Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did The Real Tims Stand Up Before His Death?

Bishop T. D. Jakes
Over the weeks since the death of Dr. Zachery Tims, one thing has become crystal clear, Zachery Tims had a historic struggle with addiction in the form of drugs, sexuality and lifestyle. He also a current and very real struggle that ultimately effected not only his life, but also his ministry. What is also clear is that many of not most of his most close associates did not provide an intervention or review of the most important issues, bringing their friend to accountability.

"I don't know what happened in that room in New York,...but I can only hope that as Zach was dying, Dr. Tims stood up." ~ Bishop T. D. Jakes

Please be clear, noone can make an individual do anything right or wrong. Individuals have an opportunity to choose their own path by which they live and make decisions. Ultimately, Zachery chose his own path and paid the price that comes along with it. I'm not surprised that individuals can hold secrets and those secrets can get by even the most close friends and associates. However, I am very surprised when I hear that individuals knew about the secrets well before the secret was exposed to the general public. In those cases, I wonder what did the individuals that knew the "secret" do, if anything, to eliminate the secret or the problems at hand? 

With all of that said, aside from the "powdery white substance" found in his pocket, nothing has arisen the speculations more than the commentary of Tims' eulogist, Bishop T. D. Jakes.  Jakes Not only describes two persons, a "Dr. Tims" and a "Zach",  but he also clearly admits that he knew Tims had a problem. During the course of his admission he opens up that it (the problem) was a very large and serious one:
"I thought I was the only one who know how unhappy Zach was, how broken he was, how afraid he was if anybody was to see any flaw in him. He tried hard to heal himself, to fix himself," ~ Bishop T. D. Jakes
Not only did Jakes see two different people or persons within this man, it would seem that he also admitted that Zachery's problems were well known to himself, but were hidden, as far as he knew, from others. Jakes described the man as not simply having a problem, but a man "broken" and one that tried to "hide" as well as "heal" himself.  What Jakes describes are the signs, acts and behaviors of a person suffering from addiction and possible mental illness. 

What I am confident of from Jakes description is that a stage of addiction is shame and covering up the shame of addiction provides an intimate personal reflection. From one who is addicted, it is usually described in the following manner:
"They won't like me if they really knew me" or "I must keep this to myself, because if someone else knows, they will not like me"
Therefore the addict makes a deliberate attempt to hide himself and disassociate himself from his behavior in

public at all costs. Ultimately, it's not about the act of sin itself, it's about other people's perceptions and reactions to the addict that takes on the greatest level of concern. This leads to split personalities and ultimately instability manifested through sharp emotional swings. Zachery had all of these characteristics as described by not only Jakes but others who delivered information regarding the man over the last few weeks.

Where Was The Pressure To Get Right? 

Then there was a seeming lax in dealing with Tims issues that Jakes admits. Although he may have been talking about minimal issues he certainly does state that the "cuteness" of Zach was what hindered him from being more direct in certain situations. 
Zach had a way of acting like he was your kid," Jakes said. "He would come into your house and go straight for the refrigerator. You couldn't say anything, because he'd bust that big old grin on you."
 In other words "Zach" was allowed to get away with certain things that "Dr. Tims" would have never asked for or to do from the beginning. Now the question I would have for Jakes is why was that the case, and if he could so plainly see the difference between the "preacher" and the man what was done to try to close that gap? Well we recently had a reader say that he discerned peace upon Zachery Tims life through his "smile"??? This type of sentiment is esotericism at its zenith, and I'm convinced that the knowledge is not for rational individuals to perceive. 

Did Jakes really understand why Tims was so broken and the seriousness of him being broken as he tried to lead almost 8,000 people? Obviously he understood that he was not happy...but did he dig deeper and what did he provide to heal the breach? 

