Thursday, September 22, 2011

"No Distortion Of Israel Can Seperate Us From Over 4,000 Years Of History"

This is a re-up on a post originally done in May 2011 shortly after President Barak Obama's Statements regarding the reversion of Israel Israel to its pre 1967 borders in order to facilitate a Palestinian state. CBN reports that Israeli forces are in a heightened state of alert and are gearing up for retaliation due to the potential rejection of a Palestinian State by the United Nations Security Council on Friday 9/23.2011. I thought that we should take another look at the issues and the real problems involved while all of us watch a new phase of history and biblical prophecy unfold before our eyes. Here's what I wrote then:
"Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967"
In a joint session of the US House and Senate, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the time to educate a nation as to the real and significant problems associated with the Mid East Peace process. In what was an educational, reasonable and myth busting session, the Prime Minister laid out a solid case as to why Israel  not only lays claim to the land, as not merely occupiers, but why Israeli history makes Israel a bona fide possessor of rights to the land. Netanyahu also expressed in a very clear fashion and manner why Israel refuses to negotiate with those who even American leaders have deemed to be terrorists.

The Prime Minister openly stated that the Jewish people are willing to accept the existence of a Palestinian state, which will tend to their own poor and refugee element. He noted that his Palestinian counterpart President Abbas, should stand before The Palestinian people and say,  
"I will accept a Jewish state"
Prime Minister Netyanyahu said that those six words will change history and recounted that a Palestinian state must be built to end conflict not perpetuate it. Prediction: The problem is not that President Abbas cannot say this...the problem is that he WILL NOT say this as the goal of the Palestinian state is still the destruction of Israel. 

Update: The Palestinians have responded to the Prime Minister's remarks regarding the refusal to negotiate based on 1967 boundaries, as words that are an act of war. 

As stated, the Prime Minister reverted to both a historical and common sense appeal to the American public. Stating that the Jewish rights to the land extended nearly 4,000 years of history, contrary to the modern myths that have arisen placing Israel in the land only a short period of time. In part this revised, or minimalist history of Israel, which took on popularity in the late 19th and early to mid 20th Century, has nearly but all been debunked by growing archaeological finds and evidences which not only provides evidences of the existence of Israel as a nation within the specified territories, but that also affirms the Old Testament history and Israel's right to exist with almost every find.

The Prime Minister noted that each of the last 6 Jewish leaders (his predecessors) have all accepted the establishment of a Palestinian State. However, he also noted that resistance to the dual state solution has always been regarding the existence of a Jewish State or the nation of Israel (to which the whole congress rose and applauded) 

Life In Palestine

The Prime Minister hailed the successes and advances of life within Palestine and also hailed how Israel had been a part of that advancement. He stated how Israel had taken the lead in the area in providing humane services for both Israeli's and Palestinians, removing barriers to the free flow of products, goods and services that had previously restricted growth and kept the Palestinian people without hope. However, he noted that his nation hadn't been extended the same courtesy or recognition of honor for their efforts. In addition he stated that the educational system of Palestinians was designed to perpetuate violence for years to come stating:

"They continue to educate their children to hate and name public squares after terrorists."..."My friend, this must come to an end."

Commitment To Israeli Destruction
The primary and exclusive problem to Mid-East peace is the fact that the most radical Islamic elements are bent on the destruction of and annihilation of Israel, and not the coexistence of states. Prime Minister Netanyahu outlined the problem clearly and succinctly, Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has consistently called for, and continues to call for, the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. If Israel were to simply lay down their weapons, everyone knows it would be a bloodbath of epic proportions where the Palestinians would feel justified in murdering multiple thousands Israeli's. The Prime Minister retorted:
"Peace can only be negotiated with partners committed to Peace, and Hamas is not committed to Peace" "Israel will not negotiate with Palestinian version of Al-Qaeda, with that we will not do"
One cannot deny the obvious facts, that is unless one is a President who not only speaks in an novice fashion regarding the issue, but does a backstroke of epic proportions to to distance himself from his own policy. Terrorists cannot control the peace process. Hamas is not a friend to America, freedom and is not a benefit toward any democratic peace process in the Middle East. In fact Hamas does not better the economic condition of Palestine in any way. (except through the purchase of weapons) Hamas's motto is:
"We love death as much as the Jews love life"
The Palestinian  resolution post 1967, when Israel had to fight for their right to exist as a people and a nation, was greed upon by every Islamic state in the region in Khartoum, Sudan. The announcement was made clearly and definitively that Israel should receive:
"No Recognition, No Peace and No Negotiation"
Religious Freedom:

