Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lawyer..."She Was A Woman, And She Was A Christian Woman!"

Mark 4:21-23~21-And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? 22-For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. 23-If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.

Daystar Television Network Co-Founder's Marcus & Joni Lamb went on secular television to clear the air about marital infidelity and the resulting extortionist threat that they recently experienced. Of course, it would be aired on ABC (About Battering Christianity) News. Well to be fair, I suppose that Marcus Lamb pretty much battered himself more than anything else.  Daystar is the nations second largest Christian Television Broadcasting Network with annual revenues exceeding $75.7Million

According to the Lambs, they were approached by 3 alleged extortioners who wanted $7.5 Million in exchange for silence regarding Marcus's 2007 affair. Although this situation is deftly serious, I couldn't help but notice the attorney's rendering of the affair itself. I think he tried to manage the fallout but created additional fallout by saying that the woman that Marcus had the affair with was a "Christian woman" as if that makes it better...Anyway, you can see it for yourself, thank God for his mercy and Lord help us as believers!

The good news is that at least Mr. Lamb took matters upon himself and had the nerve to go back and try to mend and fix his error and sin instead of invoking this "marriage is for a season" garbage that popular televangelists have invoked in recent times. Secondly, Mrs. Lamb is a stalwart of a woman to work through the painful issues of infidelity in a biblical manner and do it as wonderfully as she has. May God's peace continue to shine upon her.  

The message is this: "We...Church folk...should set our houses in order!" The sin of sexual impurity is not taking any captives, it only seeks to destroy.

To Those On The Fringes:

There is no third party that will provide a godly dimension to your marriage if that third party is not abiding in biblical precepts ministering to both parties of the marriage. Remember, time spent with a woman or a man because you feel like you're in "need" or "lacking an emotional connection", is only a trick of the enemy. If you give yourself to it, only one thing will happen as a result...PAIN!


Update 12/6/2010:

Special thanks to reader Covina, for bringing this to our attention.

Apparrently the Marcus Lamb was not so much of a Lamb in his actions and apparent deceit to the employess of Daystar.  In a suit filed below by one of the plaintiffs, Ms. Jeanette Hawkins, Not only did Mr. Lamb have an affair that lasted more than 5 to 7 years, but alos was engaged in covering the whole mess from employees who depended upon the moral integrity of the Lambs for their ongoing financial security.

It appears that this "Christian Woman" not only appeared on Daystar regularly to "fake da funk" but that after she was exposed was shuffeled off by the Lambs themselves and was given undisclosed amounts of money for her silence. Now the problem is that Mrs. Lamb was also an active part in that particular portion of the coverup?

Now, what do we make of these allegations?

(Either Download or Open file to go to the complete document)


  1. I guess nowdays, you not only have to confess, but you have to qualify the confession and be specific...

  2. Hi Pastor Burnett, just read the court documents on this case and it is truly sad what Marcus and Joni Lamb have done. According to the plaintiff in this case the affair had been going on for seven years, but Marcus and Joni made it sound like it was only for a brief time. According to the emails that were discovered Joni already had some knowledge of the affair.

    The woman that is filing the lawsuit was a high level employee at DayStar and had appeared on the show a few times. She also claims that they tried to give her some hush money. You can read the rest for yourself.

  3. Huh. I hadn't heard a thing about it. So when I started watching DayStar and thought he was a phony and she was good, I was right.

    So, how does a so-called man of God have sex outside the marriage and not think about his covenant Partner being right there in the room with them?

    My opinion about Marcus hasn't changed.

  4. Coniva,


    I had no idea. In my area I don't get to catch these networks as often and don't know the personalities involved. But that is amazing.

    So this went on for multiple years? Like Laura said, he made it seem as if it were a brief isolated incident and a criminal shakedown by some sort of cartel seeking money.

    Now, he damaged himself on TV. He said that his accuser wasn't to blame for anything and that all the fault was on him. Now, if I'm a lawyer, I make a beeline to that interview and the first piece of evidence I submit is that. He crished himself trying to protect, "GOd's money"???

    He said that the money of the network belonged to "God". Now his network is not a church, it is a for profit business, so who and where is God??? I guess it's him in discuise.

  5. Covina,

    According to that suit, Jeanette Hawkins (plaintiff) quit her job because of this affair. She was not the one having the affair. She stated that marcus not only had an affair for over 7 years but that when she was employed by them he committed a "tort of fraud" because he told her teh core values of teh company were based on moral and ethical purity while at the same time being engaged in the affair.

    She is also saying that that this whole thing about extrotion is false as he knew he ws being sued.

    Now if this is true, this would make Joni a co-conspirator with him. That would be crazy.

    I'm posting the suit on front page. Thansk you vey much for the info. I see this is a toal mess also, nothing like it was represented in ABC. That was image management plain and simple.

  6. It amazes me that in his going on Good Morning America, that the very person who has made such a huge moral indiscretion as to violate marital vows, starts talking about how moral he is to not use the Lawd's money to pay off these extortioners...If you had so much integrity and was so concerned about the Lawd you wouldn't have been in this affair in the first place. Moreover, there is no telling how much of the Lawd's money has already been used to carry out this year long affair.

    Wow, thanks Covina, I did read that document--seven year affair and according to the document, he had already told the lady she was going to be Mrs. Marcus Lamb--that brings a lot to light, how very saddening... Joni is a sweetheart and seems really genuine in her devotion to God; looks like God looked out for her in this situation, because unbeknownst to us all, looks like Joni was about to be kicked to the curb, but God...

  7. Saw this today, Seems like someone has some explaining to do.

  8. So sad! They were on Dr. Phil today.

  9. Covina,

    That is amazing! Look at what Mrs Lamb said:

    "He's someone who would say ‘I never thought I’d be caught in that trap in a million years.’ We’ve helped hundreds of couples over the years, but I think it was that emotional tie that started it and then eventually became sin," Joni Lamb said.

    You can tell that these folk don't believe the bible. She thinks it wasn't sin until the physical actions of the affair. That's a mess. That is secularism. The secular is teaching her how to respond to an affainr and what one really is.

    Then the can of worms is opened. He may as well have paid them the money. Now the IRS and all the pressure is coming down on them.

    When one loves money and sin (in no particular order) the wealth will perish with them.

    Thanks for keeping us up to speed.


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