Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preachers, What Will You Do For A Soul?

Saints, Ive decided to do this post on me and some experiences that I've had. I've also recommitted this blog to refocusing in depth into exactly what we're doing in our churches and how hungry for sensationalism that we've actually become. Our imbalances have effected the power and flow of the Spirit of the Lord in our midst and subsequently the hearts of the individuals that we serve.
First, besides being a spouse, father and pastor, I have many duties that I perform daily. Three of those duties include being a defender of the Christian faith through apologetics ministries, being an edifier of the community through community service, and at all times, a servant of God and a servant of the people by just telling and living the truth as best as I possibly can with the help of the Lord.

This week has been one of those weeks that has involved actions in all three categories. I would in particularly like to focus on the last category of servant of God and servant of the people.

During the course of an unfortunately long and drawn out transaction I receive an email from a former friend of the ministry questioning my financial positioning of the ministry and his past arrangements to speak at our church. In fact, here is an excerpt from the rather derogatory email itself:

  • "When you dishonored our contract and booked those flights that cost me to upgrade and even carry my product, I knew then that I should cancel. But you begged and talked about how it would let the people down. But had I known that there would be 15 people there and you would stiff me for the money initially, I would have stayed home."

This email would not have come if it were not for a check that I WROTE, for $1,500. Unfortunately the check initially bounced but was recovered and PAID IN FULL within 7 days from discovery of the problem. Yes, I know, you say "he need some of that Prosperity gospel now"...No Thank you, we're good.

Thank God that, my obligation was fulfilled, but not in the manner I would have liked from the beginning. In the interim, however, before the check was replaced with a guaranteed instrument of payment, the aforementioned comment was made by the MINISTER that thought he had suffered a financial loss. Let me restate, I'm the first to say, BOUNCING A CHECK IS WRONG AND UNACCEPTABLE...That without question is a truth that I must tell even if on myself. We must pay closer attention to details and numbers of our checkbooks. I stand in line FIRST for that.

The part that I question however, was the minister's motivations as revealed in this slither of his diatribe to me. First, there are 4 elements in this statement. 1- He (the minister) lost an opportunity to SELL ministry material because of the flight which wasn't up to his standards. (ie: if he wanted to transport more "stuff" HE would have had to pay for it-which he obviously refused to do) 2- He had no feeling for the people (Saints) who were expecting his appearance 3- He didn't expect the crowd was going to be large enough for his satisfaction (actually only about 75-110 people showed not the 15 he exaggeratedly stated) but took a gamble, I suppose, and showed up anyway, and 4-He knew he wasn't going to make as much money as he wanted to make and possibly not even get his $1,500 appearance fee.

Can Anyone Tell Me What's Wrong With That Picture?

If you said, "Where is God?" or "Where is the consideration for the people of God?" I say the same thing. There is no mention of God, his people, delivery of HIS council or salvation of souls. There's no mention of service and true servitude to the people of God or the Kingdom of God. It's all been reduced to MONEY, CROWDS, and SALES.

Yes, what you are reading is real. Bottom line is that this minister was paid. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that modern ministry has miserably failed. People seemingly have become a commodity, a resource, another book or tape sale and their money another offering to be received. Now, don't get it twisted, we know that "it costs money to buy land" and finances are necessary to carry on the work of the Lord, but what about when venues are chosen for profitability, churches are viewed for sellability and areas of the country are looked at as "markets" and potential "distribution outlets"?

This was the first part of my answer to this character:

  • "You only do large churches? Are you like Paula and TD? You only want to be around them that are profitable or have cash? Now they have criticized you saying that you are only out for cash...I have chosen to not believe such up until now, but phrases like this make me question, what does the size of the church or money flow have to do with the ministry?...I see, you're not just WENT! You go for the MONEY huh??? See that's another fundamental difference between me and you, I'll go for a handfull of people that need the word...I've done it before and I'll do it again...You want a guarantee...what is it, you forgot how to trust God and do the real work of the ministry??? Did you ever know it? Have you ever done a hospital visit on a evangelical trip? Have you ever shown compassion for God's people, other than them offering you money??? WOW! This is revealing."

