Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Contemporary Movement aka: The New Prosperity Movement?

This is from 2009, but I think the message the confusion, is very curious and applicable to today. Are we any better 2 years later? Please chime in on the issue.

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  1. JP:

    Watching forums like this makes me want to vomit. I don't like to see talking heads, pontificating as if they know whats good for the black community, but in reality, they may be so rich that they have no connection with what really goes on in the black community, specifically the hood...But because they got big churches, and are intellectual, and have eloquent speech, they are called on to speak for us all. I'm sure not everyone on the panel is that way, but I'm sure many are. OK..done ranting. Now on prosperity. I believe the prosperity gospel has caused much damage, because it caters to the flesh and not the Spirit. The true message of the gospel was NEVER to promote material wealth and prosperity, but rather spiritual wealth, setting men free from sin and the power of the devil. To be balance, their is nothing wrong with money, but to get money, there are a lot of natural things to do such as work hard, spend wisely, good strategies, etc. I wish preachers would just say that instead of trying to divine money, as if God will just magically give you a hundredfold return for everything you give. Another thing, I also heard them say was that they have other streams of income which is fine, but however if writing books came as a result of being in ministry is that really operating in integrity? I don't believe preachers should get rich off of writing books, if God gave you the idea. Or any other business that directly relates to preaching, you should not get rich off it. Jesus never would, neither would the Apostles. I wish there were forums like this with preacher such as yourself and a few others who have sound teachings.


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