Thursday, August 4, 2016

Russian Christians Under Attack...Told To Not Share Their Faith In Public

For the first time in our history, the people of Russia are the most abundant readers in any month of the Dunamis Word Blog. This, of course, is quite a surprise to the founder of the blog in that the Dunamis Word centers and focuses on the American church and social issues within the American community more than any other topic.

FIRST, we WELCOME the fine Russian people and their readership! I personally appreciate the fact that this message and insights are traveling across the globe, whether one agrees with the opinions and concerns expressed or not, it just may be that there is something being said and or examined here that is hopefully assisting individuals with this thing called LIFE!!!!

That leads to another point however...The complete American political fiasco...It could be that the Russian people are looking for the outside story on the political happenings in America and I don't blame them for searching...The media is certainly bias, no matter how much they claim to be independently owned and operated...Anytime corporate America owns anything and money is involved, one can rest assured that the allegiance will be to those "greasing the pan" as opposed to those of us who make the grease!

America is still not communist, at least officially, however large segments of our population have accepted socialism as acceptable within society. Look at the Democratic Party's finalist...a self avowed socialist named Bernie Sanders, who has never even claimed to be a Democrat. In fact the love for Sander's Socialism and the views he expressed that were rooted in socialist values and even borderline Communism, threatened and still yet threatens to tear away at the core of American politics and social values both now and for years to come.

Religious Freedoms Under Attack

Then, maybe, it is the spiritual awakening that is taking place in Russia due to the spiritual attack that has been levied on the Russian religious population by its government. Recently, President Putin enacted legislation banning evangelization by any and all religious groups outside of their places of worship. In other words, it is now law that one cannot share their faith outside of a religious building, or a building designated for religious use. According to the law, one cannot even share one's faith even in their own home!

Yes, this is disturbing and it is problematic for Western Christians to see the stage set for persecution and further abuse of Christians around the world.  

The good news is that for years we have heard from organizations that have missionaries within Russia, that there is a revival taking place and that the Russian people are renewing faith in Christ like never before. I believe that is GOOD!!!! The bad news is that because of the threat of terrorism, the Christian faith, as well as all faiths, have been thrown into the potpourri of confusion and the seething cauldron of restrictions designed to stop the practice and acceptance of faith and ultimately the gospel of Jesus itself. 

Well, America is not too far away from that in some form. Those calling themselves "freethinkers"  and believing that "freedom from religion" are American values, have long said that religion does not belong in "public life" (even though many of them don't want religion in private life either). The fact is that this attack on religion, though inspired by Muslim extremists such as ISIS, is focused on Christianity now more than ever before and real Christians, who are not called to live in a corner or abject obscurity, will suffer the brunt of the effort. 

Who Is To Blame?

With all of that said, the blame for this attack upon Christianity and Christian values, cannot be laid at the feet of Russian communism, Islam, terrorism or any other "ism". It can be laid at the feet of a BACKSLIDDEN CHURCH who has failed to keep itself pure in this world and who have become just like any and all other men!

Believe me...I personally don't fear communism and although I firmly believe in the values of freedom and a capitalistic society and what we have come to call American values, I embrace all my communist friends and even those seeking freedom from communism and communist baggage. I embrace all those Christians who live in a communist country, but who want better for their children and families, just like I do. My fear is not communism but that of a DRUNK, backslidden church, enamored with its own self appellation and pursuing its own self aggrandizement rather than seeking its God. My fear is that of a church who will accept any ungodly and unbiblical behavior, even shaming those who speak out against it, as if being quiet against sin is the highest calling of God to this world. 

These are the things to be fearful of if anything at all...not communism or even socialism...However, I pray for the peace and safety of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Russia who have the same burning desire as I do to share their faith and to be what God has called them to be. I appreciate your circumstance and stand with you during this time of the great falling away from the faith. I would that Christians around the world would join along with you and your families and communities of faith in prayer to the great God that we serve that shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing. 

Be STRONG my Russian friends and fellow Christians and may the Lord continue to be with you! That is my prayer, in JESUS name!!!!

Ephes 6:10-1210-Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11-Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12-For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in highplaces. 


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