Yes this is revealing. It is revealing when individuals who "we think" are about souls prove that souls are a minimal consideration of what they do. You see some ministries graduate to a certain level that they no longer preach at certain size churches. Some get so popular that they only go places where they can make a certain return on their ministry investment dollar. This is sad but true. This is a total devaluation of souls and needs of the people. When souls are valued however, that is the true peace of the Real Christian minister.

Personal Example 1

For instance, I could personally share how a certain pastor asked me to come to their church on an occasion and didn't have money, but needed some help. They took an offering but I asked that they defer and send me something later. The most important part was that the people were blessed. They sent me a sizable offering about a month later. We thanked God and kept blessing one another. Thank God that church grew and built a brand new edifice about 5 years ago.Guess who has an open door anytime to speak to the people of God and deliver HIS council?

What Ever Happened To Real Ministry?

What happened to true Kingdom building? I know, we've stopped doing that because our money could get funny...In Kingdom building we could possibly suffer loss. Yet it is only kingdom building that blesses the people of God and stands between them and the fires of hell. Kingdom building isn't comfortable at times, profitable at times, and is yet essential and necessary to the ongoing work of Christ

As stated and To BE SURE this minister was paid all that he was due financially. Thank god that the door was open to speak beyond that to the real issues at heart. I also added the following comments in response to his assertions:

  • "...This displays no feeling or concern for god's people. The church is not your bank account."...

  • "...I've traveled for over 20 years and NEVER have I ran into anyone quite like you. You have totally lost sight of the people...You only have insight into YOU...That's tragic..."

There is much more that this gentleman said that was very shocking and revealing, but that is aside from the point, and I won't deal with that at this time. But my heart was stirred to question:

What is a REAL minister willing to do to serve God and HIS people?

Mt. 20:25-28 ~ "25- But Jesus called unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. 26-But it shall not be so amongst you: but whomsoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; 27-And whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant; 28- Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many."

Abraham In Sodom

We are all aware of Abraham attempting to rescue his nephew Lot and Lot's family from Sodom. In Genesis 18:22-33 we see the story of Abraham bartering with God for the salvation of the city. Abraham simply could have advised Lot to move from the beginning, but there was more to the story because Abraham wanted his environment and the people of God to be blessed. Abraham also knew that God valued souls. In verse 22 Abraham starts by asking God to spare the city for 50 righteous. Out of humility and servitude Abraham goes on an unusual mission to save the city by further bartering with God and decreasing the numbers incrementally. He goes from 50 righteous (v.22) to 45 (v.28) to 40 (v.29) to 30 (v.30) to 20 (v.31) and finally to 10 (v.32). God responds in the latter part of v.32 saying that "...I will not destroy it for ten's sake."

Even though 10 couldn't be found, God agreed to deliver the city with and for a small amount of righteous individuals. the point is that Abraham (being a type of Jesus) placed himself in the way of God's wrath for just 10 people. This story is evidence that god loves souls. Yet in spite of God's love for souls, these 21st century ministers refuse to serve because of the potential is that there will only be "15" persons at the event, and that they will not make enough money or sell enough product...WHAT IS THAT?

Personal Example 2

Last winter, there was a particular sub zero degree Sunday. We were preparing for morning service as usual. Thank God mostly our entire church was able to attend and we were blessed. One of the members, who has a mother that attends another church, told me that her mother had called her and said that their pastor had told them that there wasn't going to be any services for their church that Sunday because the Pastor didn't feel that there were enough members to warrant the inconvenience of turning on the heat.

What Happens When Souls Are Valued?

When souls are valued, love and reaching them rules the day and the love of God is displayed and people will change not out of fear, but out of appreciation. That's the goal.

Personal Experience 3

On the other side of these tragic stories and experiences I've shared, a few years ago, we had a man of God that came to our church. He paid his own way to get there, and what he received from the Saints at that time he probably just did break even. This man however was blessed and blessed the people of God in a great way.

I don't know about you, but that's what I look for in a who may not be flashy, or have all the "bells" and "whistles" that attract crowds, but one that has quality of spirit, a biblical message, is sent by God and SERVES the people of God with and through humility. That's MINISTRY. Selling a tape or book IS NOT ministry. Swaying a crowd to heights of emotion IS NOT ministry. Demanding money is certainly NOT ministry.