It seems that Jakes was more interested in painting the picture of Tims that he and his life was acceptable to God. Charisma News allows us to look itnto the theology of Jakes message in which he claimed that God was the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and that Jacob was known as a liar, a cheat and a thief.  At that point Jakes states:

“If He is a God of Jacob, than He is a God of Zachery Tims,” 
Then it is recorded that Jakes also delivered the following statement regarding Tims actions in contrast to his  service to the Lord:
"The light burns things you don't want it to burn,"
Now aside from the fact that I really cannot be certain what Jakes was talking about especially in light of the fact that he seemed to have delivered a message that exonerated Tims of any guilt for his actions, the scripture says that God is a consuming fire, and the understanding derived from that is that the light and fire of God burns up that which is not of Christ. Ultimately whatever a person does not submit to Christ is something that can and will destroy destroy them. 

The Preacher Association

The really sad part to this whole mess is the fact that Tims had the availability of all things that Christians believe are important today and yet NONE of those things could tame his cross-addiction into perverted sexuality and primary addiction of drugs. He was at the top of the world in  associations with fellow pastors and Christian leaders. 

Telling secrets does not create accountability and does not suggest that one is repenting or has repented!

There are certain spaghetti backed, weak-kneed, broke back mountain leaders that hate what I have to say regarding this issue, however the facts are clear to me...Ministry associates, that dwell in money, power, fame secrecy and crowd control, must wake up and realize that NONE of those things secure or help the spirit of an individual free themselves from sin. Simply knowing or being aware of the sins of others does not exonerate them and neither does it exonerate you from stewardship and accountability. Unfortunately, for some in the ministry, knowing about the sins of others is only a greater license for them to engage in sins to a greater degree and level. Being at the top of "Christian world" DOES NOT have a bearing on being  saved,  set free or delivered. It is painfully obvious that too many that we hail as "influential" Christian leaders today have no more integrity than many receiving or coming into salvation. 

People Worship Is The Problem 

I was recently entertained by the testimony of someone stating that a particular leader had acquired a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Bentley and a $6 Million home at the whim and will of the members of his church. In this case the church simply lavished these gifts upon their leader because they loved him so much. Aside from the fact that this is simply inappropriate church worship of a leader, some ministers feel especially privileged to be n the company of such individuals even assuming that their "blessing" will somehow roll off and that information received in that circle is some sort of special information. The problem is that the Bentley, Phantom and home will all be left here after the person is gone and they will have to give a greater account to God as to why they allowed the people to worship them in such a fashion. The worship of people and personalities does not set them free. 

In order to be free one must dig deeply and take serious time soul searching out of the public eye...only a fool would risk eternity on the probability that sin may be outlived or that good deeds will stand before God and provide a way for a person to manipulate themselves into God's favor. Only a much bigger fool would encourage someone to simply continue in their sins and let the chips fall where they may.

When the so called "will" is greater than the ethical and moral responsibility to the God (who's "will" it is supposed to be in the first place), then one should know that what they are doing is not going to stand in eternity. Neither will it stand among men, because one thing that is hated at the street is hypocrisy.     

The sad part is that Jakes described Tims funeral as one his most difficult days in ministry. I would agree that it was a difficult day for both his former wife Riva and his surviving children. But they were, after all, used to difficult days at the hands of this man's sins. Time will only tell the details fo what really happened in this case, but of assurity nothing surprised God or caught God off guard.


There is nothing more valuable and important in the life of a minister than living right. TV, radio, satellite, internet, blogs, facebook, and such like, are no substitute for righteous living. One can try to say that Zachery was the victim and to a certain extent he was...he was the victim of "important and IMPOTENT" spiritual leaders leaders who only think in terms of a natural and physical dynamic, who speak in terms of material and philosophical constructs but who posses no real power that penetrates the surface.

In the movie Valkyrie, a plot to kill Adolf Hitler and end the war was discovered. Unfortunately, all the conspirators were executed for their treason against Hitler. The record that they left to history however was one saying that, even though they had lost their lives, they wanted history to reflect that all men were not as evil as Hitler, and that they were liberators of humanity away from the oppression and lie of the Fuehrer. It was for that cause, to make a difference, they gladly gave their lives. 

