Friday, January 14, 2011

Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 13

The New Age

Act I
Kanye & Jay-Z
In what may be the signal of the accelerated pace of hatred and destruction that the devil wishes to perpetrate upon humanity and women in particular, Kanye "Jesus Walks" West and Jay "I Am Jay Hovah" Z have taken their talents of ungodliness and mysticism to a completely new level portraying the murder and destruction of women as if it were art in his new video called "Monster". To be fair, dark portrayals are sometimes what sells in Hollywood and  this type of dark portrayal of women has taken place and is hailed as an art form by some who love "dark" and sadistic artistic expressions. However, when all things are considered, including statements, symbolism and moral and spiritual implications of the presentation, it is rather disturbing to say the least. Here is one of the scenes from the video. We should ask, is this what we call art?
Released Dec. 30th 2010, "Monster" seems to set the world on edge displaying the mutilation of of women and models, even portraying them being beheaded while Kanye and his number one friend, Jay-Z, dance and rap around the dead corpses while both of them proclaim that "every body know that I am a mutha(***Shut Yo Mouth***) Monster". Now, immediately, individuals revert to the thoughts of a metaphor or contrast to their talent and money being so great that they could be considered "monsters" of the stage. However, what does that have to do with dead women and the dismemberment and mutilation of bodies? Stop and think for a minute, what if they are saying more than just that their ability to make money is superior and that their talents are off the hook? Since it's obvious that these men are under the influence of satan and satanism if only for show, what if the spirit through them is proclaiming much more than meets the eye? We must further ask, since these people are doing these things for fame, money and controversy; is it true that they have sold their souls for it? In addition, what does a truly possessed person look like? We picture the demoniac in Gadara, running wild and crazy in the graveyard with no clothes on, and say certainly "he" was possessed. What about the modern artist that brings the graveyard scenes to life in YOUR living rooms and through music that infects our children and adults by the droves...Could this be what possession in the 21st Century actually looks like??? THINK!  
The Outcry Against Misogyny

Did you read outcry? Well, as stated, an outcry doesn't exist as the video is hailed as being a display of "art" by many within the music industry. Yes, we are aware of freedom of speech and artistic expression, but there is also something called responsibility that comes along with every freedom that we have. These men show absolutely NO responsibility for their whims. It is called being intoxicated with sin and the world itself. Thank God that What About Our has spoken on the issue. They said this:

"As I stated in my Blackvoices piece, Kanye West, Heal Thyself, this is a man in crisis. He's in a death spiral at the end of which somebody is going to end up dead. Most likely a woman. This isn't "art" these are the public musings of a sociopath and y'all are too intoxicated by the cult of celebrity to realize it.
Sometimes art is art and sometimes art is a public expression of a sociopath's inner thoughts and a signal to RUN not walk in the opposite direction.
Just know that if a White male artist made a video with Black people dangling from ropes and chains from the ceiling ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! No don't expect the civil rights industrial which has a long history of opposition to lynching to speak out about this. Afterall, only women are lynched in Kanye's video and apparently that's A-okay with some of y'all! "
The Dunamis Word joins What About Our in decrying Kanye's presentation as any form or display of so called art. This is misogynistic filth and garbage to say the least. The comparison to this and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" cannot be made. Jackson's zombies danced, while Kanye's monster kills, mutilates as he lays with the dead in the bed even arranging their posture and does it all while singing a song. If something like this was portrayed by the "common man", it would more than likely lead to interviews by local law enforcement, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and possibly Interpol. Then there would probably be an arrest based on suspicion of murder. So what is it about Kanye, that keeps critics as well as industry insiders silent?

How does this effect the church???

Remember, this was the same Kanye who walked in some of our churches singing "Jesus Walks" (which had nothing to do with the gospel) sung and associated with youth all over the country and signed autographs of countless thousands of church folk children after he was exalted. I wonder will any of those pastors who allowed him to seduce the minds of their youth, now stand and firmly decry his portrayals before the youth since he has clearly seduced and cast a spell upon many of them under their pastor's watchful eye?

Act II

Jay-Z & Kanye
On 1/1/11 H.A.M. the title song of their new collaborative effort was released. There were many speculations leading up to this in which individuals were trying to figure out exactly what H.A.M. stood for. Even though the artists themselves haven't actually said what it means the song has a tag line "Hard As a Mutha(***shut your mouth***)" (added to try to sanitize garbage). Here's the title cover that has been released:

The song itself is another one filled with profanity, rage, and a total disrespect for women in general, and no matter what the real message of H.A.M. is, the presentation is yet demonic to the hilt. The cover is done under the direction of Ricardo Tisci. Tisci designs for a brand named Givenchy. Current research has turned up the fact that Tisci now includes his former male personal assistant as one of his models. You didn't get that one...Let me spell it out for you...His former personal assistant WAS named LEO...He is now named Lea T. why the name change...because Lea T. is a Transsexual. So the person who has "creative direction" of the image you see above has a long time personal assistant who is now a transsexual and a part of his team. OK, I believe in equal opportunity employment, but I think you know what I am saying here...Question, how did two of the "HARDEST" rappers in the game get hooked up with a person that is responsible for things and "persons" on the softer side of life???

