Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Destiny...Same Ole Sins

Bishop Dr. I V Hilliard has announced his resignation from the Board of Bishops that were to help secure the transition of leadership for New Destiny Christian Center, the church which Pastor Zachery Tims pastored. In a video announcement he stated the following among other things:
“Now after being involved for sometime in the process, I have decided to resign my position in this bishop’s council. Now my commitment to integrity will not allow me to support something that I believe is deceptive and that compromises previously agreed upon procedures and protocol.”
He also stated this by twitter:
“Who stands by and watches a theft take place and does not sound the alarm? Only the irresponsible and the uncaring..NDCC members we care...” 
Dr. Hilliard's video announcement can be found HERE.

Now, I ask: Can a devil be trusted to follow any agreement? The obvious answer is no. How did Dr. Hilliard feel that the unrepentant devil of New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) representative leadership was going to honor any agreements or even desire a reversion to spiritual renewal? Keep reading, my statement will become very clear. 

Even Guests Are Changing Their Minds

Dr. Hilliard's isn't the only one disassociating themselves from the ministry, or at least so it appears. Dr. Michael A Phillips, who appears to have been slated as a guest minister at New Destiny, has spoken this in a special announcement:
"Regretfully, after prayer and consideration, I have chosen to cancel my time of ministry at New Destiny Christian Center this Thursday evening, December 22, 2011. Please join us in keeping New Destiny & its people covered in prayer during their season of transition."
Dr. Phillips announcement can be found HERE Great idea..."cast NOT your pearls before the swine"...think I'm too rough? Keep reading...

So Who's "Stealing & Deceiving " Their Way Into Leadership At New Destiny?

Could it be pastor Paula White the supposed "spiritual mother" of the late Pastor Tims? Reports are circulating that Paula has been appointed in some fashion to take over the church. Remember she denied that she was there in any capacity previously. It seems that everyone affirms that she is and has been there during this "time of transition".

UPDATE: 12/29/2011 ~ It has been confirmed that Pastor Paula White has been announced as pastor and Pastor Riva Tims will be challenging the process in court. WESH.COM Orlando for the full story 

Pastor Rico Sharp who leads Spirit of Truth Worship Ministries in Lake Mary, Fla., affirms as much and sheds some light on Paula's association with the ministry as he has published on Facebook:
"It is true and of no doubt that Paula White is the new pastor of New Destiny Christian Center. This is not speculation but true. I know!!!!! Pastor Dana and I will be praying for and standing with all of you as things develop. Dr Zach would have never put Paula in this place, neither did they have any relationship for the past four years. I know this because Dr Zach told me that she cut him off when he fell, so therefore he moved on from that connection. There is a malicious story of deception, manipulation, and greed developing and surfacing about Paula White that will totally dishonor The Holy Spirit, Dr Zachary Tims, and the innocence of the NDCC family."
He also added:
"There is a lot of corruption that has been going on behind closed doors and it hides behind the disguise of prayer, fasting and the voice of God. I personally know that NDCC you have been lied to, misinformed, and not taken to heart during this whole process."
First of all NDCC is in not way innocent. They are guilty as they can be. through their representative leadership, they have LIED and SINNED as well. Secondly, the pastor, Zachery Tims, BACKSLID according to this minister that supposedly knows the happenings at NDCC. So in effort to tell the story he also tells his inability to provide any spiritual insight or suggest a system of accountability or restoration to help any of these folk. That's to his shame, but all SINS will be revealed and what is done in secret shall be preached from the housetops. 

So far as who will be next, no official announcement will be made until New Year's Eve.

My Take:

Church transition is never and easy thing to go through. COGIC is full of transitions and many of them are froth full of trouble and embarrassment to whatever degree that trouble and embarrassment comes.

The thing I find most disturbing here is that many of these folk appear to be around for "fishes and loaves". In other words some seem to be hanging around to get what they can get and receive. Here, we have a pastor, who within 48 hours we will know whether he died of a drug overdose, that was well received by all of these people even through his reversion into personal sins. He was in the group with them, endorsing them, helping them make money and they were doing the same for him. They facilitated his sins and endorsed his evil by silence. 

As one of the "transition leaders", T D Jakes (who hasn't resigned)  spoke, that he knew Tims was suffering:
"I thought I was the only one who know how unhappy Zach was, how broken he was, how afraid he was if anybody was to see any flaw in him. He tried hard to heal himself, to fix himself," ~ Bishop T. D. Jakes
However, none of these folk made one attempt to stop him in his track and give the ultimate call to righteousness to him and help him overcome what they SAW him struggling with

The one person that tried to bring Zachery to a place of doing right and honoring the word of God was his former wife, Pastor Riva Tims. 

In response to her efforts to save her family and bring her husband to accountability which WOULD have saved him, the church allowed Zachery to kick her out and followed that up by disassociating themselves from her. At least until he died! From a recent Facebook posting the church CONTINUES to persist in their abuse and ungodly manner both towards Pastor Riva and the Tims children. In response to a friend expressing that she was "shocked" at the news coming from New Destiny Christian Center, Riva responded with the following statement: 
"i am too, you should have seen zion today wearing his father's suit and shoes. he is only 12 years old. this was a tough day for the children. the board has never reached out to them and has refused any meetings with me. God is in control. My faith will not waiver. love you both very much,"
Where was Hilliard in this? Where was Jakes voice in this? Where is Paula's voice in this? Where is Shane's voice in this? A church continues in the culture of worldliness and ungodliness that wrapped up and enveloped their pastor and contributed to his death, and leaders responsible for righting the wrong that has taken place, fail to speak a definitive word against it???

