Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ho Rules & The Woman With No Conscience Or Brain

This article is dedicated to all those in the church who are caught or contemplating some sort of extramarital relationship. I know there are many, so don't try to front. There are some principles of whoredom that are consistent. I call them Ho Rules. They are designed to let you know that no matter how things may appear to serve you right now, sexual immorality has an immense cost and toll on a person for a number of years. In some cases it may never be overcome. The aim of this post is to help you avoid the predictable pitfalls of sexual immorality, especially in the church. There is some humor, but please don't miss the message. 

Note: to the GODLY WOMEN, some of you may have been what I point out here, but because of Jesus you are no longer what you were. Thank God and we honor that and let you know that you are precious, valuable and needed now like never before! Teach these men how to identify these things because too many of us really don't know. (I sorry but I placed her picture on the other side of the page, it was too close to mine) Let's proceed: 

Proverbs 6:26

"For by means of a WHORISH WOMAN [a man is brought] to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life."

Thursday April 29th, Queen Oprah presented the the story of Rielle "The Psychopath" Hunter, who was, for a time, the mistress of Senator, and then Presidential Candidate, John Edwards.

"I'm conservative that way. I believe in truth. You must live a life of integrity and get all your ducts in a row before you step out."

"I'm a person very much committed to the truth"

On a show that was revealing and personal, I couldn't help but think to myself, "This woman is CRAZY as 2 left shoes on a double clubbed right foot" Rielle tried to paint the picture of her normalcy, her humanity, her realness, her values, her conservatism as IF they were anything close to reality. She tried to explain her sex tape with a married man that she intended to be found...she tried to explain her bond with another woman's husband, which she has no regrets about hurting. Believe me John is in no way exempt and is much worse than this psychologically messed up woman in my opinion, but she the one doing the talking and blaming everyone but herself.  

What she did successfully was reveal that she is suffering from deep psychological problems, an intimate fixation and the whole nine, which from all evidence, she suffered from before she met former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards. Rielle suffers from more than an overdose of overt selfishness, and sleepy, calculating stupidity that will bite and sting for life if one is caught in her site.

Ho Rule 1: The ho always wants others to believe that she is a good person and a person who wouldn't hurt or damage anything or anyone.

This is a sham and the ho knows it is a sham. It is a lie to make her feel better about herself and her actions which she knows she wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of. Proverbs 4 and 5 are clear. The ho is destructive and ready to destroy on every hand. Her intents are no good and she will take you to hell. Her words are good and smooth, just like Rielle's, but they are full of deceit. If you didn't know, now you know!

May The Force Be With You

First, Rielle is not as dumb as she makes out to be. She is a calculating and highly cunning woman with a plan, purpose and a fixation. In the interview she described a sex tape and it's destruction. She hailed that she was "surprised" when it appeared because she had destroyed it however, her idea of destruction was pulling out some tape, and placing it in a a pile of garbage. It is clear she knew this would stick out like a sore thumb and add yet another dimension as well as proof of a relationship with a married man. 

Ho Rule 2: The ho always gets some evidence and shares it with somebody. 

The ho always has a friend that knows. No matter how slick, fine or smart the man may think he is, a whorish woman gets evidence of some sort and always has some type of verification system or confidant to whom she delivers certain details. It may be a social security number, wallet, picture, tape, voicemail, text message or email...but be sure that the ho has evidence and will retain it until it can be used at the most appropriate time for whatever purpose she has set. While the man is thinking of his virility, the ho is thinking of sandbagging overwhelming proof and evidence. The evidence will be used at the right time and she will decide when that is.

Rielle is so entrenched in her sin and doesn't think that she was wrong about too many things as it pertains to relationships with married men and in this case John Edwards. From the moment that they met, this woman had a life laid out and planned with another woman's husband. She described that seeing him for the first time was like a "magnetic force" and an "attraction that grabbed me".

After they had exchanged numbers during their initial meeting she stated, 
Rielle: "I called him because I really wanted to help him"
Then she went on to say that she had no idea of how she could help him but she really wanted to help him in some way. She just knew that he needed her help and that she could help him for some reason and in some way. Oprah asked, "Did you know he was a married man?" To which she responded: 
Rielle: "I did know he was married but I didn't know what their marriage was like?"


What if their marriage was like a marriage in which there are married people??? Believe me, that fact didn't get by her. She knew what she knew, and knew he wasn't married to her, but that didn't matter. 

Ho Rule 3: The ho always has a plan.
Ho Rule 4: The ho will always get more information than what she gives.

Don't believe that a ho, who knows you're a married man, is so swept off her feet by you and doesn't already have in her mind what she wants and how she wants to take things from jump! A woman's nature is calculating and she can take that nature either of two ways...either subject it to God and serve or subject it to self and self-will and control. In the path of the wrong woman a weak and self centered man can simply be a pawn in terrible game of chess. 

