Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is Smile...A Celebration Of Gay???

Now, could someone please tell me why this man is wearing pink lipstick? Is this camera sensitivity or a camera trick?
Then there's former gay, Donnie McClurkin and I stand corrected, this is T.J. Holmes another CNN anchor. I don't think he's gay however.
Question yet stands, what is this...a Gay festival?

 Then who is it that fell from heaven?

"A power from heaven that I can't explain, fell from heaven like a shower".  

By the way the background of this video matches the Gay Pride Flag colors that was designed by Gilbert Barker. Is Kirk simply sending a message that Gays have no reason to be discouraged, or is he sending a message of gay inclusion?

I think some answers are in order.



  1. The CNN guy is TJ Holmes, not Don Lemon. He does have several gay community icons well placed in the video.

    They used to say sex sells, I guess we'll have to change that to inclusion sells.

    pink comment
    gay flag comment
    Donnie comment

  2. uhhh....umm...Well... Abomination of Abominations!

    I dare say I am flabbergasted and I don't know why!

    Pink lipstick???? Donnie??? Kim?? Mary Mary? I know coincidences exist, but come on! Smile while you are going to hell. Nice.

  3. Elder,

    God bless and you're right. That is TJ I'm not sure if he's gay. I don't think he is.

    What do you think?

  4. using those flag colors is very subtle. I don't think I would have picked up on that (they used four of the six flag colors; they didn't use red or orange).

    According, it seems TJ Holmes is divorced and remarried.

  5. I thought Donnie McClurkin USED to be that not the case?

    And thats no a rhetorical question, it's one that needs an answer!

  6. Gnp22,

    Yes, they count on us not making the association. From what I've read the colors are as follows:

    pink (sexuality),
    red (life), [excluded]
    orange (healing),[excluded]
    yellow (sunlight),
    green (nature),
    turquoise (magic),
    indigo/blue (serenity), and
    violet (spirit)

    It seems clear that the association here was one outlining and bolstering gay sexuality.

    Now Kirk may be catering to a new gay target audience, but as I said on facebook, he owes us, the straight audience that has made him a millionaire up until this point. He owes the gay community an explanation so that they can know his intents also. For him to do something like this in light of teh fact that he KNEW that the vid portrayed him as having on PINK lipstick before it ever left the editing booth. He also knew that PINK represents gay Kirk is without excuse and is trying to play us for a fool or so it seems.

    If he wanted to lobby for cancer awareness, we know that color is pink too, he would have not worn lipstick to do it. He would have had on a pink suit, shoes or died his hair pink, or put on some ribbons etc. Instead he turns his lips pink, knowing full well that he sees what it looks like in the editing booth and knowing that it would be questionable.

    Sales tactic? Attention grabber? Marketing ploy? New market tool?

    I don't know, but Kirk, who said that what he does is a "ministry" owes US an explanation and the sooner the better.

  7. FM,

    Yes, Donnie was formerally gay. I have no evidence that he is otherwise, however, he lent his time and talent to this also.

    In light of the questions in general that need to be answered as a result, it makes me wonder was any of his speach to the youth of COGIC in the 2009 Convocation authentic. He said:

    "Come Monday I will be 50 and my job is to turn around and tell the young folk am I now an elder, and I know my God is a deliverer"..."You have no idea how many times I gave myself away trying to find myself."

    He was very apologetic for leading the youth into the gender confusion. What does he think this video does with his best friend Kirk Franklin pictured in makeup, flashing the gay color scheme in the background??? Is he serious about his commitment? He should make Kirk speak up as to his intents of this video.

  8. As far as I know and according to public information about him, TJ Holmes isnt homosexual. However, being where he is, Im sure he affirms those who are.

    Still not good.

  9. Donnie McClurkin is VERY unreliable. On one hand, he is scorching the gays with church speeches, then he swings back to the other side and is smooching, smoozing and in silly gay-looking videos.

    I have little confidence in him. Is he saved? Probably. But his back and forth --search his name on my site to see what Im talking about--(almost like Eddie Long) on the issue is extremely troubling and may say something about his personal life.

    Just my thoughts on that

  10. Gcmwatch,

    Right on point Elder. It seems that Donnies rhetoric doesn't match his what he does and what he promotes.

    I can't imagine that he wouldn't have known the creative vision ofr the video as he was doing his stills.

    Then our Assistant International Ministress of music does the same thing, but we almost expect as much unfortunately.

