Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Speaking To Dr. Earl Carter

Isaiah 33:15-16 ~15-He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil; 16-He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure

Reluctantly, I have had to interject into what appears to be a "spin war" of Dr. Earl Carter against COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. The reason that I must speak is because in one of Dr. Carter's latest videos, he invokes my name at about the 14:40 mark (unless he edits the video as he has done and continues to do in some cases after release). One can hear him issue some statements referencing my name. 

Plainly, some of his statements regarding what I have said are misstatements. Some are mis-attributions of statements that I have allegedly made regarding both homosexuality and sexual abuse in COGIC. Some of Carter's statements in that video, attributed to me, were patently false attributions. This means, that I DID NOT say what Carter leads one to believe that I said regarding COGIC or our current condition. 

For this cause, I have taken the time to point out those misstatements in the comments section of his youtube video. I will recapture the statement in full here just in case my commentary gets deleted. 

I spoke as follows:
This is Pastor Burnett 
About 14:40 in this video carter mentions my name and attributes something to me that I wrote in PART. He then adds on a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't say such as my "confirming" that I said that homosexuality and child molestation is in COGIC and that I was speaking of a $100,000,000 lawsuit and that the "lady" and her son was doing what I said they would do years ago....I have been a vanguard for years for victims advocacy in this church, but that is as much as I have done and will continue to do. I never said anything about a "lady and her son" and or wrote about a one hundred million dollar lawsuit, or mentioned a prophecy that I spoke because god has given me NONE.... 
Dr. Carter, you need to be more responsible with information. I can attest that your's regarding my input into that issue is erroneous. 
Pt. 2:
One more thing. Although I would agree that our church needs a renewed spiritual awakening in many areas, similar to other organizations etc, I am in total disagreement with your resolve in character destruction. On my blog I have referenced COGIC over 78 times, Bishop Charles Blake over 34 times, Homosexuality over 68 times and clergy sexual misconduct and abuse over 90 times. I have placed some tough questions and made some pointed statements directly to our leaders, but I draw the line at character abasement. That is ungodly and I do not believe that destroying a person's character is a way to build anything. We can be hard hitting, truthful and even earth shattering without destroying the person. I led the charge against Bishop Charles Brown who allegedly molested his nieces and others. I have interviews that in my opinion are award winning on the issue. However, I did not destroy the man's character as it speaks for itself. Tell what you think he is doing wrong as far as administration is concerned. That is fair. Tell us the shortcomings and missteps. That too is fair. However, I am against denigrating his person and as I have heard your proof, it is only tabloid worthy. I have heard nothing compelling. 
I do not wish to be an antagonist, but PLEASE do not use my name unless your retelling is accurate and in context. 
Thank you.Supt.  Harvey Burnett The Dunamis Word
Pt. 3 
This link: will take you to nearly every story I have done on COGIC on my blog. In these articles I reference Bishop Blake and his missteps and mistakes especially aligning our church with the UDHR. I am no novice in this. This link: 
Takes you to what I did on the Charles Brown issue, even calling for an investigation after the court threw the issue out because of the statue of limitations. One can speak truth without denigrating a person or becoming the ungodly ugly that we speak against. I hope that can be seen in my work. Dr. Carter, you have a good cause, and that cause is reform of our church. However you methods and methodology is flawed and should cease. I was in STL a couple of years ago with a camera as well. I was not escorted off, but I did not call our leaders gay either, especially at the event. If you know this man is gay, then work on leadership reform, not speculative and sensational approaches to spiritual decorum. The Seven Son's of Sceva saw the problem, recognized it and threw themselves into it. They were powerless and came out bleeding, naked, and embarrassed. DO NOT be one of them. Your skills and talents can be used, but not like this.
Thank you
Supt. Harvey Burnett
The Dunamis Word
My Admonition To Carter & All Who Want COGIC & Blake Destruction

For those inquiring minds that want to know...I do not and will not call the character of Bishop Charles E. Blake into question based on Earl Carter's speculation or the speculation of any other. I happen to know how speculation works and how internet sensationalism works as well. My reader count always increases exponentially when I address character of individuals on this blog, which I have done in times past and will continue to do WHEN I have non-speculative facts as proof for my statements. 

