Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Integrity, Of A Deeper Value Than Activity

I found this on an atheist website. It is more than well worthwhile and certainly thought provoking. Integrity and purity of the believer is essential to the completion of the mission and representation of Christ.  When the Gospel is "used" as a means to an end instead of lived, this is the result. Also, see the ppdate at the end of this post. 

Secial thanks to my debate friend John Loftus at Debunking Christianity. Even Atheists deserve to know that Christians will live the life they believe in. The church must get its house in order!

What the critic can't understand is that there really is noplace to escape the power and presence of the Lord. Even in tragedy, there is victory in Christ as will be seen.


Update 4/29/2010 9:00PM cst: A person identifying herself as "Annette" responded in the comments section of the atheist website saying that part of this stroy was about her. This is what she said:


Part of the story in this Dateline video is mine. I'm sorry that my story has lent itself to an argument against Christianity, though not surprised. Some of you who've watched and commented really get the dynamics involved in the Pastor/seduction scenario (Paul) which is good, as some things are difficult to communicate to a broad audience.

These events in my life happened more than 10 years ago. Suffice it to say, I endured a major faith crisis. I'm still not a big proponent of anything wrapped up in "religion". That said, my personal view point of Christianity was radically transformed when I studied the life and person of Jesus; who He was, what His mission truly was, and what He still can do in and through an individual life.

If you are a seeker, I highly recommend Philip Yancey's book: THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW. The title is quite fitting, as I never knew Jesus through any teaching of my messed up former Pastor, or my agenda-orientated former church. I found Him on my own (actually I'm quite sure that He found me), and I now fellowship with like-minded, merciful, grace-appreciating, critical thinking, Jesus seeking believers. Not the description of the "religious" in many of these comments.

April 29, 2010 9:37 PM
Now the atheist blogger sadly and ridiculously took her commentary as saying that she wanted to escape Christianity and as the most illiterate can see, nothing is further from the truth. She is glad to be in a growing and thriving relatioship with Christ. 
We commend Annette and pray for her continued growth in the Lord and her relationship with Christ and we continue to sound the alarm about charlatans such as the one she was deceived by.


  1. WOW! I dont really know what to say other than this should not have been allowed to happen.

    This man is a creep!! and knew exactly what he was doing. This is also what happens when people think they are super spiriual and abuse the office then have been "called" to.

    All parties involved are at fault, including the women who slept with him. This reminds me of the fall of man, Adam and Eve played the blame game. The devil said "has God said", Once we question Gods word we are in trouble.

    Adultery is adultery is adultery and these women shouldve known that, though I do understand that the office held a lot of power. If it was a moment of weakness I could more see it but for this man to justify it in the sight of God they should of just shut him down as that is obviously a lie from the pit of hell.

    Am I wrong in this?

    I will though give God the glory that this couple stuck together and did not turn their backs on The LORD!! I agree that is a testament to the greatness of our God.

    The unbeliever will miss that point due to their agenda, that is understanble. What they need to realise is that though man fails Gods word still stands. This doesnt detract from the fact that only Christ saves souls and if you reject Him, hell is imminent but Oh if they would repent and believe a life of Glory awaits(Romans 8:18)!!!

    God Bless!!!

  2. This is also an example of what happens when people become so captivated by a "man" and his charisma that they take complete leave of their senses - even to the point that they are seduced into doing with "him/her" the very things they've heard "him/her" preach against, and what they KNOW the Bible condemns! Although it seems that this particular seduction led to a literal murder, what is just as sad is that this type of seduction happens week after week in some of the most respected churches in America - only, it's a little more subtle. This hero worship type of "fOllow-ship" and this Superman type of "leadership" that elevates men almost above God is nothing more than a dance with deception and seduction that leads to the destruction of lives and souls. I've seen it up close, and have counseled some of those involved. It as if they've turned their minds over to the seducer and can't get it back! It is very sick. These men and women target the vulnerable, and they know how to reel them in and hold them there. Saints, READ and OBEY the Word of God, and reject ANY man or woman who brings you anything contrary to the scriptures. Reject them immediately, and EXPOSE them immediately - even if it costs you "friends". In time, God will vindicate you. He vindicated me!

  3. Pastor Burnett,
    My husband and I both saw this episode when it aired and we just could not get over the gullibility of these people, and the level of deception this minister of satan operated at. I mean, to get your own "mother-in-law" to sleep with you, now that's deception and gullibility at it's finest. The scripture that kept coming to my mind regarding these poor women was 2 Tim 3rd Chpt, when Paul talks about men that creep into households and make captives of gullible women, loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth.

    I thank God that these women eventually came into the truth after the fact, but goodness, what emotional distress and trauma they went through. We truly can be destroyed for lack of knowledge in God's word then failing to "apply" that knowledge to every situation or circumstance in our lives.