TV/ Media Age, Personalities & Expectations

We seemingly have become so duped by television and media and what it brings into our homes that many of us have forgotten that every ministry that has media ability is not necessarily ordained by God. Every ministry will not be a TV ministry and neither does every ministry deserve to be on TV or media.

The prosperity message, that has been the greatest disappointment of the current recessionary period, has taken on even the best media ministries claiming to be church restorationists. As I noted in 2 of my initial blogs Saints vs Celebrities Pt. 1 and Saints vs Celebrities Pt. 2 "Stars" and "Celebrities" do what they do and the bottom line is that getting paid is top priority. To those type of ministries, it really doesn't matter where Jesus is because they can't perceive him and they second guess his leading because they are unfamiliar with the leading of the Lord.

Celebrities have appeal and sell plenty of "snake oil" to attract the masses, but where is the authentication of the spirit? I'll tell you where, it's in humility and serving the people of God. The REAL POWER has never left TRUE SERVICE and Love for the People of God and his church.

I guess the temptation is to look at how easily profits can be gained with a "gimmick" But the church is being called back to REAL ministry. Real Ministry is done in the trenches, in the hospitals, in the ghettos, in the gutter with them that are hurting. Real ministry feeds, clothes, shelters, and assists their communities...Real ministry, suffers loss, spends gas, runs up miles on the car...but NOT without reward:

Heb. 6:10 ~ "For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister."

I know what I will do for a soul and to bless a soul. I have done it before and will do it again. Maybe that's why, the people of god that serve this ministry in return are at such peace spiritually. Maybe that's why The Saints look forward to good, biblically centered messages and apply those things to their lives. One thing is for sure, I can't take the credit for it...All I can do is continue to serve faithfully.



  1. Now I hope noone gets the impression that we should bounce checks or do potentially unlawful things for souls-LOL That's really not the point of the article and that is certainly NOT ENDORSED.

    We must remember first and foremost that the CHURCH belongs to God and not us.

    Also, some will invariably ask, to whom am I referring? What's the preacher's name that sent the email? That's not important for now. If I am led to reveal it, I will. There's no blessing in sensationalism just to be sensational, at least that's my opinion at the moment.

    God bless.

  2. Unfortunately, this has become status quo. In our church's infancy we attempted to get a very popular female minister (not Juanita) to come to minister to the women in our church. She had been on televsion for years. Our women's ministry had taken a full busload to see her in Washington, DC. My wife approached the woman personally and asked her about coming. "Oh, I've never been to Boston; I can feel the LORD calling me to come there!" Well, the women were excited and began to plan on the "event". The paperwork that was sent to us was a complete turnoff. There needed to be a guaranteed number of people in attendance and the ammeneties that should accompany her stay made us decide not to have this well known woman. We went ahead with local people and the LORD blessed the meeting with his presence. Lesson learned.
    I have not taken an honorarium for going to preach at a church for the past 5 years. I have made the decision that if I am going to be a blessings I am not going to take a blessing (so to speak). The LORD has met all my needs since I made that commitment. I don't have to worry about anything but the message that the LORD has given to me. If it costs me nothing why on earth should I charge them other than for my expenses to come. I understand the honorarium thing but it has been taken waaaayyyyy too far. My denomination has invited people who insist that they take their OWN offering. Why?

    Can you imagine after Paul's vision of the Macedonian saying "come on over to help us" he says; "Yes sbut first let me send you my contract. Please make sure the chariot you send for me is big enough for some scrolls I wish to sell."

  3. Saint James,

    man, I couldn't have said that better myself. You're on point 4- real.

    What makes it even worse is that this person dogmatically criticizes Jakes and others for not allowing free access to certain parts of their websites, while at the same time he presents a ridiculous set of contract expectations for his appearance.

    That backdrop is also that many of them feel special because they are on the stage...haven't learned that God exalts AND he abases. Some folk just not in the right city as they couldn't work their ministry in modest circumstances, but even in that ONLY God is in control.

