Thursday, April 1, 2010

The New Enlightenment Pt. 7

John 3:19-21 ~ "19-And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20-For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21-But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."

Can I Get A Word From The REAL Gospel Sistahs On This?

Dr. Iyanla Vanzant (pictured below and second from left) a supposed Yoruba Priestess, recently completed what she called the 'Take Back Your Life Mind, Body and Soul Women's retreat' in Chicago, IL. For those who don't remember, Dr. Vanzant gained her claim to fame through my dearest "Teflon Donett" Oprah Winfrey. She was a regular on her show and was one of the first to have a show spun off in her name and supported by Oprah. 

Word is that Dr. Vanzant  and Oprah ran into some production issues as Vanzant is said to have wanted to include people (Barbara Walters) in her production staff which Oprah wasn't trying to hear or allow. Others suggest that Vanzant felt that she couldn't come out with her full message as she wanted to and felt pressured too often by Oprah. It could be a combination of all of the above, but aside from that, Vanzant certainly continues to do what she does...deceive thousands with a false religion and diversionary tactics that draw hearts away from  the truth of the Gospel and who Jesus really is!
According to WVON, AM1690, my favorite Chicago radio station, even in spite of their endorsement of this mess and homo-affirming agenda, Dr. Vanzant and friends were more than ready and willing to restore as many women as possible to their fullest potential and lifestyle. 

Delivered in what was called "Breakthrough" workshops the topics were as follows:

Meditation: Tapping Into Your Inner-Knowing
Presented by Sheree Franklin, intuitive coach for intuition, instincts and imagination. The future is not set in stone, but many of us act as if it is and don’t expand our inner lives to reach our true potential. Yet, each of us has an inner-navigational system to create the lives we desire. This is guided meditation designed to help you become aligned with the patterns of thinking that will help you enhance the quality of your life.

Connect To Who You Are: Identify, Clarify and Simplify Your Life
Presented by Kim Fulcher, president and founder of Compass, a life coaching company for women. This workshop is designed to introduce women to the authentic loving power that lies within. Many women find themselves distracted by their family lives, careers, numerous responsibilities, deepest fears and insecurities. Life circumstances and the need to please others have caused many women to loose the connection to self. This workshop will teach women to connect to what is true for them and find freedom in living a life filled with self-love, confidence, balance, passion, joy and happiness.

Take Authority Over Your Health: You Possess the Power to Heal
Presented by Dr. Deidre Burrell, founder of Harmonious Vibrations Healing Center. This workshop is designed to empower women to tap into the healing force that resides within. Heart disease, cancer, obesity, fibroid tumors, and other illnesses are often associated with emotional pain, stress, a lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Dr. Burrell will explain how to tap the power we all hold to heal ourselves.

Attract Your Highest Good in Relationships
Presented by Michelle McKinney Hammond, author and life coach. The workshop is designed to show women the keys to attracting and maintaining wonderful healthy relationships. Participants will explore the relationships with themselves and how they can impact relationships with others. Additionally, participants will learn how to attract and maintain healthy, loving, intimate relationships. Finally, they’ll learn how to release relationships that don’t serve their highest good as well as how to create more fun and excitement with the people in their lives.

Create the Flow of Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life
Presented by British Hill, vice presidential ambassador for Compass, a life coaching company for women. This workshop is designed to explore the universal concepts of how to attract and develop the mental mindset and belief system that will attract abundance and prosperity into every area of your life.

And of course, Dr. Vanzant delivered the highlight of the event. 

What Does Dr. Vanzant Teach?