Further a ho will always get the name and phone number to your residence or spouse's cell phone and will call to get the sound of the wife's voice. Calling and hanging up is an essential tactic for the ho. Identification of work and place of employment is essential.  

A smart and caring man DOES NOT jeopardize the safety of his family no matter how many problems there are.    

The Ho Always Says They Understand Him Better

In all my years this is one thing I find utterly consistent in almost every situation of infidelity. Believe me Edwards was a SLUT and the woman is not demonized more than the man, but right now Reille is the one talking trying to convince others that she is somehow normal...The mistress, (which is too nice of a word) so I say, the slut, or the ho, always says that they know or understand the man, sometimes better than the man's wife. In some cases the spouses have been together for a number of years and the ho is around for a good 30 minutes, but she always claims that she "knows" the man better than the spouse. Rielle is certainly no different than the average slut. Although she didn't know what his marriage was, in another section of the interview Rielle tried to explain the current relationship between she and Edwards. She said this for example:
Rielle: "I know him like the back of my hand. I can feel it, I know when he's lying"
Then she describes an unusual relationship of Edwards:
Rielle: "Now he has turned into the father of my child. he is no longer the married boyfriend. That changes things"
Married boyfriend??? Is that even a designation or title??? Is there any honor in having a married boyfriend??? She further states:

Ho Rule 5: The ho always claim to have some special connection. This is only a bluff.

A person that has only been with a person sexually and behind closed doors cannot know a person. They cut out 90% of life's experiences and a person is not known by 10% or less of their self. It is a deception of lust both ways...1 the adulteress deceives herself into believing that she has some special place or knowledge and 2 the adulterer  feels that someone serving his sexual and emotional needs is really connecting when the truth is that there is no real, true or lasting connection. The bondage becomes more burdensome and the only thing that is being pursued is a fantasy.

I'm Just Doing What He Wanted

Rielle tried over and over again to say that she and Edwards had a special link and unity. She described that they were close emotionally. So close that she could "feel" him in certain instances. She said that it was him  that wanted her and that their relationship was sweeping and  utterly passionate:
Rielle: "He was available, he wanted to be with me"

Rielle: "Our hearts were louder than our minds"
Ho Rule 6: The ho will always paint the picture that it was the man that pursued her.

Don't think for a minute that a man will simply walk away from a situation and be able to keep a reputation in tact. He will either become a predator, stalker, pedophile or some type of sexual deviant. The trade for all this closeness are secrets is that the average person doesn't really know. This is the trap. These are chips that the whorish woman will cash in at the appropriate time in effort to sway public opinion if there is ever a possibility that she will be embarrassed or lose what she desires to obtain. Man don't play the game, you will lose! 

It's Everyone Else's Fault, No Remorse

One characteristic that is consistent with selfish people, is that they rarely take responsibility for their circumstance. Even though the interview was filled with countless lies and delusions, Rielle is no different in this area. You see, it was the people that caused her to interview with GQ while she posed with no pants...It was the people that said she was an ugly slut that caused her to spruce herself up and show the world that she was a bright witty and sensible and sexy woman. (and we did gag repeatedly!) 

According to Rielle it is the people that are mad at her for her part in contributing to the destruction of  the Edward's home, but there is really no reason for that. She doesn't feel that she's to blame. In fact she doesn't regret her actions at all. 

in Rielle's world, she doesn't have to be judged by an ultimate standard and suggest that she should be exempt from the judgement of others. Toward the end of the show, addressing the public complaints that she is fully aware of, she began to blame the public for how it feels, saying that she's not to blame for that either. She says, 
Rielle: "It's their (the people's) judgement of what's right and wrong. It's their fear. It doesn't have to do with me." 
Oprah: "Do you regret being his mistress?"
Rielle: "No. I went against everything I am, but I don't regret it." 
Ho Rule 7: Time is currency with a ho and it pays big dividends

What an adulterer sometimes doesn't understand is that every minute with a ho is like gold. She has time that not even a spouse, family or church members can account for and that knowledge is like currency in her hands. unaccounted for time gives rise and credibility to certain accusations. That's partially why saints don't need Twitter and in many cases Facebook. Ho's love to know time and location and they will use that knowledge to their advantage.

Ho Rule 8: The ho is rarely thinking about what the emotional experiences of the spouse or children are. If that were the case she wouldn't be a ho.

The ho sometimes sends the man home for his own good or for the good of the family, but that's after she's collected the necessary evidence and things mentioned in the previous ho rules. This is a fake move designed to build upon already reeling emotions. 

Ho Rule 9: After any sort of extended period of sex with a ho, there will always be either a baby, abortion, miscarriage, sickness or illness.

