Friday, October 6, 2017

A New Home For Podcasts & Radio Broadcasts

THANK GOD that the Lord has led us to a new place for all podcasts and non-live broadcast delivery.

We moved our service due to bad service from the Cyberears group and what amounted to "scolding" us for the amount of broadcasts we had.
Interestingly enough, that was the sign to drop a ZERO (Cyberears) and get with a hero.(Podbeam)

Hopefully, you will enjoy a more professional looking podcast. We certainly will. We will also enjoy increased functionality and the ability to embed individual episodes and offer a better search bar to the right of the blog.

So THANK YOU Cyberears for acting stupid! We WELCOME PODBEAM for a good looking and fully functional site that allows us to control our premium content.

Please click the link below to hear all of our uploaded casts. A new cast will arrive between now and the end of 2017 approximately every 2 weeks.  

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