Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dr. Earl Carter...Still Speaking

Dr. Carter is not leaving this alone...and I am GLAD! But not for the reasons you may think...

Here is Pt. 2


  1. He said...even Snow White and the 7 dwarfs want to be Bishop...LOL!!!!!

  2. He called Bishop Blake UNGODLY and DIABOLICAL....WOW!!!!! Yes there is a BLACKBALL GRAPEVINE....I know this...

  3. He said PETER GOMES said that he had sex with Bishop Blake....He said that Bishop Ford called Blake "Charlene" instead of Charles....

  4. One thing is for certain, this Grand Ole Church has allowed the ungodly to remove God from the equation, but God says "THIS IS MY CHURCH, NOT YOURS" and he is taking it back, whether they want to give it up or not...All their money is as NOTHING compared to HIM and HIS righteousness...they betta watch out...The KING OF GLORY is real and HE is TRUE!!!!

  5. Carter revised the link. Noone took anything down...tell these folk to stop lying!!!!

  6. Now, some have asked what I think of all of this...do I "believe" what Carter says?

    The fact is Carter has his own experience within this church and, as he says, has preached within it, and made his living for over 40 years. What he knows is what he knows.

    Presiding Bishop Blake may have had some issues in the past. I believe we all have at one point or another. Maybe his belief in the plan of winning the homosexual is more inclusive than what is generally accepted in COGIC. That is Bishop Blake's choice.

    What I don't believe is that the Bishop is a practicing homosexual or practices any other sin knowingly or openly. Call me stupid if you'd like, but that's not what I get! I think he has made some bad steps, failed to act in some cases, and overstepped in others, but that is what corporations do. Unfortunately, this church, like many, is a corporation. That saddens me.

    Now, is Carter to be condemned? No. Not for sharing what he knows. I would not share what is "speculated". Unlike biblical Christianity, we can't hold too much confidence in "what is commonly reported amongst us". These folk LIE in a minute...Example:

    I heard that certain preachers in COGIC are involved in and the leaders of a big drug and prostitution ring etc. Even I am in there too (according to the liars) because I am associated...Now, I wish someone would tell me where when and how they know and why they aren't helping the police solve the CRIMES they outline. Then I wish someone would tell me where all the money is for the people they are accusing, because I could call all of them I name together and they couldn't get more than $10,000 together at any one time. I mean if folk are in some syndicate, as they speculate, it is the BROKEST and POOREST syndicate ever in world history!!! Then my place it is is even more comical than that...If I am a part, I am the most confused element, because I don't do drugs (never have), work in Security and with the police regularly, and my wife knows where I am nearly all the time, so I haven't had time to traffic one prostitute!

    These HATERS are RIDICULOUS!!!! Not that I believe Carter is a hater, but those that take his words and magnify them and create some broader conspiracy theory out of whole cloth only do so because most of the time they hate COGIC and everything it stands for...HOLINESS or HELL.

    Anyway, my thoughts, and until something changes them, I will work for reform in this church from the position I am in and will do my best to help ALL them that are hurting and need healing...talking about it won't do...somebody has got to be BOUT IT!!!!

    Here I am O Lord!!!!

  7. Supt Burnett, I understand what's taking place but in my summation, this should have been dealt with between Bishop Blake and Dr Carter. What was reported to Paul was not a report with no evidence but evidence was present as it related to the incestuous relationship in Corinth. There's a letter out that's refuting these statements about Bishop Blake being a homosexual. I must have missed the video where Bishop Blake apologized for his message vs what he said which I thought was unnecessary even though I understood the analogy about the bleeding behind. I agree that we must preach against sin. I agree that someone has to remind our church that we're a holiness church but we must use wisdom. I don't like the terms faggot, dyke, bull dagger and the like just like I don't like the terms nigger or nigga. Our words must be seasoned with grace. Why should anyone stay in a denomination when they feel or know the leader is a homosexual or supports homosexuality? I wouldn't sit under ANY leader KNOWING their lifestyle in practice contradicts the word of God. Bishop Blake still teaches homosexuality is wrong. It wasn't too long ago at the April call meeting when he said he's 200% man and that that wasn't his struggle. Dr Carter has been direct like that as long as I've known of him even when he came to preach at my bishop's church years ago when I purchased two of his books. Why bring up now what these other bishops or leaders have said esp now when some mentioned are dead? Why didn't he bring this up when Bishop Blake ran for the presiding bishop office? I am glad Dr Carter called out the leaders because TOO MUCH had been allowed and condoned and yet is. I enjoyed the whole message but didn't agree with certain terms aforementioned. I don't sugarcoat the word at all. Why haven't Bishop Blake, the general board, or the judicial board had a trial concerning Dr Carter's words and the accusation against bishop? Doesn't our manual instruct us how we are to deal with leaders who fall into certain categories as these two leaders? Even Paul and Barnabas after their great dissention somehow reconciled. This is sad. Holiness is right when no one is doing it and sin is wrong when many are committing it. This shouldn't have gone this far. Neither leader did from what is revealed, Matthew 18:15-17. Help me understand.

  8. Elder Dwayne,

    I agree. It is confusing and you can see both good and bad mixed in and intermingled. That which was "commonly reported" in the bible was NOT gossip. It was based on facts as you recount. Carter seems to reduce a "common report" to gossip" or a "grapevine" sort of experience. That is not the case in a 1st century biblical context.