Although I will continue to speak to church issues that are of importance to the body of Christ, I will continue to advocate for victims advocacy and a complete overhaul of how our church functions in this area, I refuse engage in Carter's malicious fight against the person and character of Bishop Blake, nor be a part of that fight. I have never agreed with Magic Johnson's stance on homosexual inclusion, but he is only a member of West Angeles of which Magic is only ONE member of the over 25,000 that are on the roll. So I reject the argument that Bishop Blake has been "bought" by Magic Johnson, and do not see any evidence of that. As for the late Peter Gomes, I have always contended that Bishop Blake should have researched Gomes and not allowed him to come to West Angeles, however I reject the current speculation that there was an inappropriate and sexual relationship between Gomes and Blake at any time. I have held our Bishop to task on the UDHR and clearly his advisers failed him and our church on that issue, however, to suggest that there is a "gay acceptance conspiracy" at the top levels of the church is over the top.  

I support Bishop Blake as he stands against Carter's accusations, and as he leads this church, until as such time as I am compelled to do otherwise by evidence. I am not compelled to follow what has been "reported" or in our times, "GOSSIPED" by people or individuals within or outside of our church against the leaders of our church. 

While I know some have sinned which is very serious and cannot be overlooked, and know that we all have faults...myself at the top of the list...I do not believe that either COGIC or their leaders are an "evil syndicate" as Carter suggests. 

I and others have said some poignant things at times regarding the operation and function within our church. Various individuals have let me know that I and we have been heard and taken seriously. I have spoken to Bishop Blake and some of his assistants personally regarding many issues and he has listened and acknowledged as much. At times I have even said that I refuse to leave the church and if they (COGIC) want me out, they would have to put me out. 

To date no one has attempted to put me out of this church and my money, when I have agreed to pay such, has not been rejected or sent back.  

As stated, I am in full agreement that we need reform within our church. I am confident that other reformations, both Pentecostal and non-Pentecostal need the same as well. However, denigrating the character of Bishop Blake and the character of the leadership council is NOT the path to accomplish the goal in my opinion. 

I am sure that I will be looked upon and criticized by those who hate COGIC as they always do, and those in COGIC who feel that their needs have not been met. That is OK. We should lead with responsibility, reverently, and cautiously. As for me and The Dunamis Word, we will continue to call out sin and error where it is and where we find it and seek to hold individuals accountable for actions that are disruptive to the body of Christ, even if their name is Carter. 



  1. I certainly say call a spade a spade. However, at least make sure it is a spade FIRST! As leaders of the people we have great responsibility to tell the truth, but we also have a great responsibility to display the character of Christ.

    If Carter is 100% accurate regarding the spiritual condition of them that he speaks about, he is also obligated to evangelize them in fear of their souls being lost. Laughing at their sins and calling them the malicious names that he has called them is off target if the intent is to reform.

    So far as my position of Darrell "Pimpoliscious" Scott...I have had person dealing with him and he has left evidence and proof of his insanity. I have no need to speculate for what he has said and for what I have proof of both by recordings and by his written account. Unfortunately, he proved out the condition of his heart with his attempt to gain significance by delivering support for Donald Trump. He was exposed by his own actions, not by a continued call from me or anyone asking the world to point him out.

    In short, I believe that carter's efforts are best spent joining the efforts of myself and others in developing a reform plan and working within the system to present that plan and gain acceptance. No need to denigrate character, it will speak for itself.

  2. One comment. It is a shame that a national church needs a victims advocacy group. If the church would follow Matthew 18, there would be no need for such an organization within the church. Dr. Carter's method may not be the most tasteful but how else will this church be shaken up. When will the abuse and sin stop. Talking about it has only done one thing, perpetuate it. Supt. Burnett, I have been a semi-regular reader of your blog for a few years and I am disappointed in your stance regarding this issue. You sound like everyone else. When is someone going to get mad enough to put an end to this foolishness. There are too many children, former members of the COGIC, who are scarred for life, due to the sins that the church continues to hide. Im sorry but the victims advocacy that you often discuss is useless. If you handle the perpertrators, there would be no victims. It is a shamed that pastors have to report pedophiles to the police. The world has to call the church to accountability! Pitiful! God's people ought to handle these things better than the world. And you dont do it by sympathizing with those who are harming the innocent, no matter their title. How many people have actually investigated what is being "reported"? If any, few.

