Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Declaration Of Youth Freedom & Liberation At The 2009 COGIC Convocation

In what was one of the many very powerful sessions of the COGIC 2009 Convocation, on Saturday afternoon 11/7/09 Pastor Donnie McClurkin spoke to the youth plainly, openly, and freely:

"We talk about Tonex but we should know, God did not call us to such perversion"..."God did not call this generation to such perversion"..."They have lied to this generation" If it hadn't been for this Jesus, I would be a homosexual today, BUT he is a deliverer, he is a deliverer today...He's a strong deliverer"

The Message Of Youth Renewal

Pastor McClurkin was used of the Lord to deliver a word to more than 5000 youth that attended the service to present the year end presentation of the COGIC International Youth Department. Preaching a message directed toward them who have been "lost in the house", it was clear to understand and clearly received that the Church Of God In Christ is not a place for homosexual, youth or otherwise, to park and or hide out while he/she proliferates their ungodly lifestyle.

Fathers To Sons & Daughters

There was much food on the table and something for everyone to eat. To the fathers, Pastor McClurkin made note of the fact that the father has long been absent from the midst of the children and the family and have left the youth exposed to the rudiments of the world and to a society that is morally imbalanced.

"Remnants of a holy generation will rise up past their peers and society"
"Young people are not comfortable being real...I went to Mason Temple and I sat in the musical...where are the fathers that will embrace the boys and say NO, NO NO, he (the devil) can't have you!"

"I see feminine men, do not applaud because it sounds like a bash, it's because we've failed, our boys, we've failed our girls, but TODAY, satan's hold will be destroyed from
over the lives of our youth."
 Rehashing some of his own history regarding being raped at 8 Yeas old by his uncle, Pastor McClurkin admonished the parents to become more involv ed with their children and find out more about  their lives and their disappointments in order to effectively serve them and help them when they are in need. He said emphatically:

Taking A Generation Back From The Enemy
"Some of you parents need to get up off you're duffs and praise God for your children!"..."Today is the day of the turn around."

Pastor McClurkin made particular note of the fact that the elders were responsible for teaching the youth and helping them to know truth. What many don't understand is that in the black community, the elders speaking to the youth was the method that communication occurred. Historically it was the most effective method of retaining generational values and priorities. He said that because of the failure of the elders in his life that his lif
 e wasn't fulfilled until he was almost 40 years old:
"Come Monday I will be 50 and my job is to turn around and tell the young folk am I now an elder, and I know my God is a deliverer"..."You have no idea how many times I gave myself away trying to find myself."
The message also pinpointed a target group that is not often talked about in youth circles. The lesbian. Pastor McClurkin took time to expose the problems of many female youth who sometimes go under the radar undetected as being involved in the sexual immorality of lesbianism:
"These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality but you don't see it"..."God said with love and kindness, I don't want your gift, don't want your talent, I want you....I didn't start healing until I turned 40."
Truth Must Be Told And An Apology Must Be Made:

Pastor McClurkin spoke plainly regarding the sin of fellow gospel singer Tonex. He stated that love, although the overarching principle, was not to compromise the truth in any way, and that the truth must be told.
"I can't condemn Tonex, I've got to love Tonex, but I've got to tell him the truth"..."I apologize"...."I tried to keep the image when my life was messed up"
The youth have served for their talent and those talents have been used to spotlight what we want to spotlight, but God is calling the church to a greater accountability. I'm in agreement with Pastor Mcclurkin, we must repent to those lesbians, homosexual men, adulterers, and bisexuals that we've allowed to preform without confronting them with the truth of God's demand...That demand is that they flee from youthful lusts and be saved and restored unto God. I hope that this church will no longer be satisfied as being a place that bring up the nations finest musical talent without that talent being stopped at the door and confronted with their sins.