A "Spell" In The Design

There are many problems I have with the design above and like so many things that Jay-Z and Kanye do, the image above is filled with all kinds of subliminal messages and designs. IF they are not consciously aware of this, it yet exists and I'll point out some of what I see:
  • Beginning in each corner, there are 4 larger stars and an additional one in the top (middle) and bottom (middle). This creates 6 stars. 
  • Those stars are connected to the picture section at their points, the two at the top are pentagram stars. Whereas the two at the bottom are inverted or Baphomet stars.
  • Those stars are connected to 4 smaller stars connected to the a diagonal crown with a cross on top of each crown and a total of 4 crowns. This is an element of gnosticism as you will see below. 
  • Regarding the two stars in the middle, the top one is a baphomet star while the bottom is a pentagram star. Once again this is an inversion which they often like to use to relay certain messages.  
  • Each crown is surrounded by two dogs and a third set of what appears to be hound's teeth are set to consume the crown from the top of each crown.  
  • In the middle underneath the H.A.M. and on either side of the A, there are two diamonds (what would look like pyramids from above) surrounded by 6 stars on each side.  
  • Along the edges of the main picture there are 11 diamonds on each of the 4 sides encased by 12 sets of what appear to be fangs. Along with the 4 stars connected to an additional 4 extremely small stars this creates 100 designs. This could relate to the $100 bill which is a recurring theme also. 
  • The complete design appears to be surrounded by a mummified Horus   
The number 4 dominates this insignia for a reason. I believe that this represents a tetragram (4 letter name of God) and promotes what is called in gnostic circles, the Conjuration Of The Four. Within gnosticism, the purpose for the conjuration of the 4 is as follows:
"The Conjuration of the Four is a powerful conjuration that the magician uses in order to invoke the higher forces of the world of Yetzirah (the world of the angels, the world of formation) in order to reject negative forces related with the four elements of nature, which are related with our psychosomatic nature."

Kanye West wears the
Egyptian God Horus
Since I don't think that it can be denied that this presentation and the resultant song doesn't have a spiritual element, could HAM represent a "spell" cast by those whom gnostics recognize as "evil magicians" seeking to serve themselves by manipulating individuals and nature itself? Could the very presentation of this work be indulging in mind control, mysticism and even satanism?

The Church

I have always held that this and things of the sort have an effect on our churches.  My critics will say that, satanism has lived in rock and roll (traditionally white styled) music for years and yet I don't write about that. I simply say that I DO write about THIS because this is where I'm from and what I deal with regularly. Until, you've stood at 30 plus prayer vigils comforting unknown families for the tragic deaths that they have experienced at the hands of individuals who's spirits were cut off from any care or concern for their fellowman, and seen victims as well as perpetrators drape themselves in this sort of culture until they virtually look like that they are from another plant and reality...Let's just say that I think what I have experienced and those whom I continue to comfort and minister to gives me every right to be concerned and further connect the dots. In almost every case, especially when our youth are involved, music and what is being listened to is a part of the mindset. Aside from that Baptizing our neighborhoods and community in misogyny, mysticism, and gnosticism is something that every church should resist on every corner. These men have been glorified by the religious elite and hailed as leaders as businessmen and moguls that should be followed, and paraded in front of our children without remorse.  This is idolatry is rejected of God and will be judged. Them that promote them will also face that judgement.  

Bonus "Creature" Feature

The Phoenix posed strikingly similar to Baphomet
I have enclosed a link to the "Runaway" video, but PLEASE DO NOT watch it if you have a struggle with pornography and sexually suggestive imagery. The video carries a strong spirit of seduction which has been incorporated into it as a way to trap individuals including our children.

When I was young, I used to watch a show called the "Creature Feature" almost every Friday night. It was the scary movie of the week. Now we have a scary movie in almost every video that these gentlemen produce. Kanye West presented a short feature length video called "Runaway" as a precursor to his release "Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". In the video, a Phoenix or "Fire-bird" comes to earth in a comet ball of fire. Immediately, for those of us who do religious studies,  this should tip his hand as to who and what this is:

Lk..10:18 ~ " And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."