    I'm like you my brother, if we're gonna preach "trust God" we oughta trust him some time...i agree too, Paul would cast these devils OUT of the church, I bet they'd humble themselves then-LOL

    I als found out why this was so important to me...A few years ago I wrote abook on this called "Ministering Effectively", my editor is editing it right now, but I'm going to be adding another revision because this sort of thing can't be looked at too indepthly in my opinion. I personally would like to see the church and church practice revert back to the people of God.

    Thanks preacher, be blessed.

  4. Pastor Burnett: My question to you is that did you know the person in the first scenario or did you have any "inkling" of what type of person or character he had...The thing that got me is that he had to "pay for his upgrade"....

  5. Pastor Burnett,

    From the posting, I am aware of the minister you are referring to. So in keeping things discreet, I think this particular posting fails. From your expressed intention that's not on purpose, but I think anyone with good sense can identify who you are referring to.

    I would be careful about that, not in a touch not my anointed type thing, but that if your goal is to address an issue, I believe it should not ring in such a personally contentious manner. I don't get much spiritual edification from that. But this is your blog, so do what you believe is what you've been led to do.

    I do find the posting informative in some respects to abusing ministry for personal gain. We seem to have many seeking the stage and not the souls. That's a major hindrance to discipleship and soul-winning. B/c no one trusts the preacher anymore they don't want to be saved, or once saved be under leadership. Especially if they think the preacher's a crook out to line his pocket. Too many have been burnt.

    But not so informative with the personal situation that seems to have been the impetus for the post. It seems a bit one-sided. I can't take what's been offered, couple it with my outside understanding of the situation from what I observed in person, and reconcile the two. It comes down to taking your word against his which I don't have in full. But I guess for the sake of keeping identity under wraps, maybe you can't post more.

    And therein lies the problem. I can't make a fair assessment on the two parties with what I've been given.

    Was everything done to rectify the situation on both parties' part excluding the finances? Again, it seems as if something is missing from the story for me to assess.

    God Bless, and Stay Prayerful!
    Bro Dixon

  6. Oregonsistah,

    "My question to you is that did you know the person in the first scenario or did you have any "inkling" of what type of person or character he had"

    Sistah, I had heard with my own ears, this person preach against the type of thing that he required. I FAILED to do my homework because I let my guard down so far as that type of thing was concerned. Once again, another error on my part. I had no reason to believe based on previou socnversations and all that his view and my view of certain aspects of handling God's people were so diverse.

    As I saw this develop which was certainly BEFORE any checks were written, I committed to pray and approach this as just another "issue" which godly love could cover and wait for the opportune time to went to a COMPLETE different level after the check part of which I understand BUT, what you read was only a "slither" of the persons overall viewpoint, which he expressed without reservation.

    So no, I had no "inkling" although from the flight booking, which we jumped through hurdles to do at an economic and fair rate, there were issues.

    This leads to another fundamental issue for me, when a person cares less about what the church has to do to experience finacially, there's a problem. It would be a problem for me even if we had a 40,000 member church. The economy of the church is not to be wasted no matter what size the congregation is. I thought this gentleman was dedicated to that premise also.

  7. Bro Dixon,

    Unfortunately brother, I wasn't expecting any "contention" so to speak. it was the last thing I had on my mind, but the prior email to this one was an all out personal attack on me. Thankfully, I have witnesses who spoke for my character and this is documented.

    As I told Oregonsistah, that was one element but NOT the element I focused on here. I'll take the personal attacks etc, and readily admit my wrong, and correct my mistakes as the intention to do evil simply did not neither does it exist.

    What incensed me, and still yet does, is the lack of value for the people of God. Let's be hypothetical for a minute: You and I can disagree all day, that's ok, we're grown and we'll move on, BUT when you display a less than honor or value for the people of God and HIS church, I am highly offended...Why? Because I hold the people of God and the church in high esteem. That's the type of ministry associates I want to have and THOUGHT that were in my circle, other with a like mind on those issues. So I WASN'T prepared to find out otherwise.

    The critic says how is it that you "esteem" the church? You talk about the wrong or the negative...Well in my opinion that's one element of exactly how. I get no pleasure of seeing the church used and abused by imbalance or just plain ole sinners. That's the line in the sand. to me that's worth the embarassment.