    Then, I certainly agree. If he believes that Bishop Blake is gay, why does he continue in the church? Does he believe that gay bishops are OK or that the church is somehow blessed with a gay leader? Does he not CONTRIBUTE to the ungodly spread of gay affirming doctrine by approaching the subject the way he does? So we are left to think that either this is something said to besmirch Blake's character or it is something that is factual, thus revealing a flaw in Carter's character which reveals his ACCEPTANCE of the gay agenda. ONE of these things can be right but BOTH can't be...at least not in this context or about what I am pointing out here.

    Pejorative words are not good at all. We know who a person is talking about by simply saying "homosexual". No need to to go into "sissy", or "faggot" (even though some gays do call themselves that). In a teaching context there is no need for that, at least so it seems to me.

    Then a biblical mandate or solution? I think we are beyond that. Bishop Blake should have addressed Carter personally regarding the message when it happened. He should not have, in my opinion, sent out a scathing rebuke of the message itself. Although I have heard people say that he did that for "tax exempt status" reasons as opposed to doctrinal reasons...I don't know, but I do know that this sort of proves to me that this "selection committee" is basing their selection criteria on the wrong thing. There is no spiritual discernment of who should take that pulpit...I don't care if a person has been preaching for 100 years in the church. That doesn't mean he has a message or is worthy of convocation time. They KNEW who Carter was before he preached. What apologize afterwards? As you note, his message and methods have not changed or ever been different.


  9. Yes sir. I agree. This should have been dealt with in a better fashion. This isn't the way it should have been handled. I am praying that this gets dealt with soon. For Carter to use Andrew Caldwekl as a poster is ludicrous! That young man is so narcisstic till it's ashame. Hopefully, someone like yourself will ask about this in the general assembly or it'll be brought up by someone, the general board, or the presiding bishop. This needs to be discussed and handled accordingly.

  10. I have a problem with Carter's response and retort on this. His message and initial response was well enough and should have been left at that. Now he indicates that COGIC had a devious character in leadership, but yet says he preached and made his living in the church for over 40 years.

    Now, when did the church get wrong? When he was collecting from it for all those years, or when he was blackballed? I mean he says that Bishop Blake is gay. Well prior to this whole fiasco, he was silent on that issue as well. So when did he have a problem with the sexuality of the Bishop? It seems that it is when his lifeline and offerings were cut off or down. That is the problem and issue here.

    he wants folk to go to jail. His words. Well, I think if the door opens, he needs to be the FIRST one to walk in, because he is GUILTY as well as them (if they are wrong) because he had knowledge of wrongdoing and said nothing. He says that they move like thugs and street people. Well, don't street people gather information for blackmail and extortion? Isn't that what this man is doing?

    If he had provided information to HELP bring the church into greater accountability, I am all for that. I would certainly support his efforts. However, that is NOT what I see. I see someone bitter, complaining and ready to expose because they have lost something in the process. Do I believe some of the things he says? Yes I do. I believe that the business of the church and the contracts for convention are ominous in nature. I also know that COGIC speakers don't get paid for speaking even when an offering is raised. The church considers it a gift (without asking) from them as the minister will normally gain appointments as a result. Those things among others and the failure to create a victim's advocacy and the handling of predators and the lack of transparency is an issue that I will continue to fight for.

  11. An auxiliary bishop was originally meant to be an honorary title from the national church for a man who worked a long time in the church but never had the opportunity to be a jurisdictional bishop. In the past 7 to 8 years everyone is being made an auxiliary bishop.

  12. please see the letter Blake posted in response to these allegations; it seems they are calling for Carter's resignation....

  13. Dr. (I use the term lightly) Ear Carter is wounded because his sermon (not spirit led) caused such a backlash on him and the church. His words were callous and offensive. I'm a COGIC PK and have been in his presence, and a few of the Presiding Bishops. My family has history.

    His message was clearly for shock value and it didn't go over. Now that he looks foolish and the leadership has shunned him, he wants to get mad and throw stones. Carter knew about the mess going on in the church for years, yet he said nothing. Why? Because him and his cronies have been in the middle of the mess for years.

    He calls them thugs and gangsters, when he, and his crew wore those exact same titles. I also notice that his criticism of the clergy did not include the crowd he hung around. He was careful to leave out his friends names from his hit list.

    Yes there are some things wrong with our church as there are in any church organization. Him standing on a soap box preaching like he's the voice of reason and the savior of COGIC is laughable. I would rather the Lord let a rock cry out than listen any more to what he has to say. His words are not driven by a need to save the church. They are fueled by his hatred of being left out, or criticized.

    He was never a fan of Bishop Blake. I remember how they fought so heatedly trying to make sure Chandler Owens was elected (another good ole boy), rather than Bishop Blake. They spread malicious gossip amongst the brethren back then, and said all manner of evil against Bishop.

    One thing is for sure, everything is ordained by God and in the plan of God. Bishop Blake is like President Obama. Some of the cronies came with the job and will most certainly have to die out before real change can be made. However, Carter's airing of the church's dirty laundry is just a child having a tantrum and he needs to have two seats because if he is truly saved, he just got saved recently.

  14. Everyone should know, that as Carter has progressed in his arguments/exposure, as he would call it, I am NOT in agreement with him. I'll post it. very soon, until than Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

  15. This is in my opinion an absolute disgrace to the body of Christ! If this is what is going on in church, what do you expect from the World?


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