Rev. 12:12 ~ "Therefore rejoice, [ye] heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

In this video, Kanye, scoops her up and nurtures her to health. In more than one scene this Phoenix is outside with a lamb, fawn (baby deer) and a rabbit. Many have questioned the whole video but, again,  for those of us who take this seriously, and know some religious history, the symbolism is inescapable. Here are a few of the primary representations made in just those particular scenes:
1- The Phoenix, or the fire-bird, according to Greek mythology was a self creating and self destroying bird that spontaneously combusts into flames and reformulates it's own ashes and comes back to life in a sort of reincarnation. Among biblical believers, this "bird" would be  associated with Lucifer and satan himself. In other words the phoenix could be nothing other than the devil.

2- The Lamb is traditionally representative of what is slaughtered for sacrifice. Remember, this motif was an ANE motif and can only be interpreted in it's original context. Jesus in the NT is considered to be the lamb slain for our sins and who took away the sins of the world. In this sense it represent religion and religious systems in general and Christianity in particular.

3- The fawn or baby deer is representative of the church or religious believers in general. In a biblical sense the Saints follow the lamb so this combination goes hand in hand.

4- The Rabbit, a representative of fertility. In this sense the rabbit would also represent an alertness and nurturing nature and is associated with enlightenment and new world (ism). 
This is important because in this context, religion would be considered darkness and people within the world are the unenlightened. Initially they all appear together, but shortly thereafter the Phoenix arises and discovers the world ALONE. The Phoenix is enlightened and is necessary to enlighten the world. When these concepts are understood, the video and the scenes within it begin to make sense from a religious, mystical and paganistic worldview sense. Since the only thing that emerges is the Phoenix this is teh strongest reference that this video is actually about the establishment of a new world order in which both religion and religious belief are unnecessary and non essential parts of humanities existence.  Isn't this the cry of the humanist Manifesto and atheism???
Satan gives communion

The Communion

Call me a blowhard if you wish...hate me for telling the truth and giving ALL that I have to help this generation. I'll take the ridicule  under the circumstances and if ONE is helped by my efforts, my mission will be well worth it.

To show how deeply themes run in this short, in a later scene the Phoenix arrives at a dinner along with Kanye, which doesn't begin until they arrive. The Phoenix is given bread and begins to serve the bread and administer the meal after first having an empty cup. What the average person doesn't realize is that this is a communion. The Phoenix gives communion along with Kanye to a table full of adoring friends. It looks like a Sunday dinner but remember it's satan,  not Kanye, who serves the communion. They are all later served white wine by a servant (a white woman) standing on the wall. Yes, there is more symbolism that goes with that, but let me skip to the next part...All of this is later followed by a chorus of ballerinas dressed in black. This is called a "solemn assembly" of the people. This is what is called for at any communion service. Remember,  he (Kanye) and the guests are dressed in white and the dancers in black and the Phoenix is as she is with the addition of jewelry and additional finery.

Skip to the end...Finally, the play closes as the Phoenix declares that she must "burn" (ie: sacrifice its life and be reborn) even against Kanye's will or wishes. In other words Kanye takes on the role of Peter asking his Lord not to leave. She combusts into a fireball and just like the video opens with him running it closes with a demonic song and him running away once again...


Many of you have a hard time with what I sometimes present on this blog and in spite of that I respect and appreciate your continued readership. As a leader I close certain doors for myself by even presenting this information and other information which I have presented in the entire hip-hop series. For those who think it's all about the music, you should ask, can't there be music WITHOUT the introduction of mythology and false gods and idols? What does any of that have to do with party music? One would be better served to question, is there actually a message within the music or what's being said? Why believe that these men and others that follow their path are so mindless musically, but yet so together personally and financially...That would be the ultimate inconsistency.

I believe that THESE in particular have taken their desire for fame, wealth and power to a new level. A level not to be confused with that of an aspiring artist. Like all sin, the trick and deception is that it (sin) can be managed, and that it doesn't want too much and won't take too much...That is the LIE...The sin of hip-hop wants it ALL...In fact since it is controlled by the devil himself, it will not share it's space, it's an all or nothing proposition.

For the believer that has delivered themselves to this music style and lived in admiration of these artists, all I ask is that you seek the God of the bible and ask him to reveal the TRUTH to you. If and when he does, you will see the spiritual bondage that these gentlemen present. The object is not to hate them, but the object is to be FREE from teh spiritual death that they present on a plastic laser disc to the tempanic membrane and eventually to the spirit and soul of man. 

Listen, birds are falling out of the sky in broad daylight and they are trying to tell you that it's "normal". I know what time it is and know what we're in. This is a battle and I simply WON'T bow!



  1. Well written and very informative. People, young and old, will not and do not like anything said or written about hip hop. But today's mess isn't the fun, "innocent" stuff it was when people rhymed about jeans and sneakers. This stuff is "in your face" satanism at its worst. And these two guys especially are the band leaders. Sad that our youth and even churches embrace anything and everything hip hop. Anything that comes with its own bible and religion should be counted accursed. Many count it "ablessed." If these aren't the last days, I'd hate to see what they REALLY look like! God bless sir!

