Thursday, October 26, 2017

Questions On Sexual Abuse? COGIC Law Day At The 110 Annual Holy Convocation

Well, I am quite sure that when this forum was designed that sexual abuse and sexual harassment weren't primary topics that the planning committee was thinking that would be addressed, but with the history of unresolved allegations of sexual abuse, clergy sexual sins and the current secular climate of sexual abuse and harassment even in the workplace, it just may be the opportune time for COGIC members, and others, to shore up their knowledge and information on how to handle allegations of sexual abuse and criminal misconduct even within the scope and sphere of the church itself. 

I plan to be there to pose questions and hear the questions of others addressed as well as hear the response of the legal professionals involved. I encourage all of those who are like-minded to meet me there for what I think may be a very special, informative session and unique occasion. 

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