Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Canadian Freedom Meets Canadian Censorship

Trouble North of the boarder:
Canadian Anti-Free Speech Logo
"Broadcasters should endeavour to make available to the community adequate opportunity for presentation of religious messages and should also endeavour to assist in all ways open to them the furtherance of religious activities in the community. Recognizing the purpose of the religious broadcast to be that of promoting the spiritual harmony and understanding of humanity and of administering broadly to the varied religious needs of the community, it shall be the responsibility of each broadcaster to ensure that its religious broadcasts, which reach persons of all creeds and races simultaneously, shall not be used to convey attacks upon another race or religion". ~ Canadian Association Of Broadcasters (CAB) Code of Ethics, Clause 8 – Religious Programming
Our friends North of the boarder, the Canadians, have never been more important to the future and well being of America. Not only do they participate in keeping the northern hemisphere safe and free from terrorists, but what goes on in Canada could well be an indicator of issues that Americans can expect to address or deal with in the future.  

Canada has a council to regulate offensive television material similar to the FCC in the United States. It is called the CRTC. In effort to police themselves however, Canada's private broadcasters created the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC). The following is directly from their website:
"The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) is an independent, non-governmental organization created by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) to administer standards established by its members, Canada's private broadcasters. The Council's membership includes more than 730 private sector radio and television stations, specialty services and networks from across Canada, programming in English, French and third languages."
Meet Rev. Charles McVety President of Canada Christian College. Both he and his show, WORD TV were censured in June 2010 by the CBSC when, in the process of fighting the good fight of faith, he used his television platform to expose the erroneous teachings of an accepted school curriculum which claimed that children should embrace their built in "6 gender" personality. Yes, for some absurd reason this proposed "in school" teaching claimed  that everyone was born with 6 genders and really cannot find peace and happiness until they learn to embrace them all...The CBSC disagreed with everyone who was in opposition to the program claiming that the curriculum was designed to teach "tolerance". Their claim was that Rev. McVety "mischaracterized" the teaching and not only went on to censure Rev. McVety, but also Premiere Dalton McGuinty and the school board for agreeing to remove and modify the program.

"We spoke against a new proposed sex education curriculum that would teach gender Rev. McVety identity, six genders, and sexual orientation to our children,...And I believe that this curriculum was for the purpose of teaching our children to be homosexuals." ~
Thankfully Rev. McVety was successful in opening the eyes of the community and the school board in his province to the problems of this particular textbook and the curriculum was dropped. Under any other circumstance, that would be the end of the story and we'd all go on to the next battle except for the word "censured" as I stated above.

Not only was the Rev. censured by the CBSC, for disagreeing with the program and pronouncing it openly, but during the process Rev. McVety also condemned and spoke out against Toronto's annual gay pride parade. According to McVety, the parade, previously funded by the government up to about $400,000 annually, allowed the display of every type of deviant sex including that of homosexuality. McVety was condemned for simply revealing that the parade allowed participants and individuals to march unclothed and to perform certain sexually oriented acts in public under the rubric of gay pride. Mcvety noted that many of the publicly displayed actions were against the criminal code of Canada, and a violation of public decency laws. This was obviously too much for the regulatory authority when it came to the rev. pronouncing this on TV. According to the complaint, the problem stemmed from how Rev. McVety characterized the parade. He termed it a "sex parade". Thus he also "mischaracterized" the parade.

Here Comes The Judge

Ultimately the government withdrew their funding from the parade, but the CBSC immediately convicted him under their trial process, took his program off the air for a time, and made him subject to strict censoring rules. In fact his show has to be pre-screened by the CBSC personally before it airs. He was also given three more strikes, which if he's found in violation, will cause him to be banned from Canadian broadcasting perpetually. In a interview Dr. McVety said the following:
"The criminal code says that this is an offense -- and frankly, the people [in the parade] should be prosecuted. But somehow, I am the one prosecuted for speaking against this,"
The blindness and secular agenda of this council is truly amazing. Not only have they redefined what ministry should be as specified above, but they have also tried to cover their tracks by claiming that McVety's words "had the effect of conveying an attack on gays and lesbians" and that he had broadcast "derisory comments" about the "practices" of gays and lesbians. Here is the summary of their ruling:
"The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that the broadcast of various episodes of Word TV between July 19, 2009 and February 21, 2010 breached provisions of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Equitable Portrayal Code. By airing abusive or unduly discriminatory comments about persons on the basis of sexual orientation, CITS-TV breached the provisions of the Human Rights Clauses of both Codes. By so doing, CITS-TV also broadcast material which had the effect of conveying an attack on gays and lesbians, contrary to the terms of the Religious Programming Clause of the CAB Code of Ethics and Negative Portrayal Clause of the CAB Equitable Portrayal Code. In its observations about Gay Pride parades, CITS-TV also broadcast derisory comments about the practices of gays and lesbians, contrary to Clause 6 of the Equitable Portrayal Code. By making inaccurate statements about various issues relating to human rights and hate speech, and by mischaracterizing the purpose of the revision of the Ontario school curriculum and Gay Pride parades, CITS-TV also breached Clause 6 of the CAB Code of Ethics, which requires full, fair and proper presentation of opinion, comment and editorial."
When Freedom Is Taken Away

In 1933, within 52 days of coming to power, it is suspected that Adolf Hitler, one of the most devastatingly evil persons of our time,  orchestrated the burning down of German Parliament in an attempt to dismantle the government and gain public sentiment against the communists.

