Saturday, November 6, 2010

103rd Annual Holy Convocation ~ Great God, Good Lord...Say What???

Listen to "COGIC-What Has The Church Become?" Pt. 2 to hear a personal message regarding our opportunity at the 103rd annual gathering. 

The 103 Annual Holy Convocation of the Church Of God in Christ will convene for the first time in St. Louis, MO.  Nov. 8th -16th 2010. This event is historic in many ways:

1- This is the first time in church history that the convocation has ever been held anywhere other than Memphis, TN.

It is said that the move from Memphis was not only about accommodations but also about saving money. Reportedly, the church will save well over $1 Million annually by moving the church away from Memphis. Secondly, the convenience of being able to have a single place for the meeting as opposed to various locations was overwhelmingly and logistically appealing. For sure there are bound to be many different and new faces in St. Louis as some of the old guard don't plan on attending.

2- Although there has been a call from our Presiding Bishop to fast and pray for the past month, unfortunately, that hasn't changed the fact that the featured or publicized speakers this year are either not part of the Church Of God In Christ or are some of the most liberal ideologues in the country.

Say What???

We'll simply look over  the assistant international music minister who wants to record with Prince, and try to stay focused.

Example1: Featured in this video is the Reverend Al Sharpton. Rev. Sharpton, certainly a son of the Church Of God In Christ, formerly known as "Wonderboy Preacher".  Rev. Al was ordained at the age of 10 in 1964 by the late great Bishop F. D. Washington of Brooklyn, New York. As a young man, Sharpton also toured with the late Mahalia Jackson, in contrast, became tour manager for the late James Brown. In his career, he was almost stabbed to death in a peaceful protest, ran for Senate, Mayor and President all unsuccessfully and stood against racial injustice even when there was none (Remember Tawana?).

Rev. Sharpton's credentials of being a community activist are without question. However, the problem stems from what he stands for and how that currently affects the Saints. Elder D. L. Foster of GCM Watch has taken liberty to list the causes for which Rev. Sharpton advocates some of those causes are notable while others are highly questionable. For instance Dr. Sharpton is not only a proponent of gay rights but also a proponent of gay marriage. For this the church should be concerned as he has openly stood against California Prop. 8, and even states the following about gay marital rights:
“I believe in equal human rights, before the law, for all human beings, and race, gender, disability, class or sexual orientation should not be a factor under the law. Even though we live under the law in a secular democratic society, religious groups must still be able to maintain their spiritual and moral option to either give or withhold a religious or sacred blessing to such unions. However, the government should not have that option. It must affirm the human and legal rights of everyone.”
I understand the sentiment. It is right in line with the gay right advocates interpretation of the establishment and equal protection clause of the Constitution; however, I wonder will any of the Saints be made aware of the Reverend's position on this important issue in advance of the Rev. hitting the platform? Further, I wonder what the Saints, (the real, true, died in the wool, COGIC Saints) thinks about being preached to by a man that co-mingles issues of civil rights with the issues of homosexual marital unions?  It certainly would not have been anything that his late pastor and Bishop would have stood for under any circumstance as confirmed by the video above.

So the question is, in this seemingly "New COGIC", does it really matter what the Saints think, believe or stand for? Or is it simply a forgone conclusion that anyone with a certain level of popularity, can believe and teach what they will and yet be welcomed in the highest seats at COGIC events and services, delivering their brand of doctrine to holy people without shame?

[Update 11/6/2010: Rev. Sharpton IS NOT listed as a featured speaker according to the lineup of speakers at COGIC.COM. What happened, or will there be a cameo appearance for a certain purpose? Maybe so, but as of today, he is NOT on the list. Rev. Sharpton IS however the featured speaker at the COGIC Charities Banquet Sat. 11/13/2010 at 3:00 PM. All one would have to do is pay $200 per individual or pay $20,000 per table for inclusion.]   

Good Lawd!!!

