Friday, April 9, 2010

The Sharpton Challenge

Will Rev. Al Sharpton respond to our challenge and challenge Bishop Charles E. Blake to institute steps in favor of the victims of COGIC clergy sexual abuse?

The enclosed  post and podcast expounds on a radio interview conducted on the April 7th, 2010's edition of 'Keeping It Real' with Rev. Al Sharpton. In this segment discussion centers around an article by Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. who provocatively states that the black church is dead. He is rebutted by Dr. Eugene Rivers, the Chief Policy Advisor to Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop of the Church Of God In Christ, who claims that Dr. Glaude has not supported his position with evidence to the fact. As a point of agreement however, both men hail Bishop Charles E. Blake as a visionary with global concern for individuals and children, and as a 'voice crying in the wilderness' in favor of President Obama's recently enacted health care reform.

As a call in guest, I take the time to address some reasons as to why I feel that the black church has lost its influence within the community and set forth the notion that the black church has misplaced its sense of value for souls seeking associations, political favors and seeking to profit off of the people instead of minister to the people. I also set forth the notion that the 'little people' who are hurting victims of sexual abuse, have slipped through the cracks of the system as noted at . As Bishop Blake is hailed for his humanitarian service, we must also ask why has there been no action within the Church Of God In Christ to institute any resemblence of a victims advocacy program to help the church minister to its own hurting victims of clregy sexual abuse and misconduct? Dr. Rivers claims this area is a "legally complicated issue" and offers his own version of why the church is doing what it is doing and approaching the subject as it has been. See what you think of his apologetic and please chime in with your comments. If you cannot listen to the full 30 minute broadcast below, go to our The Dunamis Word Podcast and download this cast for yourself.  Don't forget to pass it on to a friend also!   

The Challenge: 

Within the Church Of God In Christ Bishop Blake has instituted reforms of educating ministry personell on clergy sexual harassment and misconduct and even clergy sexual abuse, but has not instituted anything to secure or minister to the victims of such abuse and misconduct. I challenge Rev. Sharpton to address Bishop Blake on this issue and ask him to institute an acceptable victims advocacy program that will be sustainable and viable within the Church Of God In Christ. In a followup email I ask that this be addressed by Sharpton to Bishop Blake directly as  Bishop Blake  will be receiving a Keepers Of The Dream Award at the National Action Network National Conference on Thursday April 15th 2010. 

"What time is it? It's Rev. Al Sharpton's Time

The Sharpton Challenge

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{The Podcast is approximately 30 minutes and the dialogue between Dr. Rivers and myself is at approximately 13:44 in. If you cannot get the full cast here please go to The Dunamis Word Podcast Page and play the entire broadcast.}


For additional information go to In addition please read Clergy Sexual Sins Pt. 2 on this site for additional information contained within the podcast.


  1. As of 4/23/2010 Elder Eugene Rivers hasn't 'reached out' to me in any way. I haven't heard from him nor have I received any messages.

  2. As of 5/28/2010 No "reach out" yet...I'm still waiting Elder Rivers.

  3. As of 7/23/2010 No "reach out" yet...I'm still waiting Elder Rivers.

    Remember this was a promise or an offer made in April 2010. 3 almost 4 months later...

  4. As of 10/14/2010 No "reach out" yet...I'm still waiting Elder Rivers.



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