First, this is a primary summary of the Dr's Yoruba teaching and doctrine: 
"It is in Yorùbá philosophy the indication that all humans have Ayanmo (manifest destiny) to become one in spirit with Olódùmarè (Olòrún, the divine creator and source of all energy). Each person in Ayé (the physical realm) uses thought or action energies to impact the community of all other living things including the Earth, and so to move towards destiny. As such, one's destiny is in one's hands. To attain transcendence and destiny in Òrún-Réré (spiritual realm of those who do good and beneficial things), one's Orí-Inu (spiritual consciousness in the physical realm) must be elevated to unify with one's Iponri (Orí Òrún). Those who stop improving are destined for Òrún-Apadi (spiritual realm of the forsaken). Life and death are cycles of habitation in physical body and spiritual realms while one's spirit evolves toward transcendence. This evolution is most advanced in Irùnmolẹ (oní irun, of the unique hair that distinguishes humans from beasts; imo, enlightened of destiny, ilẹ on the land)

For most people, iwapẹlẹ (well-balanced), meditation and sincere veneration sufficiently strengthen one's Orí-Inu. Being well-balanced, it is believed, that you are in prime position to make positive use of the simplest form of connection between eniyan and Olu-Òrún in the form of adúra (petition;prayer) for divine support."
That is the basis for the false doctrines and teachings of Dr. Vanzant. She consistently exalts the role and status of women in her theology. This is partly because Dr. Vanzant has been abused in her past and her work is geared toward suffering and abused women. Let's look more specifically at what she has said specifically regarding the assistance that she brings women.  

Women Are Angels, Men Are Angels In 'Drag'...Don't Understand? Just Disconnect Your Brain And You'll Get It...
"Do this for me if you will. I want you to look to the right, just look to the right, look to the left. Look at somebody. Don’t just be turning your head there. Everybody look to the right. Look at somebody. Because everybody doesn’t know everybody else, do they? No. That’s good.

Now, I want to bring something to your awareness. You are right now, in this very moment, standing in the presence of angels. Because you never know when an angel is going to come right beside you. And if you think back through your life in your, and your, deepest darkest moments, it was another woman; it was an angel, a woman that was there for you. So I just want you to reach out and take an angel by the hand. Come on. Reach out take an angel by the hand; just hold on to an angel. Touch an angel. Well, you could touch him. He’s all right. He’s just an angel in drag. Go on. Hold his hand. Angel in drag, that’s right. Just hold his hand. That’s okay. And what I want you to do is just take a nice deep breath with me if you will and let it out with a nice breathe. And take another nice deep breath.

And let it out with a nice breath. And disconnect your brain for just a moment. And I want you to feel the life that’s in your hands. And know that God, goddess, all that is so, trusted you that she put a life in your hands." ~ Dr. Inyanla Vanzant  3rd Annual Women & Power Conference organized by Omega Institute and V-Day in September 2004.
"Life is a blast...I mean sometimes, you know, it can be a royal pain in the butt and rather inconvenient, but Oh, well, what the hell. If you have some party shoes, get in it and dance...That is a woman’s work...A woman’s work is to dance...You know, you can dance yourself through anything—you wanna leave me Booboo, go on, get out...Oh, yes...Oh, you want to fire me? Whoa-whoa ... a woman’s work is to sing. You know we have to dance we have to sing...Most of all, we have to learn the power of “TADA”...See you have the power of TADA in your heart...You know what TADA is; right?..Oh, you thought I was going to fail? You thought I wasn’t going to make it? You thought I was going to stay crazy forever? Well, TADA!You thought you were going to hold me down? Oh, you really thought I didn’t have it going on? Well ... a woman’s work is to dance and to sing TADA. So ladies get into your hearts....Can you stand up for a minute? I just want to check your woman-ness. Let me just see. Get a hip moving, just one, just one. Don’t hurt yourself now. If it feels good to you—that’s right, Mama, work it out...See, a woman can do anything. Just work it out. Now, if you really want—men, and that’s all right. Men, you too. We appreciate you...Get up men, c’mon get up...We know you might have a little woman hiding in there...Just sway and sway and say TADA, TADA...TADA—we’re coming up, we’re becoming powerful...We are becoming stronger. We are taking over. Yes. We have work to do. Oh, it feels so good. "~ Dr. Inyanla Vanzant 3rd Annual Women & Power Conference organized by Omega Institute and V-Day in September 2004.

WOW! Talking about spiritism, false doctrine and false teaching. These are the teachings that many hold as inoculous and many proclaim that are helping to heal the broken hearted.