Example 2: Bishop T.D. Jakes is a prolific speaker and a money maker everywhere he goes. He was an admirer of the late Bishop G.E. Patterson and even spoke at the Convocation in 2008. What is interesting about Bishop Jakes is that he has not felt compelled to clarify his position on what he believes the bible teaches about homosexuality. He has previously taught this: 
“Ruth turns to Naomi and says “I shall not leave thee.” She makes her statement to this woman…that sounds somewhat, somewhere in between poetry, intimacy, and borders on lesbianism. People don’t even know how to explain what Ruth said to Naomi. It makes them uncomfortable. They’re afraid to talk about it. They don’t want to teach on it. Same thing with David and Jonathan…where there were same-sex relationships getting too close, people don’t even know what to say.” ~ [Bishop T.D. Jakes, "Nothing Just Happens" 2001 Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference]
Now, to imply, infer or whatever you want to call it, that Ruth, the daughter in law of Naomi had some sort of sexual feeling or inclination toward her mother-in-law is beyond sick...not to mention the suggestion that David and Jonathan were also so freaky that they too had a homosexual relationship on the DL in front of God and the people without experiencing any sort of condemnation. In his world, according to his rubric. God would chastise David for an affair with Bathsheba and the subsequent murder of her husband, while the same God would be silent about a gay relationship with Jonathan??? I would like to see the study guide on that one.  

God Help Us!

It was reported that after Bishop C.H. Mason returned from Azusa St. in 1908 that he went to Halls Ferry, Virginia. There he preached on the streets and in the churches until taverns and bars closed, anointing people, casting out devils and converting souls to Christ. There was a report that thousands came to faith in a very short time at his preaching and prayer ministry. It was also reported that he went to certain places in Texas, praying in the streets against the protests of clansmen. It is said that the Bishop prayed so fervently, until the racists that were there to oppose him either ran away or took off their sheets, crying, sobbing, repenting and confessing unto salvation. Many churches were founded as a result of his visits in both places, because the Bishop not only was the vehicle God used to save the lost souls, but he also mentored and ordained many pastors, leaders and elders proliferating the gospel. He was one of the first black pastors and leaders to commission white ministers, which was unheard of during his day and time.

Bishop Mason Praise break:


Since this seemingly simple but joyous time, we should ask, WHAT HAS THE CHURCH BECOME? We understand what it is to progress and we should do that. However, when we open ourselves up to secularism and ungodly ideas and practices we will become ungodly. I'm convinced that the scripture is still right:

1 Corinthians 15:33 ~ "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners."

Now, please don't get me wrong...I'm not a singular dimension pastor or leader. God uses great people outside of the COGIC to deliver some wonderfully and powerful blessed ministry and service to God. However, we should ask, what obligation do the leaders of our church have to the spiritual well being and edification of it's members? and Is this the type of ministry, service and association that the "New and Modern" Church Of God In Christ values?

Many of us may never have a church of 20,000 or 30,000 but are the voices, spiritual communion and needs of the handful of "little people" (such as myself) any less significant than that of those who command great crowds and wealth? I would ask to whom is our commitment? To God, holiness and the change that he brings in life, or to men and how we feel when we receive their attention and accolades?

I recently heard about a Pastor who wanted wanted to establish some common ground with some of his  members. They wanted to honor his office by putting up their alcohol and liquor when the pastor arrived at a certain event. (Yes, some church folk drink, and we wonder where the power has gone in many churches) Instead of the pastor encouraging the people to honor both him and the presence of God, he took the opportunity to become the chief beer distributor and began to hand out the beer and coolers to individuals while saying and declaring "it's all right".

It is sad when in effort to be all things to all men, we become many things that God hasn't called us to be...

I'm sure the Saints will have a "good time" at this historic event and many things will be accomplished. Let's see what happens. Be sure to check the comments section as I will give updates, impressions and thoughts of various events. Believe me, there is much to be said, but right now, I've said more than enough. 


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Is There Yet Another Church Emerging Out Of The Church Of God In Christ?


  1. Hello, Elder. Thanks for this insightful post. I love the Church of God In Christ. I've been a member my whole life. I'm greatly perturbed that people like Sharpton and Jakes are (or might) be allowed to speak during the convocation. They both teach contrary to the doctrines and theology of our church. The problems facing us are not just from Homosexuality and Gay marriage, but also from the Word of Faith false teachers, and not to mention Jakes denies the Trinity. I'm not sure if Sharpton knows what the Trinity is either. We need to pray.

  2. That part about Bishop Mason brought tears to my eyes. I was born the year he died and born the same month he was. But when I hear the stories of his spiritual heroism, its sparks a longing in my heart...and an anger that his legacy is being sold for a bowl of soup.

