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The Nephilim Pt. 1

Genesis 6:1-4 ~ 1-And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2-That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3-And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 4-There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

In a sense this is the second part of an article done in 2009 called "Where are The Prophets Now" in which we looked at the open sins and issues of a few more popular past ministers. I think we are best served to know that although evil men may spread themselves and increase their kingdoms, they don't last. Unfortunately,  in some cases their influence lives on to some extent, and some remaining ideas must be cut down  in every generation.

The diligent study of history can be an important element of both current and future success. It's funny that although things change all too many things yet remain the same. Like the scripture has said, there is really nothing new under the sun. Some things can't and won't be duplicated in exactly the same manner because of certain advances in communication and education. However, through examination of the past we can see how the trend may change, but certain actions and seductions are yet in tact. In other words, a new day, a new face and even a new method, but the same ole devil.

Early in ministry I had the opportunity to come to personal knowledge of some of the country's greatest past charlatans. I can honestly say that due to the stronghold and influence that some of these had over the minds of people we should be able to honestly thank God that they are gone into judgement especially when we look at all of the damage they did while here on earth. Rather than look at biblical chronology examining the nephilim, I thought it best to look at some nephilim (tyrannical giants) that have developed in modern times. These men rejected salvation through Jesus and told the public that salvation was only offered through them, and obedience to their words. Some, who have examined their lives, say that they were mentally ill. I can only say that persons can't exalt themselves, blaspheme God and expect to remain sane. With that said however, it is still yet amazing to me to see the influence that many of them yet have and hold on America's church and the black church in particular. Some of us do and say things today, based on what some of these leaders established through their ungodly actions. Some of these men were victims of their times, suffering great racial injustice and oppression, but that becomes not an excuse as all were overtaken by the flesh and excess.

One strand of commonality is that these "ministers" all had a strong desire for fame, wealth and attention. Those desires were born out of wanting to actually see the condition of the people change or become better, followed by a time of self-serving and self-exaltation. That's where we observe the changes in these men's lives. At the point where serving the people met serving self. It seems that self won the battle in almost every case. 

Another common thread is that each of these men were highly successful in seducing minds and spirits and plainly sending folk to hell by the masses. They were talkers with high personality and flamboyancy. Rhetoric was timely. Words were put together with the aim of mesmerizing their audience, many of them even creating their own words mid sentence as if their vocabulary was rooted in some unknown repository of knowledge. They had the ability to make persons feel as if the world was revolving around them and that the individual with whom they were interacting was the most important person on earth. Along with all this, most of them taught that the bible couldn't be trusted and eventually taught that they themselves were God or that they were special and unique and that common rules didn't apply to them. Some would control marriages, women, children and even men, setting the boundaries for sexual relationships within marriage according to their own whims. Amazingly, instead of people running from them, by the droves people ran to them. Some even killed themselves for them and some killed because of them. Who are these men? These were the nephilim who once stood so tall?

The Cast Of Characters:

Rev. Major Jealous Divine aka: "Father Divine"
Bishop CM. "Sweet Daddy" Grace
Rev. Jim Jones
Rev. Frederick "Ike" Eikerenkoetter
These gentlemen by far and large set Christianity back hundreds of years with their ungodly actions deeds and practices. In many cases they are still yet adored and revered by faithful followers as being special in relationship to God and his church. In others they are a lost and lonely remembrance of what was, but what will be no more.

Father Divine (1876-1965)(aka: Reverend Major Jealous Divine, The Messenger and George Baker) founder of the International Peace Mission Movement, was one of the first black preachers to preach the power of positive thinking. Consuming Harlem, New York in his aura, his phrase "PEACE!" was always met by "Thank You Father!"He was one of the first black preachers to have a luxury sedan and even had a throne placed in the middle of it. He owned multiple businesses and was said to never have collected an offering (publicly). He believed he was God "condescended" to man and was the only true expression of God's Spirit on earth. He was arrested for lunacy in 1914.

There is a saying that many of us have used. It's quoted as follows: "Man's extremity is God's opportunity." If you've ever said that you're not alone. Let me reproduce the quote where that came from:

"Then I say, in reference to the condescension of GOD to Israel, this was merely an expression to the Israelites and to those who were called Jews. GOD appeared to them at that time, in the time of need, the same as I appeared in this dispensation, in and at the time of great depressions, lacks, wants and limitations; at the time of your need..."When every human agency and every human possibility shall have failed you, then and only then will GOD appear; for GOD cannot work effectively, neither can HE appear to be seen distinctly wheresoever other things are represented and considered. Therefore those things must come to their destination, and man must come to his complete extremity, that GOD might have an opportunity to come; even so much as to come, and especially that GOD might have an opportunity to be ushered into expression and be considered before the masses. For this cause, it was essential and it has always been, for GOD to appear at the time and in places where HE is most needed. That is the mystery."~Father Divine June 14, 1938 A.D.F.D.
The truth that the CON did descend upon the people is not in question. It is plainly seen through just this snippet if nothing else. What we see in Father Divine was the effort to explain that he was the fulfillment of man's desire for better in life. In Father Divine's world, heaven in the sky with Jesus was only for those who were slackers and unwilling to learn that heaven was right here on Earth and that Father Divine was all the GOd with us that anyone would ever need.
In addition, as with all of the most heretical charlatans, the bible was not necessary, if fact to them it should be banned either because it is simply wrong or because they are the living word:  
"That is why they come to me, for they are thirsty. That is why they come to ME, for they are hungry. They come to ME because I will feed them. I AM not feeding them so much and stressing the food so much from a literary point of view, although through MY Condescension, I did tell you all to return to school. Nevertheless, I AM feeding you from the Fount of GOD'S Omniscience without any human information. I AM doing away with all of the manuscripts, with all of the Bibles, with all of the text books, with all of the hymn books, that they might recognize GOD'S Presence. That is what it is all about"~Father Divine June 14, 1938 A.D.F.D.
Then like all pimps, they love to make up their own words and ascribe a different meaning to existing words...Here's an example:
"So it is with GOD from HIS Majesty and from HIS Omniscience. GOD is invisible and lies dormant - HE lies dormant to the great Universal Scheme of things until HE can put HIMSELF forth into expression in something visible or visibilated, or tangibilate Himself into outer expression. Hence, GOD becomes to be the Personification of that which HE is or that which HE was invisibly. The Word is made Flesh!"~Father Divine May 8, 1942 A. D. F. D.
Even two years prior to that message he was saying both similar and equally as crazy things:

