Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where Are We Going Wrong In The Gospel Music Industry?

Recently, Pastor Donnie McClurkin hosted a discussion with Pastors Andre Crouch (Sandra Crouch too), Pastor Marvin Sapp, and Pastor Kim Burrell on TBN. Note that the question was pretty simple and straight forward:

"Where are we going wrong in the (Gospel) music industry?"

Aside from the laughter the question generated among the audience and the refusal of the Pastors to initiate the conversation, and Sandra saying that she doesn't like to talk about what's going wrong...

Donnie said it's about "honoring God" and "not imitating"...OK, does that mean producing videos wearing pink lipstick as men, or producing so called gospel videos in lingerie

Could you guys be a little more specific please? The church and the world would like to know. Was the question ever answered?

Lord Help Us As A People!



  1. Wow! What a dodge! She was like...I am just going to ignore that question because I know that gospel music is a mess. It is a mess, and has been a mess. What she may not have realized was that she confirmed it was/is a mess when she stated her guitar player stood on the communion table. The only thing she worried about was not being invited back. AND, obviously, he thought this was appropriate behavior, telling me he saw this as just another gig. Does TBN drug it audience or put it in some kind of trance? Are there signs prompting laughter, amens? She was all over the place jumping around to different topics, making no sense much of the time.

  2. You saw that too? I thought it was my eyes and ears playing tricks-LOL

    That interview was a mess and she never answered the question. So I don't get the point of what she was saying. With the exception of Marvin later in the interview, notice the silence from the others.

  3. Good and pertinent question but she took us around the houses and never lead us home.

    A waste of 3 minutes and 38 seconds of TV time.

    She is saying you have to nudge someone slightly in the right direction, is that true all the time? Some things requires some tough love and strong confrontation! nudging will not do the job because these artists believe their fame is confirmation of God being in what they are doing.

  4. All I got was a real good lesson in evading the question. How do you not address this situation head on? You won't do it because those sitting accross from you will be offended.

    When will we begin to fear offending God more than offending people with the light of His truth?

  5. No, she answered the question. You have to listen carefully to what she's saying.She didn't "dodge".

  6. Angela,

    What do you think she said? She did say a lot, but I'd like your opinion. Spill the beans-LOL



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