Blinded By The Light

I believe that these women have been so blinded by current situations and so enamoured by the appeal of false doctrine that they can't see straight. Further the light of the world has shined and they cannot perceive it.

There are seemingly a growing number of African-American women clinging to many of these spiritist and idolatrous teachers and false prophets. The Christian church has its problems wilth false teachers such as Juanita Bynum II. The problem here however is that this sorted cast of characters want their adherents to believe that they are Christians or at a minimum teaching a spirituality that is biblically inspired and endorsed.

What I want to see is the real women of God stand up and make their voices known. If not known in helping to heal what seems to be a growing market of hurt women, stand in defense against false teaching and teachers of this sort. 

Sad thing is that, out of all the many spiritual, saved and wonderfully anointed women of Chicago, I didn't hear ONE woman address this conference and the dangerous false teachings that it represented. Be careful, they are coming to a city near you. With you and other saved women be ready???

Will The REAL Gospel Sistah's please stand up??? I for one will be right there with you when you do!


here's a video segment from the conference. I cetainly don't criticize the effort, I simply encourage a presentation of biblical truth and the biblical God that makes a difference:


  1. I want to see the REAL Gospel sistahs step up and show these ladies where the true power is...they tout their mess as if it's saving the masses and all they are doing is adding more confusion.

  2. Supt. Harvey, I laughed my head off when I read this false prophetess' "Yoruba philosophy". And I said to myself, "only in the U.S. can this woman spill this crap and make money off of people." Yoruba is not a religion, it is a tribe in Nigeria made up of different clans within the tribe. The junk that Iyanla is propagating is new age religion but what she's doing is she's using the Yoruba language to make what she's saying sound mysterious and spiritual. Cunning woman but she is extremely demon-possessed.

    I should know. I am a Nigerian, from the Yoruba tribe. I just happen to reside in the U.S. I'm telling you, most Yoruba people would rubbish Iyanla's teachings and Christians over there would say she is propagating the doctrine of demons. I mean, even my father, who is not yet a Christian ("not yet" because I am believing God for his salvation) would rubbish her assertions about her so-called philosophy.

    What really annoys me about the whole thing is that she knows most Americans don't know anything about the Yoruba people and that any stupid thing she says will be assumed to be fact by people here in the States.

    I pray God will open people's eyes to her false teachings and also bring her to repentance.

  3. aderonke,

    THANK YOU for sharing that. Isn't somethign how she is not only a false prophetess, but she hijacked a whole culture to promote her lie!!!

    Some think the sun rises and set in what she says. Like you said, she uses the gap in knowledge that people have reinvents it and then exploits the people for her benefit. i'll bet she made a pretty good amount of money on this mess too.

    Thanks once again. You've added a valuable dimension to this and I appreciate your insights!

  4. Pator are you sure that some of this stuff wasnt quoted from "Your best life now"?

    This is an absolute shame, you have to go no further than the "inner, you, I, Ones self" and all that to know that this is not right. There is absolutely no focus on God and when the lady makes an inference to a god she includes goddesses.

    This is man made wisdom at its worst and because many women have been mistreated they fall for this type of thing. She baits them emotionally.

    Women, if you read this and are going through or have gone through mistreatment Christ is the answer.

    Matthew 11:28-29 (New King James Version)
    28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

  5. Thank God for aderonke, Dr. Vanzant's cover has been blown big time.

  6. So if I'm facing a job loss, or my lights about to be turned off, all I have to do is "sing" and "dance"....give me a break! I always knew that she was a "quack", but NOW it has been confirmed! Thank you Pastor Burnett for such an enlightening post and Aderonke for shedding even more light on this "darkness!"