Part of the problem in the mind of many Muslims is the right to Jerusalem. The Prime Minister laid out a clear case for why Israel has full rights to Jerusalem. Not only is Jerusalem a part of Israel's history, there wouldn't be religious freedom otherwise if it were merely left to the Palestinian leadership. The Prime Minister said this regarding Jerusalem: 
"Only  democratic Israel has protected the freedom of worship for all religions."... "Jerusalem must never be divided, Jerusalem must remain the united capitol of Israel."
We all know that Sharia Law demands that the state be guided by the the Quran and the Hadith and the Islamic leadership interpretation of law and fact. The Prime Minister is correct in asserting that radical Islam does not see a co-existence with either Jews or Christians. Since the liberation efforts of Tunsinia, Egypt and other Islamic states, non Muslims have been under persecution in those countries almost like never before. To assume that there would be anything resembling religious freedom in a Palestinian controlled Jerusalem is nothing more than a fantasy.  

The Right Of Defense:

In one of the most startling parts of the Prime Minister's speech he outlined how that since the 2008 Gaza withdrawal, Israel had been the recipient of over 12,000 missile and rocket attacks. This is almost 11 rocket attacks per day over the last 3 year period. 
"Peace must be anchored in security"..."Absolutely essential that the Palestinian state be demilitarized"
As an American, I don't believe that we would stand for even one rocket or missile attack on an American city one day yet alone 10 times per day. How can President Barack Obama feel in any world that ONE missile is acceptable from one country toward another in a time when there is not supposedly a war? It is anti-Israeli bias that consumes many of the liberals when it comes to Middle-East peace. 

Our hearts are devastated over the terrible natural disasters this year alone, in which the American South has been devastated and just a couple of days ago, Joplin, MO. was nearly destroyed...I have joined millions in crying and praying for the loss that is beyond belief...but the question is HOW can we justify any nation firing rockets on another and we say that THEY (the nation being fired upon) is responsible because they shouldn't be there? 

The Prime Minister dealt with some of the ridiculous and preposterous notions that top America's leadership seems to currently embrace regarding Mid-East peace. I, for one, am glad that Prime Minister Netanyahu, not only set the record straight, but also educated those new to this conflict or that have received misinformation regarding this conflict, and the American far and extreme political and social liberal elite that has been the real problem.


Dennis Prager Of Prager University ~ The Middle-East Problem 

Additional updates regarding this issue will be provided either in this post or in the comments section.

Listen carefully to the picture he paints of the Palestinian relationship to Hamas and peace efforts. Keep in min that the missiles currently reigning down on Israel everyday ARE NOT coming from Israeli territories:


  1. This story displays the will of the demonic against peace at every opportunity and for any reason.

    Truly senseless.

  2. Prophecy issued from the mouth of God himself is what will rule the day when this is all said and done. We know that everything that is transpiring is an act of war fueled by satan's hatred of God's elect. There will be no peace until Jesus is seated in Jerusalem as King.

    I cringe because Obama seems to hasten that day with his ridiculous and grossly naive foreign policy that not only endangers America but our ace ally Isreal. He is a product of the extreme liberal mindset that "equality" is the means to an end, all else be damned.

    Interesting that you mention the storms and natural destructions. Pat Robertson noted this to derision several years ago. Everytime there is a pressure put on Isreal to give up its land for peace, America suffers tremendous natural disasters.

    Supt Burnett, do you think the two are related? Personally, I do.

  3. Elder,

    You know there may be something to that. I hadn't focused on the natural disasters and the rhetoric regarding land swaps and deals.

    One thing I am convinced of is that the President has no clue as to what the real problem is and certainly no regard for the solution. How could he ask Israel to give up land to terrorists? They already gave up oil rich land for peace and Egypt is a part of training terrorists to attack Israel to this day.

    It is interesting to see and I wonder what plans are really in the works.

  4. If you ask me, America should withdraw all troops from over there and let America be concerned with America!

    Lets guard our borders, get all illegal immigrants out of here immediatley, lower taxes, and decrease the size of government.

    Personally, I don't think the Arabs are just at fault and Israel is completely innocent. Remember, the news media is biased and based on propoganda.

  5. FM,

    While I concur, I have given this much thought also...I was kind of "lukewarm" toward Israel to an extent. However I examined why I felt this way and much of my sentiments were based on what I knew about Israel biblically. I had studied their history through the bible and also studied their faults and that influenced my "lukewarmness".