In order to do this one of the first things that he had to do was dismantle public freedoms. The "panic" that he manufactured allowed him the room to immediately issue a special order suspending all personal freedoms. Immediately the right of public assembly was banned. Along with it, the right of freedom of speech was also banned. Of course censorship was on par, the law of the land. Any public speech against the government, against Hitler, against what was happening was met with immediate and forceful retaliation.

It is reported that within a very short time, all communists residing in Germany and German territories, were either killed or imprisoned. Thus Hitler eliminated any potential political opposition and created a powerful stigma in the minds of the everyday German citizen. This later opened the door for a Jewish boycott and eventually the holocaust itself that claimed the lives of over 8 million humans of Jewish descent and heritage and over 40 million people from every country in the world during subsequent conflicts and the a world war.   

Have we learned anything from history? Have we learned that censorship and elimination of freedom of speech is always the first step to dominance of the few, politically empowered and wealthy over all the rest?

The church cannot afford to be silent and it cannot afford to teach its people compliance with injustice and methods no less than tyrannical. To our Canadians Christians who read this blog, please be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and know that we, I am praying along with you in this struggle for your very freedoms. The freedoms that were not given to you by the Canadian government, but by God himself.



  1. You know, homosexuals can do what they want in privacy and I do believe alot of them are born with inclinations towards homosexuality. What i do have a problem with is the MSM (mainstream media) putting that lifestyle on a pedestal.

    Tolerance is one thing, but pushing it as an equal, or in most cases, a superior lifestyle is wholly another. Trying to indoctrinate kids with it is low. School should be about reading, writing, and arithmatic, not PC indoctrination centers where Marxist agendas are taught.

  2. A better title could have been When Secular Tolerance becomes Intolerant.

    There seems to be only intolerance from the secular community when it comes to Christian values and practices especially when it comes to teachings on sexual morality and purity.

  3. @Supt. Burnett-once again another excellent post! And a great analysis on our neighbors up north for this is exactly what those pushing for gay rights want to happen in the USA. This man spoke up and out against something the bible clearly condemns and is being unfairly treated which the bible says would happen, but when Creflo Dollar was in canada he wouldn't condemn homosexuality for fear of jail.....

    You can read on that here:

  4. Minister Davison,

    Happy New Year to you my friend...Yea that's a mess isn't it? Now the excuse is that we can be more effective free than behind bars or there is an apologetic to it that they'll create but it speaks volumes.

    That first commentor, Bruce H, spoke to the point of what we see them doing to Mcvety. They have established their own pattern of what is protected speech and it is a violation fo free speech. He wasn't inciting violence, he was simply evaluating the situation in light of the truth and based on the information given to him.

    So this is really quite interesting to say the least.

  5. Don't believe the hype:

    He stated that homosexuals wanted to prey on children and that got his show censored not all the other nonsense that he is talking about. Read people from all sources not just one side of the matter. He has a right to his opinions but when you start making untrue statements that hurt others that is not freedom of speech.

    Minister Gerald M. Palmer, MSW

  6. Palmer,

    I see you're back at your same ole obtuse views...good to see ya in the New Year.

    Now the problem is that you only present the accusers view of events and claim that the view espoused here is "hype". Of course the CBSB will say it was more to it, because they are on shaky ground. They have no case and have only ONE person that complained about anything that Mcvety said.

    In addition, there are some, sympathetic to Christian causes, such as the Catholic Civil Rights League who agree with the assessment based on an understanding of all pertinent information even though McVety hasn't done the Catholic church a favor in his teachings regarding Catholicism. In fact, they look past the "hype" as you claim and see the real issues for what they are as part of their text says this specifically:

    "Given that the Pride parade and the human rights tribunals’ handling of religious and free speech cases are of concern to many people, it’s at least arguable that the principle of free speech or fair comment on matters of public interest may have been overrun by political correctness in upholding those complaints...Our focus in this commentary is that the CBSC has failed to satisfy our previous concerns on its heightened enforcement of certain commentators, while regularly dismissing complaints of Catholic and other Christian concerns."

    Then there are others in Canada unsympathetic to Mcvety that feel the same way. There's Jessie Kline of the National Post who said this among other things:

    "Yet, a censorship regime created under the threat of state coercion is not all that much better than government censorship, as the result is the same. McVety will likely be prevented from making similar remarks in the future and the decision will have the effect of chilling free speech. While I fundamentally disagree with McVety's views on homosexuality, they do represent the views of many religious people. The Christian television station CTS, which broadcasts the show, would be wise to ignore rulings that attempt to censor opinions that are held by many of its viewers."

    This isn't a religious view or one in favor of the religious right so to speak. It's in favor of the rights of a "free society"

    In addition what the CBSC and you point to, "that homosexuals want to prey on children", is something that McVety claims that he never said and wasn't given the right to defend himself against.

    So when you ask us, any of us, not to believe the "hype"...don't present "hype" and claim that your information is somehow of a better standard or quality. At least study it out FIRST...because before I write it I have done so and have plenty of support for my positions and opinions.


  7. Re Palmer's obtusion:

    So there exists NO homosexuals anywhere in Canada who want to prey on children?

    And how did you determine that? Personally I find that extremely hard to believe.

    But I guess in your limited world of candy coated love ALL homosexuals are fine upstanding Christian citizens who would NEVER commit a wrong act or have a wayward thought.

    McVety told the truth point blank and its your idiocy and cover-mongering for these wicked people that endangers children.

    The only lies being told are those told by the chameleon homosexual movement and their lackeys (that would be you).

    And your interpretation of freedom of speech is juvenile. Freedom of speech is just that. Spinning it to conveniently benefit gay rights activists is just more proof that you live an objectivity-deficient world.


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