deceived. That's putting it mildly.

    Pearson is a sign to the church but I fear the great majority will miss it or either intentionally ignore it. Too busy churchin and praisin'.

    To sum, Pearson has revealed that he is nothing less than a false brother who was never part of the true vine in the first place.

  8. Elder Foster,

    This guy claimed at one point, that EVERYBODY was going to be like him...that teh church was coming to HIM?

    Now as bad as Jamaal is, he was clearly offended by that notion and was the only one who addressed it directly...go figure!

  9. Yeah that's quite stunning comparatively speaking. I would go out on a limb and say that Pearson is no longer worthy of being featured on Christian shows. I mean how much lower can he go? No more worthy than having Osama Bin Laden on. He's a demigod in his mind and Lexi is only providing his with an unfettered (by and large) platform to further spread his doctrine of confusion and illusion.

  10. Once more a stunning example of one who claims the Prince but who will not abide by His principles. Pearson's calmly arrogant demeanour while perverting biblical concepts to appeal to the human inclination to egoistic self-delusion is absolutely LUCIFERIAN. He has left the Holy Bible to appeal to man's emotions and rebellious nature. I see very little difference between Pearson and Jordan except in the tactics they employ. And while Rev. Bryant may have been right to rebuke Pearson, he would do well to remember the sons of Sceva.


  11. District Supt. Harvey Burnett said...
    So yea, he has a bigger dog all right, funded in part by what he knows and who has been funding him all along...that may be conspiracy, but I'm sure you'll do a little research on some of these characters and find out some info for's all just very interesting.

    Blech. No, I think I'll take your word here Harvey. I'm familiar enough with the sordid field of televangelism to have a good idea what to suspect (I'm ashamed to say I'm a former devotee?/follower?/believer?, whatever the right word is, of Pat Robertson so yeah).

  12. Oh, btw Harvey - any chance you could make like a queation and answer section or something?

  13. Nightmare,

    You mean like an open page where the commentor chooses the subject of somehthing like that?

  14. The statement "If you're as powerful as you THINK you are, I'll be back" is a satanic utterance. He's telling Jamal Bryant, if you are really as "powerful" in Christ as you think you are, he-->satan will return to 'attempt' to destroy him.

    As a man "thinks" in his heart so is he. The devil only focuses on saints with "power". He lost power, and is determined to destroy everyone God uses.

  15. Sup Burnett, did you hear Carlton mention in the clip where Bernard "anointed" him that a certain minister Idahosa would not attend the meeting? Carlton was talking about the late Benson Idahosa who was a prominent Nigerian minister during his time. Carlton said he invited Idahosa to speak at this event but Idahosa said he would not come and he would not give Carlton a reason for his decision not to attend. Anyway, I'm guessing God told Idahosa to stay away from this meeting.

    I say this because Carlton would probably have offered Idahosa a large amount of money to minister at this event (Idahosa at that time was the Nigerian equivalent of TD Jakes). So for him to turn Carlton down and not give a reason...hmmn. Maybe God gave Idahosa a head's up. What do you think?

    I'm Nigerian by the way which is why my attention was caught when Carlton mentioned Idahosa's name.

  16. I've been trying to watch the video but they don't seem to be loading in sequence, but I get the same feeling @Prophet & Rev. Velly. Jamal is trying to be seen everywhere, using his fall to popularize himself because, how many sinners can relate to a man and will follow who is "real" enough to fall and get right back into the saddle/pulpit. But he is tossing his name into a fight he is not prepared for yet.

    @Rogers comment, I read the article because I have been looking at Imprecatory prayer, and I like how the author of your article makes difference from how we respond to those that oppress us physically and those who would oppress us spiritually.

  17. Harvery - I don't know how a Q&A would work in a blog format (I'm more used to forums), but yeah something to that effect. Maybe split up by general topic (salvation, holy spirit, gifts, sin, hell, etc etc etc). Just a thought (kinda a selfish one in a way).