    Sister Pat

  7. It's interesting how products of former slavery (black people) so readily dismiss a faith that is closer to their own heritage in favor of a religion of white men (the masters of old). Christianity is by far not the oldest expression of spirituality on the planet. There are many that are far older. Yet, Christianity is one of the most abusive and opressive 'cults' of the modern era. Its primary idea, Salvation through Jesus can be summed up as follows:

    God: "I hold perfection in my right hand. Either take this perfection or spend an eternity in hell". This is [allegedly] coming from the God of love. Republican and conservative Christians lament muslim terrorist, yet serve a god who would "burn people in a place called hell for-ev-er. And you wonder why there is a newage mass exodus from such a pathogenic "understanding" of God through Christ (who's namesake ironically is love!).

    Get a grip Christians and actually follow Jesus: LOVE!

  8. Anthony,

    Your comments, aside from being pathetic, are by far among some of the most inaccurate on the planet.

    First Christianity is not a religion of "white men" it may be a religion that white men have chosen over the generations and made theirs but it's hard to fathom how a religion started by Jews, preached by Jews, nurtured by Jews then exposed to Greeks and pagans of all sorts could solely end up as being a "white man's" religion. Your statement only shows ignorance of history and a desire to revise facts.

    Even if that were the case however, just because someone started a certain way doesn't mean that they were correct. ie: many of my ancestors, like yours, were pagan, pantheistic, panentheistic and polytheistic. THANK GOD that he delivered my generations and exposed me to the truth so that I could be saved. So an older religion has no greater promise of truth than anything. Shamanism is over 15,000 years old and it is and was just as wrong and godless then as it is now.

    So far as Christianity you said this:
    "Yet, Christianity is one of the most abusive and opressive 'cults' of the modern era"

    Now, there is no comparison to Christianity and

    You condemn Christianity, have you ever seen a Christian do any of that in the name of Christianity? Talk "witch hunt" and "witch trials" all you want. I guarantee all 18 of them that were killed...and yes I said 18 if not 17 that were killed during that time, were put to death in a much more humane manner than that.

    BTW: Take a lesson on LOVE BEFORE you come here and LIE on Christianity, trying to tell us what true love is...In fact take a lesson on TRUTH so you can identify it first, because WE CAN...

    With MUCH love,


  9. The scripture that comes to mind is 2 Tim 3:5-7, "Having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 6 For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, 7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth".
    Emphasis on verse 6, only women that refuse to submit to God's authority will fall for this foolishness. I'm to die to self, not look into self-this is narcissism which is according to Webster's dictionary, "an excessive preoccupation with self and lack of empathy for others".
    Pastor I would love to have a conversation with these women, especially those that claim to be Christian and ask why are you even associated with this Jezebel? Dr. Inyanla has no problem insulting and emasculating men with her comments such as, “We know you might have a little woman hiding in there” and ”reach out take an angel by the hand; just hold on to an angel. Touch an angel. Well, you could touch him. He’s all right. He’s just an angel in drag. Go on. Hold his hand. Angel in drag, that’s right. Just hold his hand. That’s okay”.
    I don’t want a man or even to associate with a man that “might” have a little woman hiding in there”! This woman is disgusting! And to Anthony, these comments should upset you. You should be angry with foolishness like this instead of true believers. Please study the gospels before making any more comments about Jesus; and you find that His love is not this mushy, gushy, all excepting political correctness that the world is so full of.

  10. AMEN LADY "D"
    Simply put, "the cross of Christ is "foolishness" to those that are PERISHING!"
    1Cor Chpts 1 - 3 are so appropriate for Mr. Anthony and those that spew out such nonsense when it comes to Christianity.

    Sister Pat

  11. Check out the vidoe update I've placed on this one. It looks like they had a time...

  12. Today 6/28/10, I heard one of the facilitators for this event explain that she was leading her group in meditation to "reprogram" the participants and help them avoid "negative self-perceptions"

    She was going to teach a person how to use their thought process to change their reality.

    This is a meta-spiritual and unbiblical approach to overcoming personal issues, but one that the community, the black community especially, has adopted heartily.

    Noone disagrees with the benefits of thinking and being positive, but bible believing Christians should disagree with any concept that seeks to subdue the mind and the spirit even if it promises a good result...What did the original temptation promise?...A good it. Genesis 3:4-5.


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