Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bishop Noel Jones / LisaRaye McCoy...Marriage, Engagement Or Dating?

LisaRaye "Platnium Digger" McCoy
Noel "A Pimps Best Friend" Jones
Hits and searches on Bishop Noel Jones have been off the hook on this site. Rather than spend a lot of time trying to find out (because these people are deceptive & secretive) I'll turn the fact finding over to you. Since YOU want to know, maybe this will help  'cause I can't call it.
Here is Lisa's Response to it all:

This should settle the issue. Let me tell you this though, if Bishop Noel Jones is "like a father to the faith" which was said on another program when Raye was interviewed...why didn't  they ASK HIM instead of asking the woman? Especially since Noel Jones regularly appears on radio...In all of this, I haven't heard the Bishop say a word, but I suppose one is not necessary anyway. 


Additional Reading:
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  1. Here is her statement on the Steve Harvey Show about the rumors:

  2. Thanks Richard,

    This was one with The Zone and Tim Clinton asking the questions. She said a relationship "A friendship"...Wants a healthy, loving and spiritual husband with a right foundation

    Not engaged, not running to the altar to get married...I guess that settles that.


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