  2. Garry,

    That's true. It shows how much we've come to idolize people. When individuals look at them critically someone invariably gets mad and commits to listen to them the more.

    Only those that hear God will listen as the bible said his "sheep" don't follow the voice of strangers.

    Some think, "what do you have against's only music" I'm like you, this isn't about who's wearing the best pair of shoes or who can rap the best or some other type of battle...this is about a worldview and social upheaval.

    Rev. Run said that he didn't let his children listen to this type of stuff because it was bad for the mind. Now, he allows Diggy to produce and create this material and sells it to make millions and I'll bet he still doesn't let him indulge in the culture...why? Because he knows the destructive nature of this garbage.

    Then Jada and Will Smith, watch how far they let Willow and Jaden go into it. I'm willing to guarantee that they will be closely guarded, do their business and come straight home.

    All the while the common kid will be enamoured by not only them, but characters like Jay-Z and Kanye. Then, the church will hail them because they make money....

    I can hear the PIMPS now, "What did they do to you?" I'd say absolutely nothing...but what they did to teh community along with the pimps from the pulpit is rape the community and the people and seduce the minds and cause people to follow sin...If that isn't something to be outraged about and a fight worth fighting, I don't know what is.

  3. Blessings Pastor Burnett!

    Please, please DO NOT apologize for bringing us TRUTH!!! I've been reading your hip hop articles with much intent (as well as the tapes you sent me a year ago). This demonic "seduction" is truly "causing" our youth and ignorant adults to worship the beast unbeknowingly. However, once folks are exposed to the truth, they are simply going to have to make a decision; "if God be God, serve Him, if not, then a certain hot fiery place awaits your soul! I thank God that when I came back to Him, I was delivered from secular music, especially rap & hip hop! I simply CANNOT fathom WHY so called saints want to entertain it. Well, yes I can, a spirit of deception and carnailty! I'm praying for a true Godly spiritual awakening in the body of Christ because deception and flesh is at an all time high!

    This strange fire has crept in the church and satan firmly has a seat!

    I'm reminded of Jesus' warning to the church in Pergamos. Pastors that are allowing this demonic foolishness into their churches are creating a stumbling block before the sheep.

    No Pastor, don't apologize, stand strong, speak truth, exhort, rebuke, and those that are truly of God will hear, repent and turn from this mess and get firmly planted on the narrow path that leads to eternal life. Those that do not heed the warning, well, as I said earlier, they will wake up in a very hot place! Watch and pray saints of the Most High God!


  4. These "Pide Pipers" of perdition will have their day in His court, and will be found GUILTY. Their music, satanic imagery and idolatry has adversely affected the minds and souls of millions of people, and, they are acutely aware of this.

    I simply can't understand how seemingly intelligent people like this, would sell their eternal souls for a brief life of pleasure and excess, that will be over like vapour dissipating in the mid-day sun. Do they honestly believe they will "rule in hell?" - Dante.

    Thank you for your ministry Pastor Burnett.

    JIm, Vancouver

  5. Tetaun Moffett did an excellent review on Kanye and the "Runaway" that I recently found on an EX Ministries You Tube cast. He clearly uncovers the gnosticism in Kanye's music and video.

    Now, thank God that I came to the same conclusion indepently of their review. I had no idea that they had put out anything on this particular subject. That should establish the two or three witnesses of scripture I would think.(Deut. 17:16, 19:15, Mt. 8:16, Heb. 10:28)

    I hope we listen...

  6. I just checked out Tetaun Moffet's! We have to get that on MTV somehow. Pastor, this stuff is just mind blowing. It is all out war, and the time is short.

  7. very informative and interesting blog.
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  8. Shina,

    Thanks for stopping and adding your commentary. I hope we are a blessing to you.

  9. Thank you Supt. Burnett for exposing the works of darkness. These men have sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune. They truly belong to satan. Ephesians 2: 1-3, NKJ (focus on verses 2 & 3)
    “1 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, 2 in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, 3 among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others”.
    These men are simply obeying their god as he directs them. They are enjoying the fruits now, but will pay at judgment and possibly before. Jay Z is even being courted by Oprah, who had Jay-Z on her show as an example of hard work. His wife, Beyonce already has a demon named "Sasha Fierce" working through her. And those that belong to the prince of darkness worship at her altar.
    In my "BC" days, I remember loving Whitney Houston's song; "Saving all my love for you". Well, when the Lord saved my hell bound soul, my ears were opened and I really heard the words and could not believe that I was dancing to a song that gave approval to adultery. Some unsaved soul will listen to music just because of the beat and not pay attention to the words. Others know exactly what’s being said, and are in agreement with it. It's imperative that we witness to the lost, we don’t know when God has been calling their name-even when some "accidentally" stumble onto a blog like this. Pastor, there will be no blood on your hands.
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate~


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