Friday, May 6, 2016

Obama's UNIsex Culture

Be A bully all you want to...we won't be swayed...You threatened Palatine, Illinois threatening to take away funds for education from all kids, who are "supposedly" our future, because you want biologically born males to be able to enter a female's restrooms and locker-rooms. SHAME ON YOU and all them that try to equate that type of perversion with a civil right based on race!

People, good people, died for REAL CIVIL rights, and race related equity and one is "dying" or being enslaved to go to a woman's bathroom except someone who is either a pervert or someone PRETENDING to be a woman...I wonder if you would allow a man into the restroom, dorm, or locker room with Sasha and Malia at any time?  

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Blessed! (BECAUSE I AM!!!)

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