The Alter & The Declaration

In what was one of the greatest calls to repentance of the 2009 Convocation thousands of youth came to the alter to repent of sexual sins and ask God for strength, help and direction in dealing with the issues of life.
"satan you lost this generation, you have no authority over these souls...I declare in the name of Jesus FREEDOM!"
I join pastor McClurkin and the others that have made this declaration over our youth. It is not time for them to die, but it is time for them to live in freedom and in the joy of youth and the experiences that youth brings.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Church Of God In Christ is faced with a particular charge. That charge is to make sure that the environment in which our youth grows and in which our families receive spiritual fellowship, is as safe as it possibly can be.

This week Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake addressed the bonafide issues of sexual abuse from clergy within our church and failed in two very important and significant ways. 1- He under valued the seriousness of the abuse and resultant jail terms received by the perpetrators calling them "allegations" and 2- The Bishop suggested that the volume of sexual abuse cases is offset by the large numbers of clergy, as if to say that sexual abuse within the church is not really a problem because incidences are few and clergy numbers are high. In essence, because there are so many clergy, the cases were proportionately few in number therefore not anything to be alarmed about.

 Needless to say I, as a pastor in this church am totally disappointed by that approach from our Chief Apostle...I am more than deeply concerned that the issue of clergy sexual abuse will undermine any progress that this church makes in dealing with significant community issues, and that our leadership must undertake securing the rights, hearts, minds and safety of the PEOPLE and not just the clergy caught in their immorality. 

I think we continue this dialogue until our leadership understands that administrative policy must fundamentally change within the church. We cannot judge our actions by the actions of others or the law of large numbers. We cannot hide behind statistics and contend that we are doing the people of God justice or a service. The church's approach toward the people and victims in particular must dramatically improve before we can expect God to shower down the blessings that we need to restore the health of our communities.

The progressive message to our youth that has gone out in this convocation can only be undermined by indecisive actions and efforts to save face. In my opinion the condition and environment of our churches belongs to all the people of the Church Of God In Christ and only by God through prayer and the diligent actions of the Saints can we expect to see the required changes in approach necessary from our top leadership. Until then it seems that each Pastor and member church should be responsible for doing the very best possible to safegard our youth...The people of God are worth ever effort to save them, Jesus displayed as much regard for the people by dying for them and the whole world!


Update~ Special Thanks To Djenk23 for the following videos.:


  1. Very, very very glad to read this. Would be ever so nice if videos were supplied to youtube.

  2. I hope that Pastor Donnie is not just blowing smoke? I want to believe that his message is not just sincere but an overflow of truth in Donnies inward parts and his relationship with the Lord?

    I want to see Donnie be truthful and I sure hope he is delivered from the lifestyle he seems to now condemn.

    (sent via email)

  3. The meeting concluded quite well (outside of General Assembly) We await to see if any new agendas will be adopted.

    Bishop Blake should know that this ministry is committed to working with the church and discussing these significant issues until there is a change and better for even those without a voice.

  4. Djenk23,

    Thank you so much! I've added them to the post. Wonderful blessing.

  5. Hi there,

    Thank you for sharing this video!

    I saw the clips.

    The blogosphere is bashing and ridiculing Donnie for saying that he was delivered when he was still struggling with homosexuality ...and now he has stepped forward and has admitted to this and has asked for forgiveness.

    It was important when he told the other adults NOT to lay hands on the young people if they had a struggle that they had not repented of.

    If only more leaders were serious about the spiritual climate and would not allow "the show" at the altar.

    I hope that Donnie continues to talk about homosexuality in the church and continues to allow God to use him. I don't feel that his testimony was a hate speech and I have mentioned that at a few websites that were in an uproar over Donnie's comments.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


    Thanks Lisa for stopping by and always good to hear from you.

    Only the unregenerate happy in their sins could see Donnie's comments as hateful. This man was telling the truth for real. I too am glad he took his part, repented openly and set the record straight about what's been transpiring.

    In 2004 I preached a similar message apologizing on behalf of the church to the homosexuals, pulpit pimps, and all the various classes of individuals that had been allowed for years to run rampant in the church. I then called each group to repentance telling them that the Lord said that it was time for a change.