    When such stories as these are highlighted (and more and more are coming to light) it makes me happy and sad...Happy because the Light exposed the evil deeds that were being done by false ministers, but sad because it just adds fuel to the fire of those that are already critical of christianity and God's name is not honored among the gentiles (the world).

    I take comfort in knowing that God's remnant (such as yourself Pastor) will still bodly stand, declare, defend, preach and teach biblical truths and bring glory to God's mighty name.

    Reading some of the comments of those atheist, I'm beginning to understand more and more why the preaching of the cross of Christ is "foolishness" to those that are "perishing" and that God used the foolish things of the world to confound the wise!

    Be blessed,
    Sister Pat

  4. This whole thing is amazing and unbelievable to me.


    I'm glad you're blessed and that blessed me!

    Sister Pat,

    Thank you, God bless and I'm with you on this one and on the atheists. When things like this occur they overlook all the atrocities done by people who were non theists and those who promoted atheist dogmas and atheistic worldviews such as Pol Pot, Mau Se Tung, Stahlin and others...they have a short memory when it serves their purpose.

    What this post does is reveal the heart that has rejected GOd. They may never do this themselves, but the heart is defiled and without Christ, there is no hope for it to be free...calling the name of Jesus means nothing without departing from iniquity...

  5. BTW,

    They say they found Noah's Ark today. Now it may well be somethign else, but already the atheists are all over it. Like the other 20,000 archaeological finds taht confirm biblical subject matter, if this one is confirmed it FURTHER drives a nail into their mythological OT history garbage that they render often. It will be interesting to see, how they explain a "myth" that they say couldn't exist, but does exist in real time...

    It's a LAUGH to me right now. We'll see and I'll keep my readers informed.

    God Bless!

  6. Commentors, check out the update on the page regarding this story.

    Thanks and God bless!

  7. Pastor,

    I also heard of this story of the finding of Noah's Ark. We both know many have claimed over history to have found the ark, and the atheist jumped all over that. They also denied the existence of King David, well we all no about the Moabite Stone, which had inscribed upon it "the house of David." God continues to show himself strong within the earth, and many other surprises are soon to come.

  8. Praise God that Annette is finding the real meaning of christianity, "a relationship with God through Christ Jesus"!" I'm glad she's realized that the only "man in the middle" should be Jesus, not a Pastor! I pray that she continues on in the faith and allow God to use her testimony to bring other women out from under false shepherds! In the end...TRUTH WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH!

    Sister Pat

  9. Truth ALWAYS triumphs Sister Pat...ALWAYS!


    Yea this will be interesting on the Ark. I mean it's not necessary for us to know that the bible is correct and accurate, but I want to see Hitchens, and Dawkins and other such like radicals squirm and try to explain it all away...Believe me, they'll be creative in their assertions against it and especially if the dating holds or that if it's older that what's expected...that will be too funny!

  10. Funny, I just told my boss "a Christian" of this finding and he laughed me to scorn!

    An unbeliever couldnt have made me feel any worse!!

    But God will show this world and they will have to bow before Him and know that everything He has spoken is true and I cant wait to see it!!!!!

  11. Paul,

    They laughed at Jesus the same way. The thing is though, if this discovery is authentic it drives a dagger straight through the heart of OT criticism upon which other criticisms are built.

    How do you explain a boat on a mountain? Then what do you say about a flood? Was it universal or just local to put a boat up a mountain?

    Then you'll have to readjust sedimentary evidence and possibly even dating issues of parallel strata. It becomes messy for the critic and they say, let's just wait and see...I say that too let's just wait and see.

    Who'll really be challenged is the weak Christian who has written the bible off as myth...I want to see how they will react IF the discovery is factual.

    If not, that does nothing against the other 20,000 discoveries that already affirm and support many biblical narratives.

  12. Pastor,

    All those who refute the bible, refute it by choice, for everything in it is historical and true. Beginning w/the nature of man, when will you read anything, where man will tell you most adamentally of his weakness, without over emphasizing on his strengths. The presence and continued existence of the jewish people, the only group remaining of antiquity. The very life of the Master, constantly being told in the synoptic gospels, how they same him after the resurrection, theres an old saying, "can't everyone being telling the same lie." The Moabite Stone, the Cyrus Cyclinder (Cyrus the Great), whose very name appears in Isaiah, and the cyclinder I speak of containing his edict, to allow the jews to return, after 70yrs of captivity, which is also spoken of in the bible.

    The list goes on and on, some will even say, "I know theres some intelligence, controlling these things, but I don't believe in the God of the bible." Or they adhere to "Intelligent Design", but not the Lord God of the bible. I can only say, believe or not, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

  13. Thanks for the encouragement Pastor!! another brother told me those exact words, how people laughed at Christ!!

    Here is something I came upon today that i am sure you will enjoy.
    Intelligent design!!


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