  18. I think what Carlton was saying to Jamal is that Carlton will come back into the Christian fold if Jamal's prayer has any efficacy. Doesn't this sound like Carlton and the devil are mocking Jamal? Carlton said "if you are as powerful as YOU THINK you are..." (You think you're da man Jamal but you're actually not). Carlton obviously had dealings with ministers like Jamal in the past and he can recognize someone who is puffed up by the sense of his own power and importance but without the anointing. However, this type of people still believe they are functioning under the power of the Holy Ghost when in reality, it is the flesh or something non-Godly that is in operation.I doubt Jamal said that prayer for Carlton under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. In other words, what Carlton is actually saying here is that Jamal is not as powerful as he thinks he is and therefore Carlton will not be back.

  19. aderonke,

    You said:Carlton was talking about the late Benson Idahosa who was a prominent Nigerian minister during his time.

    I had no idea who that was or who Carlton was talking about until you said that...Thank you.

    Like you said I noticed that Carlton said this man WOULD NOT come. Not COULD NOT come. This man didn't place his stamp of approval on what Carlton was doing and as you state I can only surmise that it was either because this man wasn't in personal approval of Carlton and the meeting somehow or that GOd spoke to this man and wouldn't allow him to be part of it...either way that is fascinating.

    You said:Doesn't this sound like Carlton and the devil are mocking Jamal?

    EXACTLY! and not only Jamaal, but I believe the church as a whole. But toward Jamaal, he references "babies all across the country...I know stuff"

    Jamaal HAD a baby by a young lady in his church...from what I understand...NOW SOMEBODY correct me if I'm lying! The 411 I received was from someone who lives in the city and attended the church up until that time. So Carlton was saying some really ridiculous and poignant things on the stage and I'm not sure of anyone knew this.

    Thanks for the info and I appreciate the commentary also.

  20. Benson Idahosa? Wow! I would not be surprised if God told him to turn away--he is the real deal. There are accounts of witches who tried to battle him and couldn't get through to him and turned over to christ as a result. I'm just comforted to know there is a God in the earth and at least somebody who is willing to listen to him; despite the allure of earthly rewards--a principle that seems to be lost on Pearson...

  21. I know what carlton is saying, he is not alone in universianilism.

    " he will be back simply because he is part of a gang, which is experimenting with him"

    Look Carlton is coming to the stage with the " fatherahood of God and the brotherhood of man" message. if you know where this message is coming from you know that Carlton will be back.

    Katherine Kuhlman - find out what Jack Chick wrote about her.

    Carlton keeps talking about the anoiting, but is it the Holy Spirit or the Kundalini Spirit? ( not everything done in and around church is from God) we need to be as wise as serpent and as gentle as doves, I fail on being gentle. But these days I need assurances that this is the real Holy Spirit and not the Kundalini.

    All this talk about anointing, healings, prophecy is good, but it also opens doors for deceptions, we need to test spirits.

    For someone who is rejected like Carlton , why is always being raised from the dead? The emerging church would have no problem with Carlton, but with the baggage he brings. I laughed out loud seeing O'Driscoll cleaning his hands from him.

    Plus was it not Jamal Bryant who was talking about adapting to the " new Age " and playing hip hop?

    Carlton is not alone, he is preparing the ground and those who follow him will find it much easier.

    I would like to see G Craige Lewis on Alexi show, but he sort of controversy is not popular with tv.

  22. Bernard Jordan's website has the following:

    "Bishop Jordan is a modern-day prophet whose ministry is absolutely astounding! Like Nostradamus, Bishop Pike, and Edgar Cayce, the accuracy of the gift that operates in Bishop Jordan will astound you!"

    One doesn't have to do much research to discover that Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus were involved in the occult. Bernard is obviously a student of their teachings.

    All I can say is WOW!!!

  23. How can a false prophet pray for a false prophet?nHow can Satan cast out satan? Carlton knows the gospel. If a true man of Godgot on there Carlton would have been scared. But of course that wasn't going to happen.

  24. Who Talketh like that when they prophesieth even when they layeth their hands upon that mans head. Oh puleeeeeze!

    ~Anointed Vessel

  25. When is part two coming?

  26. All I can say is that thsi interview was utter foolishness. A reprobate needs no platform to spew his rubbish, sad thing some weak believer would have gone home in mass confusion.