    Who wants to tell the worl that they "bounced a check"???Not ME! but the CHURCH is more important than me, and if these are practices that are common in the body (ministers having a high and almost idolatrous expectation of benefiits from the church) It needs to be addressed immediately.

    Now, maybe I temper this with my experiences too much. I have written a book regarding this issue and more addressing the imbalances of thise sort of thing and YES, I will sell and give away copies to bless the people of God and trust that the work will be a benefit to his church.

    Let me draw another contrast for a minute: I've worked for a multi-billion dollar corporation before. They used to fly me from place to place for training routines etc. I was given an expense account WITH LIMITATIONS. Those limitations would not allow me to abuse or use the company for certain types of expenditures. If I spent more than the expense or needed something that wasn't covered, I paid for it myself. We abided by those rules out of respect for the company and because we wanted to make sure that the higher-ups knew that we were responsible. What about those of us who serve the church?

    I'm certainly not asking you or anyone to take sides or fill in the missing pieces. If I shared from beginning to end actual content you would cry and wouldn't believe your eyes. I certainly didn't believe mine, so the point is not to expose what may be a character flaw of any individual. The point is to consider that the church is more important than that no matter what preacher, deacon, or friend of the church may require or set forth.

    Question...What makes a preacher assume that (regardless of the church size) that he/she is unlimited in what they should expect or require?...That's what I find ridiculous.

    From a theological standpoint, when a person equates material ability to the leading of God, as a preacher I unreservingly say they have NO CONCEPT of what true ministry is about...

    Here's another consideration, If We're on a mission trip to Western Africa, 'supposedly' sent by the Lord, and the church there can't afford a certain type of vehicle or we can't fly a certain airlines or we can't carry the "product" that we were expecting to mean to tell me that those things add up to the VOICE OF THE LORD, telling us we shouldn't go???

    That is BOGUS, childish and silly. that isn't the thought process of a biblically centered minister. Either the Lord sends you or he doesn't.

    see Pt. 2

  8. Pt 2

    I believe Paul was confronted with the same set of trials...What did HE do? He made TENTS while he was there on the mission so as not to be a burden to the Saints. He never questioned the Lord's leading no matter what he endured. Now before I become a burden, assuming that the church resource automatically beliongs to ME, I should at least contribute something more than just lip service...even then I'm not entitled to handle things like I want to simply because "I'm special with God"

    So I understand your commentary, and I've responded with much extra, but like I said the interchange or (exchange) was witnessed thoroughly so the personal issues was not the object of the post even though many of those issues seem to have run parrallel to the church issues. I thought that was very unfortunate also.

    All I can say is that there is NOTHING hidden but what shall be revealed. It was PLAIN to me that the Lord was saying that I had to know these "heart felt" thoughts and issues before I invested any more time or resource. I don't want to vicariously promote the ungodly treatment or abuse of the church. I believe that is vitally important.

    Thanks Brother Dixon. God bless.

  9. Hi,pastor Burnett I read your post and I am shocked to see how someone you trusted and knew in the ministry would do this to God and the people of God who need to be blessed in the ministry and Church. Every thing you said is true concerning what God's love for people and how the Church is fashioning itself like the world for money, the scriptures you used were powerful which makes me read the Bible more careful knowing how in pertains to every situation in life and how we as saints need to know the word. I talked to you once ovwer the internet about predestination and double predestination. We talked about issues that the Church needs to know about for the edification of the saints. Then you decided to help me in finding a new Church home because a lot of the preaching these days are milk washy no good, no truth preachin convicting sermons top get the saints of God to live right. You did not even know me and you e-mailed me back when ever you could. This little bit showed me that you really cared about souls and loved Jesus dispite knowing me so little. I thank you for that you are a real brother in Christ. Hope to keep in touch and in ministry together.

  10. Shafarr,

    THANK YOU my friend for that encouragement. I am really blessed by your recounting. Y'u-know what, I really wasn't thinking about any of that but that's how I live 4-real.