    Bishop Blake talked about the St Louis convocation in a new article out today. I get it: COGIC is a leader in music and fashion. Plus (according to him) they do a lotta good community service type of stuff. Sorry, I had to weigh in on the weightier matters.

  3. Y'u-know I really don't want to be perceived as just an "anti-establishment" or anything like that. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I am willing to live in and remain true to what I know and who I am.

    This church was founded on simplicity, by some rather complex folk. It may seem simple to the average person that is unfamiliar with our history, but I am not willing to simply acquiesce to a "modern" form of service that is powerless.

    Now, what does it do for me to speak out on these issues? Certainly doesn't bring me a dime or a single "brownie point" in the church. Some are intimidated thinking and saying that things like this destroy the peoples institution and effects their worship.

    I think sentiments like that are so shallow, it's deplorable. Don't we want a rich, deep, sincere and TRUTHFUL worship? One built on truth and righteousness?

    I mean what may be lacking in aesthetics can certainly be made up in sincerity...I mean if you only have a hole in the wall, but are yet sincere in heart and submissive to God, I'd rather have that than all the fake smiles, illusive and empty promises and ungodly associations in the world.

    Maybe, I'm out of time or I missed my time. Maybe what i value in worship isn't applicable to today's church and isn't a real expectation...maybe I am at fault, for thinking that the church should be a place of protection for its members.

    If so, I apologize for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I do not apologize for expecting those that i have yoked with to be as sincere about the safety and well-being of others as I am if not greater...There is far too much to loose and too much at risk.

    Don't go back to 1930, go forward to 2011 and beyond on solid principles and a foundation that extends eternally. As a church we must desire to do and be greater. I think or at least hope, that I am one of those with that desire.

  4. The live stream was horrible. It took too long to come on and when it did it kept stopping and starting and resetting etc...

    Now, Bishop Henderson preached (Mon. 8th), but I couldn't help but wonder...since he was encouraging everyone to "follow" leadership so...Where was he when Bishop Blake called a separate meeting during the Convocation when Bishop GE was alive and tried to obviously upset the balance of power under a sitting, living Presiding Bishop? I mean that was the talk how the Convocation was going on in one place and Blake calls the Bishops and leaders to him at another...

    Was he (Bishop Henderson or Bishop Blake)teaching "follow" leadership then, or is that an advent of this administration?

    I'm sorry I'm harsh in this regard, but I don't like "attitude" preachin' neither do I like to be told to simply be a flunkie for anyone...This is not an issue of love or service, it's an issue of common sense to me.

  5. Pastor Harvey said "Y'u-know I really don't want to be perceived as just an "anti-establishment" or anything like that."

    This is the pressure all churches seem to be under. "Gotta entertain, gotta give 'em a show to grow." It's a joke to watch, and the word "clown" always comes to mind.

    Pastor, you just keep your focus on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith, and don't worry about how you are perceived. You are a rare breed - walk outside the circus to find others like you.

    And while you're walking, consider for me something...People are feeling pretty beat-up in this economy, and I, personally, am tired of only hearing sermons about my sin. Like God's in heaven with a giant bat ready to strike me at any time. How about some Grace messages? We could all use reminding right now about the sufferings of this world not comparing...

  6. Laura,

    Thanks for the encouragement. At the end of the day, I'm willing to take the ridicule if there is any, because these things are more important than just me.

    I know we should embrace one another and that's in biblical order, but arrogance and inequity are another thing.

    Anyone wanting to view this for themselves can go to the live stream by clicking HERE.

    The order of services, and who is speaking can be found HERE by clicking "Schedule" at the top of the page.

  7. The theme for today encouraged returing to the foundational principles of holiness.

    Supt, Miles TORE it up this AM talking about HOLINESS and repentance...turing back to the Lord as a people...Wonderful message! He is doing a great work in his community also. Very encouraging.

    Supt. Tates said, let's go back to what works...LOVE, righteousness and TRUE holiness!

    If Coke can go back to recoup a dollar, then the church should be able to go back to get this right.

  8. Missionary Janice Craig said that we may be in a dust storm, or in a place where mud is being sling, but teh church is still a lighthouse, although at times they are more like a stoplight.

    Blessing the members, getting more members and increasing the revenue in the church...Is that the real reason for having or being a part of the Urban Initiative? I ask that and speak that authoritatively because I've been doing much of what the urban initiative espouses for years, but it's not because I am looking for more members, or increased church revenues...I do it because 1- God has called me to do it, and 2- because it's right to do.

