Friday, July 27, 2012

Keep Your Intolerance Out Of My Chicken!

Remember August 1st 2012

To the INTOLERANT Commu-Nazi Dictators of Boston & Chicago

We support our AMERICAN rights as American Citizens to eat at whatever restaurant we want even if the owners don't support your favorite sins. 

As Black folk, we ate at restaurants when we weren't allowed based on the color of our skin. Neither you nor your predecessors barred any of those "good ole boys" from making money and even expanding their business. 
Unlike you however, we support and encourage sound and biblically centered moral values, especially those which have brought society this far. 
So I guess Americans DO have a RIGHT to their own choices. I suppose it's called FREEDOM? Do you remember what that is?



  1. CNN's Erin Burnett reported the earnings and charitable contributions of CEO and executives of Chick-Fil-A.

    Look, as if not supporting gay marriage justifies some kind of of special investigation??? R these people real????

    Anyway, she said that CEO borthers Dan and Don Kathy are worth about $1.5 Billion and are not the wealthiest individuals in fast food (which seemed to be a surprise to her and her guest) but quickly asserted that they are the wealthiest family in the business along with their founder and retired father.

    They said they give a lot of money to their family foundation annually, about $4 Million in 2010 and the foundation has about $62 Million in net assets.

    As compared to other wealthy Erin was really down on them because they give less of a percentage and less of an amount to charity than other individuals with incomes in their range-LOL!!! )These people...ERIN - please don't call her my last name- and company are SICK!)

    OK, so what was so pressing about the report? Simple demonization and an attempt to smear as far as I'm concerned.

    If this is news, we're in trouble for real!

    Get a life CNN!!!

  2. Pastor isn't it funny that we haven't heard one peep out of #44 concerning this fiasco.

  3. Praiser4life,

    Give me a lifeline on that "#44"? I think I know who you mean, but let em in on it so i can walk all the way through the door-LOL!!!

  4. OK, Praiser4life, I put 2 and 2 together and I talking about Mr. "Private Citizen" himself.

    Yea, you talk about a double standard...When these Commu-Nazis speak all this vitriol and diminish both morality and capitalism like this you'll not hear a word. Let it be the other way'll hear a whole new campaign agenda.

    Sad state of affairs.

  5. Here is something that Elder DL Foster delivered to the Facebook community that he found:

    "People with wicked minds and evil in their hearts will never honor basic fairness. Here's what a well known Washington Post columnist is telling gays to do:

    "Gays and lesbians could start applying for jobs at Chick-fil-A. Get in there. Become managers, take over the places. Gays could begin patronizing Chick-fil-As and I don’t mean carry out. Make the restaurants the gay hangouts of the community. Gay partners and Married gays could begin taking their children there. They could start having birthday parties for their kids. They could have Gay pride events there. (They have an events manager – just call) They could even have gay weddings there.”

    And trust me they will. Watch. If they cant have their way 100%, they intend to destroy it so no one can enjoy it. They have not yet begun to ply their wickedness against a righteous man and what God has given him. It shows you WHY the angel had to strike the men of sodom blind before he destroyed them. That spirit in them is relentless in its hatred towards the righteous. The only thing that will stop them is when God steps in to stop them."

    Now, if heterosexuals did this, there would be a Presidential order and it probably would be classified as a hate fact, I wonder is it a hate crime for them to say and suggest what they are saying?

  6. CNN ratings are way down, and I hope they continue until CNN is just a distant memory, they are very biased and prejudiced in their so-called reporting, they're nothing but a liberal propaganda machine that wants to manipulate and control public opinion (because theirs is the only one that counts!)
    and as for the Washington Post comment about a gay take over of Chick-fil-a only a cunning wicked minded person would even suggest such a thing, if they took over the Disney empire Donald will hook up with Danny Duck, Mickey with Mikey Mouse; I am sick of the hypocrisy of the 'tolerant' gay agenda, they are only tolerant of anything that supports them; this is a constant reminder "That we wrestle not with flesh and blood.."

  7. Mayor Menino in my city is typically a buffoon in his commentary. This time his buffoonery is very telling. My question to the Mayor's office was: Are churches that don't accept the gay marriage concept also unwelcomed in the city?

  8. Saint James,

    Yes, that is a very good question. Is everyone who doesn't accept the gay lifestyle unwelcome in Boston, or even Chicago for that matter?

    So I guess for them, the church has got to go...Their sentiments are ridiculous!


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