Friday, September 23, 2011

The Judge Mathis Speaks Out ~ "A Gross Miscarriage Of Justice"

I did not write about this case, but it revealed a serious difference and flaw in the criminal justice system. 7 out of 9 persons can recant their testimony and the system and family is so bloodthirsty that it doesn't matter if the right person is punished...not just punished, but put to death! When do we just kill anyone to satisfy our conscience? This is one of the most sad things I have seen and when a sound minded Judge as Greg Mathis speaks out recognizing the miscarriage of justice, I will listen.  Arguably, there was more of a doubt here than in the case of Casey Anthony, but that doesn't matter when revenge at any cost is the issue and the alleged criminal is Black. Yes, Georgia, you DO have blood on your hands!

Their Testimony. What Did They Say?

Antoine Williams ~ Testified that he couldn't see who was in the car because his vision was blocked and tinted windows. Told the police that he was only 60% sure the gunman was Davis at the scene. Was given a statement to sign by the police but also testifies that eh CAN'T READ OR WRITE. He didn't know what the paper was or what it said.

Kevin McQueen ~ Who served time with Davis and was supposed to have delivered the "jailhouse confession" to the police. Only that McQueen later admitted that he made the story up because he didn't like Davis. He had an altercation with Davis on lockdown and Davis got the better of him. Court documents record that McQueen said that Davis "spit in my damn face" and "got the best of me." He would also testify that Davis didn't tell him that he shot anyone "Period"

Harriett Murray (deceased) ~ Was the girlfriend of the homeless man that the police officer was trying to assist before he was fatally shot. Before she died she recanted here statement to Defense staff attorney John Hauss (evidently in a deposition) claiming that she was mistaken about the identity of the man who shot the officer.

Jeffrey Sapp ~ Said that Davis told him the nest day about what had happened, but that Davis certainly didn't say that he shot the man. Police Lt. Carl Ramsey testified that Sapp had come to them flagging them down saying that Davis had confessed his guilt. In court however Sapp testified that he was trying to divert the police's attention away from his street drug sales. He reported said that 4 to 5 detectives had taken him in and repeatedly told him that he must say: "Just say Troy told you" saying that he was 19 and scared of being locked up himself, he told the court, "I was saying the same thing they told me to say". He also confessed that District Attorney, Spencer Lawton demanded him: "stick to your statement". 

Darrell "DD" Collins ~ Who was 16 at the time told police that he saw nothing at the Burger King where the shooting took place. He said he saw Davis but saw no gun or anything else. He said the next day police told him that if he didn't talk he would be an accessory to murder and that he could "kiss his life goodbye because you're going to jail", after much pressure and manipulation he too confessed and testified that the Police under the direction of Officer Collins in his case told him what to say.

Keyonna Glover ~ Was 5 years old at the time of the incident...was removed from the witness stand after the judge and the prosecution complained that they "couldn't hear her" testimony. 

April Hester ~ Now 38 was 17 at the time testified that Sylvester "Red" Coles had told her to walk with him after she arrived at the scene of the shooting which was noised in the neighborhood. It seems that Coles was seeking cover to say that he wasn't at the scene. It seems that Coles was the one that people were pointing to in the neighborhood that actually had done the shooting.
Charles Hargrove was an inmate with Sylvester "Red "Coles. It seems that Coles said that he shot and killed the policeman that night as they were getting high together. The judge of course stopped the testimony and asked the defense to subpoena Coles so that they could hear him personally on the issue since his name was compiling among witnesses. The defense said that it would be a futile effort to call him because he wouldn't confess to the murder...???? 
Benjamin Gordon was also an inmate who said that he was Coles's cousin. He told the court that he saw Coles shoot officer MacPhail himself. He didn't tell police this because he didn't trust them and he was afraid of his cousin Coles. The state attempted to discredit Gordon's testimony by stating that he had lied to the police multiple times under oath...?????
Source: Troy Davis Evidentiary Hearing

More to come.



  1. America's modern day lynching, daring a black President to do or say a word...and guess a good house negro he was silent!

    Yes, I said Lynching!!!

  2. Dist Supt Burnett I support what you and Judge Mathis said 100%! Thats exactly what it was a 21st century LYNCHING! and it says a lot about President 'O' the little respect I had for him is gone! Also to my knowledge none of the local mega church leaders got involved, I guess he wasn't rich or important enough to concern themselves with! We're talking about a mans life once taken, we can't say OOPS?! I share your disappointment and anger! If 90% recanted thats more than enough reason to open a new trial, it sickens me when high profile people
    'settle out of court' for millions get off and common folk who don't have those resources, but evidence is lacking in their favor unjustly pay, this case has caused me to do some soul searching on my view of the death penalty; I guess the state decided they spent enough money and decided a amns life wasn't worth another dime!
    in closing, your comments were Raw but Right!!

  3. Thanks Jerry,

    Yes, there is a LOT here that doesn't come right out until one really looks at the story...Those in control displayed their power to move and dare even a President to move against them.

    Now, those that know me, know that I'm tough on crime and criminals. I'm sure Troy was no angel...but I am equally as sure that Troy DESERVED under the LAW a fresh trial. there was far too much ambiguity on the line.

    Nonetheless, the "establishment" DARED Obama in the face of every black community advocate and almost every religious leader in the world.

    Huffington Post Black Voices said that Obama DID NOT even attempt to make an 11th hour appeal...There was a reason....

    If anyone thinks that any President is in control he/she better wake up and engage this nightmare that we call life in the American Criminal Justice system.

    BTW: Who were those that MLK said that he wasn't afraid of at mason Temple COGIC the night before he was killed at the hotel? Time to listen to Malcom X again!


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