    The Preacher said, 10,000 doors, 10,000 bibles and 300 street corners. That's what I'm talking 'bout. That's why we do what we change lives, serving God and the community.

    All in all a good night. Jakes tomorrow I believe...we'll see.

  9. Bishop T.D. Jakes...some people love to worship people...

    Sorry, giving is just right. We give as he has blessed us freely and gladly, but to tell me that I can't expect God to bless me if I don't give is nothing short of mind and or spirit control...

    Sorry, Bishop Hines, that was unconvincing...

  10. Sometimes I guess we just say things that we've said for a long time and say things that we think work...We've got to be careful what we teach...The first standard is, "Is it biblical?" That's what I want to know.

    AFTERPARTY??? OK when we get saved we call it a "Reception"??? What is that???

  11. Is Michah Stampley a homosexual? Somebody chime in on that...all I could see when looking at him was TONEX...

    Highlights of the message:

    Haggai, v.4-9 ~ OK, "The Next Wave Of Glory" [One should stay tuned to my radio broadcast on 11/20/2010. I did it over 2 weeks ago, before this message....WOW!]

    Allright, the "shaking" in the land is being done by God to accomplish what he will? He said God will shake you to bring you to your knees...

    Going back to the glory of the Lord after it has been taken...Ok comparing the "new" glory to the "old" glory, we realize there is deficiency...

    OK, I got the message here, don't look back or try to rebuild what you had, build what you have now and build it.

    The "idol" of worshipping our past? OK...Our good ole days are ahead of us. He said the Lord told him to tell the church that...Let go of the old and reach for the new.

    He said to only yoke with those that want to go forward. I want to say that i understand what he's getting at, but I have problems with the application...We can't move forward without a blueprint of what freedom is. The later shall be greater than the former, BUT not at the expense of the latter...

    The prophecy, "The thing that you've been waiting on is coming your're in the right place at the right time get ready for the next wave of Glory"

    The entire message should be studied...We must look at this "jump into the wave"..."stop asking him for what was" These are his words. We're in our 8th day, our season of new beginnings. This is the "season" of new blessings and focus...

    What is the deeper point here? I think I know, but I needed to share.

    I got it...the $80 SEED...I got it, 80 instead of $70 representing the NEW beginning...y'u-know 8 instead of 7.

  12. Probably about 5,000 folk gave $80...that's a total of about $400,000...yes this was a new method. If 7000 folk gave an average of $50 that's over $350,000 either way it's a winner...

    This was probably budget night.

  13. One more thing,

    I'm sorry church, but after a half million dollars and a 4 and a half hour service, one soul had to make their way to the alter at the end saying that he wanted to be saved and the church, ran out of time...they had to work with him off and out of the way...Folk had to go to that reception and go count some money I'm sure...

    Now, Jakes said it was deliverance night and summarily told people about GOd bringing back teh glory of their dreams and hopes etc, but never once made an alter call for salvation...I guess the assumption was that everyone was already saved...

    That ONE soul though. Now U mean to tell me that what we are going to is BETTER than what was in our past? Everythign glitter ain't gold and everythign that shines ain't silver...

    I'm going to cntemplate this whole thing church, from beginning to end. When does teh COGIC run out of time for souls???

  14. thanks for posting what's going on there sir. My cousin told me (he went last year) that the homosexual spirit was so strong it was sickening....Continue to be that light....

  15. Also souls are not the focus anymore its M-O-N-E-Y, then its church membership....more people mean more money. Pastor's ask if anyone wants to join the church before they ask if there are any who want to give their lives to the Lord.

  16. The presentation from the Missions Dept, was and is fantastic. Hearing about all the great works going on over seas and in the southern hemisphere, just all over the world, was a beautiful blessing.

    God bless the workers, Bishop Moody for his perseverance. Bishop moody is a personal friend of mine and a man that I respect very highly.

    I'm very glad that Presiding Bishop Blake is dedicated to this work in all facets.

  17. Bishop Moody ~ "Our compassion is on people for their physical condition, but is our compassion upon them for their soul"

    "There must be a cry upon them for their soul, that we won't leave them for a good education, that we won't leave them for their material posessions"

    Thank you Bishop...we will "PRAY until something happens!"

