Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Canada!

President Barack Obama &
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
This week President Barack Obama stated this about the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and the American relationship with Canada:
"...In Stephen, (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) I've got a trusted partner, and I think he’ll agree that perhaps no two nations match up more closely together, or are woven together more deeply, economically, culturally, than the United States and Canada.

And that deep sense of interconnection, our shared values, our shared interests, infused the work that we have done today -- from supporting a resolution to the eurozone crisis to moving ahead with the transition in Afghanistan, from deepening security cooperation here in the Americas to supporting reform and democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa." ~ President Barack Obama South Court Auditorium Washington, DC. 12/7/2011( parenthesis & emphasis added) 
Almost a year ago, we have featured Dr. Charles McVety on our blog in the post "When Canadian Freedom Meets Canadian Censorship". At the time we noted that Dr. McVety was speaking out against the proliferating gay agenda in Canada which seems to be growing at the direction and under the protection of the state and governmental authority. Dr. McVety has been censured by the Canadian broadcasters for speaking against a proposed new school based agenda claiming that there were six genders among humans. Dr. McVety said this:
"We spoke against a new proposed sex education curriculum that would teach gender identity, six genders, and sexual orientation to our children,...And I believe that this curriculum was for the purpose of teaching our children to be homosexuals." ~ Rev. McVety

Dr. Charles McVety
Here's an email from Dr. McVety that I recently received about the current happening in Canada and amongst the Canadian government regarding this Six Gender identity garbage. 

"Hi Pastor Harvey:
Last week Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty  seized the opportunity to write his radical six gender sex education in the new anti-bullying law. Everyone agrees that bullying is a serious threat to children and must be combated with strong, stiff programs and penalties. Children’s lives depend on it. Unfortunately the Premier is using everyone’s good will to advance his agenda. 
The Anti-bullying Bill 13 uses the force of law to make teachers in both Public and Catholic to: 
· Teach Radical Six Gender Curriculum - Equity and Inclusive EducationBill 13 Section 2. (1) Paragraph 29.1 of subsection 8 (1) of the Act is repealed and the following substituted: equity and inclusive education 29.1 require boards to develop and implement an equity and inclusive education policy, and, if required by the Minister, submit the policy to the Minister and implement changes to the policy as directed by the Minister; 
· Support Homosexual Clubs in all Public and Catholic SchoolsBill 13 Section 9. Board support for certain pupil activities and organizations303.1 Every board shall support pupils who want to establish and lead,(a) activities or organizations that promote gender equity;(b) activities or organizations that promote anti-racism;(c) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people with disabilities; or(d) activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, including organizations with the name gay-straight alliance or another name. 
· Force Churches Renting School Property to Follow Province’s Radical Agenda.
Bill 13 Section 7 (2) Agreements with third parties re use of schools(3.1) If a board enters into an agreement with another person or entity, other than a board, respecting the use of a school operated by the board, the board shall include in the agreement a requirement that the person or entity follow standards that are consistent with the code of conduct. 
It is egregious to impose, with the force of law, this bizarre social engineering experiment on Ontario’s children under the pretense of protecting children from bullying. There is no proof that forcing all schools, Public and Catholic, to teach this material and host gay clubs will stop bullying. This guise doesn’t hold water with standard pedagogical practices. Our schools don’t have to teach the intricacies of every element of difference to combat bullying. Teachers don’t need a 219 page curriculum guide extolling the virtues of being short, overweight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other identifying factor. They simply need to combat bullying.
Think of the millions of small, innocent children who will be subjected to this agenda if we do nothing. Last year tens of thousands of parents spoke out, the Premier heard our cries and cancelled a similar program. 
Please act to protect children and do the following:1. Call Premier McGuinty at 416-325-19412. Send Premier McGuinty an email by clicking here. A copy will be sent to every Ontario MPP. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR MP(If this doesn’t work with your system go to and click on Email Premier McGuinty)3. Sign the Petition at www.stopcorruptingchildren.comPlease make your voice known. If not you, then who? If not now, when?I want to thank you for protecting children from this hostile, confusing, radical experiment. 
Merry Christmas and May 2012 See Protection for Children.Dr. Charles McVetyPresident, Institute for Canadian ValuesP.S. If each of us sends this email to our contacts, the impact on Mr. McGuinty will be multiplied. 
Link Bill 13 to Equity and Inclusive Curriculum!.pdf
First of all I commend Dr. McVety for taking an open stand against the enemy and the proliferation of what is a moral issue; the education or should I say "programming" and "conditioning" of our children to favor and accept the homosexual agenda and homosexuality in general.  

There is also something else to note. Canada, having certainly advanced the gay agenda  further than the United States at this point, is doing the same thing with anti-bullying as is happening within the United States.  As I noted in "Political Pandering For The Gay Vote", noone wants violence against children to continue or be an acceptable part of our education system. However, President Barack Obama says that Canada and the United States are "woven together more deeply economically and culturally" and that we have "shared values and interests".

Does anyone think that President Barack Obama's words are coincidental to the fact that the United States is approaching the full ratification of the gay agenda through politics and education as I have pointed out? I think as a people we should open our eyes or we will be dealing with "Six Gender Identity" reprogramming within the United States educational system very soon.


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