In order to do the right thing, it may cost a true minister all of the associates in his immediate vicinity and sphere of influence. However, the minister must know that it is worth everything within him to make sure that the world knows that HE/SHE is NOT like those around him, that he is a person of integrity and "let the chips fall where they may" on the side of moral integrity, righteousness and true holiness! It may take something to be free, but it is certainly and definitely worth it. Take it from me, I know! 



  1. Split personalities and split allegiances, YET with large churches and TV and outreach ministries etc...all the things that "people say" makes one "somebody" and proves that they are "successful"...

    Now Joshua said that the ONLY way to have "Good success" was to keep the word before us and observe TO DO IT!!!

    I keep telling all that will listen, it is NOT success to build a mega-ministry and loose your family and children in the process! It is NOT a success to have all those things, achieve all those things fly around the world and yet be UNSAVED!!! Living off philosophy and what someone told you isn't good's time to get right with GOd.

    Hear that Pimpoliscious...GET SAVED...because at that last breath they'll be no time to repent!!!

  2. How can the pot call the kettle black???? How can an alleged man or woman of God help someone when their life is a slow moving train wreck? These people will not bring correction or rebuke a dog unless they can benefit from it.

    TD Jakes: This happened in 2009-Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dallas megachurch pastor whose son was arrested last week after exposing himself and masturbating in front of law enforcement officers during a sex sting in a public park, released a statement over the weekend (which he also read to his congregation) distancing himself from his son's actions by pointing out that Jermaine Jakes is an adult. Bishop Jakes also says that his son is being shown a "restorative grace" indicative of his ministry. ( Restorative grace???? How about calling this son on the carpet and kicking him off the church payroll! And The Potter’s House is known for having a “gay section”. Also, Jakes sits next to President Obama at the dinner table and will not speak God’s truth to a man that desperately needs to hear it- or even mention the Name of Jesus-shame!

    Paula White: It’s nobody’s fault divorcee, accused of having an affair with Pastor Rick Hawkins, seen holding hands with comb over king Benny Hinn (ewwwwwwww!) Queen of the “first fruits” scam and countless others scams. And she is suing Randy L. Coggins for stealing members from her church-really???? And she was Tims spiritual mother????

    These people are in no position to speak into anyone’s life. Why, because their churches are businesses, corporations – not what the Word of God calls a church! Wake up saints; it’s time to stop making excuses for immoral, ungodly behavior in the body of Christ. I don’t care who it is – sin is sin and the world judges Christians by the actions of these self –appointed leaders. And so many use this as an excuse to walk away from God and or continue to live in sin.
    God will continue to clean His house and may He have mercy on our souls~

  3. Letters from Lady D,

    All I can say is WOW!!!!

    TRUTH is what these imposters hate. They hide behind the "you disgruntled" canard, playing tricks and games pretending to hear from God.

    What they don't know, because they are so blind, is that REAL people of God see straight through their fake presentation, no matter how much they rant and pretend on the radio, tv or elsewhere...It really is sick, when all they have to do is obey the Lord...surrender to HIM...but alas, that's is far too much for them to do. Surrendering to God is something they NEVER have done.

  4. Agreed Lady D! If you read T D Jakes statement following Tims funeral closely, you can see that he is agrandizing himself/his relationship with Tims yet trying to brush aside the white elephant in the room (Tims OBVIOUS sin and immoral behavior) while not bringing correction or acknowledging that Tims was responsible to God, his family and members for his actions/choices. Instead, playing a preaching game of "two people, Zach and Dr. Tims" and then pawning that off to the character of Jacob what foolishness! According to Jakes statement, "Zach" had NO BUSINESS pastoring anyone. Now since "Zach" and Dr.Tims are the one and the same person, then Dr. Zachery Tims should have been sat down until he exhibited having himself healed and of proper behavior for a long time, at least a year! (oops, my bad, he wasn't submitted to his church elders or a righteous living Ministerial superior, so he couldn't be sat down).
    But alas, a lot of people in the body of Christ will accept Jakes "twist" on this matter because of who he (man worship) is, not who God is.

  5. Has there been an official report on the cause of death of Zachery Tims,I know about the white powder being found but what caused his death?