    My honest feeling is that EVERY CHILD OF GOD is valuable in whatever the Lord has called them into. no matter how people attach significance to certain positions and lifting up the standard there on college campus is EXACTLY what we need and you are VALUABLE beyond what we know.

    I believe this was a call for me to get back to spreading this message of the real ministry...real ministry doesn't begin with a microphone and real ministry is challenging and often you're in difficult situations BUT that real ministry. I find that some of these guys know NOTHING about that...

    Whatever we do, we do it unto the glory of the LORD!

    Thank you so much and God bless.

  11. Praise the LORD!

    Pastor Burnett, I have learned the hard way from bumps and bruises, being offended, being stood up, being used, given my last dollar, going all the way, keeping my word or obligation when it cost me personally to keep my word, preached as if it was my last day on earth and did not get an offering, and so on and so on. The main problem with many, many brothers and sisters in the Body of CHRIST today. I am talking about the called out ones, the eclesia, the 5 fold, etc. etc. We forget WHO we are really serving. We forget WHO we WILL give an account to one judgement day. The LORD JESUS had to deal with this in HIS day. I call this the carnal spirit of competition and the me, myself, and I idol. This spirit affected the original apostles. Remember when they argued amongst themselves who would be the greatest and the GREATEST was in their midst. But notice that JESUS never went there with them to appease their egos but HE got straight to the heart of the matter and said he who is greatest among you let him be your servant and the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Many christian leaders have gotten off focus, and have gotten on themselves...the me, myself, and I idol! Remember the rich man that had much, and wanted to continue to build more barns for his riches. The man forgot WHOSE KINGdom he belonged to! We should always approach ministry, opportunities, etc. with the mindset WHOSE KINGdom are we building? GOD's or man's(individually and corporately)

    Man of GOD, I could preach all night about this topic. Hallelujah!

    Pastor Burnett, You be encouraged! GOD had to reveal this person's heart to you. Brother, I have learned who my true friends are when I am down. But when I am know the rest of picture!

    I pray that your ministry associate did not burn bridges because...pride cometh before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 He may have to come to you for prayer or a need. We never know what the future holds, we only see prophetically in part! Amen. I use to be a Mr. Know it all. I have many stripes on my back to attest that saints need each other. Brother, I have learned to NOT LOOK DOWN ON ANYBODY! ANYBODY! That includes the sinner and the lost! Because just as John the Baptist said, GOD can take a stony rock and turn it into a son of GOD!

  12. EnochWalked,

    All I can say is AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN again!

    That was a word for real. Now this person did it all brother...caled me names made inferences that weren't nice in the least. And you know what, I THANK GOD, that the Lord revealed the you know that a Judas like that could have at least attempted to destroy everything that God is doing for HIS people through this ministry?

    What do they say, "Just in case ya didn't ya know!" i know now.

    I served under an old bishop some years ago. He used to say 3 things I'll never forget, 1- "everything shine, ain't silver", 2- "everything glitter, ain't gold", and 3- "every shut eye, ain't sleep"

    Sometimes people think that silence is ignorance. In this case I knew I was dealing with someone who lost sight of God's mission after I booked the best most reasonable price flight that could be found, paid for it and sent the tickets and the response was that "I don't fly (that airlines)" Then, check this out,...y'u-know why? because he can't UPGRADE to FIRST CLASS because all his travel miles are with another carrier??? I suppose also in first class they let you transport more material for free, so he could sell more product...

    What is that??? I'll tell's SINFUL and ridiculous. those are the actions of a celebrity who only wants to perform their show...I don't need any showmen hanging out with me...we only want real servants of God. true servants make mistakes, but they don't seek to make gain off of the people of God.

    Anyway, thanks brother and please may all encouragements be recriprocated, in Jesus name!

  13. It's a shame that Michael Jackson was willing to do more to help people than many preachers...

    As I watched his memorial service, I noticed that he set a record for giving to charitable organizations, and left a good trail of causes and individuals to which he lent his time, talents and resources. I know 1 Cor. "if I give all and have not charity etc...Some of these preachers use that as a religious sounding excuse to self serving and inaction on their behalf.

    If you have charity, you'll give of yourself and resource etc... Ministers such as the one referenced in this article are only self-servers with a gimmick...the gimmick is to sound like they're on the mission field when it truth all they want is another DVD sale, attention and popularity.