A voice and direction against this SIN may have been present, but it seems that no one was really concerned about anything until things simply didn't go their way in the process of transition. How much respect can anyone be expected to have for any of these people? Pray for me, because IF what is reported is true, and the SINS of New Destiny persist as they obviously do, I find VERY LITTLE to associate with INTEGRITY, and very little to feel sorry for when it all blows up and leads to further and greater embarrassment. If the leaders of NDCC were God's people, the FIRST thing they would do is REPENT!  
  • I find no integrity with anyone who sat around rubbing hands and exchanging money when souls were at stake and this man was sleeping with strippers and reverting to drugs. 
  • I find no integrity with ministers who were so eager to take the pulpit, expand their "ministry" and receive an offering, more than they were willing to ask questions about who they were associating themselves with and demanding holiness and right associations.
  • I find no integrity among leaders who claim to be "spiritual fathers and mothers" who added to this man's sins with silence and endorsed evil through inaction and failure to correct a church for the treatment of a founding member of the church. 
This is deplorable and believe me, EVERY tower of Babel is coming down. This is just ONE of them. We've seen Schuller's Paulk's, Long's and the list goes on as they begin to line up to be brought low. I am convinced that we will see some more fallout because anything and every kingdom not built on the SOLID ROCK of Christ, will come down. These folk are building on people power, politics, associations and money and have forsaken the God that calls men from darkness into the light.

This is a sad state of affairs and we can only know that somehow God WILL get the glory even if he has to drive all of these that have some responsibility to their knees by continually frustrating their plans. God will get his glory!



  1. I see a church "split" in the making.

  2. JJ,

    If there are some really saved people there, I see that too...the church board seems to have taken an inoculation against righteousness. I hope all of the congregation hasn't followed suit. Treating Riva as they have done, I certainly would have left long ago. Then for a preacher to preach on top of all that without calling the church to repentance is a total mess!

  3. They were making such a big deal about the new pastor being revealed on New Year's Eve. What is sounds like is a bunch of individuals taking advantage of a bad situation for personal gain. Why keep the identity of the new pastor secret and why did they need a "Board of Bishops" to choose a new pastor anyway? I thought that most reputable churches would create a search committe and make a formal announcement soliciting resumes/CV for the Senior Pastor position ath said church. The whole Zach Tims affair has been nothing but extrme secrecy. As far as the church not reaching out to Riva Tims, I say shame on them.

  4. This is truly, truly sad and tragic to behold. But we must gird up the loins of our minds because the FATHER is cleaning and purging in our midst. For years their hireling profiteers have made merchandise out of the sheep and have led them astray. Now, God ---not the devil--- is revealing them for what they are. All those who covered for them and supported them knowing full well that they were wicked will be brought down low. If God's glory is at stake,I vote for the glory of God. Let the will of the Lord be done.

  5. Now, they say that the new pastor won;t be revealed until the 1st of the year and Tim's toxicology won't be available until after the 1st of the year.

    How do they feel that they are so important that the world hinges on what they do?

    For the onlooker, the only reason I and most folk make the report is because we know the truth and know that unrighteousness is incompatible with righteousness. We already know that you can't mix sin with evil and in this we see the judgement of God. I for one don't look at these people because they have any importance, I look because I am watching God do what he does...rebuke the self-exalted and self-centered.

    This is a sad state of affairs.

  6. Paula has been selected and Riva is challenging in court. I advises Ms. Tims to simply walk away. Here's the following email I sent to her:

    "Ms. Tims,

    I and we are continuing to pray for and along with you. Sister, with all that is within you, please walk away from those folk at New Destiny. The leadership and certain decision makers proved their ungodliness long ago toward you and your children. They do not need nor do they deserve the benefit of your council.

    Utter confusion is upon their choice and God has rejected these according to their sins. My prayer is that you walk in the blessings that the Lord has placed on you, your family and your church. Those folk have become a mockery to the kingdom of God and they will not be blessed.

    1 Sam. 15:22-23 ~ 22-And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. 23-For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

    You walk in peace, allow them to walk in confusion. Their plans will come to nothing."

    I respect and honor her decision to fight and The Dunamis Word stands with Ms. Tims during this time.

  7. Check this out. This is the statement from new Destiny regarding Riva's lawsuit:

    Statement from New Destiny Christian Center
    in Response to the Riva Tims Lawsuit:

    "Obviously, we are saddened by the course of action Pastor Riva Tims as chosen to pursue.
    Her lawsuit is completely without merit and we are extremely confident in our legal standing. We will take all actions necessary to protect our church, its ministry and its reputation.

    In the wake of her divorce from Pastor Zachary Tims in 2009, Pastor Riva willingly signed legal
    documents releasing all claims over New Destiny Christian Center and left our church to begin her own
    ministry, literally just a few miles away. So we are surprised to hear her now say, three years later, that she should become Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center.

    As a co-founder of our church, she will always be loved and respected, but we are moving forward now
    with our new Senior Pastor, Paula White, and our focus is solely on the bright future of service and
    ministry that is ahead for our church. This lawsuit will distract us from that mission.

    We wish Pastor Riva well in her service to Christ and we will continue to pray, as we always have, for the success of her ministry."

    So unless Riva has something that says that there was an out clause, it seems as if she doesn't and won;t have a legal basis for a successful suit.

    They need the prayers of the righteous.

  8. Pastor Riva withdrew her suit this week as suspected. We can and should pray for her and them now. Any and every member of New Destiny who knows that this was wrong should leave and go with Pastor Riva. NDCC will only be a cash cow in the hands of Paula.


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