    Now when the Prime Minister said this about Israel's 4,000 year history in the land and right of claim to it, a bell went off in my head...I said, NOONE disputes America's claim to this continent and we have only what, a 400 history and claim? In America, some groups such as the Indians, and their descendants, (of which I am one) some of which ended up in Mexico, were displaced without consent or dignity.

    England who were rebelled against along with the French and Spanish, we put down with no further compensation or rights to anything. After only 400 years any one of those nations that challenge America would be considered insane...

    Now, here is Israel...4,000 years they can PROVE that they have been in the land in the same basic territory...Why and how can we be bias toward them and their actions in THEIR land and not be outraged over our actions (the actions of our forefathers) in America??? How can we, in good conscience, ask Israel to divide THEIR land while we have taken from others by any means necessary?

    This added a new dimension to my thinking regarding any "fault" or imperfection Israel may have as it pertains to land rights.

    To me, the land is CLEARLY theirs without question and should not be divided on any terms except for terms that they agree to. When they were reestablished as a nation, that was writing a wrong that they had suffered for years.

    The Palestinian people have "nerve" to try to kick out the owners of the house...but remember GOd gave them (Israel) the house thousands of years ago!

    So let's just give Mexico, Texas back to them. That would solve some of the immigration problems wouldn't it? How about New Mexico while we're at it. It seems that Cochise's children have a better claim to it than we (Americans) do.

  6. Pastor,

    Another thought provoking article, if I may it was the Emperor Hadrian who growing weary of Judah's constent rebelling renamed the land Palestian. Part of the Palestian Covenant (some adhere to this covenant some don't) speaks about a land forever, you see glimpses of this in the Abrahamic Covenant. God told the people, you will be a people forever, have a land forever and have a King to sit upon the throne of David forever. God speaking to a particular minor prophet said, "Do not part my land." Now of course many things the nation is going through concerning the land is due to them not completing the conquest of canaan and constent rebellion. We must remind ourselves to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, where we all on that day will reside w/the Father and Son forever.

  7. Dont mean to hijack the thread...but I don't know if any of you knew Bishop Clifford Dunlap, he passed today.

  8. Bishop Dunlap? What jurisdiction or part of the country FM?

    Thanks for the 411

  9. It was Great Lakes First in Detroit. I think him and Bishop C L Anderson were first cousins.

  10. Now, according to CNN,Egypt has "just now" opened up their boarder to the Palestinians. How is it that all the countries supposedly believe in Palestinian independence but none of them even try to trade with the Palestinians for anything other than weapons etc.

    This, to me, is another proof that the argument is not about the welfare and well-being of the people in the region or area, it's about a strategy to get rid of a nation of people. Egypt had no reason to have the boarder blocked from the beginning IF it was about the welfare of the people. But now the Muslim brotherhood is in control and there is not only a political agenda, there is a greater union in terrorism toward Israel.

    Watch the weapons flow!

  11. It will definitely be interesting tomorrow as the Palestinians make their bid. Somehow, I don't believe they will officially ask for statehood. I think they'll talk all around it.

    This will be interesting.

  12. Netanyahu, NAILED the situation at the UN today. I am watching his speech after Abbas and he spoke to the point and didn't play with words.

    He said that all that is trying to be done now has already been done and the only thing that it has yielded is death of more Israelis.

    He said that the Palestinians have already said that their state will be Jew free (ethnic cleansing-racism) and that they already refuse to sell land to Jews (discrimination). With Hezbollah in control there can be no peace because they REFUSE peace.

    He revealed that the core of the conflict is NOT the settlements but the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize the Israeli state.

    He even gave some BIBLE history and the story of Jacob and his 12 sons as they roamed the land and laid claim to it and traced it back to over 100 generations of Jews...they are not IS their home.

  13. I wonder if Abraham had any idea how his "tryst" with Hagar would turn out, would he have been so willing to help out God with the promise of granting him and Sarah a son? That one act has caused Israel a millinea of heartache and loss of their land. They managed to get some of it back when they were recognized as a nation in 1948, but Ishmael's children still threaten to take what little is left.

    Interestingly, the United States pushed the UN into granting Israel the recognition she deserved to become a member state of the UN in 1948. In doing so, the US backed Israel in taking back land that belonged to them and essentially displacing the Palestinian people. This is why Arab nations have such an intense hatred for the US, not only because Israel is our ally, but the actions of the US gov't back then made millions of Palentinians homeless.


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