    I hope the eyes of the religious fungdamentalist comes open before they are crushed by the righteousness of God, because he'll clean every corner of his church...not just the E. Longs and C. Dollars, God will place EVERYONE in order.

    Thank God for allowing me to humble myself under his hand...I'll take the shame if it helps somebody along the way.

  14. As I look back, I'm glad I did this post and hope and pray that it effects somebody's life positively. Thank God!

  15. Finally got around to reading this one, and I must say there is one question I would ask to any minister (or any Christian for that matter). That is - If you could and had to damn yourself to hell for eternity in order to save just one person's soul, just one, would you?

    If the answer is yes, then we're on the same page and the person asked has my respect.

    If the answer is no however, I can't honestly say anything else to that person but shut up and get out of the ministry (or forget about your religion).

    I guess it's cause of the later that I've never actually asked this question til now...

  16. Noightmare,

    You said: If you could and had to damn yourself to hell for eternity in order to save just one person's soul, just one, would you?

    Now THAT WAS DEEEEEP! But you know what, and someone may think the worse of me, but I believe you're RIGHT!

    I am sickened by these that only wanna do ministry in conforts and luxuries and are not willing to put their hands or physical presence on real issues.

    This is a challenge Nightmare and it's irrespective of the religious persons belief or you get no argument from me on this one.

  17. Thank you :D This is, IMO, another of the places where the rubber of theory truly hits the road of practicality.

    And, though you didn't respond directly the implications of your post make your answer clear. You sir have earned my respect (bows) :D

  18. Good Bless you Pastor Burnett,

    I am a constant reader of your blog and as I have state previously, you are one of only a few Pastors or even preachers in our COGIC Donomination willing to take a stand on real issues facing the body of Christ. The reason for this post is to make you aware of a podcast that was done by G. Craig Lewis with Fred Price Jr., new pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center and son of Word of Faith pioneer and heretic Fredrick KC Price. After listening to the interview, In my opinion and I could be reading into this wrong but G. Craig comes across as a supporter of this particular ministry and doctrine. I am providing you with the link of the podcast for you to listen for yourself.


    Minister Terry

  19. Min. Terry,

    Thanks for the 411 and I wouldn't be surprised. For some all one has to do is show interest in $$$ and the "spirit" is right...and unfortunately that works both ways...I'll listen and give an honest assessment.

    Thanks again!

  20. It seems that G.craige was an admirer of Dr. Price from a long time back after being exposed to him through his father. He enjoyed his preaching style and his ministry.

    Seems that the whole point was to simply discuss Jr's reversion away from holy hip hop and G's steadfastness and unwaivering message that has helped him do so...Yes, it seems that he G.Craige is a supporter of that ministry.

    1. Hello Sir,

      Please could you clarify this comment for me?

      "Thanks for the 411 and I wouldn't be surprised. For some all one has to do is show interest in $$$ and the "spirit" is right...and unfortunately that works both ways..."

      Does that refer to G. Craige Lewis?

      I would be surprised if it does, because i remember listening to a very enlightening podcast that you both collaborated, and i assume that you both work similarly in ministry and both have a heart for God's people.

      Has there been some sort of parting of ways between yourselves? And what would have caused this?

      Or perhaps i have just misunderstood the comments?

      - Zeuwa Nwana

    2. Zeuwa,

      Thank you for the commentary and question. First everyone makes mistakes. Some are more willing to acknowledge their mistakes than others. Unfortunately, many ministers and ministries go through ebbs and flows in their lives and that effects their ministry demands. I think I've been pretty comprehensive in the article and I do have plenty of additional information, and could pinpoint an exact order of events and conversation but I choose to show mercy... actually more mercy than I was shown and than our church was given.

      Those who read and have read knew and know their role and cannot offer proof contrary to my assertions.

      So what do we do? Proceed in love and pray for restoration. That's all I can do and gladly so. No matter who anyone is, they should never think, even for a split second, that God cannot get done what he wants done without them. He is a big God, and he uses sometimes little people to do great big things.

      Hope that satisfies your interest. What country are you writing from?



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