    1. Appears,

      While I appreciate and welcome your opinion and commentary on the issue, one thing that we should keep in mind that the end does not necessarily justify the means. eg: One does not have to lie, cast innuendo, and otherwise make an ungodly presentation to call people to godliness. Unfortunately, carter can't seem to get some of the very one's "reporting" stuff to him to say any of these hings on record. That is an issue, because what he is touting is no more than heresay or GOSSIP, which all of us are commanded by God to shun and avoid.

      Secondly. victim's advocacy is for those who have been abused. If you think anyone can stop folk from abusing folk by passing some rule and or restriction, I don;t think you've done enough study in this area. It is impossible to stop folk from victimizing. Invariably human nature shows up somewhere in somebody. That is the plight of the human condition of man. One can either turn their backs on the victims or minister to them to heal them AND recommend the implementation of healthy practices within the church. That's what WE do!

      Finally, just because the news is reported and focused on these issues, does not mean this type of behavior and sins are just spread out and rampant within the church. COGIC has over some 12,000 churches in the USA. Just based on numbers we can expect a certain percentage of those churches to have problems. In fact, Larry Stockstill said that out of 300,000 churches in America about 25% of them have pastors in trouble sexually or morally. If those numbers are true in COGIC then we can project about 3,000 churches to have some type of issue revolving around sexual sins of leadership.

      NONE of that is right. However, COGIC is not any less normal than anyone else. I would venture to say that overall and in comparison, probably better. The only problem that we have is shock value. I too am shocked and outraged when this happens and when folk abuse the souls and pulpits that they have been given. But my outrage is more than simply talking about it and them...I AM DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

      I remain to be the ONLY Pastor that has heralded this issue openly even meeting with the Presiding Bishop specifically regarding it and other issues.I am the ONLY pastor in the church that has interviewed victims and demanded investigations as well as justice for them.

      I haven't received a dime from you or any critic to continue doing something and helping folk. So until you can join me in doing something about it, your criticism falls more flat than an opened, week old 2 liter of pepsi!

      Thank you.

    2. BTW: EVERY church needs a victims advocacy group! I don't care what is being taught or where they are. The largest settlement from sexual abuse and clergy misconduct in the Midwestern United States arose out of a traditionally White church that teaches reformed theology. The single case settlement was over $300 million. If this is happening in a green tree of COGIC, then it is off the chain in other organizations and denominations whether independent or not.

      PROTECT your church and implement a sound and solid victims advocacy plan NOW!

    3. I think it is unfair that you assume that I am one not doing something about it. As a matter of fact, I am and I do. What I do is hold those accountable who name the name of Christ as their Savior. And we follow Matthew 18 as a church body. I don't understand why man feels the need to create a system when the scriptures already have one in place to handle such issues. And it handles it all the way to the end... that is. if behavior does not stop, they are put out and treated as an unbeliever. This method is what should be used for those who are committing crimes against the innocent as well as Pastor Carter, it that is indeed warranted. Go to them, it they hear, you have won a brother. Take a witness, it they hear, you have won a brother. If they don't hear, take them to the church... if they dont hear, treat them as a publican. What is wrong with this method? It is the one prescribed by our Lord... And I can tell you it works! Especially, when God's people are armed to use the Word of God to confront sin. I can testify that accountability helps everyone... It helps those who struggle with sin and those who would be the victims. And we are not talking about the laity!.. This is about leadership... The Apostle said, these things should not even be named among you. There should be no accusations... It is possible! There is a higher standard. And if one cannot live to that standard... then he or she should not be in leadership. If Billy Graham can minister without accusation of moral depravity than so can I.... and everyone else who put their trust in Christ and lives according to His Word. Men and women of God should love the Body of Christ more than your own organization...

    4. I don't necessarily disagree with what you are saying, but that doesn't solve the problem. It is certainly not a preventive measure to hold anyone accountable. That is a reactive measure. It doesn't matter to folk intent on doing wrong whether they will be held accountable or not. The fact is that righteousness has to be born in their hearts, and until then, we will see these sorts of problems and issues, no matter what church you are talking about.

      Then to deal with the issues, we must continue to be scriptural:

      James 1:20 ~ For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

      How situations are dealt with makes all the difference to God. Getting "angry" doesn't solve the problem. Noone ever has to be so angry that they LIE or sow falsehood and halt truths among the brethern. That is what Carter is doing and it is diminishing his cause.