    That man exactly 30 years my elder (76 years old) was FANTASTIC!

    Bishop Whitehead said that the YPWW is a "New Thing"...a new program designed to win the souls of our youth within 12 months.

    I'm excited about this because it is WORD centered...that's a good thing.

    Now, Donnie got up yellin', but his voice wasn't ready...God help us who are name and personality struck.

  18. So disappointed to see that the plan of salvation was not offered or even a hint of an altar call. As the young people say in the social networking acronym, SMH...(SHAKIN' MY HEAD)

  19. Well in the end...we made a lot of noise...OK...

    I haven't seen one service that has called for the lost to be saved yet...I guess everybody is already saved...OK...

    Gotta go...

  20. We got a LONG way to go to deal with some real issues...If all we gonna do is have a revival service and raise money, it can be done more inexpensively... or should I say a lot less expensively...

    Marvin said it best..."I gotta go" Did you see that...Kim and Donnie wanted to have a concert, Bishop Marvin, who they introduced as "brother Marvin" took the mic, said a short phrase and put it down...KUDOS Bishop Winans!

  21. I'm sorry, I was wrong....there was an altar call last night, God made one BEFORE the word. He stopped the service and blessed the people.

    I just hope somebody knew they could get saved during that time.

  22. Now, COGIC we cannot just rewrite our history as it suits us...Bishop O.T. Jones was the leader of this church after Bishop Mason died.

    Now, I don't know exactly what happened, but I do know the Saints treated him bad and didn't accept him. I will find out the details and i have a few friends of the Old School that are historians of this church and I'll check with them for details.

    We cannot simply discard or not mention who we wish.

  23. I remember now...Based on my conversation 16 years ago with the then 90 year old Bishop T.T. Rose of Central Illinois, he told me that O.T. Jones was not accepted because he was the first Bishop to wire his money back home before the meeting was over.

    He told me that for some reason Bishop O.T. Jones was compelled to wire his money...I can't remember whether he thought he wasn't going to get paid or exactly what the issue was, nevertheless it caused such an uproar amongst leadership that they were compelled to have an election and for some reason remove his name from history...Before O.T. Jones Jr. passed they tried to have a reprieve, but since I notice, as I hear history, Bishop O.T. Jones name isn't mentioned....I think I may have my next COGIC topic, but I'll check with some of my other sources first. I want to make sure that I'm as accurate as possible.

  24. Love the Clark Sisters, but someone PLEASE tell them to not sing to honor the unsaved anymore...the tribute to Frankie beverly was over the top and as a "product" of this church, is out of order.

    We must think and be accountable for our actions and associations. Love u though 4- real...u my folks!

  25. One of the commentors on the web said the following:

    "I think that served as an Alter Call, Prayer, and Benediction"

    I said it was a 3 for 1 special-LOL...U see when we got to get to the singin' we can't let too many things stand in the way...Clarks, Donnie, Burrell and unnamed guests...have a quick prayer and and ease on down the road.

    They's all be lat IF there's a Morning Manna tomorrow...I know everyone is having breakfast, but not sure about the prayer.

    Talk 'bout entertainment???

  26. Morning Manna Saturday was FANTASTIC...Pastor Edwin Walker brought it back to Sanctification.

    He talked about How Israel mishandled the ark because of sin 2Sam. 4, lost the glory to the Phillistines, were not prepared to handle it upon its return and had to sanctify themselves and prepare themselves to handle it.

    Holy Ghost message based on the word and ministering to the people, NOT based on defending the actions of man or men.

  27. Pastor Edwin Walker...GOD BLESS YOU...for reminding this church of how we got wasn't by being cute it was through and by the power of the Holy Ghost!!!

    The most anointed service yet!

  28. Pastor Hutchins was the most scripturally inspired preacher yet. He taught a message centerd around 3 essential things for the manifestation of God's glory: 1) coporate worship 2) corporate repentance 3) corporate praise.

    Now I understand his premise in dealing with an organizational body, but I think he also laid the foundation taht these things begin within the individual life of the worship DOES NOT begin with the corporate body, it begins in the life of the individual.

    If we are are going to see a manifestation of HIS Glory, it is encumbent upon us to have an individual relationship with God whereby our life exemplifies worship.

    Then he introduced teh concept of "trickle down" blessings...the blessings of the leader "trickle down" to the members and followers IF we are in line with the vision...I can't say that I believe that and I don't see strong scriptural support for it, although it does make a good study...