  6. Walt,

    The toxicology won't be back probably until next week. I would venture to say that it was probably a Cardio Malfarction (Heart attack)...Since this was a narcotic that was on him, I would also venture to say that it was induced by the drug. I believe that the narcotic was a mixture also.

    Let's see if I'm right about any of this...we'll know in a few days.

  7. These self appointed shephards over the years have created their own copy cat version of the prosperity gospel and are in stiff competition with each other just like corporate America, pastors are the CEOs, the church has become the broker, Jesus is the stock, christians are investors, giving their money (tithes) for a bigger return and God is Wall street! God is nothing more than 'Big papa in the sky' who owes me a monthly dividend on my investment, thats the image of God in most peoples minds, so as long as the money is rolling in personal accountability, false doctrine, perpetual moral corruption is covered up under the 'don't judge..! umbrella; and my people love to have it so!
    Jesus isn't the head of the church but the tail, hes on the outside knocking but he can't come in! the real Jesus is not welcome in his own house! people are sitting in church sunday after sunday with a bible in their lap starving for truth!

  8. Dist. Supt. Harvey, I saw you got "beat up" on The Christian Post voicing your views on Zach Tims. All I can say is that you were right on the money, as you are in your article here. Sheeple have itching ears and will rather flock to a Pulpit Pimp rather than be a Sheep and listen to the voice of their Master (My sheep hear My voice). It's tragic that the Church has now been reduced to coverups and corruption in the pulpit and men become lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God and deny Truth. Keep standing for Truth, Dist. Supt. You're doing a great thing here!

  9. Wordlady,

    I have never seen so many fantastic and creative defenses of a man who was found in his sins, in all my life.

    I mean people say "don't judge" and at the same time in the same sentence passing judgments on persons that oppose their views. Then the scripture that they offer in support either doesn't exist or is very weak and not on point.

    I say it simply like this, if I don't want certain things discussed in public forums, then I shouldn't hold my life up publicly...I mean folk clamoring to get on TV, be heard in every venue, etc...then they go through public disgrace. THAT in and of itself is NOT BAD because we are grown enough to know that in each life, rain falls...

    The BAD pat is when the same ones REFUSE to humble themselves publicly and give an account of their public actions. They have the money, time and opportunity to make the crooked paths straight and let everyone know the TRUTH of God's word...and after that all we get from people is "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"???

    I mean c'mon!!! The critics have GOT to do better than that. They have got to do better than taking a scripture totally out of context??? But they can't!

    What they do is create a reverse sort of witchcraft, casting a spell on them that examine events through the lens of scripture telling them..."watch out you might fall too".....

    SO WHAT!!! IF I fall...the WORD of God is STILL right!!!!It doesn't change even if I do!

    Within these Christian circles, IF they represent a circle of Christians, there are some jacked up beliefs and they directly affect our union with Christ and fellowship amongst believers.

    If you had told me of some of the fanciful excuses that people would use before this, i would have said that you were wrong...but after reading and hearing some of these...I can't imagine for the life of me where these people are receiving their understanding and who they are praying to, IF they pray at all!

  10. Well said! Judge not...Touch not mine anointed. Yep, the usual cliches to protect the Pimps. However, they conveniently forget Luke 12: 47 & 48:
    47 And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.
    48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

    Matthew 7:21
    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    In both passages, Jesus was not referring to unbelievers.

  11. U betta EDUCATE these folk my sistah!!!

    I mean man...look at Mt. 25, if the goats are the unregenerate, how does Jesus expect the goats to do what the regenerate do and then how does he judge them accordingly???

    Now, I simply admit, this is beyond my ability to fully comprehend and I can only apprehend it, but I submit to the truth that a person can't live ungodly, according to the precepts of the flesh and yet enjoy the benefits of that case heaven becomes a hell to them because they reject it and all of it;s benefits, then you create a God that reward hypocrisy...have these people ever thought through the ramifications of what they believe???

    I have to think not.