Ho's are notorious for creating a situation that generates special attention. If she slept with a man unprotected, she has done it previously. Some pregnancies are period pregnancies. She may claim a pregnancy when she is bloated in effort to get you allegiance. When a ho says that she has had a hysterectomy or her tubes tied, it's a sure sign that either she's damaged herself medically prior to being with you or that she's lying. I have personally heard of more tubal ligation failures than a little bit when dealing with situations of infidelity and whoredom. 

Ho Rule 10: If she violated her "principles" to get with you, she violated them for someone else also.

Often the adulterer feels that he is the exclusive interlude. Don't believe it for a second. No matter how late you leave, second shift shows up either at the door or on the phone. After you leave the job opportunity is always open sometimes like a McDonalds drive through. The adulterer should remember that just like there was him, with a ho there will be another.      


Numbers 32:23 ~"But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT."

There is no excuse for either Rielle or Edwards in this case and matter and the intent of this article is not so much as to criticize failure, because I don't think that's helpful, as much as it is to point out the fact that infidelity is a very serious with serious implications. It means much more than sex and most times sex is the trap that subdues the emotions. This type of thing that Rielle thinks is simply a cavalier event, could mean a change in life or even faith for many.

I am aware of a particular atheist, who lost hisfaith after infidelity. In that case he was accused of rape and got no support form those around him. However, when a ho does what she does she will sweep away all forms of support.

Ho Rule 11: Don't think for a minute that a ho won't contact, friends, family, workplaces and even the police under the wrong circumstances especially if she finds that her plans are thwarted.

Dealing honestly and openly with the situation is the key. Run away from the temptation at all costs. In every marriage outside temptations will come. That is a given. Temptations come in all shapes, sizes and humilities. Only God can fix what has been broken and can take the guilt and stain of sin and shame away.

James 1:14 ~ "But every man is tempted, when he is DRAWN AWAY of his own lust, and enticed."

If a person has ever been caught up in an adulterous situation, they can relate to much of what I have shared in this post. A person that has repented has been redeemed from the power and stain of sin. In some cases there is yet a price that must be paid for whoredom, but God is gracious and true repentance and turning as well as healing and restoring can be done even by even those who were the worst offenders.

Man whatever you do...DON'T DO IT!



  1. This should be mandatory reading for men everywhere!
    “A woman's nature is calculating and she can take that nature either of two ways...either subject it to God and serve or subject it to self and self-will and control. In the path of the wrong woman a weak and self centered man can simply be a pawn in terrible game of chess”. And may I add to this quote, will lose that game EVERYTIME”! Women are cold and calculating, men have no idea the power that women have.
    Thank you pastor for snatching the cover off this work of darkness. It always amazes me that “scorned adulteress” is hailed as brave for talking to the media and the man is trashed-he may never recoup from this and the woman becomes famous and rich. Women, PLEASE leave married men alone!!!!! This is a woman on woman crime, just like black on black crime and does far more damage.
    I’m over the 50 year old mark (praise God) and I will never understand the justification for having sex with someone’s husband. I don’t care what line he’s spewing like:
    1. My wife and I haven’t had sex or good sex in years
    2. My wife is not into sexual fantasies
    3. My wife is fat and lazy
    4. My wife is always busy and doesn’t meet my needs
    5. She’s not a good mother
    6. I just don’t love her anymore
    7. You are so beautiful and I want you
    8. I can’t live like this anymore
    9. I’m just a walking wallet to her
    Dear sisters RUN, don’t walk run if you feel the slightest tingle or inclination to listen to him-you are being seduced. Remember Joseph ran from Potipher’s wife and David ran to Uriah’s wife, and one had a happy ending and the other had continual family and political problems.
    OR if you are the pursuer, STOP now!! Stop fantasizing about this man-stop listening to friends that help support your fantasies and stop watching programs that glamorize pursuing married men. I’ve been in ministry for over 20 years and believe me-this never ends well. Even if he leaves his wife and marries you, in time he will dump you and hitch a ride on the next bus.
    And to any responders, please don’t waste time accusing Pastor Burnett of being a “women hating man”. Not so, by the grace of God, he has simply exposed the hearts of women everywhere that refuse to submit to God’s authority.
    Have a blessed day, Lady D~

  2. Lady D,

    Before he died, Jimmy Valvano said you experience a full day when you laugh, cry and feel the full range of emotions...he said that's a good day!

    I experienced that as I read your comments my sistah! Thank you so much!

    Frankly, and as you can tell, I was stirred up to see this charlatan on TV trying to pretend that she was somehow normal and that the fault was with everyone but her...just made me mad. I would have been sympathetic if she had said, "I was wrong to allow myself to get in his marriage, I am sorry for my part in the pain how my actions caused his wife and family to feel" etc...just be remorseful...this devil was happy..