    I think we should explore that one more...I know about Psalms 91 I believe, but I don't believe that's applicable to this one.

  29. Supertindent,

    I didn't know you were on here talking about the meeting--I've been catching it most of the nights online. My favorite night was Bishop Moody--one comment he mentioned stayed with me; although I think people didn't seem to care for his sentiment. He said that in every other denomination, there seems to be a burning passion/focus for people feeling like they are called to international missions--but that is not the case in COGIC. I really enjoyed him and all the international preachers.

    Lowlights--Micah Stampley is an awful singer; there was only so much yelping and shrieking from a man, that I could take.

    I couldn't wait for Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin to have a seat--I thought it was a Hawkins concert for a minute--I agree with ya, thank God for people like Marvin Winans, who still use common sense.

    By the way, I do not like the fact that they allow the singers to occupy the pulpit to sing songs. It sends the message that singing has as much importance as the preached word; I don't like the idea of Kim Burrell being that close to reach out and touch one of the bishops--disturbing.

    I was disconcerted by Bishop Jakes message, not to mention all that offering raising. I felt like he was taking a lot of digs at the saints or at COGIC. He kept repeatedly saying, you gotta let go of tradition and stuff. I almost felt like Blake helped him write his message for those points--I don't know, I felt like he was setting us up for some change in the church or something.

    Overall, I am concerned about Blakes' overemphasis on celebrity and known figures being associated with COGIC--I mean we should be known for the anointing,signs, and wonders--not for who's who, concerts gracing our meetings...I mean Noel Jones and Jakes of all people--ugh!

    Thanks for letting me know about this Hutchins and Walker pastors--thank goodness there was some sound preaching at the meeting--maybe I'll pick up their tapes.

  30. Hello Superintendent,

    I have just read your posts regarding the 103rd Convocation... I have to say that I love the Church of God in Christ... I see the need for change and elevation to the next level.... and overall I give the Convocation an Aplus.... That said, I too was a tad disturbed by TD Jakes invitation to our Convocation - I get it, though, his celebrity is contagious to a number of folk to a certain degree... And while the show business of his appearance seemed to affect the Saints, His message was certainly timely. I was disappointed in the singers..They needed to sit down. period. As for Sharpton.... well 'nuff said...

    I think Micah Stampley is soft, but I don't get gay from him... I have dealt with him at some of the events I produce and I may be wrong, I believe he has a wife (not that that means anything these days, I'm just sayn.....)

    In the end, there obviously is a lot of work that needs to be done inside COGIC... I respect the Presiding Bishop as he takes the Grand Old Church to the next level... does he have a lot a work to do? yes. Are there urgent issues that require immediate remedy? of course.

    Let's now take the essence of progress gleaned from the Convocation and be the change that we need to be... because at the end of the day, it is all about operating in GOD's glory.. not men...

  31. Sorry my brethern, I have a problem with what Jones was trying to smoothly perpetrate...

    He said when you walk in principle, you won't need miracle...I understand that statement as it pertains to sin...If one doesn't sin, one doesn't have to get bailed out, but he made no qualifier for his statement...

    This church believes in miracles and need miracles sometimes through no fault of our own...Paul was a miracle worker who walked in principle and yet had a thorn in the flesh that God would not remove...

    This man is a "smoothie" but he teaches a false scriptural philosophy and to come in the congregation of miracle believers and make a general statement like that without the proper qualifications is sad.

    He tried to redeem himself with the 3 little pigs analogy, with the exception of calling COGIC like the 3rd pig, he was allright.

  32. ooh, and another thing...some lines you cross you can't go back over...A preacher rapes children, never needs to pastor again. Some things you give up.

    Discouragement is one thing. That may have been what his commentary was limited to...but some sins cost you what God called you to do. Yes, he knew what you would do, but he did not fatalistically predetermine you to do it...Thsi preacher believe in fatalism.

  33. Elder Johnson,

    Thanks for stopping by, I try to write thoughts as I'm thinking them about certain situations and commentary I hear. While I am certainly not infallible, I do my best to think the spiritual implication of things I hear through and I also listen for what is not being said.

    Thank God the people that grace our pulpits are no mental midgets. They are thinkers, doctors and well studied. I take their applications of scripture seriously, cautiously and with some health scpeticism.

