Monday, August 22, 2016

Can The Black Community Handle The Truth?

It seems that our community/my community/ the community I have served in ministry for nearly 30 years, can't handle the TRUTH about us!

While we are trying to disband the police (try that for a day and call me if you survive) we are THE MOST suffering people in a free nation than ever before...Face it...the PLANTATION ERA mentality has not helped us one bit...Seeking for someone to pay us back for what our ancestors suffered is not working...Seeking to be treated fairly, while we kill ourselves off slowly (CHICAGO, CHICAGO, CHICAGO) does NOTHING but makes us look crazy...

Ooh yes...Black exceptionalism always will...a few of us will make and do better for ourselves THANK GOD...but too many of us suffer, and our so called 'leaders" tell us to blame it on "the White man" for holding us down...Well YES he (the White man) has done his part...but THEY are not to blame for our blatant disrespect towards one another and for the ridiculous things that we do in our community...

Recently, when out with the family, we were on a rather peaceful drive, until we turned down one street to one particular gas that point the neighborhood looked like a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY...Folk hanging out on cars, in a parking lot, liquor out, 40 Oz's all over the place, cans thrown around and folk loud as they can be...It was GHETTO-FANTABULOUS,  As a Black man, I wasn't afraid, but there was not one White person around and I thought how scared one would be to be there at that time...Why, the CULTURE was totally different, different enough that me as a Black community activist, known by most Blacks where I live, had reservations because this was new!!!

What did I see, people acting out POVERTY! Poverty has a distinct look and fell...I was in one of the worst and most poverty stricken zones in America by the US Census data...

As one that has served the poor gladly for over 20 years in pastoral ministry, and will happily do so as long as I live, I can say that WE NEED CHANGE, yes, spiritually, but in our natural choices and things that we do and entertain us...Poverty is ripe grounds for addiction, dysfunction, and hatred on all levels...

For Donald Trump to ask us, what do we have to lose if we change is the right question even if the wrong person is asking (and that is arguable)...once thing is for sure, the liberal politician, as much as he claims a "bleeding heart" only wants more of the same, because it's big business for him....

So don't tell me a THANG!!!! Until you've stood in the streets with over 50 families who loved ones have died of senseless violence in the streets...and sought to comfort them and call criminals into account and at the same time, take food and money off your own table to help folk...SHUT UP!!!!

Leave Donald alone on this one. The question is VALID!!!!



  1. yeah.. I was thinking the same thing... I will not vote for him. I find it hard to disagree with his assessment of the black community. In Los Angeles, I am active. I have buried several gang violence victims, I am well known as one who is active in our community. As much as I dislike Trump's run for the Presidency, I reluctantly agree.. the question is valid.

    1. Believe me, I understand! My brother keep up the good work out there. We may be the only Jesus that some of those hurting will ever see....What an awesome responsibility and reward!

  2. Notice how before the complete liberation of female sexuality, the black community was for the most part, a law abiding, church going, hard working community. It's no accident that when women became free to choose and sleep with any man who could charm them, that the black community started going to hell in a hand basket.

    How you ask? Well, before the rise of feminism, women were expected by society to keep their virginity until marriage, marry young and choose a man who would be a good husband and provider as proven by his ability to obey the law and secure gainful employment. And since most women would not have sex outside of marriage because of the social shame that it would bring, men had to comply in order to get access to sex.

    So in the black community, men were motivated to work hard and obey the law so that they could get a wife. And have sex.

    Once these social restrictions were lifted, women were now free to choose the men they wanted all along. The black community turned from a "dad society" into a "cad society". In essence, the law abiding, hard working man who may have made a good husband was ignored in favor of men who "excited" the woman. Problem is, alot of these men tend to be men who are prone to not being law abiding.

    There was a study done by scientist that showed that male criminals, particularly violent criminals tend to have more "reproductive opportunities" than non criminal men. Criminal men reproduced earlier, more often and with more partners. One inmate, a 22 year old doing time for armed robbery had 5 kids with 4 different girls. So it is hypothesized that male violence is actually a reproductive strategy to induce women into choosing them as mates. And it works. It is no secret that, left to themselves, women will choose the most ruthless men as mates.

    So this made men in the black community pursue more violent and criminal behavior because it is good for their genetic fitness

    So until women are restricted again in only being able to choose "dad's" instead of "cads", black male violence will continue. From a biological standpoint, what is the point of being a good, law abiding citizen when it doesn't get you opportunities to reproduce and in fact, may harm your reproductive ability?

    Notice this, go to any inner city high school. What boy do you think will be most popular with the opposite sex? The quiet, straight A honor roll student who is college bound or the boy who is in and out of juvie , on a fast track to prison and always getting into fights? The answer is obvious. And men, whether consciously or unconsciously, notice this. It's no accident that violence is most high in men in their reproductive prime, about 14 to 35 years old. And left unchecked, these men will almost always get priority over the good man when it comes to women.

    1. Remember, human sexuality is inherently animalistic and needs to be controlled for the benefit of civilization. When male sexuality becomes unrestrained, you have men fighting and killing one another for control of the women and the women are stuck with whoever is left standing. If female sexuality is unrestrained, the women inherently gravitate towards the most ruthless men. In either case, the most savage and ruthless men benefit.

      The promotion of monogamous marriage wasn't meant to be a killjoy, but to promote civilization. Since humans have a strong urge to perpetuate their genes and basically at whatever cost, it had to be made so that the majority of men, who are the backbone of civilization got rewarded with a chance at a genetic legacy by practicing civilized behavior. That's why it used to be such that as long as a man was honest, decent and hard working, he was virtually guaranteed a wife. This was one reason for keeping women out of the workplace. As long as they were dependent upon men for their material survival, the men who could provide it would be selected. Now that women make their own money or get government handouts, now they can choose the "sexy men".

      There are lots of professional and otherwise good black men who always seem to have trouble finding a woman. On the other hand, have you ever known a thug or drug dealer who didn't have some woman somewhere?

      I'm sure maybe in your church or somewhere along the way, you met a woman who seemed to have everything going for her, a good job or a scholarship to a good college and was pretty but ended up getting pregnant by a man who's in and out of jail or who abuses her or is involved in some vice. And you may have tried to set her up with a man who is being positive and productive, only to have her blow him off and go back to her baby daddy, who she has to bail out of jail.... again. Everyone deserves a 52nd chance.

      I promise you that if one could change the type of men women most value, the black community would begin to resemble how it was yesteryear.


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