    I did this at what we call our Life Changer's Conference. Less than a year later one of the church's that attended minister of music had raped a child and the church was in date, that church has basically been stripped of everything...lost membership, involved in the largest foreclosure I've ever seen and a whole bunch of unethical practices...

    I though about what Donnie said and the way he said it...I don't believe it's going to be long before specific judgement hits both the COGIC and the land, but in particular the COGIC.

    We have received a special warning. The last speaker Bishop Cornelius Range was someone I had heard 20 years ago almost to the date. At 75 years of age he spoke a rather powerful and specific word to this church and one that I hope does not go unheeded.

    The stage is set and something about to happen. Mark my words and remember this post. And we'll talk about it right here when it does.

  7. After reading BWBT and Supt Barnett's comments my heart is both saddened and joyful. This is much more than Donnie McClurkin. He was simply an instrument that God used to speak to his church. There's no turning back now. HIS word is out.

    I pray that the Lord would have mercy as the process of discipline has surely begun.

    I pray that those who are attempting to block God from correcting his church would realize that he will remove them if necessary.

    Finally, I pray LORD have your way, that we may live and not die.

  8. It’s irrelevant if I once upon a time knew Donnie. Fact: I know too many pulpit pastors with same sex secrets(SSS) . And yes, I’ve dated a few pastors, slept with a few and been in a few long-term monogamous relationships too. I was once a sang’n choir boy turned professional who traveled continents.

    Pastor Donnie, Rev. DL Foster and others who are professed ex-gays are fooling no one! Black church folks know God doesn’t really change sexual orientation. I know first hand these pastors will hoodwink you and your mama as long as the invites and checks keeps coming.

    I told a gay COGIC pastor to simply give it up, if he’s so unhappy. He said, “I can’t – that’s all I know.” I eventually relinquished the relationship because he knew all about church but very little about himself. Today, he remains behind the pulpit – tormented. That’s why Donnie’s message was useless; it caused more harm by pushing gay, lesbian, bi and questioning congregants and officials deeper undercover (DL). They, hide behind the pulpit, first lady, and the word -not hoping God make them new again, but PRAYING not to get caught.

    Saints, I know what I’m talking about!!! This ain’t speculation, or pontification – it’s conclusive, creditable, and confirmed. After I began the road of self actualization, I kept singing and taking your money but eventually let it all go. I stopped fooling you and me.
    Because I’m self-actualized: have realistic perceptions of myself, others and the world around me ( that same something Bishop Carlton Pearson discovered). I let it ALL go! I’m a Humanist! Yes, I miss all the stage, show, fun and parties, but I’ll gladly hand it over for my total self awareness.

    I wish more gay church folk would take the first step toward self-actualization: run NOW from churches that spew anti-gay rhetoric. That’s when life really begins.

  9. thepulpit,

    You said:"Pastor Donnie, Rev. DL Foster and others who are professed ex-gays are fooling no one! Black church folks know God doesn’t really change sexual orientation."

    Now, I want to know how and why God would change a polyamorous, polygamous, or bigamous heterosexual and not be able to change a homosexual? I mean what makes homosexuality soooo deep that it's beyond the ability of God to change?

    I mean a male homosexual looks like a man...has what men have etc, so why can't God cause a male to function as a MALE and not a female? Are you claiming that sexuality is more than physiological and that God has an inability to change that, or are you claiming that sex is only physiological and that God cannot change that? What is your claim when you speak of men, (some of who I know personally) and say that they cannot change or be changed by God?

    You also said:I know first hand these pastors will hoodwink you and your mama as long as the invites and checks keeps coming.

    Do you care to SUPPORT your statements, or are you ONLY looking to continue to LIE as obviously you're used to doing in life? I am personally aware of individuals (that you name) who serve God IN SPITE of what it costs for them to serve him and they've actually given much more than they'll ever receive from the service and they aren't showered with accolades ie:they suffer to do what they do for Christ...