      What you are referring to is an overall polemic and code of conduct that should be in place. Who is to say that it is not in place though? Every COGIC Pastor knows the standard. Some don;t know best practices, and that is why I exist, to bring them into that knowledge. Then, simply going to someone with witnesses or not does not prove or make a case. Anyone can come to a person accusing them of doing or having done something. The intent of scripture was not to simply relay and accusation and to make a smear, but to address the issue, whether sin or fault and solve it and get it out of the Body of Christ.

      In fact if it was a "fault" we were to restore the individual in "meekness" no accusation or slander, considering ourselves. (Gal. 6:1) and at that only those "spiritual;" were to correct anyone. Not just anybody who has seen something.Those less spiritual were to work with those who were spiritual to take care of and address the issues of faults.

      So don't pervert accountability. Accountability is good, but in an of itself does nothing. There must be some action behind it.

      So far as this issue of what I "assume" that you have done, NO I don't see anything that you've done! I've been on this issue and tangential issues since 2007 and this blog has over 500 articles with over 100 or so dedicated to the issue and addressing and solving problems. There is NOBODY that has held anyone to greater accountability and higher standards than I have on the issues...the record speaks for itself!

    5. Accountability is action. If one cannot be gained through the steps taken to reconcile then they should not be a part of the brotherhood. That is the last step that is so often ignored. Excommunication. Accountability is preventative because long before the crimes are committed, people know and are talking about what is going on... The problem is the criminal is never confronted. I know this because I have seen it so many times growing up in COGIC.... NOT anymore. When perpetrators know that they will be exposed, they think twice. That is all I am saying... When will we return to not just knowing what the word says or discussing what it says, but actually doing what it says, we will see change in the lives of people and thus the church. No need for excuses. It really does work and there is no better idea. And no you don't see what I do because I don't have a national platform. I am just one of God's servants tilling where he has placed me. You may not know me...but He does. May God bless you and the church as He purifies it before his coming.

    6. The Catholic Church always has had the tradition of excommunication. What did that do for sexual crimes among clergy? Threat of penalty is not servitude. Hopefully we serve Christ, not out of fear of going to hell, but because serving him is the right thing to do! Doing something because of threat is a control mechanism. That is not how we serve Christ.

      I did not mean to infer that you and or your work were insignificant. So please forgive me if it came across to you as such. What I am saying and referring to is that I have stood in the face of these folk by myself, without fanfare or assistance from anyone. For the years I have been doing this, I have had very few partners and individuals come forward to say, "I will partner with you even if in prayer."

      It was YOU that said that you were "disappointed" with me and that I sounded like "everyone else" on the issues. I only pointed out that your opinion, though you are entitled to them, are not accurate or correct. You may be disappointed, but it is not because I sound like everyone else!

      What I find is that the people involved have heard me and us (including you). They read this blog and seek to know what I am saying. That is without question. Knowing that a person has heard you, the ball is left to them to respond and take action. As I have stated, they know what should be done and thankfully, due to efforts such as those by DL. Foster and myself, they have implemented measures that they would not have implemented otherwise.

      There are backgrounds checks required for all COGIC clergy now that was not required previously. There is training on sexual harassment and sexual abuse and how to avoid it. There is a guidebook on what happens in the event of sexual abuse and what the leaders rights in due process are.

      Are those things sufficient? NO! By no means!
      Are they better than what we had previously? ABSOLUTELY YES!

      We had nothing previously. So progress is a slow process. In the meantime and during the process advocating for victims advocacy IS exactly what ALL MINISTRIES should be doing. Who ministers to the needs of those victimized? How should they be treated and handled? Who ministers to unsaved family members who witness this? What type of services does the local church support and implement to address the issues? What are the best practices that ministries can engage in to prevent these sins?

      Victims advocacy addresses ALL of these things and more. Creating a "Safe Church" atmosphere where there are checks and balances (ACCOUNTABILITY) from the top to the bottom of the church system.

      You were critical of that effort. I have to believe that it is because I haven't educated my readers too well on what victims advocacy actually means and the scope of the I Am My Brother's Keeper program. So that is my fault. But I cannot believe that anyone serious about ministering to the hurting and those in need could possibly reject such an important mission.

      So thanks for stirring me to expound. I believe these things provide opportunity for the church to come to a much higher standard.


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