Father Divine & Mother Divine

"The Kingdom of God does not come with observation I say, it cometh invisibly firstly, but I Am the Tangibilator, I Am the Visibilator, I Am the Reincarnator as well as theTransmitter and I Am the Reproducer and the re-Personifier. I will cause you to observe and realize that which you Merely surmised with your superstitious, suppositional Religious version...It is good to have a good superstitious, suppositional Religious version. It is good to have one, but I will take your superstitious, suppositional Religious version and tangibilate it, materialize it and personify it and cause it to be reckoned and realized by all mankind; for I will put it into observation and no longer have it in the mythological Heaven." ~ Father Divine "The Earth's Vocabularies" March 3rd 1940
What is visibilated and tangibilate???
"Mother Divine and the followers continue to recognize the "personal presence" of Father Divine everywhere and at all times. In conversation, he is refered to in the present tense. Everyday, a new suit and tie are layed out for him on his bed. At Banquet services, a place is kept for him at the head of the table. His plate is served from the many platters of food (a follower working in the kitchen will be "blessed" to eat this food after the service). There are photographs of Father Divine in all rooms and recordings of his sermons played at all meals. And yet, "The Shrine to Life" was built at the Woodmount estate in 1968 to house his body, a recognition of his absence. Considering that followers believe only in "heaven on earth," Father Divine is both personally present and personally absent."
Personally present and personally absent??? What does that mean??? From the Negro Cults In Harlem:
"The greatest cult leader of them all was claimed to be Father Divine, has his followers shouting "thank Father", "Father Divine is God," "God is heah reigning and ruling in de name of Father Divine," - and the shame of it all is that the poor devils believe the tripe that they give voice to.

Father Divine rides in a big special built deluxe Dusenberg sedan with a throne in the center, for "Father" to sit on. He's a great showman. When he comes into view, with his body guards and his followers shouting "De body is heah." "God is heah", he quickly runs through the crowd shouting, "Peace."
The man either has no conscious, or he is mentally warped. If the latter is the case he can be forgiven. If the former is true he should be lauded as a super-psychologist, and condemned to live like and have the simple-minded beliefs of his followers.

True, he does have stores, restaurants, and places of abode, that have dirt-cheap prices. But, he also advocates a person entering his cult to turn over their jewels, land, homes and automobiles over to God. After all God could keep them better than any mere mortals.

He also allows his {Begin deleted text}folloers{End deleted text} {Begin inserted text}{Begin handwritten}followers{End handwritten}{End inserted text} to work on a cheaper wage scale, thereby bringing down the wage scale in the domestic servant field. "Father" gets a percentage of the pittance that they earn.
{Begin page no. 2}But they continue to insist that "Father Divine is God" and who am I to tell them no?"
People yet deliver themselves to Father Divine and claim him to be ever present. At certain events a dinner place is even set for him at the table and his presence is said to be felt by his most adoring adherents. You see, since he didn't believe in heaven or hell he had no place else to go. Although he is simply a disembodied spirit, he simply rambles around from place to place checking on his followers, no real message or purpose, just checking in from time to time.

One other thought here: I would also link the growth and development of the hip-hop movement, especially the elements of the 5% Nation to the influence of this man. Why and how? Well, it was the teachings, influence and personality of Father Divine that went on to effect Clarence 13 X (Clarence Edward Smith 2-28 ~ 6-69)who was the founder of the 5% Nation. Not only was he also from Harlem, he was also called "Father Allah" remember the 5% Nations greeting..."PEACE GOD!" As referenced above, this was a signature greeting of Father Divine. Jay-Z has adopted this saying and incorporated into his music and persona also. So we can readily see the influence of these men that still lives on. 

Fire-hose baptisms, mass suicides, health, wealth and prosperity...we've only just begun. 



  1. As I was reading, I thought - what does visibilate mean? And then, you asked for me. LOL! How are we so easily bamboozled? We are sometimes so quick to elevate someone in our ethnic group due to the fact that he/she has nice things, dresses well, or is 'well-spoken'. Also, to top it off, this person can use a word like visibulate, and I don't even know what that means, so he/she must be smart. I looked up the word, and could not find a meaning. Also, when he stated he was/is personally present and personally absent, he may have meant he was/is omnipresent, because he was/is God. By the way, your blog is great and very informative.


  2. Living4Him,

    Thanks for stopping by and you're right on point. I had to do teh same thing and found that the only one that had used that word was Father Divine. That is a mess.

    Now look at some of the one's on the national stage today. Some put together words, phrases and subjectes to make you think that they are offering something great, but when you break it down it's either fluff or confusing. That's a part of creating a "higher than the rest of us" persona. If they know that, then certainly they know what I need and I'll open my doors and wallets to any scheme that they offer....

    Remember when Paul Morton lost all that money from the leaders of his organization? He was smart, got swindled but to get the money he was able to convince those leaders under him that this particular investment would make them rich. Next thing you know that fella suffered a nervous breakdown.

    Pray along with us and thanks again.


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