  12. I will say this; Zachary Tims' sudden death and apparent judgement of GOD on his life; such as it was has made me more careful in my own thoughts, considerations and personal consecration. I speak not as one who was in the same situation but as one who very easily could be without the daily filling of the Hoy Spirit and the sure accountabilities in my life and ministry.
    I wonder of Tims would have submitted to another minister's discipline of him if he had been seriously confronted and told to "sit down" (You know, Old school, Elder!). There is a big hole in these mega ministers life. They are held accountable by the men who promoted them, benefit from their success, and are in cahoots with the sexual, spiritual and financial shenanegins of the man whom they would discipline. I am distressed by the so-called prophets who travel in these circles who dare not speak the LORD's word of correction lest they lose their appointments. dates, and televison appearances. It is all a sham. Ministry is not a good name, a designer suit, expensive cuff links, a fine car, several lackeys to amen every thing you say and a recycled "word" they bring from carnal conference to carnal conference. It is the death of your own will and perogatives to become a servant; obedient unto death even as Christ was.
    Sadly, the foolish people who follow them will only learn from the famous; for they desire the same level of fame and false prosperity. "What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" Someone who knew what ministry is said that.
    My heart's desire is to serve the LORD and bring no shame on his church or my labor. Please pray for me and I will pray for you.


  13. There is a firestorm over how a person should assess or handle this death. I recently responded as follows to a person Responding to The Christian Post article:

    "...the size of the church or ministry means nothing when it comes to sin, but it's the mega-mess ministries that are and have become so good at perpetrating and promoting liberalism, sin and ungodliness...

    Being a man has nothign to do with the issue. In fact that's not even a biblical concept so far as the New Testament minister or servant of GOd is concerned. That's a post modern moral reconciliation. We forget that the man is supposedly a "man of God" THAT makes all the difference in the world. This modern generation is the only one that has lost all insights as to what that means and the importance of it...The human being, the minister, was supposed to have certain issues worked out and certain accountabilities in place BEFORE he engages and potentially makes a shipwreck. If he can't see, and is that spiritually weak and blind, how can he lead??? Under what conditions is he qualified? When the blind leads the blind what did Jesus say that happens??? So this whole argument "he's just a man" isn't scripturally or philosopically supportable.

    So far as "pointing fingers" just doing a topical reading renders a Jesus who called Pharasees, "Whited sepulchers" "devils", "Hypoctits", "of their father the devil", "evil" "unwise", full of hate and enemies of God...It was Jesus that beat the money changers out of the temple at least on 2 occassions and many other things...

    Do you question his love??? In fact I GUARANTEE neither you nor any critic questions his compassion...Jesus clearly pointed fingers, he let the listeners know exactly who and what was being talked about...

    John the baptist even lost his head for the same thing didn't he? Was he ambiguous in his preaching against Herrod's debauchery??? Paul was even more agressive POINTING out the sins of certain individuals among the Corinthians, CONDEMNING (with all that love and Holy Ghost compassion) to even be trurned over to the world for the "destruction of the flesh" (1 Cor. 5:5)...the same Paul, would even cause death to come upon Annanias and Sapharia (Acts 5)...Was that pointing to sin or not???

    The problem is this, we really don't want to hear God. We want to hear a God who sounds like and does what "we think" he should do and say according to our standards, not a biblical one. This is a replacement of God morality with humab based morality creating a new pseudo spiritual morality...What I find interesting is the logical contradictions of those that don't like either my questions or what I conclude based on an objective biblical assessment. It is a logical contradiction to condemn someone for the condemnation of others, because in that moment those condemning me are doing what they are telling others not to do... Haw can a person say, "don't judge" while judging those they don't agree with???

    If I could get my mess to pass heaven's gates, I would be on the bandwagon too...but guess what, I found out long ago, I'm not going to manipulate God to accept my sin, and it won't pass heavens why should I feel good about it or be entertained with it in others, if I love God???

    All the concepts are applied to Zachery..."he was just a man", "we should have compassion" and "we shouldn't condemn"...They have learned to listen to TD on this one...too many people have "re-positioned themselves" so far away from true biblical morality they can't tell the front from the back or the head from the tail.

  14. Very good points. Amen and may your tribe increase.

  15. According to the Christian Post Zach's toxicology will be available next week.


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