Monday, June 27, 2011

In Memory Of Bishop J.O. Patterson Jr.

Supt. Harvey Burnett and the Dunamis Word pauses to pay tribute to the passing of General Assembly Chairman Bishop J.O. Patterson Jr. (5/1935 ~ 6/2011). The Bishop was the grandson of the late Bishop C.H. Mason, founder of the Church Of God In Christ, and son of the former Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr. He was also the cousin of the former Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson. The Bishop was not able to recover from a heart attack suffered on Father's Day 2011

Not only did Bishop Patterson have a tangible record of community service, serving in many of Memphis's political roles, he also made history by becoming the first Black Mayor of Memphis.

Within the Church Of God In Christ, Bishop J.O. Patterson Jr. was Chairman of The General Assembly. The General Assembly is the only legislative authority within the church empowered to establish rule of doctrine and practice for the national church. It's membership consists of COGIC members and certain other delegates.  This Assembly is of vital importance to the church especially now and we are praying that the right individual will be appointed as replacement for such an important time as this.

Left to cherish his memory is his wife Mrs. Judith Patterson, and his four children, J.O. III, Aaron Lamont, Jennifer Rose Patterson and Charles Harrison Mason Patterson. 

Additional information can be found at the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the COGIC web site


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