    The reason that this is important, is because YOU have NEVER suffered for Christ according to your testimony and the only suffering you've done is because you couldn't openly and freely practice immorality in the church...I have a PROBLEM with your complaint that individuals who teach sexual MORALITY and RESPONSIBILITY are targeted by you as if you should carry some great weight of credibility and all you've done is serve YOU!

    So I appreciate the dialogue, and it sounds as if you have an interesting story, but until you step out from behind the shadows and put some real information behind those accusations, what you say is only worthy of the circular file that I keep beside my desk and empty everyday.

    That's what I think...

  10. I'm flattered Supt. Burnett! My post didn't warrant a rebuttal, but thanks for your witticism. Clearly, I've journeyed (mentally and physically) where you shall never travel nor understand. Pastor, I've had my 15min. of fame; I'm not greedy nor seeking 1 min. more.

    Seek and ye shall NOT find. My relationships with COGIC pastors will NEVER become a tell-all book, a Sundance film script, nor a New Bethel's PodCast topic; my story goes to the grave ( except for a select circle and all the players). It's not important which COGIC who's who I got "dirt" on.

    Note: I have NEVER been molested or raped - not as a child nor adult - and I had and continue to have many positive male role models. And I even play sports. But I could easily make up a molested or rape story to justify why I will eventually marry someone of the same sex. Isn't molestation the popular road taken?

    My wish? I wish these pastors seek a fulfilling life of honesty, integrity and self actualization. I wish them liberation from the conditioned mental enslavement. It isn't important to, as you stated, "SUPPORT your statements" and..."step out from behind the shadows."

    After listening to your PodCast, I understand: you're a name calling, bashing, envious lil squirt. You're clueless to the havoc you wreak through conditioned mental enslavement. You talk about Jakes, Dollar and others, but what about YOU! Sometimes it takes an outsider with a different perspective to reveal what's not obvious.

    Nevertheless, I love you brotha! Don't slight me cause I will NEVER "put some real information behind those accusations." I love you even though you've fallen short and will continue to fall. Again, I love you.

    I don't expect you to grasp my understanding of mental freedom. I say you're mentally enslaved and you might say I'm possessed by a demon and much more biblical hogwash. OK - cool! But you know my premiss has more objectivity, fact, reason and truth.

    PS: your side-bar survey list 46% saying homosexuality is the biggest threat to modern christianity. This is proof you and your readers live in the 51st state of America: The State of Denial. May the God you serve bless you pastor Burnett!

  11. thepulpit,

    I've never read someone write a lot and say NOTHING.

    You're a SENSATIONALIST with nothing to add to the subject but innuendo,hype and suggestion...

    Then when called out you say you refuse to say anything because you have such a high standard...YEA RIGHT!

    What standard did you have when you were sleeping with gay, stank, backslidden preachers (SUPPOSEDLY) who were obviously just as self-centered as you? Where was your standard when some of the men you were with even had wives and children but you were like a child in a candy store that just couldn't resist temptation could you??? You were just so "in love" that you just had to commit your immoral abomination right? You were just overwhelmed right???

    What kind of STANDARD is that??? Where's the standard? All of a sudden it's the church's fault because YOU had no integrity in your life... All of a sudden it's the preachers fault for preaching the BIBLE against this ungodliness and pleading with them that live in sin to come out???

    In the day of video, cell phone, GPS, and every other type of tracking and communication device in the world you can't produce ONE SHREAD of evidence in support of your assertions but everybody is supposed to believe and have sympathy for you because you've got so much "liberation" and "integrity" now. So you reject the church because of YOUR CHOSEN SINS and then just don't leave but throw all kinds of suggestion on everyone else because YOU HAD NO CONTROL IN LIFE!

    Get a grip---ON JESUS---! You have nothing to add and obviously no value to the church or those that follow your silliness...

    You spread the garbage you do, that's OK. Just don't be afraid to have it examined under the TRUE light instead of that filtered one you shine.

    So thanks for your snake oil, but I AIN'T buyin'!


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