    First, like you , I love his church...Love it far too much to sit silently when I see things that endanger it. As far as I can tell, we're doing good, but there are more than a few thigns to be cautious of...

    1- If we can raise funds to address the issues of children overseas through COGIC charities, we can certainly establish a plan that ministers to the victims, including children, of COGIC abuse. In fact we don't need a banquet or $200 tabbles to do so. All we need is the WILL.

    For our leadership to not act on this issue is incredulous and I love every one of them and gladly submit myself to their direction on the issue IF they will ever respond to my request.

    You said:"I too was a tad disturbed by TD Jakes invitation to our Convocation - I get it, though, his celebrity is contagious to a number of folk to a certain degree...

    Jakes preached an acceptable message, avoided areas of conflict as he should have, but his presence was about budget. They had to make budget and Jakes draws teh money. As I figure it, maybe about $500,000. That's why he holds the line on his fees and I can't say that I blame him. most of us grown folk, I believe, understand that type of transaction. I hate to sound over-critical in that area.

    Thanks for the 411 on Michah. I just need a clarification and you provided it. Somethign abut him reminded me of TONEX too much, it must have been his vocal range or something...

    I agree that the Convocation was good and there were some good things as a result. Like you, I believe we can and should build on the success, what I am focused on are three primary things:

    1- How we heal our hurting and those who have been hurt by us.

    2- The commercialization of the church...Do we now hold that the only relevant ministry in the church are the ministries of teh mega-pastor or mega-church? Do we now hold that the only relevant praise in our church comes from those who win Grammy's, Dove's and appear on TV? What are we pouring into the storefront churches under this new plan and direction? every church won't have a large membership, are they less significant now? We need to clarify this at all levels, because I see two churches emerging as a result.

    3- Our we compromising our identity to promote our visability? I am seeing a desire to be accepted by others or being "affirmed" as a matter of importance. This is disturbing to me. We should not do things to be "approved" by people...we should do what Christ gives us because he has directed us to, without any ulterior motive.

    This is challenging and I am just a voice in the wind, but my aim is to not simply criticize, but to cause us to stop, think and evaluate what we are doing and the implications of what we are setting forth.

    Thanks for coming over and sharing, please feel free to share anytime and provocation and reflection can be a good thing when done in respect.

  34. Pastor Burnett what are your comments on Bishop's Blakes sermon?

  35. Minister Brandon,

    As noted, he avoided anythign controversial and I pointed out some of the other information in the commentary dated November 10, 2010 11:12 PM

    Check that out, that's as best as my memory will serve at the present.

  36. I think you you thought I was asking about Jakes preaching. I could care less about him. I was really asking about Bishop Blake's our Presiding Bishop of COGIC

  37. Minister Brandon,

    Excuse me my brutha...I was thinking Jakes on your question.

    Now, I didn't see Bishop's message so I can't comment on it. I haven't seen any clips either. I do know there was great excitemnt because Obama sent a message. I'll comment further on that and other issues, in a new post to be released this eveing.

    I do know this however...the online community was filled with idol worship...we all want bishop Blake to live long and prosper, that's not the question...I want his continued success in righteousness...but the online community was like "he's the greatest thing since sliced bread" In fact Bishop Lyles, the general Secretary, said he's the "greatest preacher that ever lived"...While he may certainly be immensely greater than me, I have reservation about calling anyone, even Billy Graham, the greatest that ever lived...That was a serious overstep and far reach...I never heard him once deny any accolade and the online audince as I said was further along than that...

    They did the same thing so far as COGIC is concerned. Look, I love the church, serve it until I die, BUT it is not to be worshipped...COGIC is a church among men that has it's issues some more serious than others and being a part of the organization doesn't give anyone a leg up on anyoen else, we've all got to live saved and be holy.

    I haven't seen the message, so I'll be looking for internet blurbs. Let me know if you find any.

    If you saw it, what did you think of it?

  38. Today we have great orators,great motivational speakers,great psychological manipulators,and emotional arousers, but in these last days of abundant deception we need more preachers anointed by God,sent by God, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven.I didn't see much of that at the COGIC convocation.Popularity is what matters today, not the anointing.

  39. Supt, the thing that bothered me the most was that rude Bishop Bobby Henderson. I have never seen a more rude preacher in all the days of my life. He is very ruff with the saints.


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