    What these people say is inconsistent with what they do and set forth.

  11. Kirk Franklin was on Tom Joyner's Radio Show promoting the CD. It's called "No Fear". He didn't go over the scheme behind "I Smile". He did perform it and dedicated it to the people who had experienced natural disasters and that had been suffered as a result. He also pointed to the "Smile For Me" hook that was from a secular song.

    He said the CD was doing great and that it was his best work through what he had to go through in life while he was making the CD.

  12. How about Kirk explain another observation? What's Jill Scott, she of the 5 Percent Nation, doing in this video?

  13. Check out the latest blog entry from Pastor G. Craige Lewis regarding gospel music sales ( It's relative to this particular blog posting.

  14. Well Bretheren,

    I think y'all are stretching the gay flag colors in the back ground. Those colors don'r BELONG to gay folk, they just use them. It seems to me that if the goal was to support a gay agenda or promote inclusion all of the colors would be in the video.

    I am not a huge fane of K. Frankllin, don't own any of his cd's, and I think he promotes an easy believeism in his music. So my comments are not designed to defend him in any way.

    The video includes people from all walks and belief systems Jill Scott has said that she is Buddhist when she needs to be, Christian when she needs to be, etc. The video is made to popularize the song even more. To creat a "visual memory" in the mind to cause people to like it and purchase the cd. Having celebs in it takes it out of the strict gospel genre and makes it a sure crossover hit.
    Franklin refers to Donnie as Uncle Donnie. In black gay circles younger gay males will call older men uncle as a sign that they are "family". I can't say this is his reason for doing it since they are not related. Yet, knowing what I know about black gay culture, I would be much more concerned about that than the colors used in the back ground.
    I have a niece who loves rainbows. She was chased home and called a lesbian and dyke by her 5th grade classmates for her rainbow umbrella and boots. The gay flag has made a great impact in that regard. I don't htink we should see things where they are not. Again, not all of the colors were used. Just my opinion. Beblessedandbeablessing

  15. I cant believe you call yourself pastors and elders. Yuck!! Im disgusted. Instead of focusing on the plenty positive this song preaches here you are going back and forth on a gay witchhunt, donnie is gay, kirk has lipstick, lets reasearch if the cnn guy is gay. Again yuck, wrench goes everything in my stomach. The little positive one of your colleagues raised about how the song was dedicated to earthquake victims you couldnt catch on to and praise the creative and positive genius of the kirk and his video singers. You couldnt dedicate your website to seeing how you will uplift depressed and stricken communities as Kirk and his actor friends are doing. No you prefer to dwell on the negative and bash someone doing something positive and spreading positivity with his life. Im sure Jesus himself is shaking his head at you. The first and most important commandment is love. I see none of that on this video just hate,gossiping, hate-mongering, judging people. God tells us people who do that have a special place in hell. Repent so called pastors again YUCK!!

  16. Melissa,

    Can earthquake victims be encouraged without men wearing pink lipstick?

    None of us did the video, they did, so how is this our fault that Kirk presents one thing while saying another? In addition, what of the gay imagery? Was the imagery some kind of double entendre? How was it necessary to equate that to an earthquake?

    So what is the expense or cost of "spreading positivity"?

    Did Jesus spread "positivity" with the following:

    Matt. 23:29-33 ~ 29-Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, 30-And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. 31-Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. 32-Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. 33-Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

    So was that the "positivity" that you demand? In fact I'd like to know, are YOU 'spreading positivity" with your message on this board?

    Here's what you said:

    "I see none of that on this video just hate,gossiping, hate-mongering, judging people. God tells us people who do that have a special place in hell. Repent so called pastors again YUCK!!"

    Now doesn't that sound like something you disgusts you?

    It seems that the difference is that I and we are using the objective standard of the word of God to make truth claims and judge all things as we are commanded to do by scripture, whereas you are using your good ole built in disgustometer...

    I'll tell you what, your hypocritical double standard and failure to discern truth through the objective word of God is disgusting to me. Your hypocrisy speaks for itself...

    So thanks for your insights, but as we can readily observe they are a confusion and only affirms the mess that we have going on today among many of the singing elite and socially confused.

  17. Here is Kirk's so called "position" on Gay: READ HERE

    Why HEM-HAW around the issue...ain't nobody asking you about adulterers, or pride or ego...the question is what about being gay and being a Christian...can that happen and what do you think????

    According to him, this cannot be something that is part of public discussion...WHAT????


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