    It brought out a whole bunch of memories, things I see when dealing with these issues with individuals and all. My wife and I talk about this sort of thing regularly and I do get schooled from time to time-LOL!

    I love the women of God and they are beautiful. I just know that there are some who cheat themselves exactly like this woman. Many of them turn to alcoholism, drugs and lord knows what else to deal with the pain. It's time for them to be free.

    I know of a young lady who told me that GOd told her that a married man was going to be her husband!!! If there ever was a LIE from hell it was that.

    Thank you Sistah and we'll speak again soon.

  3. BTW,

    I'm glad the difference is distinguished here...a woman IS NOT a ho by default...There's NOTHING further from the truth. A woman is a woman deserving of respect love and the utmost care.

    A ho is one who does this type of unremorseful destruction and could very well be a man.

  4. Good points Harvey. I think a woman should be treated with respect and loved by herself and others as well. I like the beautiful teaching that says:

    Love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself. I thank Christ for removing God's wrath from my vision at the cross so that I can see and savor the beauty of His manifold perfections.

    Take care buddy!

  5. Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord!!!

  6. This is an eye opening article. I've have been married for nearly five years and I have found it to be true...Women are calculating and smart. My wife and I had this discussion recently..How men think b/c they have "so much game" they got a woman. Not on your life. She probably scoped you out long before you ever came along with your "game". At any rate this is a tragic situation for both Rielle and the Edwards family..who I have the most sympathy for is Elizabeth and his kids. But this does prove that the word of God is correct The wages of sin IS DEATH and Your sin will find you out. I believe that most times God gives individuals time to stop with their private sin, but when we refuse, it comes out into the open.


  7. Anon,

    You said:"She probably scoped you out long before you ever came along with your "game"

    For sure. There's nothign like a woman with a plan. If her plans are good, everything is good, but if she's not submitted to Christ and gets the worng type of attention from a man, he's done!

    Now, some fellas are intimidated by this type of thing. I believe that it takes a real and understanding man to 1-know his limitations and 2-Know how to safeguard himself and do what needs to be done to stay away from the enemy and not be taken in by the devil.

    And I agree, the problem with this is unrepented of sin. Some of these go from one person to the next person and never stop to submit themselves to Jesus. Private sin become public quickly when one doesn't turn and make amends for evil deeds.

    Thank God for those men and women who were caught up, but turned, repented and were restored! That's the blessing!

  8. I am so glad you said that "A ho is one who does this type of unremorseful destruction and could very well be a man." In my experience in the church, it has many times been men in leadership who are the aggressors. Yes, the women foolishly and willingly go along with them, but the powerful church leader who knows he can flirt a little and catch nearly any woman he sets his sights on is a great danger to lonely, seeking women - especially those who are new to the faith and are feeling a little less than everybody else in the church.

    Although many of these women do not come to the church looking for an affair, after they land in one, their womanly wiles you spoke of in your article quickly take over, and they scheme and manipulate to try to get more out of the relationship than the man ever intended for it to be. Any way you look at it, it's usually the woman that loses - not the man, especially if he is a respected "church leader", such as pastor, bishop, or board member. The people NEED him to be the great man they imagined, so they protect him at all costs. This is a fact. Even a pregnancy sometimes won't tarnish HIS reputation and respect. All he has to do is continue to "preach" like a preaching machine, be nice and thoughtful to people, and soon the people forget, and even desire to see him promoted higher and higher in the church. The woman becomes the "Ho", and he remains "just a man".

    ...And we wonder why the church doesn't have the "power" of New Testament Believers. Wow!

  9. While Ms. Hunter is certainly not the innocent here, What makes a woman/girl a Ho? The Man that has sex with them. Ms. Hunter could not have sex with another woman (2 women can only exchange vaginal fluid) and conceived a child. Let's leave the blame with husband. He was the one that was married having unprotected sex. Sounds like Adam blaming Eve to me. Enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Anon May 5, 2010 2:19 PM,

    This host isn't mad atchya! Thanks for commenting and you input is appreciated.

    Thats a good question...I think he/she are ho's because of what they do, not because they are caught although that's when it comes under the light of examination.

  11. ConcernedSaint,

    I think the biblical term for the man is "Whoremonger" is he that God will "judge".(Heb.13:4) I've always understood that as GOd having a special involvement in discerning that situation as there seems to be a difference between a whoremonger and an adulterer but both will receive the degree of judgement that they deserve.

    I mean all his judgements will be right, but this one will especially be pointed.

    Great input!

  12. I saw dateline about that woman who killed her children. They said she was a sociopath. I think this lady (Rielle) is a sociopath also. Just the way she responded in the interview was irrily similar to that baby-killer. Smiling when talking about destroying the life of others and what "they" did to her... no empathy...that's sociopathic.


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