Saturday, December 26, 2015

Help Publish Ministering Effectively

"This book tells the story like it is, takes no captives, and provides the very latest information essential to each believer's needs as they grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. From those new in the faith to the most experienced believer, this book has something that every servant will want in their spiritual toolbox for this end times warfare" ~ Pastor Harvey Burnett on Ministering Effectively

Pastor Harvey Burnett invites all readers of the Dunamis Word to contribute towards the publication and release the his dynamic book "Ministering Effectively". 

"Ministering Effectively" is a ministry defining work designed to support and strengthen the believer as he or she lives out their daily service to the Lord. "Ministering Effectively" is a book aimed at strengthening the believer in his or her faith and challenging modern culture in spiritual and moral truths, revealing paths whereby servants of God can be built up in their faith and encouraged. 

Pouring nearly 30 years of service to the Lord into this work, Pastor Burnett outlines the importance of each and every individual in the Kingdom of Christ, and encourages every believer to come up to the high standard to which they have been called. 

Here is a small excerpt from Chapter 3 "Becoming The Servant Through Repentance & Understanding Human Suffering"
"In the Christian paradigm, objective truth exists, which directs us toward meaning, purpose and an ultimate reconciliation of all things including our suffering. In a materialistic paradigm, there is no purpose to suffering and certainly no reconciliation of anything. What is interesting is that evil, calamity and tribulations can bring individuals to the Cross. People are sometimes criticized as being “weak” for “running” to God or to the church in the time of trouble, however running towards ones help is actually a display of strength. It takes wisdom to seek help when help is necessary. If one is low of food, does it not make sense to go to the grocery store, or to a food pantry, soup kitchen or someplace where food will be served?. If ones car is low on gas, how about a gas station? If one needs a loan for a home, does not one go to a home lender? Is the realization that a home loan is needed a sign of weakness? Since God is able to alleviate pain, why not run to HIM?"
 Please click the "Go Fund Me...Publish Ministering Effectively" link below or the "Go Fund Me" link on the right side of the page to contribute towards the publication and release of this new book.
"Ministering Effectively" will be available in print (hard or soft-cover), online at, Barnes& and many other online book sale outlets, and will be available in ebook and other formats conforming to modern digital delivery standards.

In addition, 15% of all royalties will be contributed to support the ministry and continued outreach of I Am My Brother's Keeper Christian Advocacy Council, a non-profit organization that serves victims of church related abuse and sexual abuse. In essence, not only will your contribution go toward the publication of the book, but with each sale that your support makes possible, will continue to uplift and build individuals in HIS Kingdom for generations to come!

Click the link and make a contribution that will have an eternal weight of glory and may the Lord bless you greatly!


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