    This blinkin lexi show is all about ratings and not edification.

    Bishop Bloomer being all sympathatic, talking about what happened to the old Carlton Pearson, this is him and always was him or else he wouldve fought against th lies of the devil but no he went with whatever evil voice he heard. He needed a sharp rebuke and not some passive pat of the back.

    "If anyone preach another gospel let him be accursed", plain and simple!

    As far as Bishop Bernard Jordan, I am sure this is not the Christ thing to say but I saw this clown on a show on BET talking about homosexuality and he was such a wimp, he was overrun by professing Christians and didnt even stand on the known word of God but he is supposed to give unkown revelation from God.

    Give me a break!


  27. Anon,

    Part 2 is coming soon the church is an absolute mess right now in may instances.

  28. I have never met these people only Carlton Pearson years ago in the late 80's and way back then I told my husband that he wasn't walking right. He had people around who were ungodly and looked like they were mafia. He wasn't right back then when you talked to him he wasn't really listening to you but just nodding and saying uh huh uh huh like he was. He was fake way back then and it just finally came out for all to see

  29. This video was shot in the early 80's or 90's. Bishop Bernard Jordan, those that knew him in his very early years under the Bishop Roy E. Brown was a legitimate called prophet turned "false". He (Jordan) was not always that way. Over the years, the MONEY, filty lucre, cult prophetic enticing demonic realm has greatly influenced him. A warning to ALL people of God - this too can happen to any of us. I believe that Carlton Pearson has been greatly saddened and disappointed by the "lie and hypocrisy" of the so-called people of God. As a prophet, I have encountered similiar feelings of "disdain" as many real prophets, preachers, apostles etc do. Thankfully, I went to God about my "I know stuff" and He strengthened me through my journey, as I relied on Him to totally keep me from the "evil and wickedness" of OUR OWN FLESH!!! Please pray for Carlton Pearson, I just see a very hurt and wounded man pretending to be O.K. He's speaking a lot of truth if you really listen to his "plea" - he's really saying that all of you upcoming preachers are too just another sham and if you keep the "game" going,you too will be "coming to him" prophetic though spoken from a very broken-hearted and a man who has been greatly disappointed in Christianity...I definitely understand him, but definitely DO NOT agree with him. Pearson can see right through JHB, all "show" and no REAL anointing!!! He's saying that he got sick and tired of it, and I believe his hurt, turned to unbelief and this arrogant reprobation...pls just pray.

  30. On the video from the Azusa conference there is a sort of disclaimer:

    "During the 1990's Carlton Pearson held annual revivals that he called Azusa Conferences in Tulsa, Oklahoma. People from all over the United States and speakers from all over the world came to participate in these Azusa Conferences. Even though Carlton Pearson's current teachings (mainly the "Gospel Of Inclusion") contradicts the word of God; it can't be denied that his previous works/teachings were anointed. During the 1990 conference, a man by the name of Benson Idahosa was invited to speak, however at the insisting of the Holy Spirit he turned down the offer. Instead God sent Myles Munroe to speak in his place. The result was a powerful message that only God himself could have inspired. I would like to take a moment to state that this message IS NOT A RACIAL MESSAGE. It is my prayer that this video will bless you as much as it has blessed me. One more thing. At the beginning and end of Myles's sermon a word of wisdom from God is given by Bernard Jordan. I believe that the prophetic words spoken at that time were from the God, however I don't agree with anything that Bernard Jordan is teaching now-a-days."

    I believe that God sent Myles Munroe to teach that message. I also agree that what Bernard Jordan prophesied was from God, even though what he teaches today is completely of the devil. Bernard Jordan is messed up right now, and Carlton Pearson’s universalist teachings are not of God. But despite all of that, God moved mightily through the Azusa conferences and High Dimensions. When God could no longer move, the ministry fell apart.


  32. The previous post is a sample of Munroes FALSE TEACHINGS in these times. he apears preaching in english in hispanic church.

    1. I kind of figured that was what you were doing...Now, I'm still trying to figure out what the gospel is....Monroe got me confused-LOL!!!!!

  33. Listen to his interview on Public Broadcasting Network.


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