Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Most Black Folk Are Brainwashed And Cannot Think For Themselves" ~ UPDATED

So I guess all we need is Herman Cain thinking for us??? 
OK, I feel much better now!

Now there is much more to this than meets the eye...Even though my initial sentiments weren't as enthusiastic about Cain and what he was saying, it seems that Herman Cain is taking heat for coming against the Boule black leadership, to which I say...KUDOS!!!!

UPDATED 10/10/2011:
Look at these new videos:

"Herman Cain is totally false to the needs of our community and to the needs of our nation..." ~ Harry "Boule" Belafonte

Now, for a minute, who told Harry Belafonte that he and others like him were the "anointed" to lead blacks in America? He says that Herman Cain made it because it was in a moment that "someone blinked" What this infers is that Herman Cain's success was accidental and a mistake of the "WHITE that be"...Joy Behar and the audience finds Belafonte's commentary so entertaining not realizing that he is directly criticizing not only Cain, but the WHITE ESTABLISHMENT as being those who deny black empowerment and opportunity. HOW STUPID CAN ONE BE? At the expense of a WHITE AUDIENCE on a WHITE WOMAN'S SHOW Belafonte shows his Boule arrogance and the audience laughs as if he is saying something grand or something of value. This is HORRIFIC! it because of denied opportunity that Blacks are in prison at epidemic rates? Is it because of a lack of opportunity of education that blacks lack in opportunity? In the 1920's it wasn't so and we know that Jim Crowe was prevalent. Belafonte's are boule LIES, that they want you and us to believe...I REFUSE to believe it.


Now, remember this...the "disparities" that Tavis references occurred in greater numbers while HE and OTHER BOULE LEADERS LIKE HIM are at the helm, having conferences and stroking one another's ego...West then superimposes HIS view of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" upon the movement itself. Remember, those folk haven's said what they want except they are dissatisfied with the benefits of Capitalism and executive bonuses of major corporations (I suppose)

Herman Cain's Response TO Belafonte and West

KUDOS Mr. Cain! KUDOS...If our people buy and believe the lies of the Boule, they write the check bankrupting their own future!


  1. Good Afternoon Pastor Burnett and God Bless you. Although his assertion is pretty extreme I have to say that black people in general are pretty adamant about not voting Republican. I am glad to see a black republican candidate but it is like pulling teeth trying to convince black people that this man is not a sell out.

    However, I think that black people are coming to terms with the fact that Obama really hasn't done very much in his presidency in regards to the needs of black people. On the other hand, more than 2/3rds of black people might be open to Herman.

    I don't know for sure, what do you think?

  2. What's Up Ashley?

    Sistah, none of these people know what they are talking about until they get in that office and find out that they are nothing without whatever "powers that be" that supports them.

    All these candidates talking about what they would do, and they would be just as powerless.

    Barak, in my opinion has been a disappointment. They thought, by and large that he was going to deliver them and that blacks were suddenly going to have an agenda on Capitol Hill and he was going to listen and be sympathetic etc...and we see how that's worked...he's catered to gays and everyone else and the blacks are suffering worse than any group of people in the country.

    These Republicans including Cain, are just as bad if not worse...they will jack us up probably even worse.

    FAR TOO much catering to corporations. In response they say corporations bring jobs...but I say corporations are on a run away train...most tort reform is to benefit them...caps on lawsuits...workers com reformed...employees have no rights and them the largest corporations, communications, cable and utilities, have a stranglehold on the market and only give trinkets back to support the people who can't afford the services that they are forced to buy.

    They can talk insurance all day long, but at least insurance is saving lives. It's not going to hurt the utility company one bit to pay some more back and support bill payments and agreements to pay...why? the market is forced into their;s a true monopoly. The CITIZEN needs the protection. Republicans are oblivious to that fact until it's them that needs the help. And they fare no better on abortion, education and criminal justice than anyone else...

    Blacks are suffering for real!

  3. I've added much more info here. As this develops I can see and understand what Cain was talking about and from the response, I see...The BOULE MUST GO!

    These folk so interested in black plight and while they have an opportunity to do something we get worse and worse and then they blame it on Cain and racism...We know racism exists, but we can do MUCH business and grow in thE face of all that IF we weren't under the Boule's thumb!

  4. For those who are not aware of the the 1920's here were more black business and business owners than you could shake a stick at. It wasn't the depression that drove our folk out of business all the way. That had something to do with the business climate in general, but black folk had their own land, stores, homes etc...

    It was buying into the LIE that the community and nation owed blacks something that began the decline. Booker T. Washington promoted this theory and we can see the devastating effects of it. Well he was also responsible for establishing Boule leadership through Fraternities and Sororities who established the NAACP and Urban League...remember the "Talented 10th"??? Those "exceptional men" who are supposed to lead the black community to deliverance, and economic freedom and opportunity???

    Well, while they have been in control our community has only gotten WORSE! Why weren't we ready for the economic downturn? Why weren't we self-sustainable? Because the leadership NEEDS us dependent upon them...not the Lord and certainly not good planning.

    So Kudos Cain!!!! I understand what and who you're addressing!

  5. The more I hear from this man, I'm sorry the more I like...

    To deal with US takes something. Belafonte, Sharpton, and the rest think they should have a grip on what black folk think...that's NOT the case and I'm proud that Cain addresses them and it head on...

    We don't all think like Obama, West or any of them and we're no less black and no less out of touch. They impose their requirement for conformity on us and set the standard as if they have some "black stamp"...Sorry BOULE you don't make me black...I was black before your approval and I'll be black after you're gone...

    They need to start making Black Walnut Haagen Dazs Ice cream again though...I fell out of my seat when he said that!!!-LOL!!!Love it!!!


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